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"No problem."

While the buyer was feeling nervous, Luo Qiu nodded slightly: "I can guarantee you a safe night, however, I have another request…"

But immediately, the new customer interrupted Luo Qiu's words emotionally: "No, way, you, raising, the price!"

Luo Qiu smiled: "Don't get me wrong, it's just my interest. I just want to know what you look like, if it's possible…but I won't force you. And it won't stand in the way of our transaction."


Luo Qiu nodded.

The customer seemed to consider for long, afterwards, he nodded and said in a hoarse voice: "Sure, but, only, you, can, look, no, telling, to others."

It was definitely safe here in the club as stated in the booklet of the club.

Luo Qiu promised the customer effortlessly due to his overwhelming curiosity to observe the customer's appearance. He asked You Ye to wait in the inner room, then waited expectantly to see the how the customer looked.

The new customer seemed to be a little hesitant, "Don't, be, scared."

Luo Qiu shook his head and said: "Actually I like horror movies and ghost films. Those have reached the limits of human's imagination…but it's up to you. Maybe we can talk about your stay tomorrow night…En, where is the so-called "outside"?"

"I, got, it."

The new customer then stood up, untying his scarf. After it was totally taken off, a wrinkled layer of something dark green was seen, with dry and sparse hair covering it… it was merely the neck, but already gave a disgusting feel.

With a deep breath, Luo Qiu continue staring at his face absorbedly.

He took off the hat and the sunglasses, the mask and even the black coat.

Luo Qiu showed an eager expression and started breathing more rapidly when the customer took off each piece of clothing.

He knew he was going to pay for his curiosity—but that was his choice.

Even though the appearance revealed couldn't be compared by those movies or television programs.

He had a strange body with wrinkled dark green skin. What was more, there were some chapped wounds on his skin, with peeling dark green dead skin, and the wound often ooze out green mucus.

His arms looked like insects' claws, nestled in the white shirt he wore. And his head looked exactly like an insect.

But it was the head of a huge insect. He had a round mouth and syringe-like teeth in it, no nose, but two unusually large black eyeballs without eyelids, on both sides of the mouth. And Luo Qiu didn't see the ears or hair either.

Of course there were even some rotted chapped skin on his head.

When Luo Qiu came to himself, the new customer had put on his clothes and said: "Did, I, scare, you?"

Luo Qiu breathed deeply and composed himself: "It's ok."

"Don't, lie, I, know, I'm, ugly."

Luo Qiu shook his head: "You are just another one of life's creations. Aesthetic views differ. Your look might be beautiful to the same species."

The customer answered slowly: "Originally, not, so, such, ugly. Human, polluted, food, gross, grow, this."

Did the polluted food contribute to his rotten body? The monster looked like the evolution of some insect.

What was the normal food of insects? Luo Qiu thought of some stalks or leaves of botanies first.

He heard in recent years, plenty of botanies had been destroyed by acid rain caused by industrial pollution. In some serious cases, sewage with chemical substances or scrap metals were simply disposed into the water sources, so that it polluted the water and led to illness.

Unexpectedly, even monsters also became the sacrifices of the environmental pollution.

Luo Qiu put back the jade to the newspaper, pushing it back to him: "As the rule, we only accept the transaction fee after you get what you need. In addition, you can move here before tomorrow night. But it's up to you."

The new customer was shocked: "May, I?"

"Sure, there are many rooms available here." Luo Qiu smiled: "Besides, if you don't mind, I'd like to chat…about monsters."

He kept silent for a moment: "Don't, you, mind?"

Luo Qiu shook his head: "I've said, I don't care about one's look. Maybe your kin consider you beautiful. I just want to know more information about other life forms."

Luo Qiu then smacked his lips: "So I absolutely don't mind, because I'm interested."

However, after hesitating for a while, the monster still left the club at last. He only told them the meeting time and the address for tomorrow night.

As the insect monster left, You Ye came out of the inner room.

But she brought a black pistol on a tray—which should be Jin Zifu's pistol originally.

He was astonished by her behaviour, but still picked up the pistol in his hand.

You Ye said slightly: "My master, if you feel bored, you can play around with this pistol."

Luo Qiu was stunned, then laughed: "Is a monster afraid of the bullets?"

You Ye said coolly: "In fact, a lot of monsters fear human's weapons, even though they are much stronger and have more abilities. Most of them are not able to defend against attacks from weapons of mass destruction, or else it would make no sense why human beings don't know about the existence about monsters in the world and why monsters barely reveal their real self to society."

Luo Qiu weighed this pistol in his hand, and suddenly said: "It's because monsters are more scared of humans."

"Master, do you know how to use a pistol?" You Ye smiled and changed the subject: "I can teach you some simple skills."

Luo Qiu shook his head.

But his body was turned suddenly towards one wall. Meanwhile, his feet separated, the distance between his feet being slightly longer than his shoulder width. He bent knees and turned his toes slightly inward. Then, he stretched out his arms, while grasping the pistol in his right hand. His palm of his left hand was holding the handle of the upper part, and resting his finger on the trigger.

At last he acted to aim at a vase near the wall.

"My father had taught me to use a pistol before he left."

Luo Qiu said while reminiscing about his father.

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