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Ren Ziling planned to have a heart-to-heart talk with Luo Qiu. She claimed her busy work prevented her from taking care of him, and had not played her role as a mother well.

However, boxes of biscuits interrupted her. Once she finally reacted, Luo Qiu had already closed the door to his room.

Following that, she heard music coming from Luo Qiu's CD player---it turned out be 'Desperado' by Eagles. Ren Ziling was speechless and could only nibble the biscuits.

However, Luo Qiu wasn't in his room.

Once he turned on the CD player, he immediately teleported himself to the club.

He sat behind the counter. Due to it being late he said that he didn't want scented tea, so the thoughtful servant girl opened the liqour cabinet beside at the bar counter.

A bottle of Vodka, one black bottle of Crème de Cacao, and jarful of Gin with the flavor of fruit. You Ye looked at Luo Qiu with a slight smile. She added ice to the shaker, then poured the amount of liquor she wanted into 3 different small cups, before adding them in. After closing the lid, she started to shake it.

She didn't used any fancy techniques as she shook while gazing at Luo Qiu.

There was a saying that beauties go well with good wine. This might be what Luo Qiu was feeling. He felt totally relaxed watching this scene.

You Ye stopped shaking once a layer of white frost emerged, then poured the liquor into a cocktail glass. She walked, her heels clicking, as she sent the mixed drink to Luo Qiu.

Luo Qiu joked with her, "I might have to barge into the kitchen next time."

You Ye was confused by his words, so Luo Qiu smiled and explained, "Because watching you mix liquors or cooking is such an enjoyable pastime."

You Ye understood and smiled gracefully. Then walked slowly to a corner of the hall, towards the old Long Play gramophone made out of old pine wood.

You Ye placed the record on it and pressed down the stylus. Gentle, soft and mysterious music begun playing. You Ye then returned to Luo Qiu's side, taking a seat opposite of him.

The servant girl revealed a lazy expression and crossed her legs below her skirt hemline. She put her elbows on the round table, holding up her face.

Luo Qiu sipped the mix drink. To his surprise, instead of a strong one, it tasted sweet and refreshing, maybe because she added the black cocoa.

He played around with the jade token obtained from Dance, but suddenly asked, "Is there reincarnation in this world? Can a person reincarnated in a new body? And is there King of Hell?"

You Ye answered slightly, "There are plenty of ancient legends. People believed several of them without any reason, even though they didn't see or verify the facts."

Luo Qiu asked, "Then what do you think of Su Houde?"

You Ye said, "Thoughts make a person's soul. There are no ghosts or evil spirits in this world, merely strong concentrated spiritual energy, that left their original bodies but cannot dissipate due to their intense obsessions or feelings."

After hearing this, Luo Qiu agreed with her viewpoint. "I've read some fantastic stories, which said that a human's spirit is like a wave. When both have the same or a similar wavelength, they might be able to send and receive those waves to each other. In other words, there's no so-called reincarnation. Perhaps Su Houde merely found someone who is able to receive his own thoughts?"

You Ye smiled, "Master can choose which one to believe."

Luo Qiu shook his head, sipping the cocktail. Then he furrow his brows as he felt the full aroma from the wine. "If reincarnation exists in the world, where do newborns come from them? If it exists, why was there such a small population at the very beginning of the world, yet now a population explosion is occurring? Where do these excess individuals come from?"

Well, it might exist. Some unknown non-spiritual beings which did not need to go through reincarnation.

As he thought of this, Luo Qiu felt he would just go around in circles if he continued down this topic.

Hence he stopped.

After that, the bell at the door rang.

It was Zhong Luochen coming.

Zhong Luochen came following the directions of the map on his cellphone. This club didn't exist on the map, instead, another shop was shown.

He stood at the entrance, realizing that there were passersby that went into the club, yet only leaving with goods for daily use.

Apparently, the club in his view and the shop that the passersby entered were different. They were in the same location, but the club was clearly in a different dimension.

Zhong Luochen felt a strong reverence for this mystical power. He took a deep breath, pushed the door open went into the club.

The man with clown mask and that beautiful lady in a maid costume were still the only two beings inside. However, Zhong Luochen was not in the mood to enjoy her beauty. He said frankly, "Mr. Clown, I've taken my grandfather to a hotel nearby."

Luo Qiu waved his hand to stop Zhong Luochen's talking. Then swung his black cane, an even more unbelievable and mysterious sight appeared before Zhong Luochen's eyes.

They were teleported to a corridor filled with gentle lamplight and appeared on the carpet. Zhong Luochen was slightly frightened. "Here is…the hotel?!"

Luo Qiu walked ahead, clasping his hands behind his back. "Customer, take me to your grandfather, please…however, I have a request, that nobody else remains in the room except you and your grandfather."

Zhong Luochen said at once, "My family members followed due to their anxiousness. But please rest assured as they are waiting at the floor below…but, we don't have much time."

Luo Qiu calmly said, "I see."

Luo Qiu saw Zhong Luochen's grandfather lying in a room.

The old man lay in bed with an IV drip and a cannula piercing his arms. He appeared to be receiving a transfusion of some sort. The pale face with no color in his cheeks showed that he was at the end of his life.

Luo Qiu walked to the old man, and pressed a finger onto his forehead. Then, some black light spots started floating out. They were all extracted slowly and absorbed into Luo Qiu's palm.

Just then, the door to the room was pounded heavily. A voice of a man could be heard. "Luochen! I heard some noises. It's you isn't it? Open the door! Open it! Why aren't you allowing us be with grandfather?"

The pounding was very loud and clear "We will enter forcefully if you don't open up! Is there someone else in the room?"

Zhong Luochen looked at the door with an anxious expression. The sound was from his big brother, Zhong Luoyun…who was always distrustful. He must have been monitoring Zhong Luochen. Hence this appearance as soon as Zhong Luochen came back.

"Mr. Clown I don't know…"

Zhong Luochen hurriedly turned to Luo Qiu, but there was no one there. The scene left him astonished but excited…

The old man had opened his eyes somehow and sat up. His face remained pale, but he was conscious now.

"Where am I? Luochen?" The old man said slowly.

At the same time, Zhong Luochen heard another sentence.

---Dear Guest, your commodity has been successfully delivered to you. The transaction is finished.

Zhong Luochen instantly found himself in a dark world, with a scroll made of goatskin floating in front of him. Then it started to burn until it disappeared. At that moment, he felt something being drawn out from his body, thus felt about his body unconsciously.

His sight recovered soon, and he returned to the studio.

The old man stared agape as he saw Zhong Luochen's eccentric behaviour, "Luo Chen, what are you looking for?"

Zhong Luochen was taken aback. He stopped and raised his head to look at the old man. Suddenly he fell to the ground.

He didn't feel any joy.

Just as if he saw a stranger.

"Luochen?" the old man said a third time.

Zhong Luochen swallowed his saliva, then stood up and tried to put on an ecstatic appearance.

"Grandfather, you woke up. That's great…great!"

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