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Chapter 40 Outing Ceremony-2

Wow "There was a scream in the square, and the majority of the ladies.

, a handsome young warrior waving around, looked at the black-armor man crouching on the ground, "Don't you want to tell me your name, my friend, introduce yourself first, my name is Ramirez, La Miresce-Miot, my father, is the Marshal of the Principality of Hill Ferrari." "

The Black Armor Man did not speak, under the cover of the mask, can only feel his tired to the extreme breathing."

saw that his identity had not had any effect on the Black Armor man, and Ramirez looked a little stiff with a calm smile, and opened his mouth: "You are not my opponent, friend, but you have earned my respect, I hope you will automatically abstain, in addition ..." Ramirez did not have a deep smile, "in addition to Princess Celia, What you can win at the outing ceremony, I can give you, we, the Mio family in the Principality of Hill, should count as one of the most powerful aristocrats. "There's nothing wrong with

Ramirez," he said. Hottandin has two great powerful people, one is the wells, their home is called Ribesso, is the Principality of Hill as a meeting session; the other is the Kemio family, whose owner is Hill's Marshal Ferrari, and the father of Ramirez, who is Ferrari's favourite son and the most talented young man in the Kemio family.


"What is Ramirez talking about? "Carritt asked him about an extra middle-aged man in luxurious costumes.

"may be persuading the man to drop out of the race, Ramirez has inherited the glorious tradition of our Mio family and has a heart for strong-willed warriors to make friends." "Middle-aged bow, he is not tall, but very strong, a face of haughty, a look is often on the battlefield people."

However, at this time he stood in a group of concubines, appeared very Shing.

But this also proves his noble identity, can go to this platform of the people, in addition to the Hill Royal Belsa family, it is only him and Ribesso.

So, this middle-aged man is Ramirez's father--Hill Marshal Ferrari--the Duchy of the Principality of Hill is the most productive man, and the hero of Hill soldiers delent the former direct chief of the War Division!

to create the dragon trick Delent although died in the war with the Lucian country, but also known as Hill's hero, then this Ferrari? It should be said that he is the guide of the Hill Army.

"Ferrari, do you think Ramirez is sure to win that weird guy? "Carritt asked.

"His strength, among the more than 20-year-olds, has been excellent. "Ferrari some pride," even when I was his age, I didn't reach level five. "

" is good, good. "Carritt liked to.

"Pity ah ..." came the sound of a yin test.

"Ribesso. "Ferrari turned around," What are you doing here? "He's obviously not friendly on his face."

saw a gray head, gorgeous clothes, with a hooked nose of the old man appeared on the other side of the Carritt, deeply breathing a few times, the breath adjusted evenly, only slowly said: "It is a pity that the guy did not seem to be bought." "

" bought? "Ferrari look a change in the eyes," please pay attention to your words, Ribesso phase. "

Ribesso smiled, did not speak, but looked more than the bucket field.

"Ribesso, Hill's wise man, my old brother, your son, my favorite Trelen, is he all right? "Carritt asked.

"Thanks to His Majesty's concern, my disgruntled son still knows his degree and left before he played." "Ribesso Slow way," unlike some people, clearly not so strong, but also boast. "

Ferrari face a cloudy, did not answer words, he knows, as long as their own words, Carritt will certainly associate with Ribesso innuendo is him ...

these people, they have long been refined.


"scatter him? "Jester stared with his eyes wide. Because he saw the black-armor man crouching all the time, without the meaning of a shot, and Ramirez did not do it, has been tempting him.

that's right, this black-armor man, it's Isaac, and the reason he's dressed up is exactly what a man means ... That man, Isaac, loved it, because it seemed to him that the man who always smiled kindly at himself was really good to him ...

So, he did it, so, no matter how many times he fell, he would finish the thing that promised the man.

"Don't worry, jester. "A pass sounded in Jester's head.

jester trembled all over.

, with a vengeance or magic, turns sound into an element that is transmitted directly to the other person's eardrum through the media of the air-something that only the holy strong can do!

Bunker ...

let Zacchaeus do this, is bunker, and his purpose .....

Jester turned back, did not see bunker, at this time, the voice sounded again, "do not look around, jester, Zacchaeus will certainly do, you should trust your friends." "

" Friends ... He's my friend, so what about me, I'm doing this ... "Jester stopped moving and sat there, his eyes complicated.

"Oh? "A thin man in the crowd had a slight jump in his eyelids," and there was the smell of the holy strong here? "The Thin Man's sleeve trembled a little, too," it should not be that guy, he's gone back there ... "Suddenly, the Thin man's eyes flashed a glimmer of incomprehensible light," if it was him, what should I do, if he knew I was just trying to get him to leave to say those words ... "

Thin Man sighed softly, Hidden fierce temperament suddenly became a little dim, "I owe that person, so I should pay him back, this matter ... I'm sorry, my friend, I have to hide you. "

Thin Man looked into the air, gently wrinkled between his eyebrows.


"Where did this guy come from? "asked a woman in a large cloth in the crowd," Why is he wearing a mask? "

woman that cloth is very common, is Hottandin ordinary people wear, but her face hangs a veil."

Hottandin has such a custom, usually set the wedding date of the woman, in the door, must cover their own appearance, to show the loyalty to the future husband, so this woman also did not arouse anyone's attention.

"Silia ..." the woman next to the woman in the cloth said only a few words, the rest of the words were scared back by the eyes of the woman in the cloth.

"Forget it, you do not answer, ask you is also white ask." "The woman in the cloth has turned a blank eye.

"Yes, public ... No, MA ' am. "The woman around her neck shrank back.

"When are you going to be smart, Barbasa." "The woman in the cloth sighed.

This cloth woman is Celia, she finished performance, did not return to the palace, but dress up mixed in the crowd, this maverick princess, often do this kind of thing.

at this point, she looked deeply at the Black Armor Man on the battle field.

because he attracted the Celia.

from his play, Celia can not see the red of blood, only that black, like the night silent Black, once fell, and then stand up.

She was a little stunned, like the people around her ...

that black figure in her eyes like a small point, but this point, but let her heart was deeply shaken!


Celia eyes a tight!

the black spot in her pupil moved, but she was struck.

Celia Heart is also a tight!

She didn't know if the black-armor man could still stand up, a little contradictory, and she wanted him to stand up and be afraid of him standing up.

but he's still on his feet.

rushed to Ramirez again and again ...

Celia can't help but clap his hands hard.

"Come on! Beat him! Masked man! "

Celia clenched his fist.



Ramirez a short body and dodged a punch from Isaac Daze.


Ramirez after a sweep of his heel, Zacchaeus fell to the ground.

then Ramirez grabbed Sarai's wrist, went along the road, and threw him out again.

Bang Bang two, black chain armor hit the stone brick than the bucket field, Mars straight.

lay upright on the ground, motionless.

"Can't get up?" "The Celia in the crowd clenched the lower lip.

"No, this weird guy." "said the man beside her.

"Yes, but this guy has been amazing, a person from the beginning to the present, unlike Ramirez, now go up, of course, physical strength is abundant." "said a man who had apparently practiced in a warrior's short dress.

"It's also a smart place for people. "Skimmed, a young girl next to the man," went to the ceremony to choose the Vanguard officer and, of course, to brave. So is "

." "The man nodded.

at this moment, there was another burst of wonder in the crowd.


Celia even very excited!

because the mask man sat up again, he was like a puppet who couldn't beat, and no matter how hard he was hit, he would want to stand up again!

staggered, and a few strands of black fell out of his helmet, shaking incessantly.

Bang! The fragments of the

chain armor crossed from his dark eyes, and he fell again.

"good guy ..." Ramirez was active in the wrist, looking at the broken hole in the chest armor, "a strong body, although there is no skill in the way you fight." "

Blood finally came out, in fact, in the chain armor, sprinkle has long been scarred, blood also do not know how many times." The

around became so quiet.

lay on the battle field, as if he had not breathed.

blood flowed from the breakage of his chain armor, forming a red line on the ground.

quietly spread, and soon, there was no sound in the square, and even the women who cheered for Ramirez covered their mouths.

Ramirez had just had that punch so heavy that he even blew it straight into Sarai's chest.

It's just a ritual, it's a traditional event in Hill, and in order to avoid images that are too bloody, and to protect the participants, anyone who stands on a fight field is forbidden to use weapons.

but now ...

was knocked down again and again, unaware of how many injuries he had on his body, and the cover of chain armor and masks, until when he fought Ramirez, all could only see his faltering body slowly fall after being heavily attacked, and then wobble up and stand up again ...

fell and got up.

fell again and got up again.

This process is actually more like torture, not only torturing the Satan, but also torturing all the people watching.

until he saw a thick bruise coming out, the ordeal reached its apex.

"Don't get up ..." A beautiful girl was horrified in her eyes.

more than her, almost all of them are such ideas, they can't stand it, really.

This quiet atmosphere is strange, even a little bizarre.

a minute passed ...

two minutes passed ...

five minutes passed and people still couldn't give any sound.

the sky, the gray pressure of the clouds began to drift slowly, a ray of sunlight from the gap in the clouds, landed on the body, mixed with blood chain armor reflected the colorful halo.

Celia raised his head, looking at the sky, suddenly and the sun let her heavy heart get a hint of soothing.


broke the silence with a scream!

"Oh, my God! "

almost at the same time out of such a lament, gathered into a wave of surprise, instantly submerged the square!"

"station, stand up, masked man ..." Celia's voice some uncontrollable tremor, eyes inexplicably moist up.

"Good boy." "The Thin Man hidden in the crowd smiled with a hint at the corners of his mouth.

"Good job!" "Carritt is like being stimulated by the blood of the general suddenly stand up, hard to muster the palm."

the Zoldana beside him also stood up and clapped hard.

Ribesso a meaningful smile, while clapping with the rhythm of Carritt.

then, all the people on the high platform clapped, including the awkward Ferrari ...

saw the king leading the applause, all the people in the square were inspired, they ungrateful applause, forgetful for that masked black armor man refueling!

"Mask man! Masked man! Don't fall down! Don't fall down! Come on! Come on! "Celia hands are all red."

next to the maid Barbasa surprised open mouth, to tell the truth, she first saw Her Royal Highness such a look, to know that the usual Princess Celia is very personal, rarely so excited.

"Night, you remember, a man must not fall down, his chest is wider than anything else, his shoulders can resist the sky!" "The Sound of

echoes in his ears, and the heart of Satan beats hard!"

don't fall down, stand up! No matter how many times you fall, you have to get up! You can take down my body, but you absolutely can't beat my will!

because ...

I'm going to fight the sky, too!

"Ah!!! "

raised his head and roared into the sky!

even if there is a mask in the block, the sound is still like the beast hurt screaming!

Madness! Struggle! Unwilling! Grumpy!

Ramirez froze, for a moment, he forgot how to attack this crazy guy, oh no, he faced, is a ready to fight the beast!

bloodthirsty Thurus days run to the limit!

because Asura's innate ferocity has been thoroughly stimulated!

Blood, mad out, sprinkled.

This blood is not Satan's, but Ramirez's.

Ramirez was heavily hit in the head, that moment, Ramirez felt that it was not the fist of a man that hit him, but the palm of a beast!


is a bit again.

is not fast, but absolutely hard enough!

Ramirez flew out.

People's cheers to the apex, Celia even unable to breathe, her eyes simply can not be separated from that masked person even a moment.

to Ramirez, and at this moment he had no consciousness, and he just wanted to tear up the guy who had let himself fall and tear it to pieces!

blew a punch, hit the ground, gravel splash.

Ramirez dodged in time, after all, he is also a highly gifted warrior, the key time reflects the skillful skills.

roared, and pounced on him again, and was a simple and direct punch, without any change, that is, with all his strength to fight out, fierce and raging.

Ramirez narrowly escaped, and the punching wind passed sideways from his face, rattled.

just finished his punch and another punch came again ...

Ramirez has not returned, has to be hard to parry.

Kaka ...

when his fist hit his little arm, Ramirez heard a clear sound of his hand bone. He almost fainted when a sharp pain struck


Fist fell again ...

Ramirez crouched down in a mess, rolling through the feet of Sarai ... There was a barrage of boos in the

crowd. By this time, they had no matter what Ramirez's identity was, but a one-sided flag-waving for the black armor.

"this guy." "Ramirez erased the blood from the corners of his mouth, his eyes were full of venom, the pain was second, the key was disgrace, which was unbearable for him, who had lived in praise and pride since he was a child, than if his bones had broken!

However, the fear soon took over Ramirez's heart, because he now, this monster like the black armor, in time and again pounced on him, again and again after the fall of the fist, the physical strength did not drop the slightest!

clearly has reached the limit, clearly on the body there are so many injuries, why still like a beast, do not kill the prey will never rest ...

Ramirez is almost out of support.

Finally, and Isaac hit him again.

Ramirez fell to the ground and watched Isaac's fist smash into his face like a mad ...

stretched over with one hand and grabbed Sarai's wrist.

La Mires mouth, "father. "

is Ferrari!

saw his son's life is in danger, he also could not bear so much, directly took to the field, stopped Zacchaeus this punch.


the crowd blew up the pot again. The boos were four.

"Shut up! "Ferrari snapped, his voice mixed with a vengeance, and soon crushed the boos in the square.

swung punches to Ferrari, but his fist was caught, Ferrari's hand is like unable to break free of the iron clamp, no matter how hard, how to roar, there is no way to move a dime.

"Beast like people, interesting ..." Ferrari smiled, "who sent you, the victim of ambition, if I'm not mistaken, down with Ramirez, you're going to lose." "

said here, Ferrari corner of the eye swept to the field under the nervous jester.

"Sure enough ..." Ferrari saw bunker suddenly appear next to jester.

"Give it back to you, this beast." "Ferrari hands over, Isaac will be like a shot out of the bow and arrow, straight direct to Shangbonk."

people are stunned by this sudden change, including Carritt, only Ribesso mouth still hangs the smile of the unknown.

Bunker actually with jester a flash is fleeting!

He didn't pick up Satan!

Ferrari with a sneer.


around the bucket, separated from the crowd, is a circle with meteorite iron spikes of the fence!

Meteorite iron is a very hard metal on the Offilar continent, at this time, the sharp thorns forged with it sparkle with cold light!

is going to be pierced by these thorns, even if he is a good quality chain armor, because Ferrari will throw him out of the power is very big, he simply can not resist!

's head was only a centimeter from the nearest spike, and, with a whoosh, the Thin man who had been hiding in the crowd appeared beside him, and a finger stretched to the top of the Satan's forehead with a strange trajectory.

snapped, the voice was very light.

then sprinkle and fall to the ground.

"What! "Ferrari couldn't believe his eyes, and the sharp-faced man in black suddenly appeared, using only one finger, separating Isaac and the spikes!

"Boy, why are you so stupid and used as a tool?" "The man in black crouched down, picked up the Satan, flew to the sky, and soon disappeared into the thick clouds."

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