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Chapter 4

Here’s the problem.

How would you compare half of Jin Zifu’s remaining lifespan to a factory?

He remembered that You Ye saying that he had the right to decide whether or not to accept this transaction.

He was confident in the weird abilities of the club, thus didn’t think too much about it and just accepted the deal.

During his past 20 years, Luo Qiu would never forget the principles taught by his father who was an upright policeman.

He used to be fed up with his father’s nagging, however, now, when he thought of his father who had passed, confusion, suffering and nostalgia welled up within him.

Why didn’t he listen to his father?

Why didn’t he always call his father before, contrary his father contacted him at most time?

The kindness and integrity.

When he remembered his father’s teachings, Luo Qiu started to realize how ridiculous the deal with Jin Zifu was. He had

to think this through.

"Master, please remember, you only have thirty days."

While Luo Qiu was lost in thought, You Ye’s sudden prompt made him feel as if he had been doused in cold water. He asked subconsciously: "Is it frequent for lifespans to be used as transaction fees?"

You Ye said calmly: "Sometimes human beings yearn for something beyond their ability. To obtain it, they can only use what they own as payment, such as body parts, beautiful items, wisdom, sentiment and memory…even the soul. Due to their self preservation instincts, they are more concerned with visible losses, thus they prefer to use their lifespan, which cannot be seen, as the transaction fee."

Luo Qiu had calmed down, suddenly saying, "Trafford, Devil…it means devil, right?"

You Ye gave a slight smile, "Master, have you decided yet?"

Luo Qiu nodded and said, "If there are only thirty days available for me, I won’t let myself die so easily. Rather, I would try to survive by any means, just like any other sane person. This means that I should abandon compassion to live."

He looked at the decorations on the display cabinet, "I’m trapped in the club. Even if I refused Jin Zifu’s deal, I won’t be able to dodge these situations forever. So I should give up my compassion."

Then he suddenly shifted his attention to You Ye, "Integrity is the only thing I don’t want to lose…I will accept this offer, however I have a condition. Teach me how to evaluate if the price is fair."

If Jin Zifu was determined to use his lifespan as the transaction fee, the only thing Luo Qiu could do was to give him a fair trade.

So he accepted the deal.

Compassion and integrity…His father always said, rather than just thinking, it would be better to act. Only after acting would you be able to comprehend your actions.

"So, my master, let’s step start the evaluation process for Jin Zifu’s factory. Give me a second, I’ll go change my clothes," You Ye smiled and said.

Then she went upstairs.

Soon, she came down in casual wear.

She was still wearing black and white, but had changed to a chiffon dress with a deep neckline. The top was white while the area beneath her chest was black. The formfitting dress covered half of her thighs, exposing her white legs.

And she wore a

wore a pair of sliver grey flat shoes.

In an instant, she became fashionable—combined with the westerner’s figure she looked like a model.

You Ye showed up in front of Luo Qiu, clasping her hands in front of her, saying gently, "Master, You Ye is ready to go out."

"Go out?" Luo Qiu stunned, "Are we really going to his factory?"

You Ye nodded and said, "Yes, we have to take into account the state of his factory, their operating capabilities and the amount of workers, etc. This is to get a more accurate understanding to figure out its original value."

"…but we don’t know the factory address yet."

You Ye was still graceful, "Don’t worry Master, as long as you wish for it, you will be able to get there…In fact, it should not be too far. You should be able to do it with your current abilities."

While saying this, You Ye walked to Luo Qiu, gently adjusting the bangs covering his forehead, her fingers glided from his forehead down to his cheek. Then, smiling faintly, she held his hand and said softly: "Close your eyes. Imagine that you want to reach Jin Zifu’s factory, and the club will respond to your request…"

Close the eyes.

Then imagine.

Next, he felt an odd sensation. His body turned light, as if he had escaped from the grasp of gravity.

Luo Qiu felt absent-minded for a while.

When he regained conscious, he felt he was back to normal. Luo Qiu opened his eyes, he seemed to be surrounded by factory buildings and could hear the noise of machines.

"Is this my ability?" Luo Qiu looked around in surprise, then took out his cellphone, checking his location.

Seems he was in the suburbs…


You Ye said with respect, "This is the ability of the boss. Currently, each ability is only at the preliminary stages since you just took over. The abilities will gradually be enhanced as the deals you make increase, … At that time, with just a mere thought, you can obtain all the information of this factory."

All Luo Qiu could think of at the moment was, "How amazing…"

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