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After deliberating for a while, Peng Jiaqi suddenly covered her face and laughed. "Aiya! I don't have to think so much! If Brother Feng had truly started chasing me, at most, I'll just agree. After all, he, he, is very good too!"

On the second day, when Liu Feng drove his Porsche 911, he stopped at the main entrance square of Ke Da as always.

When Liu Feng and Yang Shiwen had appeared, they garnered massive attention from the Ke Da students.

At the same time, on the Ke Da forum, there was even a link about Liu Feng.

"Liu Feng has reached Ke Da. It seems that he does not stay in the hostel of Ke Da at all. I don't know if he will face Wei Zixuan for a showdown at the Sanda club!"

"Liu Feng has gone to the classroom of the Chinese Department. It looks like he won't be going to the Sanda Club in the morning today, there is some classes in the Chinese department in the morning."

"I will go check the schedule of the Chinese department to see if there are any classes in the afternoon. Who knows, Brother Feng might be going in the afternoon!"

As for this link, there were at least ten over ID that had circulated their replies. And as for the timing that Liu Feng had entered the classroom—which time, minute or second it was and even during the breaktime Liu Feng had gone to the toilet was marked down by this link.

It was impossible for Liu Feng to follow this forum, but when it reached the time for him to go and have this lunch in the canteen at noon, it was impossible for him to not follow what was happening.

"Liu Feng, when are you going to have a showdown with Wei Zixuan at the Sanda Club?"

"Brother Feng, my bet is on you. You won't lose to Wei Zixuan, right?"

"Brother Feng, are you going to have lunch in the canteen too? Are you going to the Sanda Club in the afternoon?"

In just going to eat at the canteen, there were already ten over students who had taken the initiative to say hello to Liu Feng. Even some of the Second Year and Third Year students had started calling Liu Feng Brother Feng.

Liu Feng was having a headache as a result and he still had to reply them politely.

Sitting beside Liu Feng, Yang Shiwen almost flipped over with laughter. She even instigated Liu Feng, "Hey, have you seen this? Now everyone wishes that you would compete with Wei Zixuan in martial arts skills. Don't tell me you are going to turn tail now?"

Liu Feng laughed and said, "Shiwen, do you have a feud with Wei Zixuan?"

"Are you kidding? I don't even recognize that Wei Zixuan. What feud can I have with him?" Yang Shiwen said.

"If there is no feud, why are you rushing me to go there?" Liu Feng retorted.

Yang Shiwen rolled her eyes and slapped the table with her pair of small hands. "Hey, hey. I just want to see how you would lose. Furthermore, I also wanted to watch you fight and see what kind of weaknesses you have. Only by understanding you more, will I have the means to deal with you!"


Liu Feng was completely humored by Yang Shiwen. "Take care of me? Shiwen, I can't help but say that this ideal of yours is simply too far ahead. Even though you will never be able to accomplish that, I still have to praise you. Good luck!"


Yang Shiwen pursed her lips and asked in a very unhappy tone, "Then are you going to the Sanda Club this afternoon?"

"Yes!" Liu Feng replied unhesitatingly, "In order to help you fulfill your bigger dream, I will go in the afternoon."

As Liu Feng said these words, there were scores of students beside him who had pricked up their ears to listen.

Following which, the followers on the forum had increased significantly again.

"Liu Feng had said it. He will be going to compete his martial arts skills with Wei Zixuan at the Sanda Club in the afternoon!"

"Brother Feng had said. He will be going to the Sanda Club this afternoon to beat Wei Zixuan up!"

"Brother Feng had said that he will be going to the Sanda Club after having his lunch to kick Sanda Club's ass, to show Wei Zixuan some power."

Fortunately, Liu Feng did not usually tune in to the Ke Da forum. If not, he would have been angered to the point of vomiting blood. Simply any word that he had uttered would be completely changed after being circulated thrice.

The Sanda Club was located on the left side of the stadium, on the eastern side of the University of Science and Technology. At this time, a youth wearing a Sanda training uniform was holding his handphone and roaring with excitement.

"Brothers, Liu Feng has spoken. In the afternoon, he will come to have a showdown with us at our Sanda Club!"

"Wow! Our Club President had only sent him a battle order and he had actually said that he wanted to come and defeat our club. What does he take our Sanda club for?"

"This Liu Feng of a rascal has been too arrogant. Hurry and find the Club President, Wei Zixuan. If he dares to come in the afternoon, I will definitely let the Club President break his legs."

And all the people of the Sanda Club were thrown in a mess at the first instance.

After several minutes, Wei Zixuan had also arrived. Upon hearing a group of brothers talk indignantly about the matters that were happening in the forum, Wei Zixuan's face turned gloomy.

"Good. If he wants to defeat this club, I will be here waiting for him!"

Wei Zixuan was so angry that he pummeled a large sized speed bag with his fist. The speed bag was hit to rise a full height of a meter, which shocked everyone so much that they shrunk in their seats.

After lunch, many university students swarmed towards the Sanda Club. Originally, Sanda was a sport that many girls did not like. However, today, many female students had arrived.

This was especially for the second class of the Chinese Department. The whole class had arrived, except for Lu Hao, who was lying in the hospital.

Also, Du Lou, who had been lying low for several days, had also arrived. Sun Chengfeng, whose face was plastered with some Band-Aids had also arrived.

The space inside the Sanda Club was not wide. The spectator seats and the resting area were filled to full capacity.

When Liu Feng and Yang Shiwen had both made it in time to the Sanda Club, even the entrance was filled with people.

"Liu Feng is here!"

"Wow! Brother Feng does have some guts! He is actually here!"

"Brother Feng is here to defeat the club. Brother Feng, we support you!"

Liu Feng's appearance incited a ripple of excitement. Seeing how everyone was so supportive of him, Liu Feng waved his hand very self-indulgently at everyone.

Peng Jiaqi who had arrived before squeezed herself out from the crowds. She hurried to Liu Feng's side and said in a face of worry, "Liu Feng, things are bad. You, you, you'd better not go in."

"What's wrong?" Liu Feng laughed, asking.

Standing by the side, Yang Shiwen said, with a grin on her face, "Can't you tell that your sister Jiaqi is now worried about you?"

"Oh, no, it's not that. It's because on the forum..."

"Stop explaining! Explaining just means you are hiding something!"

The more Yang Shiwen saw Peng Jiaqi was anxious, the more she tried to humor her. Liu Feng thought that this was really funny. He headed straight for the main entrance to the Sanda Club, saying, "Alright, just carry on with your conversation, you two. I am rushing for time. After accompanying Wei Zixuan for a game, I'd have to return home for a nap."

The university students who had cloistered at the main door of the Sanda Club swiftly made a way for Liu Feng when they saw him heading in their direction.

"Haha! Jiaqi, let's go. Let's come to watch your Brother Feng beat up some guys."

"Oh! Shiwen, things are not what you had thought! I..."

With a blushing face, Peng Jiaqi had wanted to explain further. However, Yang Shiwen held her hand back and quickly caught up with Liu Feng.


Liu Feng had just entered the Sanda Club when he heard a light deep-throated cry, and four legs that came kicking at him at the same time.


Liu Feng took a step back hurriedly. He spread out his shoulders wide and blocked Yang Shiwen and Peng Jiaqi. "What is the meaning of this? After sending out the battle order in the forum, isn't it a fair competition of martial arts skills? Are you trying to test me by ganging up on me?"

The four members of the Sanda Club immediately kept their blows. However, they had blocked the entrance of the Sanda Club completely.

"Ganging up on you? Liu Feng, do you really want us all to beat you up soundly?"

"That's right. All the four of us here will test if you have the mettle to compete with our Club President in your martial arts skills."

"Normally, our Club President is able to defeat the four of us very easily. If you yourself are unable to prove that you can pass our test, you'd might as well not enter the Sanda Club!"

The four people furrowed their brows in anger at Liu Feng. Liu Feng simply had not been able to get it—how had he incurred such anger from the people of the Sanda Club?

And the more important thing was, Liu Feng was by nature, a person who accepted favors and not threats. The more arrogant someone was, the more arrogant Liu Feng would be. If somebody was unreasonable, Liu Feng would be rest assured unreasonable too.

"Testing if I have the capability! Haha!"

Liu Feng said, laughing coldly, "Since your Club President had defeated four people at one go, then I will... hmm, it seems that defeating four people will not show how powerful I am. Then I will just use one hand."

As he spoke, Liu Feng put his right hand at his back. He raised his left hand and waved it. "I will only use my left hand. I can't even be bothered to use my right hand."


Liu Feng had just entered the entrance of the Sanda Club when he had prematurely ignited the passion of the university students who had arrived here.

Beating up four people with a single hand and it was the left hand at that! It seems that only Liu Feng would be so crazy in the whole of Donghai University of Science and Technology.

"Beating the four of us with your left hand?!"

"Heck! You're just courting death."

"Brothers, go ahead!"

The four members of the Sanda Club rushed towards Liu Feng in great speed.

The Sanda techniques of these four people were very well-practiced. Two of them went to attack Liu Feng's upper body, while the other two attacked the lower body. Their footleg combination might have been simple, but it was extremely practical and effective. As their leg movements were accompanied with bouts of wind, they were clearly seasoned birds who had had more than a few days of Sanda training.

However, Liu Feng's abilities were even stronger.

His footsteps were light and drifting. Shuffling, half-steps, and sliding, as his steps moved his figure forwards, Liu Feng had weaved through the four people's formidable punches and kicks with a breeze.

"Brother, it is just not acceptable. The force which you have exerted is way overdue, and the changing of your moves is too slow!"

"Brothers, your forward leg movement is too drastic. Even without showing your move, you have allowed others to anticipate the next move that you are thinking of!"

"Weak. That's too weak. I feel that it is no challenge at all for me to even use my left hand to beat you up."

As Liu Feng darted, he was even able to tease them in a wistful and nonchalant tone.


However, after finishing his three sentences, Liu Feng attacked. After turning around to avoid someone's heavy punch, he turned around and twisted his body. His left leg slanted and kicked up—with a heavy kick, it landed heavily on the outer part of a teen's knee.

The guy uttered a cry and his body groaned. He immediately fell onto the ground and no matter how much he tried, he could not get up.

"I'm so sorry that I was harsh in my blow. It was because you were too weak and that's why I had decided to not use my hands and just my left leg."

As he spoke, Liu Feng turned around again. With a kick, he turned around to kick the teen behind him. With a thud, his kick landed on the teen's face.

This brother met with a more terrible fate. As his face received a blow, it was so painful that his eyes rolled backwards and his body landed squarely on the floor.

"Cough, cough. I think I have delivered a blow that is too heavy. Speak, why are you so weak?"


It was another blow.

Another teen got hit. However, this brother got into a more terrible fate. His eyes widened extremely widely and his face became full red when his private part bearing the extreme hurt. With both hands, he held his crotch and fell onto the ground.


It was another blow.

Another brother had fallen onto the ground with holding his crotch!

"Liu Feng, you had actually kicked someone's private part. Why are you so... despicable?"

A teen held his crotch with his both hands and roared, his eyes reddened.

Liu Feng replied without even thinking, "Me, despicable? I am dealing with four people. Moreover, I had only used my left leg to win. You had actually called me despicable? I think your logic is too overpowering. Do you want to tie my hand up again to let me compete again?"


The university students who had gathered around to watch were laughing and spurting in unison. Liu Feng could actually crack such a joke.

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