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Perhaps because she was too freaked out, the female colleague, who wore pinkish-purple evening dress, pushed away the dead body that fell on her by instinct and screeched once more.

The bright red dress… it rolled a little on the ground.

Therefore, a lot of her hair fell.

It 'looked' dozens of brightly lit floors towards the night sky… It was definitely a body that had traces of decay on it already.

The guests, ceremony ladies, and waiters at both side of the gate all turned pale with fright. All the ladies screamed followed that female colleague.

As if he couldn't hear the screams, Guo Yushuo signed his name and walked towards the dead body in an red evening dress, getting down to his knees.

"Wenwen, how could you be so careless? Did you hurt yourself?" Guo Yushuo showed an pained expression.

"I'm OK, just took a slight bump."

Listening to his girlfriend's soft voice, Guo Yushuo gave a smile, "Then let's go in… and show the most beautiful you to them."

The falling female colleague dared not to make any sound, but just covered her mouth… and looked at Guo Yushuo soliloquized while facing the dead body, before holding her up again with happy smile. It was actually… like performing a nightmare.

By this time, Guo Yushuo lowered his head, looking at the … in his arm, mumbling while stepping on the entrance stage of the assembly room.

It was a stair with merely several steps, yet it looked endless to those frightened guys, who stepped back and shrank into themselves.

"Help… Help… Call the police… Call the police…"

What would one's first response if a mentally unstable person appeared holding a dead body in his arms? Terrified? Fearful? Or worry? Would you be afraid this lunatic would become crazy and do something more shocking?

Anyway… No one would be going to stop him bravely.

This guy… was still talking to himself.

"Wenwen, look, all their gazes are on you."

"The light here really matches this necklace best…"

"That person wears red dress like you; yet, isn't as beautiful as you… How about going greet the chairman?"

Seeing someone… holding a dead body and going towards him, the chairman of the company retreated step by step with a scared face.

"Quick… Who can stop this guy!!"

"I… You go, you…"

"Where are the security guards?"

"But… that's a dead body… I don't want to touch it, I…"

"I've called the police! So, so…"

The celebrities and elites, rich ladies and daughters who wore valuable formal dresses were unwilling to lay fingers on such a nasty and horrifying object.

Let alone preventing a madman who was likely to go bananas at any time and came in with a dead body.

'It's so strange.'

"Wenwen, don't you think they're weird? Oh, I see, they must be afraid of getting close to you! Because your extreme beauty reflects the ugliness of theirs… It must be the reason! It must be the reason!"

"Stop talking, how bashful!"

Due to the voice of his girlfriend, Guo Yushuo abandoned the idea of going around to greet others; instead, he set his 'girlfriend' to a chair and let her sit down.

"Wenwen, I'm going to help tidy your messy hair." Guo Yushuo smiled faintly.

His fingers gently combed the dried, fluffy and yellowed hair on its head. Little by little, he found a black clump convolved his fingers.

"Your hair got dirty, I'll help you clean it." Guo Yushuo gave a light laugh. Both hands softly pressed on the head of his 'girlfriend'. After that, he pushed the hair lightly.

The dried hair easily peeled off… until Guo Yushuo slowly stroked her hair, causing all of them to fall off then.

"OK, I got it done! You're so pretty now."

His words went along with a spontaneous gentle kiss at the forehead on his 'girlfriend'.


Viewing such a horrible scene, with the hair parted and fallen which revealed even more decayed parts, the dead body with with an even scarier face due to the bare head… and the kiss of this man, one of the guests vomited together with the effects of alcohol.

"Someone is drinking, so terrible." Guo Yushuo looked to the person who vomited, showing a slight hint of a smile.

He added, "Wenwen, are you hungry?"

Meanwhile, he picked up the knife and fork, taking one piece of sirloin steak from afar and cutting it into small pieces, feeding it to his 'girlfriend' one after another.

"Let me help you!" Guo Yushuo opened his 'girlfriend's' mouth, feeding the steak into her mouth carefully, "Is it tasty?"

"I… I can't take it anymore, I…"

A lady screamed in fright… She escaped towards the exit because she saw white worms climbed out of the mouth of the dead body.

The second one, the third one… A group of people, after another group.

Nobody dared to approach.

When the leader of security team came and checked, he requested the the dining ha;;'s doors to be closed. He swore and said it fortunate that no one was dead and it wasn't too hard to control the crowd.

'I, your father, won't deal with this matter! Anyway, he can't come out after closing the doors… Wait for the police!'

"Step aside!"

Suddenly, a calm voice spread among the group. A youth around 28 pushed others away, whose expression made those security guards astonished.

The man pushed open the door, before he walked inside.

"Who is this guy…"

"Is he a policeman?"

Several security guards that were a little bolder stuck their heads out to peek through the door slot.

It was seen that the man walked up to Guo Yushuo and his 'girlfriend' silently.

"It's you…" Guo Yushuo gaped, then flew into a rage like a burning powder keg saying in a heavy voice, "What did you come here for? Didn't you give up yet? Wenwen loves me only!! Get out here!!"

He stretched out his arms to protect and keep her behind him.

That man deeply breathed with a frown, "I don't know what are you crazily talking about but I'm looking for my younger sister who is missing… You said she ran away from home, but I didn't believe you… And now, I understand and realized why she's been missing for months."

He suddenly broke out from silence.

The man caught Guo Yushuo's collar by both hands in rage, pulling him close, and growling, "You bastard!! How dare you killed my sister!!! How dare you?!!"

While Guo Yushuo tilted his head, looking at this man primly, "What did you say? How can I kill Wenwen… Oh, I see, you must get crazy because you're refused by Wenwen, right? Go to see a doctor, how pitiful."


A severe fist had been hit at Guo Yushuo's face, which knocked him out fiercely. Next, he sat on Guo Yushuo's body, grabbing his collar and saying angrily, "You brute!! Say! How did make my sister end up so badly?"

He then squeezed Guo Yushuo's throat, shaking it like crazy, "Say it!!!!"

The pain and suffocation caused Guo Yushuo's to resist by instinct--- The two were rolling on the ground and having a dogfight.

The leader of security guard witnessed this out of the gate, he ordered, "You guys, go in… seems like there is nothing dangerous on the lunatic! It's a good chance to catch both of them!"

'F*ck… the two will destroy all items of the banquet site!'

The leader rushed in with his fellows--- the fact gave courage to those strong guards and they were no longer frightened after they realized the lunatic was actually an ordinary person.

7 guards held down and pressed the two trembling guys on the ground.

"Listen! No matter who you are, you are not allowed to make trouble on my turf!!" The leader snorted heavily.

'Good job, you are worthy of praise and would be getting a bonus…' He could already hear the praise from his supervisors.

Unexpectedly, at this moment, Guo Yushuo used all his strength and bit on a guard's hand. The bite was so vicious it made the guard howl in pain..

Taking advantage of this, Guo Yushuo got rid of him and ran crazily to escape.

"Catch him!!"

The guards roared while chasing after him. On the contrary, Guo Yushuo took whatever he could reach and threw it at them!

"Don't come! Don't! You guys… You guys want to snatch Wenwen away? Don't come over here!!!!"

He grasped the scented candlesticks from the dining table, throwing it at full strength… the tiny and delicate candles, used for creating an atmosphere now became grisly weapons!

The small candles didn't hit those guards, but fell down to the soft deluxe carpet, which caused a trail of flame to soar up!

"Come here!! Come here!!"

One by one, the candles that were thrown gave rise to strong fires. These created a wave of flames!

The flame started to burn the nearest dinner cloth, spreading to the fine gauze curtain on four sides.

Just like a sea of fire!!

"Hahahahaha! Come on! Come on!!"

"Madman… madman…"

The fire was too serious to be controlled; therefore several guards had no time to catch him, who fled for their lives instead--- "F*ck, where are the sprinklers?"

It was too late to complain and swear at the terrible project and the corruption when building the luxury hotel. The leader of security guard followed the rest in escaping the banquet hall that was full of dense smoke and heat.

All the ordinary people that didn't know what was going on flooded the open-parking ground at a distance.

"Those annoying guys that want to go off with you have all left! Wenwen."

Guo Yushuo smirked while putting down the scented candle… He threw it to the ground randomly and a flame rocketed up at once.

He mumbled and walked up to where his 'girlfriend' sat, "Wenwen… Wenwen… Ah!!! Wenwen!!!!"

When he came to her, where the fire had turned into a raging flame… He noticed her vermeil evening dress had been lost in the blazing fire!

It was too hot for him to get close; on the contrary, his 'girlfriend' seemed to yell in the roaring flame. As if saying… 'Save me', 'Save me'…

Guo Yushuo rushed into the fire without caring about the risks, taking the burning 'girlfriend' in his arms! Then, the raging fire spread to himself!

In spite of the combustion, he held his 'girlfriend' and rolled about on the ground insanely--- Finally, the fire had been stamped out!

"We're safe now… We're safe…"

The red burning skin and trace of flame had been left on Guo Yushuo, who was currently holding his girlfriend's face and taking it in his arms tightly.

However… the head suddenly separated from its body.

The dead body had rotted many days before and had been burned for a while; therefore, the head finally separated from the body due to the violent collision!

"Wenwen… Wenwen!!!! Why!!!! Ah!!!!!!!!!!"

"Ah--- !!!!!!!!"


"I won't let you die… I won't let you die… I won't…" Guo Yushuo opened his eyes wide to its limit, talking to himself.

All of a sudden, he shouted like crazy, "Come out!!! Come out!!!! Come out!!! Will you be able to make me achieve any desire?!!! Come out!!! Come out---!!!!"

"Then… Dear guest, what would you like this time?"

Guo Yushuo knelt at a space where the fire couldn't approach at all. Under the light of the blaze, he held his girfriend's head, eying the club's boss bemusedly.

He was not in the mood to guess whether it was an angel's smile or a ghost's sneer under the clown mask.

"Wenwen… I want her!"

"She's in your arms, this wish doesn't need us to be realized."

"No! I want her to be alive, alive!!" Guo Yushuo yelled crazily.

"You can make such a wish…" Luo Qiu shook his head, "However, you're not able to afford the transaction fee."

"Why! Whatever, whatever it is, you can take all my lifespan, my organs… all of my organs! Whatever!! You take all away!!"

"Those won't be enough even if you add in your soul."

Guo Yushuo roared frantically, "Why!!! Why did you answer me so easily before! Why could those be achieved by paying only a little price?!!"

"Guest, you should know more than me." Luo Qiu said stonily, "You merely need to change your thoughts to keep the fantasy of a person that was dead long ago. Of course, the price you paid is only enough to keep this fantasy of yours forever."

Luo Qiu paused, then said softly, "Whereas if you got a sudden shock, I won't promise the fantasy will be maintained… as you just paid a small cost, after all."

"Bu*lshit! How could Wenwen be dead! Nonsense!! You lied to me!! You're lying to me!!!"

"We never cheat others." Luo Qiu talked gently, "I think you should understand more than me if you open your eyes and take a look at her, your girlfriend."

'Opening my eyes…'

'I… no longer like red-cooked eggplant.'

"Yushuo… I'm sorry! It's not my own decision. Due to the results shown on our company business volume… Well, I think you're talented enough to show your full abilities in other companies!"

"Sorry, Mr. Guo, seems you're not that eligible for our company. But if there are some other vacancies, we'll give prioritize you and notify you as soon as possible."

"Don't worry! You're the best! And will find a better job! Besides, we still have savings right?"

"A common clerk, 4 days off and 2500 per month. If you accept, we can get started tomorrow."

"Well… keep trying tomorrow! My Guo Yushuo is the greatest!!"

"I have some money, take it for starting your business… Start-up capital is a must, though it's not much."

"Damn it!!! I treat you as my friend but you lied to me? And ran away without an explanation?!"

"That's all because you're stupid. And, you said you'd like to be the guarantor… I didn't force you. Anyway, next time remember to make clear what the society is, gifted student!"

"Where did you get so much money?"

"Oh, I earned some in stock market with my colleague! Take it to pay the debt for now!"

"You gonna go out now? But you just got off work."

"Well, I have no excuse to give my colleagues since they asked me to dinner…"

"What's this? And these clothes I've never seen and these cosmetics… Why did you hide them? Tell me why?"


"Who is the guy sending you back? Tell me!!!"




"Don't… I did not…"

"Tian Heng Hotel, 10pm… What's this? It's obviously shown on the phone, do you think I'm an idiot?!"

"Listen to me…"

"Hahahahaha!! I know where your money come from… And this man, did he feel happy chatting with you? Urge you to leave me? And you're considering it right? Do you now think I'm a trash that good for nothing right?"

"That's not true!!"

"Get out!! I don't want your money!! Take back your f*cking money!! Get out!!!!"

"Sorry… I'll leave now but I've loved you my entire life."

In the raging flames, Guo Yushuo tears dropped to the head he held tightly… He burst into tears, his heart a piercing pain.

'It wasn't because you weren't excellent but I, who did not opened my eyes earnestly to stare at you, not even for a second.

'The commitments before… I've totally forgotten them. They have been torn to pieces by the frustration.'

"She wore the bright red evening dress that night, lying in the sofa quietly. And a knife was held in my hand which I stabbed into her heart."

Guo Yushuo's hands trembled, touching her burned face with a hoarse voice, "We bought the clothes before the first time I took her to the banquet… I've never realized she was so beautiful when I saw her. And I never felt those sights on her that were so fervent…"

"I'm a loser out and out…" Guo Yushuo raised his head slowly, "I'm useless and defeated… I don't deserve her."

"I keep asking myself why, why… I don't know. One day when I woke up from my drunkenness, I found out that Wenwen hd became alive again."

"Is she still with me? Cooking my favourite food for me? Or… awaiting my return?"

"But those are not important now."

Guo Yushuo stopped sobbing, like he collapsed, "Because… I've lost her, forever. Why… Only after losing her did I know of her importance. And only then did I understand my mistake after she left… I've ruined everything myself."

"I have a request… Is it OK? Guo Yushuo gazed at this mysterious man in a daze, and asked with unparalleled expectation.

"Of course, we won't refuse customers' requests."

"Then, I want to dance with her. I've never… We've never dance together before."

"Let's finish the last dance."

We meet that day in the tiny gas station. I looked into your eyes and knew I had fallen in love with you.

It felt like I was drowning the day we meet… in that natural and pure smile.

Guo Yushuo stood there in silence. He didn't care about the dead body that had been recombined, the rotten parts that had started to grow new, fresh skins.

He merely gazed… at her. As if remembering her appearance of that day.

The appearance when we meet for the first time.

Guo Yushuo lifted up his hand, grabbing the cold dead body--- the heat of flame did not seemed to affect this small area.

The woman opened her eyes, her gaze was clear as usual, while revealing that familiar smile.

Come… Let's finish the last dance.

Music abruptly started…

The sound of a baritone saxophone resounded throughout the banquet hall and the dance floor surrounded by raging flames. The club boss turned round, taking off the clown mask and gently started playing the saxophone brought by the band.


"Just One Last Dance"

Before we say goodbye.

When we sway and turn round.

It's like the first time.

Just one last dance.

Sorry, I love you.

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