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Chapter 42 Hero-2

"Don't you want to be a hero? "Ramirez stepped on Jester's head, viciously," on top of the line? Jokes, you do not look at what you are, but also delusional to get the favor of Celia! "Ramirez stepped hard again.

"Uh ..." Jester ate the pain, but screamed, and Ramirez stepped too hard to even breathe.

"Brother! "Vivian exclaimed.

"Don't move, chick." "Several people surrounded her, and they were the entourage brought by Ramirez.

"Get out of the way! Vivian pushed hard to push the man who had stopped her, but could not push.

"Don't make us do it, young master, can't do it to you, hey, Miss Vivian Ah, you see how gentle and considerate our Master Ramirez is, if you like, you can consider marrying him with Princess Celia." "A Santio guy Hippy's way."

"You! "Vivian was about to cry, and she was surrounded, only to watch her brother get beat up by Ramirez."

"Hey? "Ramirez kicked jester on the back again," What about the famous war-butler in your family? How did not follow you, Gee Ah, out of his protection, you jester, than the garbage on the side of the road is not as good! "

Bang Bang, two feet on the back, Jester Spit blood."

Ramirez crouched down, grabbed Jester's head, pulled up his head, and beckoned to an entourage, "you come and catch him." "

the entourage went over and grabbed jester by the head.

then Ramirez made a gesture to the other entourage.

"Yes, young master." "The guy walked over with a grin, and he knew what the young master was going to do ... Master Ramirez likes this trick best.

"Ah! ' Vivian screamed and covered her eyes.

rattling ...

a kind of sweet liquid drenched in jester's head, and then down his face to the dirty ...

"cool." "After a pee of urine, put away the guy, contented with a shiver."

"haha haha! "Ramirez laughed wildly," My master jester, take a good picture of himself, do you think you look like a hero? "

jester a dull face, eyes hollow, as if no longer breathing, let insults and ridicule in the ear ...

and Vivian cried, crouched down, her face buried deep in her legs, she now just want to see a person, that person in her heart is so strong, so brave ...

"Miss Vivian, look at how useless the men of your Phyllis family are." "

" Yes, you think about it, marry US master Ramirez, although in the back of Princess Celia, but you still have the future of the hero of Hill Country ah. "

" Yes, that's right, Master Ramirez how powerful, how handsome, you stand up, open your eyes to see, he is looking at you, he has always been interested in you. "

" right, get up, as long as you can put into the embrace of Master Ramirez, with your tenderness touched him a night, perhaps we will let go of your brother Yo. "

" don't squat, get up. "

" Don't push us. "

" pulled her up. "

a few hands into their own body, began to pull their own clothes, Vivian held her knees, at this time, how she hoped that the eyes than the night sky more profound men can appear, like the last time in the Klamar jungle to block their own front ...


Ramirez's debauchery of laughter was terminated!

instead, it was a howl!

those more annoying sounds than flies also come to a halt, and those disgusting hands stopped moving and began to shake. Did the

hero show up? Is he here?

and Vivian jerked up and opened her eyes ...

but her face froze.

not him, not the soft, dark length of the head.

is a red, root stand upright, like steel needle in general, the afterglow of the sunset can not cover up the color of fire.

This is a tall and haughty man, the chest is broad like a mountain range, thick dregs with his fortitude of the face, give a deep shock.

Ramirez fell at his feet, motionless, without even convulsions.

"you guys." "The red Man turned and looked at the entourage, his voice thick and loud," came over. "

no one dares to move."

"Didn't you hear me? "The Red Man frowned, and at this time the night was coming, and the evening wind brought up his shabby rags."

Pop! The

ground cracked.

, Vivian, shocked again!

that man even with a finger, out of the fire like a fiery fight, will surround their own those bastards to fly!

was "dead ... Dead ... "Vivian was out of breath when she saw the loudest entourage, who had just laughed twice, at her feet.

Vivian closed her eyes and trembled.

"What are you afraid of? "The Voice of the Red man sounded on his head," just a bunch of scum, insulting the two words of men, so he died clean. "

looked up at him.

Suddenly, she seems to have seen Isaac?

really, the man's expression, much like the way Satan did when he practiced in the Klamar jungle. At that time, Vivian always liked to look very close to Isaac, she liked the strength of his face, like the look of his concentration.

"I have something to ask you. "The Red Man saw Vivian's appearance, but also a slight leng."

then he put down the jester in his hand, and there was an extra crystal of light on his hand.

, he crushed the crystal, then a few lights appeared on the ground, forming a bizarre symbol, and then the trio disappeared in place.


"There it is! "

more than 10 minutes later, a group of soldiers dressed in armor hurried here.

metalworking, a middle-aged man dressed as an aristocrat, was the Marshal of the Principality of Hill, Ferrari.

, "Who did this?" "Ferrari could not help but be furious at the sight of his unconscious baby son.

"Marshal, let's see if Master Ramirez has anything to do first. "A calm young warrior's path beside Ferrari."

"Hmm." "Ferrari nodded and waved his right hand, and the young warrior took Ramirez to Ferrari in front of him.

"OK ..." Ferrari's hand left Ramirez's chest and took a breath, and Ramirez, though badly hurt, was not life-threatening, except that several of the entourage had been die-hard. The

group of soldiers soon took Ramirez and his still-alive entourage away.

Ferrari followed them, livid.

But he never made up his mouth again, for he had just visited Ramirez's condition with a vengeance, and the use of the fighting, which now wounded Ramirez, was so subtle that it was far from what he Ferrari a legendary nine-class war guru could do.

is definitely a holy strong man!

of course, Ferrari also know that it will not be Bonkkon, Bunker's fighting properties are not so hot, and this is in Hottandin, Ferrari believe that bunker impossible to do so.

"Who the hell is that? "Ferrari is very inexplicable, the impression that he did not have the sin of which holy class strong, he did not have that skill, also dare not." It was as if he knew that bunker's plans at the outing ceremony had injured Ramirez and had not gone to the trouble of the Phyllis Chamber of Commerce.

without Hill's army, Ferrari not confident that the strength of the Kemio family alone could confront a strong saint.

and Hill's army is not his Ferrari, it is Belsa Royal, he only command, no ownership.

So, this dumbfounded, only their own recognition. Don't say there is no strength to retaliate, even who did not know. Ramirez was unlucky enough today, and although he won the outing, he was treated with light magic two times. It's a big price, and the Sorcerer's Guild's Healing magic scroll should not be cheap.

Ferrari's teeth snapped loudly.

.. A room in a small hotel in


"What? "The red man grabbed the motionless jester on the ground and put his face to himself," couldn't figure it out? "

jester, with a pale face, gnawed his lower lip.

Red Man looked at jester, "fell down, can also stand up, lost, can also find back, if do not want to be bullied, then stronger, lying on the ground like a pile of dog poop is what." "

Jester's ungodly eyes trembled a bit.

the Red man put jester down.

snapped, and jester lay on the ground again.

, "Damn it! "The Red Man scolded, again will jester lift, angrily," Boy, don't give me this pathetic kind of world than you miserable people are, they do not fill the stomach, frozen, do not know when to fall, never get up! You live in a beautiful manor, eat exquisite food, casually the same ornaments on the value of thousands of gold, this frustration is what bullshit! "

was a snap again, much louder than it had just been.

The red man threw jester to the ground.

Vivian Trembled, she knew jester at this point fell multiple, but she did not go to help jester, because that tall and haughty figure said the words deeply shocked her.

Red Man no longer talk about jester, take care of the wooden table at the window, sit down, pick up the wine pot on the table, and pour up.

Vivian went across from him, sat down, watched him drink, and did not say a word.

Jester lying on the ground, not moving, he was thrown very painful, but more painful, but the heart. Red Man's words repeatedly ringing in his ears, like a basin of cold water constantly poured from the beginning, let him sober, let him understand ... It's been a long time


Jester sprang up from the ground, "hero, you're right." "The

Red Man looked at jester, and the look of the grinning made him feel a little funny," little fellow, could you not call me that, I said, my name is strong. "

" In my mind, you are a hero! "Jester saw the red man drinking the strong wine like water, and cried again," The hero is a hero, even drinking is so manly! "The

Red Man shook his head and stopped acting for jester.

"Strong ..." Vivian thought for a moment, some shudder opened the way, "can I call your uncle?" "

" of course. "Strong put down the empty wine pot, touched the body, frowned," this outside the wine is really expensive, and difficult to drink, where like Tarona, zi grass brewing wine how fragrant. "

" Uncle ... Do you have any money? "Wei Wei asked in a low voice.

"ER." "A little awkward nod."

"I'll go! I'll go! "Jester ran ran out, and when it came to money, he was a lot of it.

moments later, Jester returned, followed by the Hotel buddy, carrying a whole wooden box of wine.

"Just put it here." "The big Jess dropped a bag of gold coins for the man and waved them out."

"Thank you young master, thank you young master." "Two guys pulled out of the room with a smile.

"You boy is quite sensible in these areas. "A strong hand, a pot of wine flew into his hands, snapped, the mud lid broke."

"Awesome!" "Jester looked at a strong mouthful of wine with a face of adoration.

"Uncle, what is the white feather on your forehead? "Vivian asked curiously.

"Tie, two little fellas, I said I have something to ask you, you are so, ask me first." "Strong haha smile, but he still answered Vivian's question, to tell the truth Vivian's appearance is very clever and lovely, sound and pleasant, very pleasant."

"This is called Magic Printing, is a very rare magic, in Tarona is very common ... Well, when you say too much, you don't understand, you just need to know that if you draw this thing on your forehead, no one else will find you. "Laughing."

"I know that this is called Hidden breath, is the ability to fight the saints and the Holy devils!" "Cried jester.

"Keep your voice down, little guy, that's pretty much what you mean." "A pot of wine was opened again.

is really bold, and there is no shelf, even if he is so strong ... Vivian thought this red-headed uncle was really good, and sometimes the look was very similar to the person in her heart ...

"Well, it's time for me to ask you." "Strong put down the jug and looked at the two," I know you are friends of the night, so I need to know something about him. "

night? That's a weird name. Vivian and Jester are both a leng. By the right, it's like this uncle is also called strong, it's all a word.

"That's not the name he used? "A wrinkle between the strong eyebrows, the eyes flashed a hint of inexplicable gloom."

"Uncle, you're not talking about this man ..." Vivian got up, compared to the height of Satan, and then compared it to the vest, "black head, there's so long." "

" is right. "Nod the way." A black head is certainly right, and this color can definitely be described as rare and bizarre on the Offilar continent.

"Oh, his name is Isaac, surnamed Offilar, the name, in the ancient words of the old words, is patience and strong meaning, when it comes to my relationship with Satan, it is more than brothers to kiss Ah ..." Jester gushed, Vivian said a word can not enter, only listen, but the face is slightly red.

said for a while, strong also drank several pots of wine, he also know almost, so, he stood up.

, "Are you leaving?" "Vivian was a Leng, and she really wanted to know the relationship between this man and Isaac."

"Yes." "The strong lifting hand was thrown to jester with a red magic crystal.

"This is the memory magic stone? "Jester was surprised to see the transparent energy circulating in the enchanted crystal.

Memory Magic Stone, is a very expensive and rare magic crystal on the Offilar continent, the function is to be stored in the Magic Crystal element energy and air media to produce a replacement relationship, so as to record the user's picture information at that time.

"You know a lot about it." "A strong smile."

"Our family has a business to do this magic stone. "Jester was embarrassed to touch his head, he is now very adoring strong, was praised a bit, toes are refreshing."

"Give this to the jihadi of your family, and he will understand." "Fierce against Jester."

"good." "Jester did not ask what the contents of the memory stone were, and he certainly did not refuse what he was called to do anyway."

looked at him, stop talking, thought for a moment, or said: "Little one, remember, this world has no heroes, only the real strong, they, will do whatever it takes to make themselves stronger, protect their loved ones, their shoulders, can resist the sky, will never fall." "

" Up the top! "Jester only felt a burst of blood boiling.

"That's pretty much what it means, you're smart." "Strong touch his head," poor physique is not an excuse, as long as efforts, will always embark on the road of the strong, by any number of injuries will also be good, fall will also stand up, as long as you are still moving forward, you are successful. "Speaking of which, there was a look of pride in the strong eyes, and it looked warm, as if he were proud of someone ...

Vivian Peace of mind to add, why this uncle called "strong" said the person, and he so like ...


still uses that strange method.

in fact, this method is in Vivian and jester Eyes is very strange, in the Tarona, such a storage of transmission array of magic crystal a lot.

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