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A little bit of heavy pressure existed in the quiver of air.

Boss Luo always felt it was possible for the so-called aura to oppress people. His own tactile sense became more agile as his body has gradually turned inhuman. It also finally overturned his former thoughts.

Luo Qiu wasn't in a nervous mood, he just felt a little bit troubled.

To him, the heavy pressure was at best, a breeze. Maybe the other person involved only wanted to probe, so he wasn't serious about it… Or maybe, he certainly didn't need to fear about anything.

---Listen, if you encountered any problem and plan to solve it by force, it would be a rash decision!

Luo Qiu couldn't help remembering what his father once instructed him.

---But if one could handle the problem easily by force, instead of planning to solve it by talking, it would be silly.

Therefore, Boss Luo couldn't understand what the meaning of father's very befitting double standard was.

"I mean no harm." Luo Qiu said slightly.

So he only chose to strike back.

This was a mental battle. The eye contact was enough for both sides to have a sufficient stage-- --Qin Chuyu had cultivated Taoism for hundred years, her gaze was no longer a gaze, but more of a spiritual view.

She could understand many hidden things thoroughly in the world. At this time it was natural for her to see that behind this mysterious young man, there was a door rose to the top.

What kind of door was that?

It seemed to absorb the cries of despair. The door was full of white bones, with only two more glances, it had already let her Tao heart falter, as if it could be broken down at any time--- She couldn't even imagine what was assembled behind this door for it to emit such a horrible presence.

Qin Chuyu took a half step back. A slight hint of panic flashed across her eyes, and a blob of bright red split over the edges of her mouth. At that instant, her body suffered small losses.

That was nothing. It was the fear, that felt as if a seed had already been sown into her body at this time, her spiritual soul, her Tao heart.

There was even an instinct to flee directly.

The most important thing was that… She once felt such a door.

Five hundred years ago.


Her lips, that were covered in blood, quivered, Qin Chuyu was extremely on guard. She took a deep breath, "But you aren't that man."

Luo Qiu thought 'That man' here probably referred to the former boss. The club hid a number of inhuman customers in the world. Even Tai Yinzi also knew this place before he was born, so Luo Qiu didn't feel too unexpected that Qin Chuyu might know.

'You are not that person', maybe she also had ever bought something from the club. Of course, it was easy to confirm if you went back and dig through the old account books.

After making sure all of these, on the contrary Luo Qiu wasn't in a hurry to know what Yu Sanniang had bought at the club five hundred years ago.

Since there was no need to continue hiding, Luo Qiu waved his hands naturally and gracefully and a chair by the wall slid to Qin Chuyu naturally. "Let's continue talking about the professor, is it okay?"

Qin Chuyu thought for a moment but didn't sit down. She had a feeling in her heart, that if he wanted to catch her, she wouldn't have any chance to leave.

That place was not a sacred mountain and it had existed much longer than the time she had spent on Taoism. When she woke up last time, she could barely hear any news about that place.

She walked to the table laid in the center, pointing to the model on it. "Do you know whose grave is it?"

Luo Qiu shook his head.

"Huns, one of the Left Sage Kings." Qin Chuyu calmed down her internal injury, at the same time saying, "It is exactly the place where Qin Fang and his expedition intruded twenty years ago."

"The professor's job is certainly not a paleontologist."

"He is a descendant of a tomb-robbing family that has been handed down from the Ming and Qing Dynasties. His ostensible work is just a cover-up."

Qin Chuyu said faintly, "As for the bones that you saw during these days, it should have been dug out by Qin Fang from the inside recently. The skeleton has a soul and a spirit attached to it, which was originally quite weak and will find difficult to survive without the nourishing nature of the graveyard."

Upon saying to this, Qin Chuyu glanced at Luo Qiu weirdly, "That Miss Zhang, if I am not mistaken, she holds the rare psychic constitution. It should be based on an instinct to survive for a soul and a spirit to enter into her body. It could be maintained in Miss Zhang's body."

Her statement about this happened to be the same view that You Ye's said. After praising his Miss Maid a little, Boss Luo asked, "What happened in the tomb twenty years ago?"

Qin Chuyu shook her head, "I am not clear about it. When I woke up from the abode of fairies and immortals, I entered a new phase and had to go into the society for practice again. I walked to the graveyard subconsciously, seeing Qin Fang and another bloody person crawling out of the crypt. That woman didn't live though, she just left behind her last statement that she wanted him to take care of her little daughter in her hometown."

Qin Chuyu shook her head, "I needed a new identity. So before my transformation, that little girl was sent to a large family and I became Qin Fang's adopted daughter."

"You said before he is just trying to make himself feel better?" Luo Qiu furrowed his brows.

Qin Chuyu said, "It seems that he always blames himself for not having any way to save his brother in the graveyard. He probably wants to bring out the bones of the members that year."

Qin Chuyu furrowed brows. "I am not clear about this, I only woke up right now. The things above are summarized from Qin Fang's words sometimes when he drank during these twenty years."

She looked at the viewing screen on the table again. "He has been studying tombs all through these years. It is nearly the work of half his life so he is excessively careful about it. When he came back that day, he saw the scene from the monitor and thought that Zhang Qingrui might be the opportunity for him to go deep into the tomb again."

"It is he who seized Zhang Qinrui."

"Yup. Besides..." Qin Chuyu glanced at Luo Qiu again, "I saw the scene where you used that unusual strength. It made Qin Fang doubtful about something, so he has to take a risk."

"A doubt?"

"Last time it seems that he entered into the old tomb with some other people so that he could dig up this skeleton," Qin Chuyu said indifferently, "It should have been about some dispute half-way and he quietly sent the bones away. He probably thought you were a member of the partner. But what he couldn't imagine is that the collaborators had been really found. And they were fighting here last night."

"Is this man killed by the professor?"

"It was me, of course it is in the dark." Qin Chuyu said indifferently, "After all, he has been taking care of me all these years, it is a partial return."

As thinking about the action of the next step, Luo Qiu was silent at this time.

Suddenly, the air quivered a little bit.

The Miss Maid of the club approached Luo Qiu. You Ye saw the present Qin Chuyu and gave a start, the blue eyes shimmering slightly.

"It is okay." Luo Qiu waved his hand and said, "She was also once a customer... five hundred years ago."

That was in an earlier time, before the service of Miss Maid in the club.

You Ye nodded, and then whispered in Luo Qiu's ear. "Master, I haven't found Professor Qin Fang but I checked his boarding information at last midnight."

"Where is he?"

"Ulan Bator."

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