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It had been several months since the official release of the MMORPG World of Yggdrasia. Due to the Dark Lady Whitehare’s campaign that had begun at the same time as the official release, in the eyes of the new players, World of Yggdrasia had now become a game set in a world being threatened by the Dark Lady. Recently, with the beginning of what was assumed to be a new special event — the ‘Dark Pixie Attack’ — veteran players were now aware that even the Central Continent was no longer the relatively safe sanctuary it used to be. They, former beta players, continued to busy themselves in catching up with the latest info on the VR forum.

“So what the hell is with this event? I can’t even safely hunt outside.” “‘Safely hunting’ is such an oxymoron, though I know what you mean. Maybe the high-ranked guys can handle it, but the new players must be pissing their pants.” “They’re called ‘Dark Pixies’, right? Yeah, they’re gross as fuck. Not the Dark Bunny Lady’s minions, right?” “Hmm… the devs didn’t really say anything outright, but I have the feeling they want to pin it on the Dark Lady.” “But like, you know how flip-floppy the devs are with their game direction? Like, the details we’re getting aren’t fitting together, if you know what I mean.” “It feels to me like since that corporation’s so huge, there’s a department that’s making up an event by themselves and didn’t notice the main management.” “Personally I think the event’s nice. Killing those dark pixies raised my maximum magic a lot.” “I guess it’s an event for the hardcore gamers, then.” “Aww… but I’m the having-fun type. I just want to open a potion shop.” “So I’ll preface this by saying that it’s still not confirmed information, but apparently it doesn’t have anything to do with the Bunny Lady.” “What do you know?” “A part of the demihumans is fighting against humans now, right? They’re saying they worship the Bunny.” “Really? That’s… troubling. There’s been a lot of requests at the adventurer’s guild to defend towns against demihuman terrorists, but they’re freeing slaves, right? Fighting them feels awkward.” “There’s that too, but those demihumans also sometimes come help out whenever a town’s being attacked by the dark pixies. In other words, the Bunny’s faction doesn’t have anything to do with the dark pixies.” “Umm… so the Dark Bunny Lady isn’t a villain?” “I mean, they’re just on different sides. Another two small countries’ Saplings were just destroyed the other day. She’s basically the enemy of the human race.” “Yeah, ‘human race’ being the operative word there... by the way, I’ve come across some weird info.” “What what? Come on, spill!” “There’s this particular site that’s only open to its members, and it says the Bunny’s goal is to liberate the Saplings from the humans stealing their mana and save the world, since mana isn’t infinite." “Lol the fuck is that? Who wrote this fanfic?” “No, seriously. Assuming that’s true, then the Bunny’s actions and the demihumans’ actions make a lot of sense in a weird way.” “God, the hell kinda twist is that…” “I mean, it’s not really official info. Just some rumors I picked up.” “Now that’s interesting. If it’s true, then I can worship the Bunny Lady without any regrets.” “If so… then who’s our enemy?”
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