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It’s fun watching the number of chapters left decrease.

He Heng’s just a wee bit possessive. He Yuan is too obvious. Qu Qing Ju really has a good grasp of Qin Bai Lu’s thinking and is much better at relating to others. Also, I love the chapter title.

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Chapter Seventy Your Attack Is Ineffective

"Since wang ye wants you to attend, then you will have to perform well," Qin Bai Lu picked at her fingernails, which had been dyed yesterday. She glanced at Qu Yue Su standing in front of her, "I heard that your musical talents are exceptional,. If there's a chance later, you will play for everyone."

Qu Yue Su's hands, which were hidden in her sleeves, tightened. She knew that Qin shi was insulting her, but she had no choice but to endure so she kept her head down. She bowed: "Nubi will remember."

"En," Qin Bai Lu nodded and raised her chin, "Today, many honourable guests will come. Pay attention to your conduct and don't shame the wang fu." She didn't look at Qu Yue Su as she took a yahuan's hand and left the room.

"Mistress," Yao Xi saw that Qu Yue Su's expression wasn't right and rushed forward to support her. She comforted, "Don't be angry, wang fei is just jealous of how favoured you are."

Qu Yue Su gave a bitter smile as she sat down on a chair. She turned to look at the Jiao Wei seven stringed zither[i] that wang ye had sent someone to specially deliver to her. She had been happy for a few days. But this valued qin was only to be used to ply her talents like a musician.

Since Qin shi thought she was an eyesore, then she will obstruct her eye!

Qu Yue Su relaxed her fisted hands. Sitting in front of the mirror, she looked at her reflection and forced a smile: "Yao Xi, help me put on my makeup."

She wanted Qin shi to see who would be laughing at the end.

When she arrived at Rui Wang Fu for the second time, Qu Qing Ju felt that her attitude was different compared to last time. She took He Heng's hand as she walked down the carriage and looked at the two magnificent stone lions at the gate of the wang fu. She tilted her head to lightly stipulate: "After a few more days, I'll also hold a banquet and make all these people ride in a carriage to our fu." It wasn't a comfortable experience to sit in a carriage. She felt that it was necessary for others to endure for her as well, just to be fair.

He Heng smiled as he looked at her. His gaze swept across the pair of tassels in her hair. He agreed in a low voice: "Alright, after getting back, we'll get the servants to start preparing."

Qu Qing Ju noticed his gaze and used a handkerchief to hide the corner of her lip: "Are you satisfied with what you see?" These words were usually said by the male protagonist to the female protagonist in the novels. Qu Qing Ju felt very dominant.

"Very satisfied, Qing Qu is more stunning than usual." He Heng was very cooperative and followed her lead, even though he didn't understand why his wang fei's eyes suddenly became especially spirited.

"This one greets Duan wang ye, Duan wang fei, please come in," The chief stewards had noticed the two exiting the carriage and hurriedly bowed as he walked in front of them, "Wang ye has been waiting for you to come."

"Aren't you He Fu Er? Why are you receiving?" This He fu Er was a personal taijian of lao san. Usually, he served near lao san's side. It was very rare for lao san to let him personally receive guests.

"To come here and receive wang ye is this one's good fortune," He Fu Er bowed as he made a motion of welcoming, "As long as wang ye and wang fei doesn't find this one an eyesore."

He Heng nodded and, holding Qu Qing Ju's hand, crossed the main gate of Rui Wang Fu.

"Was that Duan Wang and Duan Wang Fei who just went in?" Tian Jin Ke and Tian Luo shi came down the carriage and coincidentally saw He Fu Er welcoming the two inside. Tian Jin Ke looked at their backs and asked Tian Luo shi beside him, "Furen, look."

Hearing the request, Tian Luo shi looked over and also saw the backs of the two before they stepped into the compound. She nodded hesitantly: "They look similar. Qing Ju's manner is more and more imposing these days."

"The one guiding them is His Highness Rui Wang's personal servant He Fu Er, you must be right," Tian Jin Ke saw that there was someone coming out to receive them and walked with Tian Luo shi towards the gate, "People have to grow up one day."

Tian Luo shi smiled: "This is good." It was better to have an imposing aura in the Imperial Family. She had originally been worried that they would scorn Qing Ju because of the matter with the san xiaojie of the Qu Family. Seeing that Qing Ju was living well, she could now rest her worries.

Thinking about what the Qu Family had done, Tian Luo shi couldn't help but frown. They were a somewhat honourable family. How did they have the shamelessness to do such a thing? It wasn't that their lives were at stake, so why go to become a qie? Was it because being a qie for a wang ye meant that she became a rank above the rest? In this Jing City, a di daughter of a duke pursuing to become a qie. Even if the other was a wang ye, it was still a laughingstock.

He Fu Er dropped half a step back as he walked behind Qian Chang Xin, Ming He and the rest. He looked at the back figures of Duan Wang and Duan Wang Fei. He couldn't help but sigh. If his wang ye and wang fei could be as intimate, he would have a much easier time as a servant.

This Duan Wang Fei was really beautiful and Duan Wang was really willing and generous. That jewel on the hair comb was that bright. How many good things were cut up to create such an effect?

But women, they had to be like this to have flavour. He might be an impotent taijian but he was at least half a man. If Duan Wang Fei had even stronger tactics, there would be no space for the qieshi of Duan Wang Fu to survive.

After he guided the people to their destination, He Fu Er perceptively retreated. Before he left, he received a pouch bestowed by Duan Wang Fei. Even though it wasn't anything rare, but at least she had looked at him, a taijian, didn't she?

By this time, there were members of both sexes present in the pear tree forest. After they heard the taijian announce the arrival of Duan Wang, they stood to welcome him. He Yuan and Qin Bai Lu personally took a few more steps forward and waited at the entrance for the two to come over.

The instant she saw Qu Qing Ju, the smile on Qin Bai Lu's face became colder. She had always had looked down on women that only knew how to dress but didn't have anything of value inside. But Qu Qing Ju had to appear each time more beautiful than the last time they met..

When some women wore a dress embroidered with a hundred flowers and butterflies, it was gaudy. Others, however, looked stunning. He Yuan's gaze swept across Qu Qing Ju beside He Heng, his eyebrow slightly moving. Just a few days, and his er sao seemed even more beautiful.

Noticing He Yuan's gaze, He Heng carelessly released Qu Qing Ju's hand. He took a step forward, managing to walk directly in front of Qu Qing Ju and smiled as he greeted He Yuan: "We are disturbing san di, san dimei today."

"Er ge is too polite. Why don't we have a drink?" He Yuan made a sweeping motion, indicating for He Heng to walk on his left side. Even though the banquet hadn't been intentionally divided, the men were gathered on the left side drinking while the women were on the right side, drinking tea and eating pastries. Each side were occupied with their own amusements.

He Heng's smile didn't change: "Then yu xiong will respectfully accept." He commanded Mu Jin and the others, "Serve wang fei with great care."

"Yes," Mu Jin and the others bowed, "Wang ye, please rest your heart."

He Heng nodded and started to walk with He Yuan to the already prepared tables on the left side. Very quickly, the male guests, who had already arrived, moved forward to greet him. After a ruckus, the He brothers finally managed to sit.

"Er ge has become more attentive to your people," He Yuan raised a wine cup to him, taking a sip, "No wonder Jing City is praising er ge and er sao as one of those rare good couples."

"San di is drunk," He Heng mimicked the other in raising a cup and taking a small mouthful, "It is expected for men to be good to their own people. How is it worth to be talked about?"

He Yuan's lips curled, his gaze unconsciously starting to search for the figure of Qu shi. He caught a glimpse but before he could take a closer look, a wine cup appeared in front of his eyes.

"San di's fu has such beautiful pear flowers. Let's drink another cup," He Heng smiled with narrowed eyes as he raised the wine cup, "Such beautiful scenery, if we don't drink to it, it will be such a waste."

"That's true," He Yuan turned his eyes away and smiled as he drank with He Heng.

Qu Qing Ju was going to sit down with Qin Bai Lu but seeing Tian Luo shi had also come, she turned and walked a few steps towards her. Coming up to support her, she exclaimed: "I didn't see jiumu before. Otherwise, I would have come in with you."

Tian Luo shi gave a gentle smile and held hands with her as they walked to the tables. She patted the back of the hand, saying: "Wang fei was walking at the front. How could you know what was happening behind?"

The other womenfolk came forward to greet Qu Qing Ju, their eyes admiring and shocked as they swept across Qu Qing Ju's entire body. They couldn't help but be moved. Once Duan Wang Fei appeared, all of them seemed to pale in comparison. Even Rui Wang Fei seemed bland as she stood to the side.

Qin Bai Lu noticed the gazes of the other womenfolk, her smile becoming strained. Hearing a servant report that Jin An Princess had arrived, she turned to welcome the princess. She didn't want to look at Qu Qing Ju and also, she didn't want to stand next to her.

"Er dimei has already arrived?" When Jin An Princess came in, she smiled as she walked to Qu Qing Ju and Tian Luo shi. She examined Qu Qing Ju thoroughly before exclaiming: "In the past, people described beautiful women by peerless, or exquisite. Ben gong always thought it was just exaggerations, but seeing er dimei, I feel that the praises can be true. Such a stunning and peerless beauty."

"Jiejie, stop mocking me with so many people present. Otherwise, I can't go outside anymore," Qu Qing Ju acted along, and lowered her head, "You think that I am an easy target so you're purposefully embarrassing me."

"Don't be angry. If this beautiful face won't come out anymore for ben gong to look at, ben gong will have no desire for food or sleep." Jin An Princess bowed, "Jiejie will say sorry to you right now, so my good dimei, don't be angry."

"Where did this lecher come from? So frivolous and outrageous." Qu Qing Ju pretended to gently push Jin An Princess and then acted embarrassed by hiding her face as she sat down.

When the womenfolk standing nearby saw the scene, they all hid their smiles. But inside, they were all shocked at the intimacy between Jin An Princess and Duan Wang Fei. Rui Wang Fei, sitting nearby, didn't seem to be even part of the same family.

"Beauty, don't be angry, don't be angry. Ben gong will pour tea for you to absolve myself," Jin An Princess really did pour Qu Qing Ju tea, and with a masculine bow, she went on, "Please."

Qu Qing Ju instantly smiled as she raised the teacup to take a drink: "En, it isn't bad. I'll keep you to serve my tea. Are you willing?" She could detect Jin An Princess's desire to become closer. Even though she didn't know what the other's objective was, it was clearly not malicious so she was happy to receive the goodwill.

"How can I refuse a beauty's wish?" Jin An Princess' smile became even brighter.

Qin Bai Lu looked coldly at the interaction between Jin An Princess and Qu Qing Ju. An icy smile appeared on her face. Wang ye told her to become intimate with Jin An Princess, but once the princess came, she moved closer to Qu shi. What could she do?

Once most of the guests had arrived, Qin Bai Lu announced: "Today is such a rare occasion for everyone to honor our fu with your presence. Our fu has prepared some songs and dances for everyone to appreciate. I hope everyone would enjoy." When she finished, she clapped her hands. Everyone saw a plainly dressed woman come out, holding a Jiao Wei zither in her hands.

After this plainly dressed woman sat down, everyone didn't know what expression to show. Because this woman was the third daughter of the Qu Family.

This Qu san guniang could be considered to be Duan Wang Fei's sister. Rui Wang Fei letting her come out to display her talents like this, was it to embarrass Duan Wang and Duan Wang Fei?

Qu Qing Ju ignored the eyes on her. She smiled and commented to Jin An Princess and Tian Luo shi beside her: "This tea isn't bad. The fragrance lingers in the mouth, not common at all." A long time ago on the boat, He Yuan had played the same ploy. Now Qin Bai Lu was also doing it. Didn't these two have any other tactics to attack their opponent?

This type of attack, to her and He Heng, it was all ineffective!

[i]焦尾琴: one of the four famous zithers in Chinese history.

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