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Chapter Ninety One Who Can Compare To My Man

Qu Qing Ju walked over to He Heng and, not looking at the female candidate at the side, and acted to bow. She was stopped by He Heng who put his hand out and pulled her to stand under the shade of the roof, “Just now, zhen was going to the back hall to see you, and heard you went to muhou’s place. Is muhou fine these past days?”

“Everything about muhou is well,” Qu Qing Ju held up a fan and started waving it, moving her hand towards He Heng so that both would feel the breeze, “muhou has said for us to go to her residence to eat. She’s always thinking of you.”

“Since that’s the case, then tomorrow, we’ll go together to Fu Shou Palace for the noon meal,” He Heng then pointed at the girl kneeling on the ground, his voice becoming cold, “do you know this candidate?”

Qu Qing Ju followed and turned her body. She saw the candidate’s head was lowered and ordered: “Raise your head.”

The candidate was hesitant to raise her head. A taijian behind her pinched her chin to lift it up. Her eyes were flitting around, afraid to look straight at Qu Qing Ju.

She frowned. Qu Qing Ju did have the memories of the previous Qu Qing Ju’s life, but much of the time, she wouldn’t deliberately flip through the original’s memories. Seeing the girl now, she remembered some unhappy events. She said coldly: “Isn’t this Wei guniang, just two years, Wei guniang has become more beautiful.”

This girl was Qu lao taitai’s paternal family’s grand-niece. She had once stayed for a time in Chang De Gong Fu and had a good relationship with Qu Yue Su. If she had the time, she liked to jeer at the original. Was her name Wei Jing, or Wei Zhu?

“Candidate Wei Zhu greets Empress.” When the taijian released Wei Zhu’s chin, she instantly leaned down on the ground, clearly very afraid that Qu Qing Ju would settle old scores.

“Didn’t think jiugong would willingly send you into the palace,” Qu Qing Ju gave a yawn, lazily waving the fan in her hand, “right now, the xuannu should be living in Tuan Fang Hall, how did you get here?” When she finished speaking, she saw Wei Zhu’s shoulders start to tremble. Originally, she had been bored but she was now intrigued. She turned to look at He Heng beside her, “Emperor, how did this Wei guniang encounter you?”

He Heng saw the mockery in her eyes and smiled helplessly. He narrated: “Zhen waited a long time for you, but you didn’t return so zhen decided to greet muhou. Who knew that zhen would encounter such a bold and disrespectful candidate, who dared to slander Empress in front of zhen.”

“Oh?” Qu Qing Ju gave a small smile as she watched the trembling of Wei Zhu’s shoulders increas, “What good matter of ben gong did Wei guniang speak of?”

Wei Zhu was frightened. Originally, she was indignant that, the kind of woman that Qu Qing Ju was, became the Empress. Who knew that after saying a few words, the Emperor became angry. Seeing Qu Qing Ju’s powerful composure so different than in the past, she was so frightened she couldn’t speak.

“If Wei guniang doesn’t want to say, ben gong won’t force you, come … …”

“Empress, do you remember two years ago?” Wei Zhu raised her head, and resignedly spoke, “At that time, grand aunt and chen nu’s grandfather made a spoken promise, do you still have an impression?

Qian Chang Xin heard the words and motioned for the palace attendants to all leave, leaving behind the personal attendants of the Emperor and Empress. He didn’t know if this candidate would be crazy and say something. Since the Emperor and Empress didn’t call for her to shut up, he could only not let the servants hear.

“Do you mean two years ago when grandmother and great uncle had the intentions for ben gong to be engaged to your brother?” Qu Qing Ju was very unrestrained. She waved her hand and stared at Wei Zhu like she was looking at an idiot, her voice surprised as she said: “Ben gong has such a good husband as the Emperor, how would ben gong remember those unfounded matters. Right, what is your brother called?”

My dear Empress, how could you just say it, what would the Emperor think? Mu Jin nervously looked at the Emperor. The result was that she only saw a satisfied smile on the Emperor’s face. She was confused. Did something she didn’t know happen?

Even though he was slightly furious when he heard that the Qu Family wanted to marry Qu Qing Ju into the Wei Family, but He Heng was very quickly soothed by Qu Qing Ju’s words. Those words were right. With such a good man as him, what were other men worth?

Even more, the engagement between Qing Ju and the Wei Family was only mentioned and hadn’t been finalized. He wasn’t as extreme to blame Qing Ju for such a minor matter.

According to the attitude of the Qu Family towards Qing Ju, he didn’t believe that Qu lao taitai was really thinking for Qing Ju. Thinking about the rich dowry that Qu Qing Ju had when she married into the wang fu, He Heng smiled coldly. They were definitely conspiring for the dowry that Tian shi had left behind for Qing Ju. Thinking about it, he glared coldly at Wei Zhu kneeling on the ground, “Such nonsense, you dare slander the Empress, such recklessness!”

Wei Zhu heard the discontent in the Emperor’s words, and quickly continued: “Emperor, please investigate thoroughly, this subject’s words are all true. If xiandi didn’t decree the marriage, great aunt would have agreed to the Wei Family’s proposal.”

“Since the engagement wasn’t made, it naturally means that it was the will of Heaven that zhen and Empress should be together. To mention these matters deliberately in front of zhen, are you trying to ruin Empress’ reputation?!” He Heng’s voice became darker, harshly proclaiming, “The daughter of the Wei Clan is of an improper family, and lacking in protocol. Pass zhen’s decree, the members of the Imperial House of Da Long Dynasty are not allowed to take the daughters of the Wei Clan as wife or qie. The daughters of the Wei Clan eternally cannot be female candidates and enter the palace.”

This decree was breaking the upward road for the daughters of the Wei Clan. Qu Qing Ju looked at the expressionless He Heng, smiled and turned her head. Her gaze landed on Wei Zhu who had collapsed on the ground.

“Drag her down, bestow forty blows and send her back to the Wei Family,” He Heng gripped Qu Qing Ju’s hand, coldly ordering, “In the future, if there are candidates that walk in the palace where they shouldn’t, all will receive a beating of forty before being thrown out of the palace.”

A woman that had been sentenced to a beating by the Emperor before being sent out of the palace. She wouldn’t ever marry in this lifetime. Qu Qing Ju watched as Wei Zhu was dragged out by the taijian and sighed, “I just went from being an unfavored di daughter to being the Empress, but so many cannot tolerate it.”

“To get this kind of person to slander you in front of me, they think me an idiot,” He Heng caressed the silver hairpin in her hair, his tone unusually warm, “Don’t waste any attention on these people. Come, accompany me for a nap.”

Qu Qing Ju smiled, “With Emperor here, I won’t waste any attention. Emperor is brilliant and wise, peerless through the ages.”

“Zhen’s peerlessness, isn’t that also yours?” He Heng smiled, his mood light as he took Qu Qing Ju back to the back hall of Tian Qi Palace. As to what had just occurred ……

Qing Ju had such a good man as him, would she think of any other?!

Qian Chang Xin and Mu Jin stared at each other, seeing the same moved emotion in the other’s eyes before silently following.

“The female of the Wei Family was thrown out of the palace?” He Yuan kicked aside the taijian that was rubbing his knees. These days he often had to go to Shou Kang Palace to pray for xiandi, so his knees were already bruised.

“Ben wang’s brother is so infatuated with Empress, that he could even tolerate this kind of thing,” he smiled coldly, “He does have good skill. Such a short amount of time and he has managed to control everyone at court.”

Gao Duo, standing under him, heard the words, and hesitated before asking: “Wang ye, the circumstances are stronger than the people. Why don’t we stay still now and wait for a good opportunity?”

“Good opportunity?” He Yuan snorted, “By now, the people of ben wang have been almost completely suppressed. Lao da’s people have already stood on the new Emperor’s side. Among the advisors of fuhuang, Tian Jin Ke and Luo Chang Qing have tight connections with the Empress, they naturally would do their best to support the new emperor. As to the kind of people like Wei Wen Guang and Lu Jing Hong, the new emperor doesn’t have to do anything and they would be the new conservative fraction. Fuhuang’s abdication decree was written in front of the senior officials, and he did the seal himself. What good opportunity do you think ben wang has?”

Gao Duo didn’t think Rui Wang would see the situation so clearly. He hesitated before suggesting: “Since that’s the case, wang ye, why don’t you help the Emperor with his affairs, then the Emperor wouldn’t directly attack you?”

“The kind of person He Heng is, on the surface, he would make it more beautiful than anyone else. If he attacks, not many can compare to his ferocity,” Originally, He Yuan was a very proud person. But after two short months, he was so beaten by reality, half of his pride had gone away. “Even if ben wang submitted to him, he wouldn’t be very close to ben wang. Even more, ben wang doesn’t want to fawn over him.” He coldly twisted his mouth, “ben wang just doesn’t want to see him well.”

Gao Duo silently glanced at He Yuan. To keep going even with nothing at stake, what was he thinking?

“What should be done with the Wei Family?” He asked uncertainly, “The love between the Emperor and Empress is stronger than gold. The Wei Family’s tactics are just embarrassing themselves. If they beg aid from wang ye, what would you do?”

He Yuan sneered: “In the beginning, it was them that asked ben wang to help. They were stupid themselves and mucked up. It has nothing to do with ben wang.” Finishing, he summoned He Fu Er, “In the future, if the Wei Family shows up, don’t receive them.”

“Yes,” He Fu Er noted it down and hesitated for a second before reporting, ”Wang ye, the Qu ce fei in Xi Ce Yuan is seriously ill, should an invite be sent to the Imperial Hospital for a taiyi to examine ce fei?”

“Wang fei is responsible for such matters, why ask me?” He Yuan impatiently waved his hand. It was clear that he didn’t have the person of Xi Ce Yuan on his heart.

He Fu Er understood. It had been because wang fei didn’t do anything that he had taken a bribe from Yao Xi to beg wang ye. From the looks of it, that one in Xi Ce Yuan had lost favor. So he wouldn’t have to waste any more time for Xi Ce Yuan in the future.

Gao Duo, as a subordinate, when he heard a matter of the wang ye’s houyuan, he naturally closed his mouth. Only after He Fu Er left did he interrupt: “Wang ye, this one heard you have a ce fei that is the sister of the Empress, is it this one?”

He Yuan didn’t understand Gao Duo’s meaning: “It’s her, but the Empress didn’t have good relationships with the Qu Family, so this Qu shi wasn’t useful.”

Gao Duo smiled: “If that’s the case, then please forgive this subordinate to say something overstepping the bounds. Wang ye, you should not treat Qu ce fei too well. Otherwise, in the eyes of others, they would assume that you are feeling unjust on behalf of the Qu Clan and the Emperor would have more reason to target you.”

He Yuan waved his hand, dismissing: “Just a plaything, ben wang isn’t at that point to waste so much effort on her.”

Gao Duo smiled as he raised his hands, “Wang ye is wise.”

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