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Monster Parent is a term that refers to those crazy parents that make unreasonable demands for their children. Like, those overprotective, crazy mums that blame other people for everything when it comes to their children, even when their children are in the wrong. You see them in tv shows sometimes. Manga and stuff too.

Chapter 33 – “Shall we have tea?” (Finale)

Uuh, groaned Pervert(Nielsen) on the floor. Timu was dumbfounded too.

Hah-!? Oh no!

The mood worsened a little. Even though I told him “Hit me!” myself, I went and did something like this. Thinking about it carefully, there’s no way that the chuunibyou Pervert(Nielsen) could read the mood.

“Aah~ Sorry, Niel. You did really well. That last one hurt. It really surprised me.”

“O-, u-, to be praised by Tilea-sama is… t-, the acme of honou, r. T-, This too is th, anks… to y-, your guidance…”

Pervert(Nielsen) praised me with a suffering expression on his face.

Ahaha~ I really am sorry. You don’t need to force yourself, so just lay there and rest.

“B-, But still, Oneesama. To think that even a strike that crushed orichalchum only damaged you to this degree. No wonder you didn’t even flinch from my secret technique.”

Perhaps sensing the mood, Timu changed the subject. It feels like even Timu is being considerate of me.

“Haha, something like that happened too, didn’t it. But your path down the road of magic is just beginning, you know. There’s plenty of room to grow.”

“I wonder. I believed that I had already mastered magic, but…”

“Timu, that’s hubris. You’re still a beginner that’s only just starting to learn.”

“I-, I am a beginner!? This is the first time I have been told such a thing.”

Timu looked shocked and upset. Damn Timu, just because you can use magic, you’ve become so full of yourself, huh. At this rate, Timu is going to turn into a frog in a well.

“Timu, do you think you’re the number one in magic or something! If you keep thinking like that, you’ll put a stop to your own growth, you know.”

“That’s true. It seems that without my knowledge, I placed a limit on myself.”

“Well, I guess it can’t be helped. When you learnt magic, nobody was around to teach you after all.”

“It is as you say. There was nobody around me who could reach my level of talent in magic. Had it not been for your words, Oneesama, I would have been satisfied with the status quo.”

“Mn. If you’ve noticed, then there’s no problem. Don’t get so down about our fight that time. Your attacks were pretty powerful, you know? It’s just that I’ve already gotten used to people firing airguns at me.”

“Oneesama, what is this ‘eh ahgun’?”

“Hmm~ How do I explain this? Like a BB round――no, like a bullet-firing machine, I suppose you could say?”

“A weapon akin to a crossbow?”

Mm~mm, strictly speaking it’s kind of different, huh? It’s based on a pistol shape after all…

No, no, this age doesn’t even have the concept of guns. Well, a crossbow is also a long-distance weapon, so it falls into the same category. I guess you could say that it’s similar.

“Mn, something like that, I guess.”

“Might that rivals Star Freya[Super Demonic Star Magic Bullet]――I assume that this ‘eh ahgun’ must be something akin to a divine artifact.”

“Haha, it’s nothing so grand. Even kids have them after all.”

“Wha-!? In ‘Japan’, even children walk around with such weapons!?”

“W-, Well, yeah. You don’t have to act so surprised, though…”

“O-, Oneesama, this ‘Japan’ is truly a frightening place, isn’t it.”

“Hm? Well, the science is more developed over there, so you’re certainly right. And so you see, for a period of time, I was being targeted by this group of kids with air guns.”

“Although they were children, they were a group armed with weapons rivalling the might of my secret technique. It is simple to imagine the danger they posed.”

“So you understand, Timu? Honestly, there was nothing more annoying.”

Seriously, just remembering it pisses me off! I don’t know who came up with it, but there was this otaku-hunting boom amongst the brats in my area, so I ended up being targeted. Each time I went outside, they’d relentlessly attack me. Just how much trouble did I suffer just going to the convenience store!

“Well then, Oneesama, how did you deal with it?”

“As you’d expect, when there were too many of them I would run, but if I saw an opening, I’d do one of them in. Then their parents would come out, and it’d become even more chaotic.”

“I see. If they were children strong enough to attack you, Oneesama, their parents must have proved to be quite the foes.”

“Yeah, they really were. They were monster parents, you know.”

“Monster parents!? What strong sounding… Something like a chimeric beast made from various monsters?”

“Well, you’re right in that they were incomprehensible beings. Honestly, those shrill voices were exactly like a chimera’s.”

Just how difficult did those monster parents make my life. To begin with, it’s your fault for raising them wrong!

Hahh~ Just remembering it is irritating me. Getting brought up with the PTA when I hit a primary schooler at the age of 20. Getting talked behind my back by the people in the neighbourhood. And on top of all that, getting questioned by the police. It never rained, but poured.

“From ‘dokyun’, to groups with high-powered weapons, to monster parents – your battles never ended, did they, Oneesama.”

“That’s right. That period of my life was called the First Evil God Encirclement. After that, even the nation itself began to see me as an enemy, but I’ll tell you the rest some other time.”

“Yes. I look forward to hearing about your military history. You are my pride, Oneesama.”

“That’s right. That period of my life was called the First Evil God Encirclement.”
Parody of the Nobunaga Encirclement, of which there were three

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