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Published at 19th of October 2020 05:40:11 AM
Chapter 168.part.1: 168-part-1

Chapter 168 – What Were Ideal Powers in Shadows in My Mind? (Part 1)

As some readers had posted links of chapter 113 ~ chapter 167 translated by other translators under the last chapter (hope you enjoy 🙂 ), I decided to translate from chapter 168 . Then I want to apologize for my translation quality – many readers had complained that my translation was much like MTL (some comments are complete insults) . Sorry I’m not a native English speaker, and actually I’m not that good at English . This time Star River helped proofread this chapter, and I hope that you can have a better reading experience this time . I will also try my best to improve my English . Still thanks for all the support! I will continue to share interesting Japanese novels with you 🙂

I pondered the question as I flew in the snowstorm with my Slime Wing .

The battle between Maximilian and me was coming to an end . Concentration Camp was destroyed in the shock from the explosion of the atomic bomb – a thought suddenly struck me .

Was I right?

Was I expecting such powers in the shadows?

I recalled what powers in the shadows had done before . I was playing the role of the powers in the shadows I imagined . It should be like that . . .

But, why? I felt that I was not satisfied with something .

What was that on earth?

At the same time, there was something going off the rails .

No, was that because feeling dissatisfied had become my inertial thinking?

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I didn’t know why .

But what I only knew was that I had a strong sense of dissatisfaction

I wanted to be what kind of powers in the shadows before I reincarnated? My mind traveled back to the past, and then I knew the reason .

Whatever . If only I could be like powers in the shadows…

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Therefore, there was no clear image of powers in the shadows in my mind .

Because the image of powers in the shadows I was expecting did not exist .

I just behaved like powers in the shadows to a limited extent .

Maybe that was why I felt dissatisfied .

“…Is it okay to keep it?”

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Was this a sudden thought occurring to me, or a long-existing thought? I didn’t even know that .

However, if I kept thinking about that, I couldn’t enjoy being the powers in the shadows from the bottom of my heart .

“I have to do something…”

I organized my thoughts about what was the most important character of powers in the shadows . I took the simple, less complicated way to explore the nature of powers in the shadows . Then I could get an answer .

So I decided to become a passerby .

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