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Chapter 37 Tingling

"Uncle Bunker! "The crisp voice, accompanied by a silver-bell-like laugh, ran this way along the sting's gaze.

"Miss Vivian, Haha, how, to go to Ke Morrow Ah, ready to go to the street to buy things?" Isn't it just to learn boring tricks from the lame teachers of the Magic Martial Arts college, and it's necessary to prepare so many things? I look at you, I wish I could move the whole Phyllis Street. "Bunker laughs.

"Hate, Uncle Bunker, know you are the Saint!" " Vivian's Little Mouth pursed.

"Haha, komoro that college is really not very good, you have to learn warrior skills, it is better than Uncle Bunker to teach you." "Bunker was laughing, but the pride in his eyes was obvious. The holy Strong is indeed entitled to say this.

"Well, well, know Uncle Bunker you are good, people have never been out of town, want to see it." "Vivian jumped to bunker side and reached for bunker's arm.

"Is it out of town, or is it going to find someone?" "Bunker laughs.

"Who? "Vivian was a leng."

"pretending to be stupid in front of your uncle Bunker, isn't he? "Bunker was amused by Vivian's lovely appearance, he did not know, in fact, Vivian is really not reacting to come, her heart, now only a word has not even how to talk to her silly boy ...

"If someone in the college bullies you, you have to tell Uncle Bunker, Uncle Bunker to knock out his big teeth." "Bunker laughs. For the lovely Vivian, he is very spoiled, than because of the leaf is not much worse.

"Hey, this man is so strange Yo, who is he? "Vivian finally found the sting wrapped in a magic robe," wow, the robe, is a sorcerer yay! "When she saw Austin's dress up, she screamed again. Even the big Lady of the Phyllis family is very rare for the rarest species of wizards. Not that Offilar's sorcerer is really rare to this extent, but the wizards do not like to walk around, there is a fixed place to stay the best, to let them move a nest, difficult!

then Vivian carried her little hand, turned around the sting, wearing very lovely shoes on her feet, the heel dingdong, the long brown curls looking very fluffy, and with her footsteps quivering with a tremor ... The hat associated with

's magic robe covered Sting's face, so no one saw it, and there was a blush on his face.

Austin, the undead mage who looks horrible but doesn't really make sense of the world, can't look up at the moment in the face of Vivian's bright, lovely smiling face. He felt only that the heart was being emptied, that he could only scared there, and that his big, clear eyes were around him.

such as Black crystal eyes, that soft curly hair like Hottandin early summer evening wind, warm and gentle-Austin dare not breathe, he even feel that the moving hair will be blowing his cheeks at any time.

this feeling, which was not in the dark dungeon, which he had not had in his former life, was not between him and Isaac, for at this moment his heart was about to jump out of his chest.

Suddenly, a small white-jade hand lifted the hat that was built over his head!

"Ah! "A scream, deeply stabbed into his heart."


did not return to Phyllis Manor and did not return to his small courtyard.

in the center of the Klamar jungle, in the Constant and Warcraft fight, in their own and those of the Warcraft outflow of Blood, his heart, unexpectedly filled with unprecedented pleasure!

this seems to belong to his world, this thorn purpose red, as if is the cultivation of bloodthirsty thurus days after the best relief!

He, like a hungry beast, Tore one Warcraft after another with a primitive roar.

will be hurt, will fall, so what?

in Satan simple thinking, hurt will be good, down can also climb up, as long as those Warcraft no longer have the power to breathe, this is enough!

seems to be bloodthirsty thurus days to run faster.

every time Satan hurt or the body reached the limit of fatigue, the whirlpool inside the Taneda will run wildly, countless hot breath into the repair of Lori, repair his wounds, but also bring that severe pain!

This pain only recently appeared, Zacchaeus also do not understand, he only know this really pain, even if soon will be good, it is also a kind of torture, unabashed torture!

also had a question in his heart: Asura, what kind of ethnic group is it?

could not know, not even in his inheritance memory. But he knew that this race, must be cruel, because they are cruel to themselves, in order to pursue the limits of strength, unexpectedly found such a painful way of cultivation!

the pain of torn body, uncontrollable phagocytosis, and the possession of energy bullying ...

desperate, crazy, and cold-blooded. Asura, nine days Thurus mantra, seems to be only in the body of pain constantly reinforced, and the kind of pain as if there is no end, let Satan become more numb and cold.

also only fight Warcraft after the pleasure can reduce that pain, but also only when there is no cold blood flowing from in front of him, he will feel that pain, he still breathing ...

No, there's one more thing.

can make him feel his heart, still jumping.

that is a good beautiful face, it is a let him even if the Roar also lingering woman.

She was really good-looking, before, Isaac felt that the best looking woman was her own sister Na.

But her beauty is not the same, na let his heart become quiet, and she, that even do not know the name of her, but let sprinkle all body hot, restless.

still miss her, for a long time, he unexpectedly infatuated with that feeling, that heartbeat accelerated can not find the direction of breathing feeling.

because this is, bloodthirsty thurus days after the severe pain, the best antidote.


10 days later.

Klamar a little more warcraft in the jungle was almost killed by Satan.

in fact, Klamar jungle is in the same degree as Jester seems to be a place, here is actually just for the Klamar hunting ground deep to provide fresh Warcraft.

Offilar on the mainland of any large jungle, inside the life of the Warcraft is also much stronger than here.

is only a level four, that is, a few, the most powerful red poison python has long been killed by Satan.

It's Gita ...

, the Coyote Gita, became the most powerful Warcraft in the Klamar jungle.

because, in the daily practice of Satan day and night, after eating a lot of Warcraft magic Crystal, Gita has become a Level six Warcraft!

This in Offilar World of Warcraft, is almost impossible thing!

, in itself, is a gray first-class Warcraft hyena, which, as a common sense, can only live an extra day at the Klamar hunting ground. However, it was blessed, met with Isaac, and signed a blood deed, so it was transformed by the terrible repair of Lori, especially from level five to level six, and its shape changed dramatically.

originally gray miscellaneous hair disappeared, replaced by a black shiny splashed, thick short hard, feel like steel needle, originally weak body also disappeared, almost three meters long two meters high, in The Wolf Warcraft, this body is already very large.

now Gita, is also an intermediate Warcraft, fast, and attack claws and teeth extremely explosive. The world of

Warcraft is a world of power, and the dignity of high-order Warcraft is naturally produced with the series. When Gita stepped into the ranks of high-order Warcraft, it was no longer willing to call itself hyenas, it also did not want to call the king of Hyenas, that small role is only three levels, how can be compared with level six.

then, after it acquired the wisdom of the high-order Warcraft, which was six to nine, it called itself the Thurus Wolf.

Offilar the only Thurus Wolf on the mainland-this is the pride of Gita, the pride that Satan brings to it, the pride that can be defended with life!

of course, it takes Nathaniel's approval, and Isaac has no opinion, because Gita is important to him. After the

level six, for Warcraft, to ascend, it is not the series of strength problems, but, evolution.

Warcraft is a creature that relies entirely on talent, and their strength is completely determined by nature. For example, a descendant of a Class four warcraft, if there is no other external force to help, adulthood, it is at most four levels. But if you sign up with the cultivator, it can get the opportunity to practice, but the promotion is not big.

, especially after the six Class of Warcraft, is firmly controlled by talent, if there is a mutation, they have a breakthrough, that is, the Evolution of Warcraft, but the odds are surprisingly small.

So Gita is a miracle, so Gita is the mysterious Lori after the transformation of the hyenThurus magic Wolf!

a proud Wolf howl, Klamar in the jungle sparse yellow leaves shook a few times, out of the branches.

leaped, stood on the back of the wolf Qiu Knot of the Gita muscle, and disappeared into the jungle in the blink of an wink.

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