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However Ren Ziling was puzzled when she saw this card and whispered, "I don't remember seeing this before…"

Luo Qiu knew the reason.

It was the item of the club. It would lie there, but few would be able to notice it.

People ignored it due to its appearance---just like the club.

Only those who needed it could see it.

"Yes, it's always been there. Maybe you just didn't notice it," Zhang Qingrui looked at Luo Qiu and said without doubt. "Are you interested in this card? "

Of course Luo Qiu was interested, because every black card meant a potential customer to him.

But he thought it was inappropriate to show his interest.

So he shook his head. "No, I just think it's weird."

He looked at Zhang Qingrui. "This black card doesn't seem to be an antique. I just found it didn't match the atmosphere of the shop."

Zhang Qingrui smiled. "Some customers asked about it before, do you know what my answer was?"

Luo Qiu shook his head, it seemed like he didn't care about the answer.

Zhang Qingrui was stunned, she felt that Luo Qiu really was a snotty guy.

"No comment."

Zhang Qingrui gave him the answer.

Ren Ziling stared blankly, she knew Luo Qiu was a blockhead and had made his classmate angry, which was why she played a trick on him. After many years of experience as a journalist, she sensed that it was Zhang Qingrui's polite way of dismissing them.

Ren Ziling pretended to look at the time, then showed a worried look. "It's late. Thanks for your introduction. I have an interview later…by the way, don't focus on these little things. Actually Luo Qiu is a good guy and…Hey, Luo Qiu, wait…"


Luo Qiu swore in his mind, sighing as he walked towards the door. Ren Ziling quickly finished the rest of the short conversation and ran to Luo Qiu in a hurry.

Afterwards, Zhang Qingrui---the classical beauty, finally let the smile on her face fade away. Frowning, she looked at the black card displayed in the show case. She had a sudden urge to touch the card. However, as her fingers strayed near the card, she hesitated for a second ,then abandoned the thought and closed the show case.

The young female manager had only worked for two years in the company, but had met a large amount of well renown people.

There were few people that paid attention to the black card in the collection. She was aware that the card was placed there intentionally by her grandmother. She had asked the reason, but her grandmother, Mrs. Zhang, shook her head and remained silent each time, as if avoiding something.

There might be something magical about this black card. If someone stopped by and set their eyes on it, they would have a desire to grab it. Zhang Qingrui was most likely the person, besides her grandmother, who had the most contact with this card. Therefore she probably had the strongest desire to possess it.

Furthermore, the customers who set their sights on the black card, would keep staring at it, unless they were woken up from their trance.

Some visitors had said that they would buy the black card at any price.

Except that it was not for sale…hence she was confused as to why her grandmother would set it on display.


She got a fright upon hearing the familiar voice of her grandmother. She then turned back right away, walked to Mrs. Zhang quickly and held out her arms. "Grandma, why did you come to the collection chamber today?"

"I just come to have a look," Mrs. Zhang replied slowly, then frowned. "I told you many times not to look at the black card."

Zhang Qingrui stuck her tongue out, "I was too busy serving two customers, so I was careless…"

Mrs. Zhang suddenly sighed, and walked towards the black card. She stood in front of the show case and muttered to herself, "I shouldn't have kept it till now."

"Grandma?" Zhang Qingrui asked questioningly.

Mrs. Zhang shook her head. "Wrap it up and give it to me."

It had been placed here ever since Gu Yue Zhai was established and had never been taken away. Zhang Qingrui was curious about the usage of the card, so she asked frankly, "Grandma, what happened? I saw Boss Zhong came to you, did he…"

Mrs. Zhang nodded, but then shook her head. "He is excellent but too scheming, don't get too close to him."

Zhang Qingrui didn't say a word. However, she wouldn't talked to Ren Ziling and Luo Qiu personally if it wasn't for avoiding that annoying guy.

Soon, Zhang Qingrui brought the card to her grandmother.

Mrs. Zhang said, "Give it to Boss Zhong the next time he comes, and tell him to use it only once, then return it as soon as possible, or he risks facing his own demise."

Zhang Qingrui nodded without saying a word about the black card, though she was still curious.

Actually it wasn't a big deal.

"Master, what's this?"

At noon, Luo Qiu decided the skip afternoon classes and head to the club. He was reading the photo album from Gu Yue Zhai.

"Well, there are still many things that I don't know," Luo Qiu replied airily.

But then he remembered something. While looking at You Ye, he asked, "By the way, bring the masks from the warehouse from first floor of the basement to me, please."

As per the rule, he could freely use everything in the club. However, the items which had been sent to the warehouse couldn't be used as tributes.

Which meant, the transaction fees placed in the warehouse couldn't be used as tributes, the more serious matter was that he had to pay a part of his lifespan as compensation.

It was disgusting, eh?

Actually, there was a certain period of protection after receiving the transaction fee. During this period, the transaction fee could not be used, and could only be placed in the warehouse or used as tribute.

"OK, just one minute." You Ye didn't ask the reason.

As a servant girl, You Ye had to obey the boss's order unconditionally, just like how Luo Qiu had to follow the rules of the club.

After that, Luo Qiu touched his face and said to himself, "It might be a hassle since Zhang Qingrui has the black card. What if she comes here some day…"

Thinking further, Luo Qiu couldn't use his current name 'Luo Qiu' then when he showed up as the boss.

He wanted to come up with a cool name.

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