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Chapter 15 – “I need to be thorough in the dog’s training, huh.”

Huu~ What do I do?

These last few weeks, I’ve been guiding Pervert(Nielsen). I had thought to just overlook it no matter what kind of Chuuni things Pervert(Nielsen) did, but it seems that Nielsen’s crossed a line that mustn’t be crossed.

It all happened this morning. I entered the kitchen, thinking to cover for Pervert(Nielsen)’s skill. It kind of looked like he was bleeding a little, so I asked him what was up.

When I did, Pervert(Nielsen) said “There is no greater shame. I was done in by the remnants of the Kira Unit.”

Right. It seems that he settled things with Kira-san who came a while ago to voice his objections to Timu. “He and I have had a long grudge with each other, but I have finally settled things. It was thanks to your training, Oneesama,” Timu said. How cute.

Thanks to my training?

I was a little lost, but I immediately understood. Through helping out in the kitchen, she learned my diligent attitude towards customers, and realised the gravity of sincerity. Having realised that, Timu probably gave an apology from the heart, and Kira-san forgave her as well.

Fufu, as expected of my little sister. She’s quick on the uptake.

The problem is Pervert(Nielsen)!

Over these last few days, apparently Pervert(Nielsen) had been having a talk with the Kira Unit—in other words, Kira’s group—but this morning Pervert(Nielsen) came back with an injured arm. Kira-san had forgiven Timu. Kira’s friends had forgiven her at the same time too, I think. But Pervert(Nielsen) was showing off injuries; I’m sure as if to say that he had been fighting with them.
In other words, Pervert(Nielsen) has finally begun to injure himself. A one-man play.

I know the truth. I think that the talk with Kira-san and his friends went pretty well. But, Pervert(Nielsen) is a chuunibyou, and took chuunibyou actions. In Pervert(Nielsen)’s mind, he probably saw the simple discussion with the Kira Unit as extermination. And then he came back after injuring himself, as though to say that he definitely fought.

As expected, Timu asked “Nielsen, are you all right?” after all, and Pervert(Nielsen) answered the way Pervert(Nielsen) would, and spouted “Hmph. Tis but a scratch.”

You! You definitely did that because you wanted to say that line, didn’t you! Honestly, in my past life I was pretty extreme, but I think I’ve lost to you.

Maybe I really should fire him――the scales in my mind were tipping that way.

But, there’s something that I’ve realised over these last few weeks. Timu’s trust in Pervert(Nielsen) is no joke. It’s almost like they’re a master and servant who lived through long years of sufferings and joys together.

Why? He’s an elderly chuunibyou good for nothing, so why!

――Hah-!? It couldn’t be!

Is Timu in love with Pervert(Nielsen)?

No way, no way! Oneechan won’t allow it!

There’s no way I could give my precious sister to that Pervert(Nielsen).

“Tilea-sama, no, would it be better if I called you Oneesama(Esteemed Sister-in-Law)?”

Or a line like that from Pervert(Nielsen)?

Hu hu, if that happens then I’ll destroy Pervert(Nielsen) along with this planet!

No good, no good, my thoughts have being chuuni-esque. What am I going to do by getting influenced by Pervert(Nielsen)’s chuunibyou. For now, there’s nothing I can do even by agonising over it by myself. Since asking the person herself would be best, I headed to Timu’s room.

“Ti~mu, can we talk a little? There’s a little something I’d like to ask, but…”

“Oneesama, what is it?”

“What do you think of Pervert-, I mean Nielsen?”

“Nielsen? He is my most trusted subordinate.”

Hmm. It doesn’t seem to be romantic feelings. I guess I can relax for now. But as expected, her trust is no joke.

It couldn’t be! She wouldn’t happen to trust him more than me, right?

I did give her a spanking the other day after all, but she wouldn’t come to hate Oneechan right?

――I won’t lose. I won’t lose, damnit. As Timu’s older sister, I don’t want to lose to Pervert(Nielsen).

“T-, Then, what do you think of Oneechan?”

I tried asking her, completely timid inside. If Timu doesn’t trust me, I might just go kill Pervert(Nielsen) out of jealousy.

“Oneesama is the ultimate and greatest being. The person I offer my heart and loyalty to.”

“…I-, I see, ehehe.”

D-, Did I win?

Eh~ Timu is a chuunibyou. In other words, when you translate it you get “I respect you, Oneechan♪” I guess…

But well, Timu’s chuunibyou is another matter so, I’ll leave it aside. For now, I understand quite well the relationship between Pervert(Nielsen) and Timu. I thought this before, but as expected they fit the dog and owner relationship the most, I guess. It isn’t a romantic one. It isn’t.

Now then, in that case, what should I do about that self-harming dog?

Timu is fond of Pervert(Nielsen). But you could say that Pervert(Nielsen) is approaching MAX chuunibyou. It’s a dangerous situation.

In my previous life, when my chuunibyou hit MAX, I used my chuunibyou to run away from everything difficult and harsh. I was violent with my family. I never worked properly, and lived as scum. In other words, I lived causing great trouble to others.

I think Pervert(Nielsen) will also head down that path before long. Normally you wouldn’t let such a dangerous guy near you. All the more if you have precious family with you.

But is it really fine to abandon Pervert(Nielsen) like this?

Right now Timu seems fond of him, but in the near future she’ll probably abandon him. That’s what happens when you’re too much of a chuunibyou.

When it happens, Pervert(Nielsen) would be hurt. And then he’d regret. Why did he run away from things that were harsh? Why didn’t he work properly and cherish his family? It would be exactly the situation I was in during my previous life.

Is this also atonement…?

In my previous life, I lived completely troubling others. It isn’t enough just to try my best by myself. I didn’t reincarnate just to live a life that I wouldn’t regret. I’m sure that I was also born here to help those in the same circumstances.

――Alright! Then I’ll try my best for the sake of Pervert(Nielsen), for the sake of Timu’s beloved dog! I’ll think of a instruction manual that’ll rehabilitate even a serious chuunibyou like Pervert(Nielsen).

First I need to teach the common sense needed in society. Next is how to word things――there’s a mountain of things to do.

Like that, while I was exploring various options,

“Tilea-sama! Tilea-sama!”

I heard the dog’s voice calling.

Seeing that panicked atmosphere, did he mess something up again?

“What is it thisss time? Did the Demon King Army come to attack?”

“Yes. Exactly as you say.”

Exactly as I say, huh!

I bet it’s just Kira-san’s friends anyway. Honestly, his way of wording things never changes, huh.

“Hmmm~ Is this about Timu’s withdrawal again?”

“It is as you say. The one attacking is Demon General Garm. It seems that Hidler has placed more importance on us than on cleaning up the humans. To begin with, the Demon King Army has never forgiven traitors after all.”

I see. So it wasn’t only Kira-san that had problems with Timu, huh. Even if this is Timu’s fault, it’d be pitiful for Timu to do all the apologising, wouldn’t it. It’s quite emotionally draining having to deal with complaints after all.

For the sake of my beloved sister, I decided to take care of Timu’s support.

“Niel, I’ve got it. This time I’ll go!”

TL: forgot to mention since I was in a rush to go to bed, but “Hu hu, if that happens then I’ll destroy Pervert(Nielsen) along with this planet!” is a Vegeta quote.

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