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Luo Qiu was reading 'Origins of Blue and White Porcelain' when the doorbell rang.

After putting on the clown mask, Luo Qiu came downstairs.

The customer was actually Yang Taizi…alone.

"Who are you?"

Yang Taizi felt quite astounded when he saw the person with a clown mask. However when You Ye came into his sight, it was easy to guess that the masked man was the young fellow from before.

Luo Qiu pointed to the round table aside, motioning Yang Taizi to sit down and have a good talk.

Yang Taizi didn't know why Luo Qiu wore the mask. Was it to hide his identity? But he had seen Luo Qiu before…

Was it warning him not to tell others his identity? Yang Taizi was always careful when dealing with mysterious and strange powers.

So he just pretended that he didn't know Luo QIu, sitting down quietly like a statue.

Nevertheless what Luo Qiu was thinking at the moment was, 'If I know the customer was Yang Taizi, it would not have been necessary to wear the mask…

Luo Qiu opened his mouth first, "Dear customer, this pair of jade tokens is what you seek, right?"

"That's right." Yang Taizi nodded cautiously.

"Are you aware of the club's rule?" Luo Qiu suddenly asked.

Yang Taizi said, "I've heard some rumors."

He fell silent for a while, then added, "The white jade tokens are too valuable. I can't afford the whole pair, I just need the full text of Koan Sutra carved on the jade tokens."

Luo Qiu asked inquisitively, "It still contains the soul and spirit of Tai Yinzi, who used to be a senior in your sect. Are you going to leave him alone?"

"He has been expelled from my sect." Yang Taizi gave him an upright response."I don't care about those who have no connection to my sect."

As he spoke, he fished out a small pouch and opened it with a hint of unwillingness, pouring out a piece of green jade, "This jade is helpful to one's Qi. Ordinary people wearing it will have a longer lifespan, better health and is also able to drive away evil spirits."

Luo Qiu's hand swept passed the jade, evaluating its worth. A moment later he said, "It is only the worth half of the Koan Sutra."

Yang Taizi was stunned, saying frantically, "Look at the jade! It has been cultivated for thousands of years! In this seriously polluted society, the Qi in the air has already weakened! This jade can ease cultivation and purify Qi just by being held!"

Luo Qiu shook his head. "The Koan Sutra should be a heritage of your sect. However, what you learned from your master should not be a complete one. I heard you reciting that day and it didn't make sense. Thus, the Koan Sutra is of vital importance to you, right?"

Yang Taizi could not help but say, "This is really an insidious place…Fine, just half! And I'll purchase the other half as soon as possible."

Luo Qiu then left both on the round table, "You can pick one."

Yang Taizi thought for a while silently; at last, he chose the left one.

He could have grabbed them and escape...but he didn't dare.

He recalled the terrifying and powerful woman from that day. She was just standing there quietly now, but Yang Taizi was not confident in escaping after stealing the jades.

Yang Taizi breathed in deeply, pointing at the left jade while muttering some words.

The jade token started to glimmer, ancient golden words appeared from it, gushing towards his eyes.

After a short while, the letters stopped appearing. Yang Taizi then reluctantly drew back his finger, showing an insipid smile. "Thankfully it is the first half."

The deal was completed. Luo Qiu was in a good mood, thus created one more black card without stamps and gave it to Yang Taizi.

Yang Taizi got half of the Koan Sutra's text, therefore he was in good humor too. He asked, "How will you deal with the soul and spirit of Tai Yinzi?"

Luo Qiu asked calmly, "Do you want to purchase it?"

"No…" Yang Taizi said in haste, "I'm busy now…I'll come again if I find some other treasures!"

He didn't want to stay here for even one more second. This place made him uneasy.

Watching Yang Taizi leave, Luo Qiu took off the mask and asked You Ye, "Were the Taoists who came here before the same as him?"

You Ye said, "The legend of our club has spread throughout their circle. It has been exaggerated and demonized."

"Oh really?" Luo Qiu nodded. Suddenly he combined the two jade tokens together.

Green smoke was released and a shadow appeared from within. Tai Yinzi, who was trapped in the jade, was abruptly let out.

He was quite different from last time. Panic instead of impertinence arose on his face. Luo Qiu said gradually, "I had you 'witness' the entire process of the deal from the very beginning…Now, you should be aware of what I do."

"Yeah, I do…" Tai Yinzi nodded.

Luo Qiu then said, "Would you like to come out of the jade?"

That was the only wish of Tai Yinzi who had been imprisoned for 500 years.

"Do I have anything else to pay for it?" Tai Yinzi forced a smile. "Money is not accepted here! What's more, I don't even have a single penny…merely my soul and spirit. Do you want them?"

"I need some servants." Luo Qiu organized his thoughts. "How about 500 years? You've been stuck in there for 500 years, if you serve me for another 500 years, I'll set you free. Nevertheless, you are able to leave the jade during this period, hence, you still benefit from the trade."

Tai Yinzi said without a second thought, "Sure, that's a deal!"

Luo Qiu was also satisfied with this result.

Next, he exerted the ability given by the club, releasing Tai Yinzi from the jade tokens, and reunited his soul and spirit, finally branding the club stamp on him.

"Black soul envoy?" Tai Yinzi gave a sigh after he knew his current identity. He shook his head and gave a bitter smile. "Black Soul Tai Yinzi greets master."

Luo Qiu had a smile, "Stay here for several days first, I'll summon a black soul envoy back to guide you. You Ye, call a senior envoy back to instruct the freshman."

"No problem, master."

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