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Our second destination was Paris, France.

Goodbye, London! I’ll come again!

And bonjour, Paris! Paris!

Paris was the Rococo Queen’s second home. Wah, it was stylish everywhere I looked!

Even though the people walking on the street wore normal clothes, somehow they looked stylish too.

This was some French magic at work.

But even though Paris was supposed to be my second home, for some reason I felt a little out of place each time I came here.

London was populated and tight, and its pace of life somehow reminded me of Tokyo. When I was in London I felt comfortable.

In Paris though, how could I put this… The way the Parisians, or perhaps the French, seemed to think that their fashion, food, and arts were the best in the world rather reminded me of Kyoto.

Ah, naturally I loved Kyoto as well, though.

Anyhow, just like our day in London, Paris began with a structured tour.

Amongst the places we visited were the Eiffel Tower,

the Arc de Triomphe,

the Notre-Dame,

the Sacré-Cœur Basilica.

Just a photo of the Eiffel Tower was a bit like saying “I was in Paris!” wasn’t it? That was France’s fame for you.

Tokyo Tower couldn’t even compare in stylishness.

Oh, and there was the Palais Garnier opera house!

The Palais Garnier (pronounced [palɛ ɡaʁnje]) is a 1,979-seat opera house, which was built from 1861 to 1875 for the Paris Opera. It was the setting for Gaston Leroux’s 1910 novel The Phantom of the Opera and its subsequent adaptations.Phantom, this is where you are!


Everybody who’d seen the Phantom of the Opera in London were as excited as I was.

And little wonder~

The setting of the musical we’d seen only a little while ago was right in front of our eyes.

It was like the excitement from watching the production was coming back to us.

The inside of the building was so gorgeous that I was enchanted.

Ah, so this chandelier would fall then~

The whole place was just so resplendent that I think it would have been worth visiting even without the musical. But after the musical, the place just had so much more appeal.

Since we’d seen a musical in London, it would have been great to see some theatre in Paris. It was just a shame that I couldn’t fit it into our schedule.

The Place de la Concorde was where the Rococo Queen had been beheaded.


I unconsciously placed my hands around my neck. Guillotines were scaryyy.

It must have been pretty crazy seeing people beheaded in public…

A person’s head flying off became some kind of sideshow.

What a fearsome people these French were.

I definitely wouldn’t be able to watch something like that.

Uoohh~ Just thinking about it was making me shiver.

Ah-, Satomi-kun was coming my way. You’re here to say something scary again, aren’t you!

“Did you know, Kisshouin-san? Apparently the guillotine was still used for executions until very recently~”


What was I going to do?

What if some headless person visited me at night!?

Thanks to Satomi-kun I was going to have to salt this hotel room too!

The Pont des Arts bridge that ran across the Seine was also known as the Lovers’ Bridge.

The Pont des Arts is a pedestrian bridge which crosses the River Seine, linking the Institut de France and the Louvre. Since late 2008, tourists have taken to attaching padlocks (love locks) with their first names written or engraved on them to the railing or the grate on the side of the bridge, then throwing the key into the Seine river below, as a romantic gesture.

Couples would write their names on padlocks and attach them to the fence as a vow of love. In other words, this bridge was straight-up picking a fight with me.

Keh! Why were we even here?

Let’s just walk faster and head to the Louvre already!

Eh? There were people just standing still!

Don’t tell me every one of them was a member of the Fulfilling Romance Village!?

Hey! Are you seriously running off to buy a padlock!?

You’re not supposed to walk off during the first day, damnit!

“Kaburagi-sama seems to be in a good mood.”

Apparently people were talking about it.

“Do you think he did something fun?”

“He went to see a soccer match in London, so perhaps his team won?”

“Ah, that might be it. Kaburagi-sama loves his sports.”

The reason Kaburagi was in a good mood was probably, no, definitely, thanks to his plans to tour Paris with Wakabchan tomorrow.

He was probably completely giddy about it.

The damned idiot was like an open book.

Kaburagi, you’d better not have bought a padlock for this.

On the other hand, I noticed that my maiden friend Class Rep had bought one but couldn’t work up the courage to mention it.

The focus of my free day in Paris was shopping.

A lot of things weren’t being sold in Japan yet, so we got up nice and early to start.

Bags, shoes, accessories, trinkets, sweets… Les Champs-Élysées was a battlefield…!

Champs-Élysées is known for its theatres, cafés, and luxury shops. When I went to the McDonalds here a few years back, it was the biggest one in the world. I think I also had garlic butter escargot on this street…


Thanks to Satomi-kun, his group was going shopping with some girls! Thanks to that same guy, I spent last night trembling in fear!

And yet there he was, happily walking down the street surrounded by women!


Deadly Sin “Envy”, activate.

Just see how I put a curse on your love-life as you walk away from me, Satomi-kun.

Hmmmm, a lot of these cosmetics were sold for a lot more in Japan. Like this hand cream that I really liked.

I decided to get some for Sakurchan, Aoi-chan, and the girls at cram school.

But then what about the boys that I knew from there?

I was easy to get presents for girls, but the boys had me stumped.

I mean, there was a reason I was the village chief.

And speaking of boys, Imari-sama was always bringing me souvenirs. I definitely had to get something back.

As the Chief of the Casanova Village, Imari-sama’s demeanour might resemble an Italian, but his taste in clothing leaned towards the elegant fashion houses of France.

Which is why while it would be easy to decide to get him something from Paris, picking something that met his fashionable tastes was a bit too high of a hurdle~

Thanks to our many years together I had a pretty good idea of Oniisama’s taste, but I was at a loss when it came to anybody else.

Again, there was a reason I was the village chief.

Before I left Japan I had asked Oniisama what he thought a good gift for Imari-sama would be, but all he said was, “Consumables.”

So curt!

Oniisama, can’t you put a little more thought into it?

Do you want your best friend to think of your little sister as unfashionable!?

I thought about it though… It wouldn’t do to give Imari-sama sweets, but what about wine?

But I didn’t know his palate, and it probably wasn’t as easy as just buying an expensive one.

I was collecting wine labels for when I was old enough to drink, but honestly I had no idea what was good.

And apparently the famous brands had good years and bad years too.

Plus, a lot of this was coming from my idea that Wine = France, but Oniisama drank California wines quite often.

Actually the first time I saw him drinking some I was shocked, but it turns out that recently California wines tasted better than French wines. Oniisama told me this story about how during a taste test in Paris French wines lost to California wines, and now they called it the Judgement of Paris.

Since it was too profound for me, I was getting more and more reluctant to go with the wine~

Mmn, I think I would just stay away from Wine-sama for now.

After a good bit of shopping, we decided to enter a café for some lunch before we continued.

Since we were taking a break, I decided to ask my group what they thought.

“Presents for a boy, is it~?”

“Yes. I find myself unsure.”

Mmmmm! The French bread was yummy! As expected of its country of origin!

Unlike London, the food was great everywhere we went here.

It was so nice to be in a country with good food~

Naturally I ordered the crème brûlée which featured in Amélie.

I was in a different café to the one in the film though.

I felt a bit like Amélie as I cracked the caramel. Ehehe.

“I think neckties may be the right idea.”

“I’ve bought neckties for my family too.”

“Neckties, hmm?” I hummed.

I had considered those as well. That was why I had chosen Paris to get the souvenirs.

“Well then, after we finish eating how about visit some mens’ stores so that Reiksama can find a souvenir?” Ru’ne-chan suggested.

Waah! Thank you!

Hmmm. Here I was in a men’s clothing store, and yet I was nowhere closer to a decision.

I had this feeling that neckties were something men cared about. It wouldn’t be nice if he was given a tie he didn’t really want to use…

Lapel pins weren’t much easier to choose.

But cufflinks could just be hidden by your suit jacket, so maybe those would be fine.

Still… Maybe clothing was a bad idea.


“I think it may take me some time to decide, so could we meet up afterwards?” I suggested to the girls that came with me.

I’d feel bad if their shopping time was taken up by my indecision in picking souvenirs. I didn’t think I’d be picking something anytime soon.

“But then you would be on your own, Reiksama.”

“Isn’t shopping on your own just tragic?”

It was nice that they were worried for me, but I was sure they still had places they wanted to see, and they had to be getting bored looking at mens’ clothing.

“I will be fine. Let us pick a time and meet up then.”


“Oh, Kisshouin-san?”


The owner of the voiced was revealed to be Enjou, who entered the store with a group of boys.

“Enjou-sama!” the girls cried.

Enjou walked our way as his sudden appearance caused a few whispered squeals among the girls.

“What are you doing in a place like this, Kisshouin-san?”

“As you can see, I am shopping.”

“Ahh, a present for your oniisan.”

Ah-, hey!

Did he think Oniisama was the only person I had to gift mens’ clothing to!?

Dah, this bastard was looking down on me!

I know I’m unpopular, okay!? Damnit!

“No. In fact I have already bought my brother’s present while in London!””

“Ah, really?”

“Yes. The present I am picking now is for somebody else.”

Ohohohoho! Don’t think the Reika you know in Zui’ran is all there is to me.


Enjou looked at me with an amused smile.

Kuh, don’t look into his eyes, Reika.

He’ll see through your bluff!

“Well what might you be doing here, Enjou-sama?”

“As you can see, I am shopping.”


So Enjou liked expensive brands, did he?

Now that I looked at him he was wearing a fashionable scarf right now.

This store was filled with the kind of elegant clothes that matched his style.

“Ah, umm, Enjou-sama,” began Kikuno-chan, “is Kaburagi-sama not with you?”

Enjou had come in with a group of boys, but we didn’t see Kaburagi amongst them.

“Hm? Masaya is busy with something else right now. We’re meeting up later.”

Enjou suddenly threw a glance my way.

Ah, touring the dessert shops with Wakabchan, huh?

According to Wakaba, this morning she would have gone to see the Palace of Versailles, just outside of Paris. Then, after lunch, she’d be hearing back this way, meaning that it was about time that she’d arrive.

It was a pretty long time, but then the Versaille was rather far away.

As the Rococo Queen it was a place I had to visit, but since shopping was our focus for today it was too far for us to consider.

Besides, everyone in the group had already been before.

Still, if time permitted I’d like to have gone.

“Oh, I know! Reiksama, why don’t you ask Enjou-sama for advice!”


What the heck are you saying, Ayame-chan!

“Advice?” Enjou inclined his head in question, still smiling gently.

“Yes! Reiksama has been having a lot of trouble deciding on a gift souvenir. Do you think you could help her, Enjou-sama?”

Hey, come on now.

“My, that will not do, Ayamsan,” I chided. “Enjou-sama has his own…”

“If you’re alright with me, why not, Ojousama?” he interrupted me with a bright smile.


I looked back and the girls were all cheering.

What the hell!?

The conversation just advanced without me!

“But Enjou-sama, your friends are…”

“They’re going to shop across the street, so it’s no problem if we split up.”

Uohh, is that so?

“Isn’t that great, Reiksama!”

“Enjou-sama will know for sure what the best choice is!”

Ahhhh~ I mean, I guess that could be true… But it’s Enjou.

“Kisshouin-san, am I not good enough?” he wondered aloud.


The way he said it would make me look like an ingrate if I turned him down now! So sneaky!

“…I will be in your care, then.”

Kuh, I lost…

But since the girls had been dreaming of spending time with Enjou today, I supposed I had no choice…

Or so I thought when they suddenly told me,

“Well then, we’ll be going to another store now~”

“Please take care of Reiksama, Enjou-sama~”

and left me behind with strange smiles.

What the heck!?

“It looks like your friends are gone.”

“…So it seems.”

So mean…

“Well then, shall we find that present of yours?”

“…I suppose we shall.”

Mn, fine then!

Now that it had come to this I would at least make the best of Enjou’s good fashion sense.

“Do you have anything concrete in mind?” he asked me.

“No, nothing so specific. I am finding it hard to decide…” I admitted. “He would have his own taste in neckties, no?”

“He probably would,” he confirmed.

“But cufflinks and lapel pins are difficult to choose as well…”

“How old is he?” Enjou asked.

“The same age as Oniisama.”

Enjou hummed. “If it’s too difficult choosing clothing, then what if you bought him a business card holder, or a business card case?”

“I see!”

That was a good idea!

“The problem is that some people match them with their clothing line.”

“I see~”

It was quite possible, since this was Imari-sama we were talking about.

“You didn’t consult Takateru-san?”

“Oniisama was adamant that consumables would be best.”

“Ahaha, as expected of him.”

What was expected? Well, whatever.

“Hm, as far as other gifts that don’t need much thought, I guess there’s ball markers?”

“Ball markers?” I asked.

“In golf, there can be a lot of other players’ balls when you’re close to the flagstick. Since they roll around and get in the way, people place ball markers down in their place until it’s their turn to put,” he explained to me.

Ohho~! That was an option too!?

I’d never tried golf, after all, and I didn’t have much interest either, so I had no idea these things even existed!

“But if he is already playing golf, then would he not already have markers that he likes?”

It was fine if he’d never played it before, but if Imari-sama was golfing then he obviously had one.

“That’s true, but you can have as many golf ball markers as you want, after all.”


“Yeah. A lot of people just pick one based on their mood for the day. That’s why they’re like cufflinks.”

“I see~!”

If people kept a lot of them then maybe they wouldn’t be uncomfortable being gifted one more.

“In that case, might it be fine even if there is a problem with his taste?”

“Ahaha! Don’t you have any confidence in your taste, Kisshouin-san? Well, should be fine though. Fashionable people often pick the most unique designs for their markers, after all.”

“Ah, I see! As a bit of a joke!”

This had a low hurdle!

It was settled then! My present to Imari-sama would be a ball marker!

Aaah! Then in that case shouldn’t I have looked for one in England!?

Golf was British!

What an oversight!

I wanted to go back now!

Bring me back to England right this moment!

“What’s wrong? You suddenly look down.”

“…I wish I had known about these golf ball markers back in London.”

“Ah, is that how it is? But I don’t think it matters, you know? Paris has some brands that are pretty famous for golf wear too, but he might appreciate it more if you pick him a brand he doesn’t know. Something he wouldn’t usually think to use.”

“I see!”

Enjou was full of good advice!

Alright, in that case I’d buy any golf ball markers that caught my eye in Paris and Rome, and then at the end I’d give the best one to Imari-sama.

Then the rest could go to Otousama.

Naturally I needed to find some for Oniisama too.

This store was using ball markers as decorations. Oho, cute.

I’d better check some other stores too.

But thank goodness.

With this, I’d addressed my biggest worry.

For once, I was grateful to Enjou.

“Enjou-sama, thank you very much for your wonderful advice.”

“You’re very welcome. It’s an honour to have been of use to you.”

Unexpectedly, Enjou might be a pretty good guy!

We smiled at each other.

Still smiling, Enjou placed his hand on my shoulder.


“No need to feel indebted to me, okay, Kisshouin-san?”

He was telling me I was indebted to him…!

Enjou left to meet Kaburagi, while I went on that boat tour down the Seine that we agreed on in London.

And it was a stylish sunset cruise, no less! So dreamy!

Unfortunately we were surrounded by couples.

Ah-, those two were from Zui’ran! And they were holding hands! Didn’t they know that boys were supposed to keep a polite distance after seven!?

Ah-, and that foreigner couple were kissing right now! What did they take public decency for!? …So jealous.

…I suddenly remembered that I heard once. That being surrounded by girl friends with no boyfriends would make it so that you’d never find one either.

Wasn’t that my situation right now?

Maybe I was unpopular because I was surrounded by unpopular girls…

“This is so fun, Reiksama! Going on a cruise was the right choice!” Ayame-chan exclaimed with a smile next to me.


What on earth was I thinking!?

Wasn’t it fine to have unpopular friends?

We were on this cruise because I said I wanted to go on one, and we ate those fish and chips because I said I wanted to try some.

Serikchan even turned into the Phantom for me.

Right! Friends before romance!

We weren’t unpopular, we just prioritised our friendships over anything else.

It’s not that boys didn’t want us, but that we were staying away from boys.


On another note though, while cruising down the Seine was wonderful and all, it was a little cold doing this in May…

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