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Chapter 29

凤钗: phoenix hairpins, 钗 (chai) is a specific type of hairpin in which it is always in a pair. In some dynasties, the phoenix (and the dragon- more specifically the five-footed dragon) could only be used by members of the Imperial family, nobility, and officials. There were strict rules on the number of tails/feet that were allowed for each rank for phoenix/dragon. The nine-tailed phoenix and the five-footed dragon represented the Empress and Emperor, respectively. Imperial concubines and other noblewomen would have a less number of tails.

Three tailed phoenix

This is a photo of a guifei from one of the historical drama in the Tang Dynasty. Five-tailed.

Nine tailed phoenix hairpin

Chapter 31

红宝石桃花钗: ruby peach blossom hairpin

Chapter 32

千层糕: Thousand layer cake

Crab Dish

糟鸭舌: pickled duck tongue

Chapter 35

签: divination sticks are usually made from bamboo. They have numbers or writings on the sticks. People then shake the jars for a stick to fall out.

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