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Chapter 39 Outing Ceremony

The Hottandin of today's Hill Nation is bustling!

because, today is their "outing ceremony"!

in fact, it is a tradition of hill, and whenever there is a war explosion, there will be a pioneer officer in addition to the commander of the Army. Pioneer Officer, as the name suggests, is the lead on the battlefield, in Hill's tradition, this is a very challenging and very honorable position.

so, before each trip, they will hold an outing ceremony, so that the country's strong man to fight, who won in the end, who is the Glorious Vanguard officer!

participants are not limited, can be in the service of the soldiers general, but the aristocratic children, can be princes and descendants, can also be civilian people, as long as you have the strength, can stand to Hottandin Palace in front of that square than the fight field!

This is a good way, is the best way for Hill strong to get fame and fortune.

soldiers can be promoted to generals more quickly, generals can have the opportunity to become commander in chief, aristocratic princes can get more money beauty, civilian people can also sky!

and the Principality of Hill's war against Lucian was given a greater reward for this outing, which was almost a reason for all men to boil!

because, Princess Celia of the Principality of Hill, Princess Celia, known as Hill's most beautiful woman, made a public commitment--

who had to win the ceremony and lead the Hill Army to victory in the war against Luchian and recover Hill's lost ground, she Celia Princess, who would be in the same boat!

married to the entire Duchy of the Principality of the most beautiful woman, become a member of the Royal Belsa family, beautiful woman in the arms, wealth in hand, splendor at your fingertips!

is that not enough?

, that's enough!

is enough for a man who has worked hard to cultivate his dream and one day to excel!

is today.


Pop! Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

four fire from the square Four corners shot into the sky, in the air blooming a beautiful flower fire!

This is Offilar very expensive fireworks, because that glowing color let the haze of the sky has also become a colourful impressionist.

is four again!

Four fireworks bloom again in the air.

Glow, even if this is the early winter, even if the gloomy weather, as long as the fireworks did not cool, the people in the square in the ungrateful cheers!

The fireworks of the sky, the people in the crowd, and the barking.

Hottandin Square is going to melt.

Fireworks kept blooming in the air, and soon the opening of the beauty to the end of the moment.

the last thin light into the sky. After a few seconds of

quiet, the sky was like a flash.

Bang! After a loud bang


a red, petal tightly stacked flowers in the air slowly blooming!

Dragon Flower! The symbol of the Principality of


that indomitable, that hot, and that let the bone marrow are quivering red ...

Fireworks make up the dragon flower ...

It blooms, seems to let the whole square is caught in that warm overflowing red!

drumbeat sounded, in the dragon flower scattered the moment ...

is filled with the drumbeat of the leaking * point, accompanied by the Serpent Flute, the unique instrument of the Principality of Hill.

seductive tunes, like snakes twisting the body, so undulating, so in the hook of the original ** of the Thunder and rolling of the fire.

the sky was cloudy. The temperature in

square is even higher.

is located in the middle of the square than the magic column around the bucket field out of the red luster, that color is very leaking * point, but also with a bit of ambiguity.

people are crazy when dozens of women with veils and gauze skirts come out in the bucket field!

they wriggled their bodies with the ups and downs of the music, and the curves were so wonderful that, with the fluttering of the tulle, they stimulated the nerves of all!

"Good! "In a row of seats close to the field, Jester got up and clapped desperately.

His performance caused dissatisfaction with some of the contestants around him, and scolded fools and idiots and other words, but their eyes still fell on the women who danced.

sat by Jester's side, the light of the Magic column reflected in his face, still no expression, but, his eyes twinkling, deep in his throat and from time to time out of the hoarse bass.

Music reached the **, drums fierce up, the sound of the snake flute also become high-pitched!


with the break, black fireworks blooming in the air, shielding off the desperate sun.

the whole square was dark.

so quiet that he seemed to hear only that people were not breathing calmly.

Suddenly, the sound of a snake flute broke the rhythm of this breath, that distant and exciting feeling of ups and downs, such as a look from ancient eyes, suddenly stabbed the sky!


is lit than the ointment on the ladder around the fight field!

fire moment lit up than the fight field! The

beating flame was burning around the field, as if it had sketched out a hot curve for it.

a woman appeared in the fire.

people hold their breath and look at the woman quietly.

a silk robe, so that her curve appears so perfect, red feet, even if only the fire, can also see the color of the temptation.

The music sounded, slowly.

is not as hot as just now, but that soft rhythm is like a pair of slowly open, hazy tearful eyes, that charming whirling, like the tattoo in the palm, showing the natural soft!

woman moved, barefoot twisting waist, with the music began to dance.

her body is so hook people, her eyes are so psychedelic, think of a mysterious exclamation point, took away the cheers of the sudden halt!

did not have a voice, because everyone was fascinated by her dance ... The

fire was burning, and she was jumping, even if the tulle covered her face, but the exposed eyes were enough to prove her pour.

Oh, can't escape, oh, can't forget.

again lonely heart can not be clear, lost, this is the only explanation.

come to me, you can't find it, you've lost yourself.

said Love me, love does not love me, you have been tempted by me.

follow me, Take me away, you have the demon.

Oh, your soul belongs to me.

don't think about it, the trouble on the balance.

don't take care of it, there is no fragrance under the throne.

don't care, that boring fight.

just hold me, as long as one of my smiles, that from the eternal coming of the King Yo, also no longer silent!

a gentle cry, the veil was removed ...

then, the fire around the fight field instantly extinguished.

the sky returned to gloom, and the temptation of the black disappeared.

but people, but have not yet recovered.

after a few seconds, a hoarse cheer broke the silence!


Square is boiling!

is an unrivalled boiling!

Jester even dances like a madman ... There was only one man in silence in


, Isaac ...

He sat there like a statue, motionless.

is like a rock weathered by years.

He was about to feel his heartbeat, and even his breathing was frozen.

is her ...

was the one who let him dream around and think about it day and night.


"messing around! "

sitting on the gorgeous high platform outside the palace, Carritt face is going to cramp!"

"Celia is really more and more daring, noble Princess Hill, actually ran down to play a dancer!" "Carritt's side of a concubine disdainful way."

"Yes, from an early age lack of discipline, what etiquette tradition is not seriously, so go on can how yo." "

" Where is the princess, is simply a wild girl. "

" likes to be self-proclaimed! "

," You shut up! Carritt angrily, and the concubines ' seemingly passing discussion made him even more furious.

Carritt originally promised to let Celia arrange the opening performance of the ceremony, he thought Celia just want to play, also did not care too much, did not expect, that bold Princess Royal Highness, unexpectedly made such a thrill so ambiguous things!

even herself has become the most memorable curtain call under this leaking * dot show!

"Your Majesty ..." whispered the middle-aged American woman dressed up beside Carritt.

"What are you trying to say, Zoldana, now I don't want to hear it." "Carritt waved his hand.

Zoldana took a deep breath, or plucked up the courage: "I think this opening performance is very good ..."

"is very good? "Carritt face is blue."

"Well, brilliant fireworks, the chirping of the serpent Flute, the enthusiasm of the Dragon flower, and ... Men burn up the blood, this is, they go to the battlefield before the best encouragement, Princess Celia is amazing, she for their impending blood, found a good direction, so they will be braver when they kill the enemy, isn't it? "Zoldana said all the words in a sigh.

Carritt's face gradually looked good, but he was still muttering.

Zoldana a slight smile. Worthy of being Carritt's favorite concubine, sure enough, there is something unique about her.

and the other concubines, with jealousy and venom eyes looking at Zoldana.


's trip to the ceremony was actually very simple-whoever stood on the battle field, held on to the end, who was the winner, who could be the vanguard of the Principality of Hill, who would have the chance to achieve another brilliant record, get the Principality of Hill and possibly even the most beautiful woman in the whole north of the Offilar continent.


the crowd exclaimed.

saw a man wrapped in a set of black chain armor standing on the battle field, and he was the first.

in fact, the first to go up is not great, because many people have been the opening performance of the blood rise, can not resist the heart of the performance of the **.

and the reason the crowd exclaimed was that the man was wearing a black and gold metal mask!

could not see at all what he looked like, the black helmet and chain armor, and the seemingly bizarre mask almost obscured him all, only to know that the man was slender and not so strong.

men do not move, hands also no weapons, he stood like that, but let a lot of soldiers in the bottom of his heart inexplicably gush a hint of fear, stop, wait and see.

Finally, a strong man jumped up, and the simple armor could not cover his bulging muscles.

This guy is strong at first glance, and very confident.

He went up to the black-armor man and pointed to the black gold and eerie interlaced mask: "Little thing, don't think you can take advantage of strange attire, in front of my Brazilian bud, you are a ..."


the gravel splashed on the fight field! Several hard slabs of stone


that the strong man called Basibud even the word "bug" has not been said to the export, was that a full of two heads shorter than him, looking a small circle of black-armor men punched down to the ground!

face on the ground, smashed a few slabs of stone, and then the Brazilian bud never moved again.

few people in light armor quickly ran up the fight field and carried the Brazilian bud, who were Hottandin's security guards.

The Black Armor Man did not move again, but he could be seen with a slight side of his body, as if looking for something.

soon, and a few more fighters went to the fight field, without exception, were knocked down by the Black Armor Man.

the audience was a little surprised, and there was a problem with some fighting skills: This masked guy didn't really have any fighting skills at all!

He was totally instinctive, attacking his opponent like a beast's survival.

but his body is really too balanced, the explosive force is like a blend into his fabric, at any time can out like a beast predator like culling!

Moreover, his fighting burst so fast, as if it were not a combat force stored in the meridians, or his own strength, that is, the explosive power of his muscles!

some of the more high-level warriors were frowning ...

a succession of people on the fight field, but also a succession of people by the Hottandin of the security guards carried down.

There were a few people left on the spot, and the Black Armor man had ups and downs in his chest.

Not everyone is a Brazilian bud kind of idiot, the Black Armor Man also carried out more than 10 close fighting, but every time he always stood up.

It seemed that he did not want to fall, as if he would climb desperately every time he fell, as if he were struggling every time he swung, as if his wild manners were just to live.


a few black metal crumbs fluttering. The

Black Armor Man rubbed high on the ground than the fight field.

"ER! "The low roar behind the

mask is a bit dull.

The Black Armor man rocked to his feet, which he did not know how many times he had stood up.

"He ..." black-a man opposite the tall warrior eyes a little wrong, at this moment, he has a feeling, is that to his fierce pounced on the guy--

is not normal!


Tall Warrior's face was hit by the Black Armor Man's fist, spewing blood like a fountain made of rough rock on the corner of Hottandin.

he wanted to stand up and imagine the black-armor man standing up, but, as soon as his hand had just propped up on the ground, he was severely trodden on!

"Ah! "He cried in pain, blood accompanied by bone dregs like rice soup."

Dong! Boom! Boom! ......

Black Armor Man pounced on him, punched and then punched ...

"Go and pull him away! "The Hottandin guards outside the fight were screaming, and they swarmed and set the black-Armor man open!

the audience lamented four ...

Fortunately did not kill you, that bloodied tall warrior was sent to treatment.

and black armor men half squat on the field, rapid breathing, dark eyes from the mask revealed, with a very strange look, very simple, but very bloodthirsty.

is a bit like a big, murderous beast gasping ...

the last contestant to play. Oh no, the sideline player also sits with a dull jester in his face, and he is also a contestant at the outing ceremony.

"Hello, Good Man." "The last contestant was also a warrior, with a luxurious armor, and the golden roll was elegant.

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