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Chapter 38 Moonlight on the window

It did not take much time for Isaac to return to Phyllis Manor and to the small courtyard that belonged to him.

It was so fast that the people who were going to work didn't realize he was standing on Gita and flashing past them!

just entered the door of the small courtyard ...


a figure fell in front of them.

a step back and the wolf's eyes were blood-red.

It is now a level six high-order Warcraft, feeling the terrible extent of the breath on the person who stopped them!

Even so, it still stopped in the front of the Satan, grinned up the tooth knife!

"Level six warcraft? Wolf? "Bang Rick looked at Gita with some curiosity.

is bunker.

"Chain Armor ah? "Bunker's eyes fell on Sarai again," Jester can not have this vision, must be your own choice, oh, just come back from the Klamar jungle? "He saw the stained blood on the Satan Black chain armor again.

for Bunker, Satan is aware of, but also very fond of. Because at the time of his last injury, bunker and Lew took great care of him.

who is good to him, he is good to whom, and does not ask reasons.

and for strangers, Satan has always had a kind of vigilance, afraid that they are hurt, like an instinctive sense of protection. So he often face with silence, often silent, in fact, even if he wants him to speak, he does not know what to say.

but now, Sarai even opened his mouth and cried, "Uncle Bunker." "

This is so strange that even bang is surprised!"

Bunker knew how Satan had killed the red Python, and knew clearly the violent breath that had been hidden in Satan's body, and he was more aware that the taciturn young man in front of him was like a beast's habit! It is very difficult for

to call a beast who is desperately trying to protect himself in order not to be hurt to live.

because even if he has a crush on you in his heart, the year-round loneliness and silence, is still a huge barrier.

"What the hell has changed him? "Bunker heart to think secretly."

"It's hard to be ..." bunker suddenly had a air in his heart. He remembered the recent anomaly of Vivian and the scene in the Klamar jungle.

can make a man who closes himself like a beast change, except for the kinship that dissolves the ice, the most effective and quickest method is only one.

There are no relatives around, then this is the only--

of the original desire for the opposite sex!

or screaming, love.

Bunker Heart A little surprised, a time also forgot and Satan talk, and Zacchaeus also do not open mouth, stand beside Gita quietly look at him, still face no expression, still look a bit silly.

Vivian and Nathaniel? Bunker for a while it was really hard to connect the two young men who were supposed to watch the eight Poles couldn't get together. You know, in the heart of bunker, Vivian from an early age and Celia is a good friend, especially adore Celia's brother-the Principality of Hill two Prince Kerviel, and for the sake of Kerviel, some time ago also specifically begged for Lew to help her to the Royal College, because Kerviel is there to study ...

because Lew is naturally very willing, Vivian and Kerviel married, the Phyllis family will logically become relatives of the Belsa family, and in terms of Carritt's fondness for Kerviel, Kerviel is also likely to inherit the throne of the Principality of Hill, the Phyllis Chamber of Commerce became Hill's National Chamber of Commerce there is great hope, There was a bright way to monopolize that huge benefit-something leaf was keen to see, so he used a lot of gold coins and a lot of connections, and finally let the poor level is not a little two o ' clock Vivian "smoothly" passed the entrance examination of Komoro Royal Magic Wushu College. Whether or not that Prince Kerviel likes Vivian, or simply treats her as a sister like Celia, because Lew believes that with her daughter's looks, with Vivian's fame in Hottandin, this matter should not be basket.

but now ... For the first time, bunker looked at the dull young man so carefully.

a handsome face, although a little, the five senses are not very delicate, but together is a kind of attraction, see a long time, even more beautiful than the five beautiful people are still good-looking!

and his eyes in particular ...

Bunker can't help but believe a bit, Satan body has a kind of primitive wildness, a completely different temperament from those princes and nobles, seriously, for those who look at the elegant demeanor every day and so on Miss Princess indeed will have a fresh feeling.

Fresh on behalf of the beginning of temptation, not to mention bunker is still present, Satan's eyes, hidden a kind of melancholy, a very simple melancholy, that is the sleepy beast after injury will have the look!

Sleepy Beast Ben is sad, and sleepy beast again hurt ...

if now, then immediately will feel this man in a faint but can not erase the sadness, which is very easy, let women's compassion overflowing.

Bunker knew what leaf longed for, though he admired the young man in front of him, and the stubbornness and toughness that had loomed on his body reminded him of his disciple Litt ...

but if, for bunker to make a choice between the Phyllis Chamber of Commerce and Zacchaeus, he would not hesitate to choose the former.

Indeed, Bonk is right, and Satan has changed a little. The miss of that strange woman, let Satan's heart become sensitive, but also let him gradually realize the emotional fluctuation, his heart of the ice sheet opened a gap, a ray of sunlight inadvertently shot in, swinging a touch of colorful. But bunker also guessed wrong, occupied the mind of Satan, let him like a beast crazy desire, not Vivian, but Celia ...

in fact, at the age of Isaac, the reason for liking a person is often this instinct, the male instinct. Because of this instinctive drive, he will think of her, will pay attention to her, will not stop wanting to understand her, want to protect her, want to have her ... Slowly, when understanding, like more profound, feelings also accumulate more profound, so, like mature, it becomes love.

"Forget it, the beginning is still a little unbearable, now also have to do so." "Bunker secretly made up his mind. So he opened his mouth and said to Isaac, "there is something that needs your help, it has to do with jester, and it has something to do with me and Lew." "

" is good. "Isaac said a word.

He didn't ask me what it was, was that how he judged things, like Warcraft, no, advanced Warcraft and Wisdom, exactly wild animals, totally dependent on intuition ... Bunker Heart Again a tremor.

"take part in a competition, but when you meet jester, you have to lose to him on purpose, okay? "Bunker said not much, he knew that Isaac did not understand, and would not think, so simply tell him directly how to do it."

"good." "Not out of bunker surprise, it's the word again."

"Tomorrow, I'll come looking for you." "Bunker Road.

"good." "Satan said the same word for the third time.

Bunker gone, his heart unexpectedly produced guilt, that he did not have the mood after the killing of the Lafar priest, but now, he himself even some can not face Satan, especially to see his eyes more profound than the night sky after.

kind of deep, as if not to touch the haze of the world, as if jumping out of the battle and conspiracy ...

Yes, there is no star of the night sky, that black, is not pure enough?


night fell.

Gapan sat in the small courtyard, he did not practice, just want to let his heart calm.

Golden Head, red seductive lips, faint aroma, and those beautiful and unique eyes.

Although she is very fierce to herself, but also said such mean words, but why, just can't forget her, why ...

felt that her heart was full of her, so heavy that the whole man was like walking in the dry desert, as if her smile were at the end of the desert, but she could not find her way.

is this the feeling of liking a person but not being able to express it?

a little bitter, but don't want to pull away. Instead, the

more and more sunk in the confused silhouette.

closed his eyes .....

better, the heart did not have that ups and downs of weightlessness, but still very depressed, breathing are tired.

lay beside him, his tongue stretched out, and his silk saliva dripped from his fangs.

Suddenly, Gita went away, huge dark shadow flash, disappeared in the night.

Then, Isaac smelled a scent.

and she seem to be ... But it seems that it is not her, the fragrance to be lighter, not like the taste of her body, so good smell, so directly let the heartbeat plus.

did not dare to open his eyes, he felt so nervous, he was afraid of a open eyes, he saw her.

"You're back ..." a voice like yellow warbler out of the valley.

not her! Her voice is not so crisp, a little Sandy, very nice!

But the sound is also very familiar, by the right, is her, Jester's sister.

opened his eyes.

turns out, Vivian in his mind, is Jester's sister ...

a smile at Vivian. He remembers this girl, and in the Klamar jungle, every time she gave herself water to drink, it was she who took out those very tasty things for herself to eat.

was stunned, and it was the first time he had laughed at himself!

Originally, he smiled so good-looking ah, why he always do not laugh? Vivian could hear the sound of her heartbeat.

did not speak, he did not know what to say, thought for half a day, only to say: "Thank you for the water, well, there is food." "

Vivian can't help laughing, the voice is very crisp," then I will send you food tomorrow. "

" No. "Zacchaeus plucked his head," Something's tomorrow. "

" The day After tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, well, I came to see you, bring you a lot of delicious! "Vivian looks very happy."

"Good! "Isaac smiled again.

"I ... I'll go first. "Vivian face a red, busy out of the small courtyard, to the courtyard door also almost fell, so she simply ran."

Air still has the taste of Vivian, that is the flavor of Soro mixed with her body fragrance ...

can see, Vivian is deliberately dressed up, very cute very beautiful.

but Sarai could not recall her appearance, because Vivian left the taste, can only let him think more violently of another person.


the color of the moonlight, the fragrance of the woman, the carved window lattice, and a lovely face.

Wind brushing the length of Vivian roll, after bathing the fragrance sprinkled, let a person heartwarming.

"The day After Tomorrow ..." Remembering and Zacchaeus's agreement, Vivian smiled sweetly again.

She spent a lot of time with Zacchaeus on the edge of the Klamar jungle, but it was the first time two people had a formal exchange and agreement.

"Agreed ... Me and his ... "The thought of this, Viv in peace of mind on the sweet, she drew the curtains, bounced up the bed.

little downstairs, on the lawn.

here is the darkest part.

could hardly see anything.

Suddenly, this obscure black move a bit, a bent figure slowly got up.

"This is ..."

Austin took a deep breath, her face covered under the hat of the shabby sorcerer's robe, and could not see clearly.

, "Where's the closest thing to you?" "

Austin turned and walked towards a darker place.

's footsteps were still stiff.

I can only, live in the dark.

can't see your sunny smile.

I dare not hope.

because, I don't deserve it.

I can only have darkness.

and the wait you don't even know.

"scared you at that time ... I'm sorry ... "

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