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Luo Qiu understood.

As a human being, one tends to bump into some pretty embarrassing stuff in one's daily life, even among relatives.

He was adapt in observation, so it was easy to understand what Ren Ziling's was thinking just from her expression.

During puberty, due to access to a wide range of information, different sexual preference were easily formed. The longing for older women was usually due to lack of maternal love…etc.

But according to Luo Qiu's understanding of Ren Ziling, all of these thoughts would point to only one conclusion.

"This is all my fault…neglecting all these details." Ren Ziling took a deep breath, "Leave me alone, I need to think about this problem."

Ren Ziling suddenly shut her door.

The two were separated just like that, by a mere door, as time slowly passed.

When the door was opened once again, Ren Ziling revealed a serious expression, looking at Luo Qiu. "Luo Qiu, we need to have a serious talk. Listen, it is nothing to be ashamed off. Be optimistic."

Luo Qiu had the impulse to cover his face, he had a million words to choose from, but in the end, merely left a "Have a good sleep."


All Ren Ziling felt was a strong drowsiness, which made her not able to keep her eyes open. In a flash, she leaned against the door and slumped down until she sprawl on the floor, before finally falling asleep.

Luo Qiu stretched out his finger and pointed her. Ren Ziling's body floated up from the floor, before sending her back to bed. He eyed the sleeping Ren Ziling with a little annoyance.

Luo Qiu shook his head. The space near him suddenly turned warped slightly. The next second, the puppet with a beautiful face walked out from the space.

"Master, what is the matter?"

Luo Qiu said, "You Ye, can you hypnotize her and erase a small part of her memory?"

You Ye nodded after looking around the room, "Sure. However one will be doubtful if there was a blank period in one's memory. It's better to make up a story to fill this blank."

Luo Qiu considered it for a little while, "How about this. 'I didn't see Luo Qiu after returning home. Since I was too tired to take a shower, I fell onto bed and fell asleep immediately'."


You Ye walked to Ren Ziling, pressed her palm against Ren Ziling's forehead, then lowered her head and whispered some words into Ren Ziling's ear.

Soon, You Ye stood up, "Master, she will only think of what you said just now when she wakes up tomorrow."

Luo Qiu breathed a sigh of relief, "Thanks, you worked hard. Go back to the club."

You Ye didn't stay long. She disappeared as soon as she heard the order, leaving through where she came.

Luo Qiu took one last glance at Ren Ziling, levitating the quilt to cover her body, then closed the door gently and went back to his room.

He was not sleepy, so he turned on his laptop and logged into his account. He found two answers to his question.

First one: Are there only these words? Is there anything else? Because for ancient words, the same ones throughout different times would be similar. Thus it's hard to distinguish which kind of words it was if no further evidence can be shown.

Second: It is probably Coptic Language, which was invented in later period in Ancient Egypt. But I'm not sure. It'd better if there were more references.

Luo Qiu thought about it, then renewed the question after adding a screenshot of some other words, which were merely the most clear and legible sentences.

After he posted it, Luo Qiu waited for a moment. Nobody answered him, so he turned off his laptop, then lay on his bed with his cellphone searching Coptic Language on the internet.

"In 3rd century AD…there were plenty of Greek literature copied into Coptic Language, especially the parts of the Christian lection…what the hell is this?"

Luo Qiu felt sleepy as he read the information. Without realizing it, he fell asleep.

The next day, he was awaken by a sound coming from the kitchen.

It turned out Ren Ziling was cooking breakfast in the kitchen, full of energy. There were toasts, fried eggs, sliced ham and cherry tomato salad for a balanced diet.

It had been a long time since he had breakfast cooked by Ren Ziling.

"Luo Qiu, you got up?" Ren Ziling walked out of the kitchen, wearing an apron and holding two glasses of milk. "I wonder why I'm so spirited today! Have a taste of my cuisine!"

"…are any special skills needed for toast and fried eggs?"

Ren Ziling gave him an angry stare, knocking Luo Qiu's forehead, "Don't prattle on, are you going to eat it or not?"

Luo Qiu shrugged his shoulders and started to butter the bread.

Ren Ziling bit the bread and asked Luo Qiu, "Hey, have you been up to anything wrong lately? You've been coming back late, unlike a lonely single man, who should be back home early."

Luo Qiu was already used to this woman's sarcasm, so he didn't feel anything and threw out his appropriate response which was prepared in advance. "I'm working part time recently, and will normally return late in the evening."

"But you said you were travelling the last two times." Ren Ziling wouldn't be deceived that easily.

Luo Qiu just repeated his 3 words, "Part time job."

Right at this time, Ren Ziling's cellphone rang. Therefore she had to put a hold on this topic and answer the phone. Her expression changed after listening to the other side, then she rushed off to get ready to leave, "We'll continue this subject later. I have to go to the newspaper office now."

Actually Luo Qiu had always admired Ren Ziling for straightforward character.

Like now, she hurried into her room to change clothes, combing her hair while walking, searching for her keys, rushing out of the door then coming back again to grab and bite bread with butter that Luo Qiu was just about to eat, then rushed out again.

"I'll talk with you about your part time job later!"

Ren Ziling yelled at him as she closed the door.

Luo Qiu sighed. Finally he could have his breakfast quietly. While taking a bit from the bread, he prepared to watch the morning news. However, he found a folder near the TV stand.

The phone rang at this time.

"Hey, Luo Qiu? Do you see a folder with a drawing of a circle on it??"

"It's on the TV stand."

"Good! Come on my boy! Listen, can you send it to my company? I'm now on the way to another place and have no time to return home! F*ck! The idiot in front! Do you know how to drive?"

Ren Ziling continued along with the sound of a harsh horn, "I know you're the best! Mum will recommend a girlfriend to you some day…Hello? Hello? Brat, hanging up on me?!! F*ck you b*itch, are you able to drive?!! If you piss me off, I'll give you trouble! Go to hell you idiot driver!!!"

As Ren Ziling smashed the gas pedal, her dark red MINI-CLUBMAN rushed out like an arrow, going down the highway.

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