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Chapter 1054 Bearer of Great Connate Providence

Han Huang was stunned for a long time like Shan’e after suffering such a crushing defeat. He couldn’t recover for a long time. Han Jue didn’t comfort him. It was a good warning to prevent this kid from getting lost in the Ultimate Origin Power.

He couldn’t tell Han Huang that he was the Ultimate Origin Fiendcelestial. Even if he could trust Han Huang, he couldn’t guarantee that the Ninth Chaos could read his memories.

He had to be careful before attaining absolute invincibility.

Han Jue gestured for Shan’e to leave. The latter bowed respectfully and then left the Daoist temple.

As soon as he went out, he was surrounded by Xing Hongxuan, Qingluan’er, and the other disciples, asking about the situation inside.

Shan’e didn’t hide anything. No one was surprised to know that Han Huang had suffered a crushing defeat when he challenged Han Jue.

Han Jue was invincible. No matter how strong Han Huang’s potential was, how could he surpass his father?

Xing Hongxuan complained, “This brat really doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. I have to teach him a lesson when he comes out!”

Qingluan’er shook her head. “Sister, don’t do this. Leave the matters between father and son to them. Huang’er is already on his own and has his own reputation and thoughts. Let’s not interfere.”

Xing Hongxuan sighed. “He’s been gone for almost a hundred million years. It’s really long. We cultivate every day and don’t feel anything, but to him, too many experiences are enough to change him.”

She had experienced many troubles when she was young and knew that experience could change a person’s temperament.

Qingluan’er smiled. “Don’t worry too much. Husband definitely has a plan. His gaze can see

through the entire Chaos. Perhaps all the

changes in Huang’er are in his eyes.”

Xing Hongxuan smiled and nodded in


In any case, she couldn’t control Han Huang. Thus, she would leave it to Han Jue.

Inside the Daoist temple.

Han Huang finally came back to his senses. He knelt in front of Han Jue and asked carefully, “Father, what did you mean earlier? Are you also a Primordial Fiendcelestial?”

Han Jue smiled. “The Chaos can only

accommodate one Primordial Fiendcelestial, so you were nurtured in your mother’s womb for millions of years.”

Han Huang was moved and asked with a

trembling voice, “Then you…”

“That’s right. I gave you the Primordial Fiendcelestial bloodline and exchanged it for

the Chaotic Fiendcelestial bloodline,” Han Jue stared at him and said seriously.

Han Huang’s heart was filled with regret.

He didn’t expect that he still wanted to fight his father after he did so much for him…

If it were him, could he pass his bloodline to

his son?

Han Huang asked himself and felt that he couldn’t do it.

He couldn’t compare to his father in this


“Father, I…”

Han Huang’s eyes turned red. He had all sorts of words in his heart but couldn’t say them.

Han Jue said meaningfully, “Huang’er, you’re already very strong. What you have to do is settle down. Do you really think you’re the strongest in the Chaos? Other than me, many existences surpass you by a major realm. However, not only are their cultivation realms high, but they no longer care about fame and fortune. That’s why they gave you a chance to be invincible.

“What you can see is always the surface.”

Han Huang was even more ashamed. He should indeed settle down and not publicize his strength everywhere after gaining the four Supreme Rules.

Excessive publicity made him feel inferior.

Han Huang’s eyes became firm after thinking it


“Father, I want to create the Primordial Chaos, but my instincts tell me there will definitely be great danger,” Han Huang said respectfully. Han Jue said, “Then go to the blank domain. With your cultivation level, you’re strong enough to survive there. However, you’ll be attracted by the Chaos to merge once you open the Primordial Chaos. You’ll either be devoured by the Chaos or suffer a backlash. From the

looks of it, the Chaos is more likely to devour other Great Dao Worlds.”

Han Huang frowned. “Father, what should I

do?” “Wait. The Endless Era is coming. At that time, many Great Dao Worlds can coexist.”

“Endless Era… I’ve heard the Ultimate God of Punishment mention that he needs me to stir up the Great Dao Immeasurable Calamity, but how should I do it? I can’t slaughter all living beings, right? Although I’m strong, I’m not stupid. I’ll definitely die if I do that.”

Han Huang frowned even more.

Han Jue said, “Then wait a little longer. There’s

still some time before the Great Dao Immeasurable Calamity. You should relax and

fight less. Give the others a chance. The other

geniuses will help you split the hatred when the calamity arrives.”

Han Huang felt that it made sense and nodded.

Then, he told him about the mysterious power he had inexplicably obtained. Han Jue smiled and didn’t say anything.

Han Huang widened his eyes and asked carefully, “Father, could it be…” “There’s no need to say anything. This is

between you and me. Otherwise, it won’t be easy to answer to your other siblings and will attract unnecessary trouble.”

Han Jue winked, making Han Huang’s emotions even more complicated. So everything he did depended on his father.

Han Huang relaxed after some thinking. This was also good. If that power came from

another unknown existence, it might become a potential danger.

Han Jue instructed, “Huang’er, I’ve given you

the greatest favor. Although you’re not the eldest son, you should shoulder the most responsibility. You can’t stand by and watch if your siblings get in trouble in the future, understand?”

Han Huang nodded solemnly. “Father, don’t worry. I won’t let you down!”

The father and son chatted for a few more

hours before Han Huang left respectfully. He

quickly left the Dao Field after bidding farewell to Xing Hongxuan.

He told Han Jue that he decided to help Han

Ling and that he would stay in the Creation Emperor Court to cultivate.

He knew that his father doted on Han Ling the

most. After all, she had accompanied him the longest. Han Jue had no objections.

Then, Han Jue looked at Han Qing’er, Han Tuo,

and Han Yunjin.

Han Tuo and the Divine Punishers mixed together and fought everywhere. Han Qing’er and Jiang Jueshi were still in the Heavenly Court. As for Han Yunjin, he was already one of

the Sages with the highest status in the

Heavenly Dao. It was all thanks to Heavenly Venerate Xuan Du’s care.

His descendants had their own future. It was fine as long as they were safe. Shan’e walked into the Daoist temple. Although

he was curious, he did not dare to ask about his ancestor. After all, it was an embarrassing loss. He had to give his ancestor face.

Seeing that Shan’e had entered a cultivation state, Han Jue began to choose to upgrade the


He had obtained a chance to upgrade one of the system’s functions when he reached 100 million years old, but he was a little hesitant.

However, he decided after Han Huang’s commotion.

“I want to upgrade the Primordial Heavenly


[The Primordial Heavenly Prison has begun to upgrade.]

Han Jue’s eyelids twitched upon seeing this notification.

This thing could be upgraded?

It seemed that the Ultimate Origin Heavenly

Prison was next, but he didn’t know how powerful it was.

Han Jue thought.

He was about to continue cultivating when

another notification appeared. [Detected a person with Great Connate

providence. Do you want to check his


It had been a long time!

It was no longer Connate providence, but Great

Connate providence. The meaning was different. Han Jue immediately agreed. [Yu Yuan: Late-stage Grand Unity Golden

Immortal Realm, Chaotic Human Race, Three Thousand Domination Body, Grand

Primordium Chaos’ Destiny. Because the Chaos absorbed the providence of Transcendence, Consciousnessless, and Shi Tian, it caused karma and fate to become chaotic, giving birth

to a new providence and creation. The Three Thousand Domination Body is one of them. It is born with the power of the three thousand Great Dao and inherits the will of the First Chaos.]

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