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Chapter 29

“It’s a miracle! A real miracle!”

Looking at the doctor who was checking the condition of the old leader while shouting in emotion, the Zhong family felt completely relieved.

Old Zhong received a hug from his old friend and teared up after he found out about his situation these few days.

“Doctor, are you sure my grandfather is alright? You’d better give him a careful medical checkup. If there is some sort of mistake, I won’t forgive you!” Zhong Luoyun stared ferociously at the excited doctor.

“Yes, young master! You’re right!” The doctor said at once, “Though these instruments tell that your grandfather is in good health but it is always better to undergo further examination.”

Zhong Luoyun nodded. “Go ahead quickly!”

The doctor could only leave quickly to prepare for it. His assistant gazed at Zhong Luochen curiously. “Second master, what did you do for your grandfather to recover from the brink of death? This is a miracle in the medicine field! If there are methods that can treat incurable diseases, it would be a historical breakthrough!”

Unexpectedly Zhong Luochen whispered, “Listen, all of you are the people that cured my grandfather. None of you are allowed to leak any news of what happened today.”


Everyone looked at the calm Zhong Luochen in surprise. Even his mother and big brother frowned. Just as Zhong Luoyun was about to say something, Old Zhong said, “Everyone leave, except Luochen and Old Luo, I have something to ask them.”



Old Zhong expression turned serious. Every member of the family shut

their mouths after seeing his stern look, then left the studio silently.

After they left, Old Zhong said, “I know my health condition. Luochen, be honest, what did you do to me?”

“Grandfather, as long as you are healthy.” Zhong Luochen said softly, “Nothing else matters.”

“You won’t even tell me the truth?” Old Zhong frowned, looking at Old Luo. “You tell me that.”

Old Luo sighed, he knew he couldn’t hide the matter, so he revealed a bitter smile. “Old friend, my apologies. I didn’t want you to die, so I passed your wife’s jade lock to second master and had him go meet Mrs. Zhang.”

Old Zhong’s expression stiffened. Then he slapped Old Luo in the face, and said angrily. “How could you be so muddled! Why are you so silly! Do you know what that is? That’s not some holyland, it’s hell!!”

Old Luo lowered his head, he didn’t dare to say anything else. He had been following Old Zhang for dozens of years, they had a deep friendship, going beyond even familial relations.

Old Luo sighed then. “Old friend, you cannot die. I asked second master to go there, I’m responsible for it.”

Old Zhong gave a bitter smile. “It’s too late now. Luochen…”

He turned to Zhong Luochen and took a deep breath. “Grandson, what did you use to exchange for my life?”

Zhong Luochen first opened his mouth, but changed his mind halfway and decided not to speak .

Old Zhong shook his head, “That place might be mysterious, but if nobody has any information, how could you have found it? What Old Luo told you all came from me.”

Zhong Luochen had no choice but to tell

tell the entire story, including how he lost his sense of happiness.

Watching Zhong Luochen told his story impassively, Old Zhong said sorrowfully, “Do you think it was worth it to exchange your entire life’s happiness with 5 years worth of lifespan for an old guy that is on the brink of death?”

Zhong Luochen said stonily, “Yes, it is. Grandfather, do you know the disaster that will befall the Zhong Family if you leave? We have businesses in many fields. However, my father’s disease is too serious for him to inherit them. Other members of the third generation, whether big brother, younger sister, or I, none are capable enough to take over the businesses.”

He sighed. “Society has changed. Do you think we are still able to control everything from the shadows using the same methods like last time?”

He shook his head. “No, we can not! Now, in the minds of the citizens, we are like a cancer… Grandfather, how can the Zhong Family go on without you? If you pass away, everyone will panic, and those relatives of ours will take the opportunity to divide our properties…You’re the backbone of the Zhong Family, we can’t let you go so easily.”

“5 years…5 years,” Old Zhong mumbled, looking at Zhong Luochen pathetically with tears in his eyes. “Luochen, I made you suffer…”

“Everything will be better from now.” Zhong Luochen shook his head.

Old Zhong was silent for a moment. “I want to be alone.”

In the basement’s third level of the club.

“Tribute is successful. You get 127 days, 9 hours 43 minutes and 7 seconds worth of lifespan from this contribution.”

Luo Qiu was shocked. What the heck were those minutes and seconds doing in the announcement? Was the altar trying to

trying to make him realize his very limited time left? However, he was too lazy to complain and headed back to the hall.

He felt pretty good due to the increase in his remaining time, so he decided to imitate You Ye, walking up to the bar and starting to mix the same cocktail.

Just as he realized he forgot to add the ice, he watched in amazement as the fridge door miraculously opened and the ice cubes flew out, finally falling into the shaker.

Luo Qiu was stunned.

You Ye said with smile, “Congratulations Master, your ability has been strengthened.”

Luo Qiu was curious about it, so he stretched out a finger, pointing at one of the ice cubes in the shaker. The ice cube floated up abruptly and moved following his finger.

It triggered Luo Qiu’s playful nature. He placed all ten fingers on the bar table, then lifting his eyebrows and looking at You Ye, he knocked on the table lightly.

Ice cubes flew out from the shaker, arranging themselves in midair, making a circle in the hall.

Luo Qiu drew a curve and the ice cubes followed. As one fell, another rose here and the cycle continued.

It was a never ending wave.

His fingers pointed towards the pine wood gramophone in the corner. A vinyl record dropped onto the player. Accompanied by the music, Luo Qiu nodded as he walked out of the bar.

The song was ‘Sailing’ by Rod-Stewart.

Luo Qiu grabbed You Ye’s hand, letting the rhythm flow into the servant girl, pulling You Ye and started swaying gently in the club.

The seats or high stools moved to the side of the walls immediately, leaving a spacious area for dancing.

Under the enchanting aged old melody, Luo Qiu continued to point his finger at several displays in the cabinets.

The dolls and old pocket watches, caps and wine glasses…

And the pair of ‘Scarlet Moons’…

More ice cubes flew out from the fridge. They rearranged themselves once again into a beautiful scene, floating about in the air, following the music.

Dozens of dolls fell onto the wooden floor, surrounding Luo Qiu and You Ye.

Midway through the song, Luo Qiu lifted his eyebrows, and gave a smile. “Isn’t this more interesting than just sitting on a chair?”

You Ye held Luo Qiu’s other hand, guiding his horrible dance steps.

She joked, “Yes…but it’ll take a long time to clean the hall.”

Luo Qiu smiled, it was a rare sight for You Ye to be so passionate. He didn’t say anything, merely embodying his feelings in the rhythm.

Just the, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Ice cubes scattered across the ground and the dancing decorations stopped abruptly as well. Such a beautiful stage now looked as if a typhoon had passed through.

Luo Qiu saw a mass of black smoke coming out from a floating black robe…Of course, it was without a face.

“Black soul envoy greets the new master.”

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