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Chapter 48 Forest - 1

It's been three days.

still did not see Celia.

He has been waiting in that grove, in addition to practicing bloodthirsty thurus days, is looking forward to the emergence of Celia.

especially in the cultivation of bloodthirsty thurus days of severe pain, Zacchaeus more Miss Celia, that feeling let him almost crazy!

in the past, there was a black giant wolf loyal to him, but now, the soul connection between Nathaniel and Gita is also broken ...

don't know, in fact, Gita came to see him, but, there was an accident.

now the strength of the present, can not form the Warcraft space, and the blood of the soul between the spiritual connection distance is also very close, Klamar hunting ground from Hottandin City at least dozens of kilometers, so far away, sprinkle is not able to sense Gita.

still with unremitting efforts to find the breath of Satan.

its sense of smell is extremely sensitive, not to mention that Satan is everything to it, but just as it stormed into the woods, an armored, shiny bald man stopped it ...


stood up.

Mottled Orange fell at his feet, as well as the sticky sweat.

practiced many times bloodthirsty thurus days, nerves have not been numb, or so painful, or muscle inch to crack.

but, in the midst of pain, power is flying and growing.

Asura Ah, in the end is what kind of creature, they in order to get strength, to themselves, can be so cruel?

nine days Thurus mantra ... is

honed, or is it torture?

looked at the sunset, the color of the blood is very beautiful, a kind of contradictory beauty, sunset Afterglow fell on the face of the black and gold mask, reflecting the dark gold tone.

was silent, and it was something he had long been accustomed to, and, unconsciously, the sky was a little darker, and there was only one thought in Sarai's mind, which was to look forward to the Celia.

a pity.


is also a infatuation waiting for the twilight, but also a lonely night fell.


"Why don't you eat? Little Black. "Celia crouched on the lawn, looking at the giant wolf in the cage.

here is the back garden of the Hottandin Palace, the huge lawn is reflected by the sunset is very beautiful, and the center of the lawn, a few clusters of small flowers blooming place, there is a large iron cage.

was lying in a cage, dying.

"Do you miss home? "Celia sighed, her dress is still so luxurious and decent, on the lawn under the sunset, she is the most beautiful scenery."

"You must also have loved ones you'd love to meet, and you must be very eager to be free." "The gentle way of the Celia, the golden long and supple droop, the soft friction on the white fluff of her neckline."

"Unfortunately, I can't let you go." You've lost something to protect yourself, and if I let you go, you're going to die. "Celia picked up a chunk of fine beef and put it in a cage." You're going to eat so you can have the strength to grow your teeth and claws again, and then I'll find a way to help you unlock the Magic seal, and then you can run again and meet your loved ones. "

opened his eyes and looked at the golden girl.

It understands what Celia is saying.

it had been looking at Celia, and after a while the red pupil trembled a little.

"Its eyes ..." Celia Heart slightly moved, "as if rejuvenated." "

Then, Gita touched the beef with the loss of his sharp paw and shook his head.

"Oh! I get it. "Celia Happy jump Up," I am very stupid yo, forget you have no teeth, little black, you wait, I go to find someone to break the beef, remember to eat more yo! "

Celia turned and ran away.

looked at her back, the heart should be a little warm.

is a warcraft, the Instinct of Warcraft is to survive, and Gita's instinct is not, its wisdom is very simple, the heart only Satan, he is Gita's day, is Gita's life, is Gita's everything.

but now, this beautiful and moving back also left in the heart of Gita, Celia words touched Gita, Gita also believed her.

Little Black ...

She called me that. There was a low whimper between

's larynx.


Several sparse stars hanging in the late autumn night sky of Hottandin, the fog is a little cold, landed on the tip of the grass, condensed into frost.

"Haha! "

Despite the cold, the lawn still echoes with joyous laughter.

that iron cage is gone.

a huge black wolf lying on the grass, with its big tongue, gently licking the hand of a young girl.

Celia's hand is very good-looking, ten fingers Qianqian, Gita's tongue scarlet Scarlet, ugly, there is a bloody smell, it can only use the tip of the tongue to touch that delicate skin, as a token of gratitude.

Celia doesn't mind, even if Gita's Harraz is sticky, she really likes the Black Wolf.

"Little black, you're bored, you can't lick your face!" "Celia crawled onto Gita's back with a giggle.

"Whoo-hoo. "Gita hummed a sigh of pain.

"What's the matter? "Celia a shock."

at the same time, her hand touched the viscous liquid, which was clearly not the saliva of Gita.

was blood, and Gita had not been treated after being injured by Swift's men, Lin.

"You wait, little black." "Celia carefully off Gita's back and ran back to her bedroom.

Celia's bedroom is in the back of this lawn, although the building area is not big, but the whole palace is the most finely crafted place, surrounded by the scenery is also very beautiful, that is Carritt only allowed in the garden to build the residence, this shows how much the King Hill is fond of Celia.

originally Swift gave Celia this "pet", Carritt is very worried, but Celia determined to take Gita back to the palace, and Swift also promised absolutely no danger, Carritt think also right, this is Celia first accept Swift's mind, just Celia a small concession, But it is a big step forward in the marriage of Hill and Ka Lan, and, also, have to give Swift face is not, their own so stubborn daughter have received, they can say what, so Carritt also did not interfere.

for the first two days, Carritt also sent guards to protect Celia, but the bodyguard reported to him that the Black Wolf is dying, and no teeth and claws, simply powerless to attack anyone. Carritt understand, Swift, the two emperor of the Blue Empire, that is, a dying rare wolf Warcraft to Celia to play, he thought, to Celia personality, play up to a few days on the tired, then Black Wolf also died, harmless. Carritt can not help but lament swift work well-not only satisfied with Celia curiosity and play heart, but also vaguely take care of their own emotions, worthy of being the emperor of the largest empire in the North ...

since Swift thought so well, also do not need to defy his kindness, Carritt removed the bodyguard, peace of mind let Celia play their own.

these days, Swift also came a few times, Celia unexpectedly did not avoid as usual, but also said a few words with him, but all about The Wolf Warcraft life Habits and so on.

Carritt See in the eyes, happy in the heart, he felt that his eldest son Ronald-the official heir to the throne of the Principality of Hill, in the letter, asked himself to do things, perhaps soon can be achieved ...

moments later, Celia came back, holding a pile of gauze ointment and things like that.

bandages ...

she seems to have fallen in love with this folk treatment technique on the Offilar continent.

Celia carefully to Gita bandage wound, the technique is still poor, make Gita very painful, but Gita did not move, it knows, Celia is really want to cure it.

this, but it is very similar to its owner.

wrapped up, Gita lying on the ground, like a force in general, but the precious ointment applied to the gauze, but played a vital role!

can survive, it can feel the silk in the wound cool, as well as the therapeutic effect in the ointment.

"Tired!" "Celia lay on the lawn, resting his head on Gita's front leg.

"Why is there always only a few stars in Hottandin night sky?" "Celia seems to be asking Gita.

can not answer, quietly lying on the ground.

"They are so lonely, so the vast night sky, but even a talker can not find." "Celia sighed slightly, and she looked at the night sky, suddenly as if thinking of something general, eyes suddenly a Zheng.


is another dawn. The crimson color of the

soon disappeared. The sun hangs in the sky, but the sun is weak and it is a haze of weather.

opened his eyes, and a day and a night of cultivation made him no sleepy.

is a bit surprised, this time the cultivation, incredibly painless, and the spirit is very good, than the deep sleep also works!

bloodthirsty Thurus days to practice up, in fact, is not so painful.

in the nine-day Thurus mantra, this first stage, do not practice will make people uncomfortable, and only the practice of the whirlpool in Taneda to absorb enough to repair the Lori, but into the power of the spread of **, that kind of discomfort will disappear.

this practice, and zacchaeus at the beginning of the cultivation of bloodthirsty Thurus day feeling is very similar, when the whirlpool in Taneda high operation, his blood will boil, full of energy.

but why during this time, the cultivation of bloodthirsty Thurus day will be so painful? There was nothing wrong with

's method, which he could be sure of, because the nine-day Thurus mantra was imprinted in his soul, brought about by the inheritance memory of the asura, never wrong and never disappeared unless he died.

a little confused.

Suddenly, he thought up, this feeling of severe pain, as if from the last time after being eat gradually appeared.

and, after seeing Celia, the pain is even more pronounced! What do you mean,

? Is it because the heart is messed up, so it's going to hurt?

What kind of logic is this?

in the cultivation of nine days Thurus spell, can not miss, can not recall, can not be moved!

can only focus, can only heart no distraction, can only be bent on chasing the limits of strength!

's terrible race!

a little clear.

as Asura, as the strong man born for the war, how can half-hearted!

Besides, the blood of Satan, is that powerful Asher Lowen night passed on to him, even if it is very weak now, but the innate nature will not change!

must focus, or it will hurt!

because, the cultivation of not focused people will not become strong, more unworthy to be the king of Asura! Instead of letting others kill, it's better to die with your own pain!

understand, he is very calm, he has long been used to endure, used to in the loneliness of silently forward.

all over the body full of explosive power, chest a frenzy out, Zacchaeus must be leaked out, must use the refining body to accumulate in vivo repair Lori into their own ** power!

Perfect Balance!

the king of the assassin Arrimendi taught Nathaniel's refining methods at this moment to show the most incisive!

in the distance.

a beautiful woman is looking at the figure who flipped the maneuver in the jungle.

Golden Long by the jungle breeze brought up, even though it is a bleak late autumn, that color is also like the sun in early summer.

Celia the corners of the mouth gently cocked, admiring the refining of the body, as if watching a performance that would swing the function of the machine to the extreme.

"masked man ..." for a long Celia murmured the name.


a tree fell down.

fell into the broken dead leaves, breathing deeply, and his body, dressed in broken chain armor, was motionless, like a black statue.

He is adjusting the circulation of the body, "perfect balance" this kind of deep refining method, pay attention to the gradual and orderly, through effective means to maximize the use of the law, so that all parts of the body into the most sophisticated whole.

sense of strength, agility, flexibility, explosive power ... All of it, must be perfect in balance!


covered his eyes from behind with his hands ... The faint aroma of

seeped through the cracks in the mask, and Sarai's heart trembled!

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