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Upon waking up, Zhang Qingrui found she almost lay on the ground.

The 'almost' came from the pure sheep blankets beneath her figure.

An umbrella-like dome above her view was braced by a large amount of wood with white canvas hanging from it… It was undoubtedly a Mongolian yurt.

"You woke up? Take some food to eat."

Searching along with the direction of the voice, Zhang Qingrui witnessed a big naan bread in Professor Qin Fang's hand being tore apart little by little and stuff into his mouth. Nevertheless, his gaze stayed on an unfolded map aboveground.

There was a smaller box in the Mongolian yurt as well. The pair of human bones were placed in it.

Zhang Qingrui stood up under the state of hunger, taking a piece of bread near the professor, and a bowl of milk tea that was a little bit salty. It was called 'Su Tai Jia' by the local people.

She went to hide in a corner, eating the food quietly, feeling scared and disturbed--- This was the third time she woke up.

She had fainted due to the electric shock from Professor Qin Fang the last two times, and those resulted in her abandoning thoughts of revolting.

She pulled down a small piece of bread, eying the box unwittingly… Soul, bones, and being possessed by a spirit? Her terrible memory was striking the immanent concept built by the education she received these years.

'Am… I the hinge to walk into the cemetery?'

From these times of coma, Zhang Qingrui realized another person was alive in her memory. Some fragments and distant segments of recollection emerged on and on.

They were fragmental without a main line and seemed to be trying to tell her a whole story--- yet they were not complete.

The her in the dream, who always gave a feeling of tears dropping, had some sort of grief in her heart which did not belong to her. It was always affecting her heart after waking her up.

Logically speaking, she was caught forcibly by Qin Fang and couldn't even communicate with outsiders. Furthermore, the professor's method imprisoning her couldn't be regarded as a gentle method.

Therefore, she should be more afraid and frightened.

Nevertheless, probably due to being close to somewhere, a sense of joy arose in her heart.

"Professor… Why do you insist on going back into the ancient tomb?"

Because of a senior's dignity, Zhang Qingrui respected Professor Qin Fang; however, regarding his another identity of a tutor, she wouldn't be so afraid to not dare to communicate with him.

Yet Qin Fang was not like those customers she always dealt with in the antique shop. In contrast, he could be sensed to take actions by holding some sensible intolerance, so that he was absolutely more dangerous.

"I have to get something back from there." Qin Fang was still viewing the map on the ground.

"Is it a valuable… cultural relic?"

It was easy for Zhang Qingrui to connect some unknown ancient tomb and cultural relics due to her family background roughly--- In reality, she had come into contact with people reselling cultural relics.

Gu Yue Zhai was a big business, so it had built many sorts of social connections. Half of those connections were built by her grandmother and had been handed over to her.

Real treasures referred to those sealed in the soil--- As for seeking for such precious items, the professionals who had mastered special and obscure skills would be a must.

While Qin Fang stood up suddenly, "You'd better put on the winter clothing on that cabinet. We'll hit the road soon and the temperature of the prairie at night will drop to a very low point."

After these words, Professor Qin Fang lifted the cloth door, stepping out of the yurt.

The last time Zhang Qingrui woke up, she had walked out of the yurt. Around her were boundless prairies and she became aware that her teacher seemed to live in the house of some indigenous tribe in the grassland.

She didn't know the local language, so was unable to communicate with the house's owner--- It brought about the ignorance of where she should escape to.

Zhang Qingrui did not consider herself as a very tough girl, she was terribly confused in the current situation--- On the other side, an excitement beyond words was passing through her heart.

She had an expectation of the affair that would occur next. As if it would be the stone which could break the tranquility of her boring life.

"Firstly, you can't be famished."

Zhang Qingrui braced herself up, eating her bread quickly. Soon she reached for another one on the plate. This time, she didn't only get the big bread, but there was a plate of mutton she never tried before.

She didn't loathe the goaty flavor like before and enjoyed all the mutton instead.

As she was eating, a thought rose into her brain. Since she didn't know what will happen in the future, she sneakily wrapped up a piece of bread, hiding it in her clothes.

Professor Qin Fang sat at the place of the sheep, outside the Mongolian yurt. He lit a Cuban cigar, smoking it silently while looking at the smoke rising up to the pure blue sky.

And waiting for the prairie getting cold calmly.

As one knew, it was extremely expensive to apply the ability of extra long distance telekinesis, if one would use it out of the business range.

It would cost 10 days of his lifespan for a one-way travel to Ulan Bator.

Cursing the club's altar, Boss Luo ultimately chose the flight which spent only one day.

Certainly, it was no match for the telekinesis in efficiency. However, according to the words of Qin Chuyu, the professor would not intend to injure Zhang Qingrui.

In the terminal building.

Common people would think it hard to prepare foods when they were outside.

Yet, Miss Servant Girl showed the significance of the invention of the bento hamper. Three layers filled with delicious dishes had been carried in the Japanese-style hamper.

"Do you need some, Miss Qin?"

You Ye opened the luxury hamper in front of Luo Qiu, while not forgetting to ask Qin Chuyu out of politeness.

"No, thanks." Qin Chuyu shook her head.

Not only in front of Luo Qiu, even when talked with the so-called 'servant girl', Qin Chuyu felt enormous pressure.

The stress would probably not decrease in foreseeable future.

---'I have some questions to ask Professor Qin and I don't want it to be dragged on for too long… 'Miss Qin should have memorized it if the professor's destination was that ancient tomb. Can you lead the way please?'

Qin Chuyu had to promise him after he revealed his own intentions a little while ago.

Because… the servant girl who was bringing out the hamper contents, seemed to be the most horrible being she had been during these 500 years, besides that 'door'.

The horror was like cumulus clouds, and the tide-water hiding beneath the surface.

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