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Chapter 41 Hero

"Holy Class! "Ferrari looked at the sky with astonishment and a afraid in his heart.

In fact, he is also the pinnacle of level nine, the Principality of Hill in addition to the bunker, is his strongest, but, he can't fly, the Holy class strong and legendary strong the most obvious difference is this.

in Hill, he Ferrari not afraid of bunker, because he commanded Hill's army, can rely on the power of his hands, but in addition to the Principality of Hill, Ferrari must be careful. The

of the Holy class in the Offilar continent is very few, to reach that level of the strong basically have a background, even if there is no background, there are friends, the Holy class of the strong friends, even if not the holy level, is probably not simple.

Hill only bunker a holy strong, now appeared again this man in black, certainly does not belong to Hill, this truth Ferrari it is easy to understand.

But fortunately, fortunately this man in Black appeared, so that Ferrari have an excuse to explain why he would destroy the rules of the outing ceremony.

Ferrari looked back to the palace in front of the tower, Carritt face livid.

soon, the outing ceremony at the behest of Carritt hastily ended, a face 血糊糊 Ramirez won, became Hill's Vanguard officer, he will be with his father Ferrari, in 10 days later towards the border between Hill and Lucian to resist the invasion of Luchian.

"Hum. "The Celia in the crowd hummed coldly, turned and walked away.

"Public ... No, miss, where are you going? That's not the king ... No, the direction of home! "The maid Barbasa surprised, hurried to chase, she knew Celia Princess's temper, unafraid fearless, angry up Carritt His Majesty all take her no way."

Celia is now obviously very angry, even the palace do not want to return, she Barbasa must keep close, otherwise the consequences are really serious.


the Sunset Red. The

crowd dispersed, and the dusk of the square looked very lonely.

Bang Bang's voice was heard, and it was the Craftsman Minf the demolition of the battle yard and the facilities built specifically for the ceremony.

"Vivian, don't run, you listen to me." "A voice is not obvious in the sound of Bang.

"also explains what! "Vivian suddenly turned around, staring at jester, big eyes are full of anger," you are all the same, are for their own benefit can sacrifice the bad guys of others! "

" No, it's not. "Jester is a bit of a tongue-tied," This is actually, in fact, Uncle Bunker's idea, he let Zacchaeus go to the outing ceremony, defeat everyone, and then lose to me, so that I can become a pioneer, and even, even ... "

" can get Celia Yes! "Vivian interrupted him," brother, you let me down too much, originally I still Think you secretly love Celia very pathetic, but now I think Celia is right, she can not see you are right, you such a person, even like Celia are not worthy! "

Jester was silent, and judging by his eyes, Vivian's words stabbed him.

"Don't be convinced, do you? "There are tears hanging on Vivian's long eyelashes," I am the same as you, we grew up in the protection and care of others, like never understand the wind and rain in the greenhouse flowers, we do not understand for others to consider, let alone how to do a thing by themselves, because all things, there are fathers, there are bunker uncle, there are Phyllis home , so, we rarely, not even care about others ... "

Jester looked at his sister, and for the first time he felt that Vivian had become so tall that he seemed to look up at her.

Vivian took a deep breath, and continued: "Until, until I met him, I did not know that there is still such a living person in the world, it turns out that there are people who can go to life desperately, in order to see tomorrow's sun and do their best, that is what a strong belief, compared to such a person, We seem so fragile, I was shocked, even see him, I feel that life is so beautiful, the air is so fresh, the sun is so bright, he brought me, is this strong way of life, this in my previous view small and humble way of survival ... "

said here, Vivian shed tears, She looked at four weeks with tears in her eyes, "but he's gone, because of your selfishness, he has to fight, to get hurt, to sacrifice, that's his right to live ah, what are you deprived of, because you have money, the right, the potential!" "

" Sister ... "Jester was heartbroken to see Vivian crying and didn't know what to say for a moment.

"He's gone, my faith is gone, my hopes are gone, I'm still the flower of that greenhouse, or the waste that can't stand the wind and rain ... You, you are too much, I hate you, I never want to see you again! "Vivian hid her face and ran towards the other end of the square.

"You like Zacchaeus! "Jester burst into a loud roar.

a stop, a wooden turn, a pair of tearful eyes is a look of surprise.

"Don't be surprised, I knew for a long time, not just me, Lianlife, Kiki they all know." "Jester Chaoweiwi, with a smile," then go find him, let's go together! Fool, I'm all crap anyway, this time, I also want to rely on their own strength to do a thing, whether it is unsuccessful, at least, I tried! "

" brother ... "Vivian looked at jester and froze for a moment before throwing herself into Jester's arms.

"Don't cry." "Jester gently patted Vivian's back," You do not want to be strong, brave, and then see him, must tell him, you like him, even if rejected is not OK, you tried it is not a failure. " Besides, my jester sister is so lovely, boasting that Hottandin young aristocracy most want to marry the woman, he can be liked by you, is his boy by the great God of Odin Grace! But sister, I am really strange, how can you like him, from the Klamar jungle after the start? I used to think you were going to be a couple with big brother Kerviel. "

" Kerviel elder brother just think of me as a sister, and Celia like, besides, after meeting Zacchaeus I know, my feelings for elder Cowell, can only be called worship, because when thinking of him, my heart will not be sad, will not add to the jump, will not have that kind of weightlessness feeling. "Vivian raised her head and blushed red."

"I get it, and I feel the same way about Celia. "Jester mused.

"brother, seriously ..." said Vivian, hesitating or saying, "I advise you to give up, you are not as good as Ramirez, our family is not as powerful as the wells, Ribesso's son Trelen is said to be Celia's fanatical suitor, we and Trelen from an early age to know how powerful his family, Lienkarit His Majesty is a little afraid, and xili her eyes are very high, I remember she said, unless it is a hero of the top, or she Celia would rather be a person for the rest of her life ... "

" I will become the hero of the top! "Jester took a step backwards, raised his fist and roared, and it really looked like he swore to the great God of Odin.

"Ouch, I did not hear the wrong, Jesterfillis, Hottandin most famous garbage, actually want to become the hero of the top?" "

Jester Vivian is a leng."

saw a young man in a beautiful embroidered robe with more than 10 entourage, coming this way. His face is very handsome, but there are a lot of faint bruises, a look is injured after receiving the treatment of Light magic.

"Ramirez! "Jester's Tooth Bites whoop."

"It's really you ..." Ramirez Smile's Way, "the Phyllis family arranged a good play, really let me benefit." "

" What do you want to do! "Jester got in front of Vivian.

"Yo, very brave." "Ramirez glanced contemptuously at Jester," learning to get in front of women, and I thought you were just going to lie on women. "

" What are you talking about? Don't be talking nonsense in front of my sister! "Jester roared.

"pretend to be pure." "Ramirez pointed to Vivian behind Jester," I don't believe that the daughter of a meritocratic businessman would not know about these men and women! "

," you bastard! Vivian almost roared out the phrase with crying, and the voice, which had been crisp as yellow warbler, became a little hoarse.

"Bastard? I really am. "Ramirez's eyes reveal ferocious light," almost spoiled my good things, today such a good opportunity, do not give you a lesson, I am really sorry for the injury on my face! "


Phyllis Manor.

in the study, because of leaf frown.

"Alas." "He sighed, picked up the gold-encrusted teacup, and took a gentle sip.

because Leafs heart really tangled, because just recently, Vivian barged in, desperate and their own big quarrel. "The Outing ceremony ... Failed. "Because Leafs ' fingers were banging on the edge of the teacup.

in fact, for Hill's outing, the aristocratic giants were disdainful, and in previous outings, the civilian population was the majority, because it was indeed the best way for them to excel.

but this time it's different ...

frowned on leaf and put down the teacup in his hand.

This outing ceremony, in the eyes of Lew, can actually be counted as Carritt is choosing the ideal husband for his daughter.

This is a great opportunity to marry the hill royal family.

so Hottandin powerful aristocratic princes took part.

and, because Lew also believes that the people who stand on the field are basically the hitters that the big families are looking for, just like Isaac.

But why are these hitters so bad? In the case of

, there is only a level four fight at best, and there is no combat skill at all, and even because Lew knows that Satan is strong in the fight field, strength is a hard standard, and this kind of thing is sometimes not diverted by will at all.

suddenly, because Leaf remembered Bunker said "power around the Dark box", at that time because Leaf did not go to think, but now, he reacted to--

is Ferrari, is Kemio home!

should say this: The Kemio family used the power they could almost Mello in Hottandin to turn the outing into a game of Ramirez's per cent victory!

So, the strength of each participant, absolutely not higher than Ramirez-this is Ferrari clever arrangement!

Carritt is very feverish to practice, he is not blind, he can see who is weaker than the fight field who is weak, if the arrangement of a high-strength person to defeat all opponents, and then lose to Ramirez, such a practice is too low-end.

So, Satan will always stand to the end.

"Bunker, it turns out that you have long thought, if Nathaniel's strength Vilamires strong, then he must not even stand on the opportunity of the fight field!" "As a result of the flash of the Leaf's eyes."

"You're betting, my old friend." "Because Leafs nodded," as early as the Klamar jungle, you know, a person who will not have any skill only two level fight but can kill four-degree warcraft with his bare hands, is the best bargaining chip to win. Did "

" figure it out? "The door of the study was pushed open.

"Bunker, I ..." because of leaf stop talking. His face was a little awkward, but in fact he had doubts about bunker just now.

"Say nothing, I still that sentence, Phyllis Chamber of Commerce, is my home." "Bunker laughs.

"Alas." "Because Lew sighed a lot."

"is not worth it. "Bunker also shook his head," If I were you, I would doubt everything. " However, my President, I remember you said that when doing business, the higher the risk, the greater the benefits to be gained, although it is easy to lose money. "

" is losing a lot. "Because Lew sighed," originally wanted to use the capital of Satan to win our close relationship with the Belsa royal family, if won, the Phyllis Chamber of Commerce became Hill's National Chamber of Commerce bright Future, but we lost, not only let Jester Vivian lost their friends, but also let the Kemio family become hostile to us. " "

bunker body a slight tremor," so they will hate me. "

" Who? "Because Lew was puzzled."

"Jester, and Vivian. "Bunker slowly," if it wasn't for Ferrari's final churn, we actually won, and I put Satan on the mask because his appearance was so easy to remember that he was the first to stand on the bucket, just to give everyone the impression that he was losing his strength to jester at last, and it was true that things were going according to my plan, But I did not think, zacchaeus body, there is a kind of ferocity, a kind of wild-like ferocity, he actually wanted to kill Ramirez, so only forced Ferrari shot. Alas, I should have thought how he could have killed the red poison python without this ferocity ... Wrong step, full of losses. "

bunker eyes twinkling," desperate, in any case to stand up, in order to survive, even if all the bruises, but also to die, but also to use the last breath to tear up the opponent ... The young man was so terrible, perhaps, that his presence at the Phyllis House was not a good thing, and that the Lafar priest had said ... "

" heresy. "Because Leafs took a deep breath.

"is like a horoscope that brings a bad omen." "Bunker's expression became unusually serious," so I took Ferrari's test. "

" What? "asked Lew.

"Ferrari finally threw Satan at me, and if I did not stop it, Isaac would be killed by the spikes of the fence, and I would stop it, and Ferrari would think that Isaac was the pawn of the Jengester victory that we had arranged. That's exactly the way it is, so, I didn't stop ... "Bunker said here, in a bit of a gloomy tone," so jester didn't want to talk to me, and Vivian didn't like to see me again. "

" don't care about the two kids, they're not sensible yet. "Because of Lew's relief," he added.

"Zacchaeus is not dead ..." bunker, "I did not block, in fact, there is a reason, this reason, even more important than the first two!" "

was startled by leaf.

"The background of this young man is not simple. "Bunker eyes fluctuate," hidden around the fight field, hiding two strands of very terrible breath, I simply can't guess how strong these two strands of breath in the end! Originally, I can not feel, but, there is a breath deliberately released some of the ripples of energy, the purpose is to let me know his existence, can not act lightly, sure enough, I did not guess wrong, in Satan speed up to hit the sharp Thorn, that breath appeared, with Zacchaeus from the sky, will fly the strong, You should know what level it is. "

" Holy Class! "Because leaf poured a mouthful of coolness, he then asked," What about the other one? Another breath of "

" ... "Bunker shook his head," to tell you the truth, I have never known his existence, but, in Satan was thrown to the spikes by the Ferrari, that breath appeared, and the fluctuation is very violent, as if Zacchaeus is very important to him, if not that take the Holy class of Satan to appear, I think, he will also hit, perhaps ... "There was a chill in bunker's eyes," and he would kill Ferrari, or, I. "

" Oh, my God. "Because leaf lips are shaking," jester, my son, where the hell did you know such a guy, bunker, what if those two saints are going to be bad for us? "

" so I didn't stop. "Bunker motioned for Lew's Peace of mind," so that we could dissociate ourselves from Satan, and the two saints would not be so good, after all, it was the Principality of Hill, even if they were not afraid of Hill's army and guards, and the Sorcerer's Guild, and the Holy One from the holy city. "

" you did the right. "Because Leaf grew out of breath."

Bunker smiled a bit, the expression as usual.

but his heart was not so relaxed, and he said so only to reassure Lew, for the world of the Holy One was not something he could understand because of a businessman in Leafs.

bunker very clear, if those two saints really want to find the Phyllis family trouble, even if it is Hill's St. Desai, it can not stop.

took Satan's black man to tell the truth bunker is quite at ease, because he can reveal the breath to himself, prove, if not against his meaning, he will not be how.

and the other ...

Bunker really afraid of, in fact, is this person.

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