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The pictures which Luo Qiu had seen in Ren Ziling's office were photographic evidence she had taken about this evil organization.

Luo Qiu had a sense of unease when he saw those pictures.

It reminded him of Ren Ziling's frantic appearance as she rushed out of the door in the morning.

At that moment, he couldn't care less whether what he did was proper or not, dialing Ren Ziling's phone number at once. However, it was switched off.

Luo Qiu headed back to the club without hesitation, and straightway spent 15 minutes of his lifespan to purchase information on the location of Ren Ziling.

At first, he was merely worried.

However, his worries came true.

As Luo Qiu saw the lust in the man's eyes as he was preparing to assault Ren Ziling, an anger that had vanished since his father passed away burst out from his heart furiously.

Luo Qiu vented all of his anger with each swing of his black cane.

He didn't use any abilities given to the club's boss. Merely breaking the man's arm through brute force.

After raining down those blows, Luo Qiu calmed down a little.

This woman had spent the best part of her life taking care of him for several years, all without any complaints or regrets. She even tried to open up his closed heart.

She was regarded as his relative under the law but their relationship was one that surpassed familial love.

She considered Luo Qiu just as important as her own life.

Therefore, nobody could hurt her!

Regardless of Luo Qiu's identity, be it the club's boss or just as an ordinary person.

He would give everything up just to save her.

Luo Qiu calmly walked up the stairs leading to the second floor.

On the other hand, that psychic teacher stood frozen at the same spot. His legs trembled, fear and shock flashed across his eyes.

He was too scared to move his body even though he would really like to do so.

He even felt breathless, as if all the air was forcefully drained from his lungs!

The psychic teacher was alarmed. He was racking his brains trying to figure out who this guy in a clown mask was… Suddenly, he remembered some advice which he had previously ignored.

Those words came from his teachers who taught him these extraordinary abilities.

'Lots of strange and different people exist in this world. What you have learned is only the tip of the iceberg. Don't attempt to commit any crimes or you pay dearly for those actions after encountering some really capable men'.

He met one…unexpectedly.

Luo Qiu had arrived in front of him at this moment.

The psychic teacher said in a panic, "Fo..forgive me…I was possessed by my desires! I promise! I promise that I will stop all my evil deeds… Please…"

Luo Qiu used the black cane to push open the door of the room by the side, taking a glance at the situation within…but he soon stopped watching.

A group of men and women were losing their natures to lust.

It was an uncanny scene.

"I, I didn't hurt them…they all have at least some darkness in their mind." The psychic teacher said cowardly.

"Don't believe him! This guy has accumulated plenty of wealth by doing this! Some of them have almost ruined their families!" Ren Ziling shouted from afar at this moment.

Luo Qiu knocked his cane on the handrail slightly, which caused Ren Ziling to shut her mouth instantly. She discovered that she could no longer speak, causing her to looked fearfully at the clown.

Even though she was the most important woman in his life.

Luo Qiu sometimes just wanted her to stay silent.

Hence he took away her ability to speak

However, her words had their desired effect, the psychic teacher became more frightened and anxious. He wanted to say something but was afraid it would end badly for him if he opened his mouth.

On the other hand, Luo Qiu calmly said, "What they are doing inside doesn't concern me. And you're right. They deserve this fate. If they were smarter, they wouldn't have been bewitched."

The psychic teacher hurriedly said as soon as he heard this, "I'll make return to normal! I promise I won't commit any more crimes after this!"

Luo Qiu said, "You mean, I should forgive you?"

He nodded immediately.

Luo Qiu said indifferently, "So what are you willing to exchange for it? To forgive you…that's what you want, right?"

"Money! I'll give you all my money!" the psychic teacher said without thinking.

Luo Qiu shook his head, "Money is useless to me. To be honest, I won't uphold justice for their bitter experiences as it is due to their fault. Yet, I dislike this scene, so I intend to kill you…it means that if you want to continue living, you'll have to buy back your own life. What item do you think is worth enough to purchase your life?"

"I…I have no idea…" the psychic teacher answered in fright, "Please tell me! Whatever it is, I'll give it to you!"

Luo Qiu pointed on the teacher's forehead with his black cane, then said, "The saying seems to be true, bad guys always live longer. You still have 60 years worth of lifespan. However, I think, your life should end in 2 to 3 years. So, 58 years. You can purchase my decision to not to kill you instantly using 58 years of your remaining lifespan. Of course, you can refuse, I won't force you."

Exchanging life for life?

The psychic teacher couldn't figure out the logic behind the suggested option…was this guy crazy?

Anyhow, he obviously wouldn't choose to die here if he could negotiate with him.

His teacher used to say, that those weird persons were eccentric, their minds were hard to be predicted…

The psychic teacher took a deep breath and said, "If I agree…will you let me off?"

"Absolutely." Luo Qiu said coolly, "As long as you are willing to sell it. I won't lie."

The psychic master gritted his teeth, "You're a capable man, I don't think you will lie to me…but how am I going to sell it?"

[Does this mean he'll kill me 2-3 years later?] the psychic teacher thought about this… [Anyway, let me survive first.]

He didn't believe that this eccentric guy would find him after 2-3 years!

Luo Qiu said, "All you need to do is to agree to the sale… Are you going to sell or not."


Luo Qiu smiled suddenly, "Thank you, dear customer… Now I won't kill you."

The psychic teacher immediately felt his body became light again. He could now move his hands and feet freely. However, he didn't dare rebel, immediately expressing his gratitude, "Thank you! Thank you, master, I promise I won't do it again..."

[...Not… If I managed to leave safely, I can do anything I want! You are not able to control me!]

However, he felt something amiss.

He had been set free, but a feeling of weakness spread across his body! The psychic teacher stared at his hands in horror. It turns out they started to shrivel!

At the same time, his robust muscles shrunk; his body started to bend; his originally young face with white hair turned wrinkly… Even his teeth fell out, leaving only a few hanging on to his gums alone.

"You… What did you do to me?!" the teacher was fearful and angry as he observed his body changing.

Luo Qiu said calmly, "It's the inevitable process of a life. By taking away 58 years from your lifespan, your appearance will be what you should look like in the last two years. Is that so weird?"

"You…you lied to me!!" The psychic teacher went berserk, pouncing on Luo Qiu without hesitation.

But he was too weak to attack him. Let alone Luo Qiu, the club boss, even an ordinary adult could push him down.

After the psychic teacher's knee was struck by the black cane, he fell onto the ground. After struggling for a moment, he still could not get up.

"He…why did he become like that?"

This time, Ren Ziling actually managed to stand up.

She had regained her ability to speak. Luo Qiu had lost control over her mouth when he was gathering the psychic teacher's lifespan.

And he didn't want to be too strict to this woman.

Luo Qiu then swept his black cane across the psychic teacher's face. It scraped off his facial hair, "This guy was not old to begin with. It was probably because acting as an old man with those set of muscles would make it easier for him to lie."

"But now he…" Ren Ziling was playing the role of a journalist again.

Luo Qiu then shut Ren Ziling's mouth again.

"I'm leaving, you handle the remaining situation." Luo Qiu said coolly, "They are not able to hurt you."

He knocked his cane on the floor. Then the men and women that were mating fainted and fell to the ground.

So did the four strong men downstairs.

"The two years which I am leaving you with doesn't mean you are eligible to live for two years." Luo Qiu gazed at the psychic teacher. Saying those words before he fell unconsciousness, "But I think at least you should repent on what you have done… well, in some suitable place, such as the prison."

Afterward, the psychic teacher passed out, unwillingness written all over his face.

Luo Qiu glanced at Ren Ziling finally, "Don't tell others that you've seen me… I can easily get information on you, your close friends and relatives…"

After leaving those warning words, he walked down the stairs with ease, then opened the door and left the tea house.

Ren Ziling shuddered abruptly. She felt she was finally safe.

"What the… Did I meet a real immortal? A clown immortal? What the hell?"

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