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The great war ape raised undead warriors by using the corpses of adventurer. Here are their statuses.


Status window Name: Manyaku Murumu Race: Skeleton knight Rank: 3 Level: 22 HP: 487 MP: 84 Strength: 281 Agility: 48 Vitality: ∞ Intelligence: 3 Magic: 24 Luck: 21 Passive Skills Swordmanship: Lvl. 1 Spear mastery: Lvl. 2 Darkness resistance: Lvl. 1 Physical ability up: Lvl. 1 Active Skills Body enhance: Lvl. 2 Spear strike: Lvl. 2 Special Skills None


Status window Name: Manyaka Mirimi Race: Living Dead Rank: 3 Level: 23 HP: 387 MP: 104 Strength: 234 Agility: 67 Vitality: ∞ Intelligence: 5 Magic: 46 Luck: 29 Passive Skills Awareness: Lvl. 2 Dagger mastery: Lvl. 2 Silent step: Lvl. 2 Trap search: Lvl. 2 Darkness Resistance : Lvl. 1 Active Skills Body enhance: Lvl. 1 Dagger strike: Lvl. 2 Disarm trap: Lvl. 2 Lock picking: Lvl. 2 Stealth: Lvl. 2 Steal: Lvl. 2 Special Skills None

How can a monkey create undead? It was my miscalculation.

It seemed that they also retained their skill. However they were of low intelligence. They didn’t use their skill when attacking me.It was pretty easy killing them.

I beat the skeleton knight’s body until it couldn’t stand up anymore and I cut the neck out of the living dead.

The rest of them were done pretty easily too. It caused the great war ape to come at me.

“Ugya.. ”

It launches its fist and was greeted by my left arm. The gauntlet on my left arm then was blazing red by utilizing [magic gauntlet] .With a dull sound our fists met and I can feel his strength isn’t lower than mine. If it isn’t for the black steel gauntlets, my arm could have been torn.

Gradually the gauntlets become brighter and the heat becomes unbearable for the great war ape.

It jumped backwards but its movement isn’t as fast as before. Clearly I have finished depriving his skill, but it still doesn’t realize it.

I launch a fireball but it used its arm to punch the fireball away and repelled it.

I send another one away and the great war ape is looking at it mockingly.

However this time I put some rotation on and send it curvely like a curve ball in baseball. Clearly that surprised him but the damage was small.

Now the great war ape was coming at me and I sent out an invisible wind blade.

Only the sheer sound can be heard. Dozens of wind blades and one of them finally cut one of it eyes.

It was now in front of me, but doesn’t care about me. While it was holding its eyes, I used this opportunity to unleashed a lvl 3 sword skill. “Lightning sword strike”.

The great war ape was cut into two and then died abruptly.

From the center of the room then appears a treasure chest and two pedestals of blue and red. The blue one to return to the ground and the red one to proceed deeper.

Firstly I salvaged the materials. I was able to get a perfect magic stone of rank 3 and 4. The skin, fang, and claws of the ape maybe can be sold. The adventurer corpses were beyond saving but I can still recover their items.

Item bag (grade 6)

Ring of force (grade 6)

1 health potion (grade 6)

5 antidote (grade 6)

” You guys don’t have any use for this right? ”

Then I collected their bodies and cremated them using fireball.

From the treasure chest I only found one item.

Ring of Life (grade 5) : HP + 50

“This is good for Lena”

I touched the blue pedestal and transported back to the entrance.

“So, how’s the boss? ” it was Joseph asking me.

” Not bad. ”

” Hm.. However you look so bloody. ”

” It was from the dead adventurers not mine. ”

” Awh I see.. ”

Of course I received some damage but I used heal to recover myself. Joseph was kind enough to accompany me back to the inn.

Today I gained two level from hunting.

When I returned, Nina is still awake and says welcome back with sleepy eyes then falls down to the bed. I also sleep after cleaning the blood in the bath.

Status window Name: Yu Sato Race: Human Job: Magic Warrior, Enchanting Mechanic Level: 22 HP: 513 MP: 674 Strength: 210 Agility: 176 Vitality: 232 Intelligence: 200 Magic: 223 Luck: 1 Passive Skills Swordmanship: Lvl. 6 Brute strength: Lvl. 6 Awareness: Lvl. 5 Dagger Mastery: Lvl. 3 Physical ability up: Lvl. 4 Agility up: Lvl. 2 Spear Mastery: Lvl. 2 Leadership: Lvl. 2 Night eyes: Lvl. 3 Strong body: Lvl. 2 Fire resistance : Lvl. 3 Mp recovery up: Lvl. 3 Darkness Resistance: Lvl. 2 Discover trap: Lvl. 2 Silent step: Lvl. 2 Poison resistance: Lvl. 2 Stripping: Lvl. 1 Active Skills Sword Strike: Lvl. 4 Body Enhance: Lvl. 4 White Magic: Lvl. 5 Black magic: Lvl. 4 Blacksmith: Lvl. 2 Alchemy: Lvl. 4 Steal: Lvl. 2 Stealth: Lvl. 2 Appraisal: Lvl. 1 Dagger Strike: Lvl. 3 Spear strike: Lvl. 1 Magic Sword: Lvl. 2 Martial arts: Lvl. 2 enchant magic: Lvl. 1 Magic gauntlet: Lvl. 2 Warcry: Lvl. 3 Genie magic: Lvl. 3 Lock picking: Lvl. 2 Disarm trap: Lvl. 2 Specter magic: Lvl. 1 Special Skills Unknown World Magic Eyes: Lvl. 3 Depriver: Lvl. 2 Pack leader: Lvl. 1

———–(TL note: last time agility up was level 4 but now it was level 2..hmm..

And he mentioned spear mastery two times makes me confused lol.. It seemed there is a spear skill other than spear strike and spear mastery on passive and active skill, should I add it?

And Yu stats is getting out of hand.. It was 14 pages long on word lol with the table coding..

Sorry for the long TL note..)

(Editor Note: I gotta work on that table, crazy mc is depriving like crazy, can’t he hold back a bit?)

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