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Chapter 119: Wronged

“I’m not lying.” Tan Mo’s small face was red from the sun, which made her look very anxious. She seemed to be shaking.

When everyone saw this, they felt sympathy for her.

They weren’t looking at Qin Murong the same way as they had at the beginning, when they had looked at her with envy and curiosity.

Many people were now thinking, she was much older than Tan Mo, so how could she accuse this little girl of lying?

She was saying that Tan Mo had lied, but did she have any evidence?

There were some girls who couldn’t stand Qin Murong’s passive-aggressive behavior, and they whispered, “Anyone who’d listened to what she said to Tan Mo at the beginning would have thought that she was very close to Wei Zhiqian, and at least at the girlfriend level.”

“You’re right. I don’t know about other people, but when I heard her say that, that was my first reaction.”

“She deliberately misled people and was exposed by Tan Mo, but now she doesn’t want to admit it.”

“The words she said were very ambiguous.” Someone said, “If others misunderstood, as long as no one asked questions and she doesn’t say anything to explain, it could be interpreted as acquiescence. But if someone lays it out in the open like Tan Mo did, she can say that she didn’t mean that, and that Tan Mo had misunderstood. No matter what, she can blame others for misunderstanding, and she won’t be in the wrong.”

Another girl shook her head and said, “Tan Mo is still too young and too innocent, and she fell into Qin Murong’s game.”

“Qin Murong is 24 years old, yet she came here to bully Tan Mo, a 15-year-old girl. How shameless!”

The more they talked about it, the more angry they became.

It was very quiet at first, but soon the more angry they got, the louder their voices became.

Especially when they thought about how Tan Mo was only 15 years old. She was technically still the age of a high school freshman at most, or perhaps even a middle schooler if she had started school later.

She had come to the university alone with a bunch of people older than she was.

The pressure was already very great.

Yet Qin Murong still wronged her and bullied her in front of so many people.

Tan Mo’s flushed face looked anxious and aggrieved. Wanting to prove her innocence, she was anxiously and desperately waving her hands to deny it.

She was so anxious, but she was still holding back her tears.

When the older brothers and sisters who were standing around saw this, their hearts softened.

Qin Murong’s facial expression changed when she heard everyone’s unpleasant comments.

Wanting to see what happened, Hao Lunxing and the others quietly walked over nearby.

They also happened to hear the conversation between Qin Murong and Tan Mo.

Feng Lizheng shook his head and whispered to Hao Lunxing, “Qin Murong has been chasing Wei Zhiqian for a long time, but what she did today was really petty.”

In Hu Wenchong’s voice, there was even more disdain: “I originally thought she was a little too obsessed with Wei Zhiqian, but I thought her guts were praiseworthy. Yet now, it seems that she plays dirty and has questionable morals. Lunxing, I advise you to keep your distance from her in the future, and if she asks you for a favor again, if you can’t refuse, try to stay away.”

They can’t afford to provoke her, but they can at least try to hide from her.

“Yes,” Feng Lizheng said in a low voice, “don’t forget why Wei Zhiqian is ignoring you. Although it was because you disclosed his whereabouts, if it hadn’t been for Qin Murong pestering you, you wouldn’t have done so.”

Except for Qin Murong, Hao Lunxing hadn’t told anyone.

In fact, Hao Lunxing would only tell Qin Murong.

The two of them treated Hao Lunxing as a friend. He was pretty good in all aspects except being a little bewitched by Qin Murong.

They’d already said what they wanted to say.

As for whether Hao Lunxing would listen, that wasn’t up to the two of them to decide.

“I can call my Little Uncle right now and have him tell you.” While talking, Tan Mo took out her phone and was about to dial Wei Zhiqian’s number.

Qin Murong looked a little panicked now.

The panic in her eyes wasn’t visible to others, but Wei Keli, who was standing next to Tan Mo, could see it clearly.

He already knew that Wei Zhiqian didn’t like Qin Murong.

Even if Qin Murong was a member of the Qin family, it was unlikely that she would ever be with Wei Zhiqian.

Therefore, Wei Keli had stopped considering Qin Murong as his future aunt.

It was just that Qin Murong was still a member of the Qin family no matter what.

If he wanted to enter the Weifeng Company in the future, he had to establish himself in the Wei family, and the relationship with the other prominent families must be handled well.

It wasn’t just about getting along with them. He also needed external support.

Just like how Wei Zhiqian and Qin Mufeng’s relationship was very strong.

Of the eight of them, as long as any one of them had an accident, the remaining seven wouldn’t sit by idly.

The combined power of a few powerful individuals was awe-inspiring.

Wei Keli knew that he definitely wouldn’t be able to form such a powerful network of connections for the time being.

But he could work hard. Even if he can’t reach Wei Zhiqian’s level, he must have his own powerful network.

For the time being, he would start with Qin Murong.

Wei Keli stretched out his hand to cover Tan Mo’s phone: “Mo Mo, I don’t think Sister Murong meant that, so there’s no need to contact Little Uncle.

“Besides, he will be at the company right now. He is busy so don’t disturb him because of this trivial matter.” Just in case, Wei Keli wanted to take Tan Mo’s phone away directly.

His approach was no different from grabbing.

He was just a little gentler, so he didn’t directly grab it.

However, Tan Mo had known that Wei Keli was shameless a long time ago, so she was on her guard.

It was a pity that Wei Keli didn’t know Tan Mo knew he was shameless. He also felt that he had to maintain his image so he couldn’t really grab it and didn’t use much strength.

However, as soon as he tried to reach out, Tan Mo had already grasped her phone firmly, stepped ahead of him, and taken her phone back.

Wei Keli’s fingers grabbed at the air and moved awkwardly.

“So, you want me to be wronged like this? You want me to be accused of lying? Later, I will become known as a liar.” Tan Mo’s words made the rest of the people remember that she was still a child.

She really is a kid. What she cared about the most right now was being misunderstood.

What an honest and well-behaved girl who had been brought up well.

Even He Weicheng and Zheng Haoxuan, who were with Wei Keli, were dissatisfied with him.

Didn’t he say that he was childhood sweethearts with Tan Mo?

She was practically like his sister, but now he was helping an outsider to wrong her.

“Brother Keli, I have called you Brother Keli for more than ten years. Why are you helping others to wrong me?” Tan Mo didn’t cry, but just looked at Wei Keli with her innocent eyes.

Wei Keli felt dazed.

This reminded him of that scene nine years ago, when Tan Mo was only six years old.

During Old Madame Wei’s birthday banquet, she’d once asked him if he also felt that Qin Murong and Qin Muxiao’s words were correct and whether or not he agreed with them.

At that time, she had also looked at him like this.

The expression in her eyes looked exactly the same. Her eyes were clear, as if there weren’t any impurities or traces of evil in them.

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