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Chapter 36 Color of Dragon Flower

Refining body. This is a compulsory course for warriors. And the best part of the refining is not the exercise field carefully built by the rich people, the wild, the wild that is in close contact with nature.

this way to achieve the best coordination and balance in the body. This is something that is clear from the "perfect balance" of the arrimendi of the king of the Assassin, who Arrimendi taught this method when Isaac was still in Tarona.

so Zacchaeus and jester are ready to go to a place-the Klamar jungle!

They are really not afraid to die.

there was an inexplicable feeling about the place, and every time he thought of fighting the red venomous python, Isaac was not boiling!

accurately said, should be--

asura blood uncontrollable boiling!

looks like the Asura love to fight, and maybe that's a race born for the fight ...

Phyllis Street. A high-grade blacksmith's shop.

"This is a good one. "Jester knocked on a chest armor hanging on the wall.

glanced and shook his head.

is too heavy, wearing on the body is very agile, Zacchaeus grew up in the Ice Canyon, although he is very withdrawn, but after all, the eyes see the ears are very strong characters, so he has a keen sense of equipment.

more than equipment, in fact, under the influence of those guys intentionally or unintentionally, zacchaeus in the way of fighting skills in fact also have a high understanding.

just he didn't understand it himself.

In addition, it is the cultivation work that remains in his memory, which is the result of almost searching the entire ice and Snow Canyon ...

every kind, put in the canyon outside, are not out of the baby!

looked at it for half a day, and Sarai finally picked up a set of black chain armor, which is a very cold armor, no heavy armor flexible, no light armor flexible, and no leather armor agility and comfort ...

but he once listened to the Lei of the canyon Saint-Nacarson said: "If there is no absolute power to control the heavy armor, and not enough to wear light armor, the best armor for beginners, is the chain armor, but the mainland of the stupid blacksmith never know its importance." "

put on the chain armor and replaced the handyman's cloth.

changed a man.

Vivian looked at it.

because it is a rare chain armor, Satan selected this set is even this Hottandin very famous blacksmith shop treasure, fortunately Vivian Anping save a lot of money, originally jester also want to buy a weapon for Satan, can not, this is the body, there is a weapon but a burden, he just need defense is enough.

because Isaac had no fighting skills at all, he fought the flesh like a beast purely by force.

then they went to the Klamar jungle. On the first day of

, they were only active in the fringe, without any danger, and the most dangerous red Venom Python had been resolved.

Jester was completely out of force, and he was unable to keep up with the rhythm and intensity of the Nathaniel refining body.

No, not unable to keep up, is not a horizontal line at all!

saw the refinery of Satan, and Vivian, who had been trapped in that memory, was stunned.

She did not know that soldiers originally need to bear such a huge intensity of physical exercise!

so for the next few days, Vivian could only be an audience, but she would also like to see the man with the black chain armor finish again and again in her seemingly incredible process of refining, blushing heartbeat has become a habit.

that feels very similar, see his beloved lover after the success of the pride and joy ...

even if Satan had not said a word to her at all.

Vivian also do not mind, she knew Satan words less terrible, even and jester he did not say a few words, Vivian just again and again put the water bag sent to the face, and then the man dazed take over, like Warcraft drinking water as pouring.

Such progress is really fast, originally the existence of Gita dragged down the practice of zacchaeus, if simply according to the bloodthirsty Thurus day method of cultivation, at least one-fifth of the repair Lori to be crossed to Gita, and a little wrong will be injured. A lower hyena does not have the talent to Asher Chiro, and the desire for energy is like a water tank that will never be filled with discontent.

and the refining method that fits the "perfect balance" is not the same.

every time Satan's ** reached the limit of fatigue, the whirlpool of the birth of the bloodthirsty Luo Tian in Taneda automatically rotated violently, the chest was so bored, and the grumpy mood filled his heart. The meridians are like a taut line, pulling, and the muscle fibers seem to be broken at any moment, and severe pain begins to spread.

then he would have to run the bloodthirsty Luo Tian!

only in this way, that kind of pain can be alleviated!

because even the blood of the Asura family, also made of meat, there are nerves, and Sarai does not want to endure that terrible pain.

is like this, the limit, rotation, severe pain, cultivation, devouring. Satan mechanically repeats such a process, the time, the silent passage of ...

soon, two months passed.

Jester in the first few days also came together, but later do not know why never appeared, Klamar the edge of the jungle, only Vivian accompanied Isaac, every morning, there is every dusk twilight.

this day.

opened his eyes, stood up from the ground, went to Vivian's side, and opened his mouth, "go back, I'm going in." "

This is the first thing Satan has said to Vivian in a few days, in fact, over the past two months, what Zacchaeus has said to Vivian in total can be counted by adding up one hand.

a lot of times, Vivian is silently looking at him, silently sweet, but also silently contradictory.

is winter, Klamar the leaves of the jungle began to wither, Vivian looked at Sarai, do not know what to say.

looked at her, but suddenly appeared in front of another face, that face is really very good-looking, but also really annoying, every time they do not practice, that face appears in front of you, appear in the mind, how can not drive away, and, but also let their own heartbeat plus, breathing difficulties.

did not know what the feeling was, nor did he know how to get rid of the feeling that made him feel bad, but it seemed as if the more he wanted to get rid of it, the more the woman who scolded himself that day, the longer he stayed in her mind.

is Celia.

can't forget the people, it turned out to be her.

was overwhelmed by the daze in place, until the figure with a hyena disappeared into sight.


"My daughter, the perfect treasure of the Principality of Hill, can't you give your grieving old father a little face? "

The golden carving door, an old man sighs, his golden head is a little gray, but his face is very wrinkled."

pull a bit, the door opened, Celia full of scowl look at him, "What am I really, your tools, why do you men are always so selfish, ** more important than the happiness of their daughters!" "

" Alas! "The Old man sighed," Celia, you are my most precious treasure, how can I bear to see you unhappy, but there is no way, I am the king, I want to be responsible for the people of Hill ... "

" to say less of these fart words! "Celia actually used an extremely indecent word, and it was used against her father, King Carritt of the Principality of Hill.

"hehe." "In the face of his daughter's disrespect, Carritt also not angry, but to smile:" Swift is also a very good young man, as the two Emperor of the Blue Empire, he inherited the Callan Throne opportunity is also very big ... "

" and then what? "Celia interrupted him," And I stayed lonely every day in the boring palace, just like my mother, like those concubines of yours? "

Carritt not speak, but sighed.

"We had a deal, father." "After seeing Carritt like this, Celia softened," 10 days later, Hill held the ceremony according to tradition, and if anyone can win that ceremony and then lead Hill's army to victory over Lucian country and take back the territory we lost, I will marry whoever. "

" but swift he ... "Carritt eyes twinkled.

"Father, always hide under the wings of others, how can you see their own piece of the sky." "Celia," I know our position as hill, and I know that if we were not at the centre of northern Trade, we would have lost sovereignty like many countries, but father, what we lack, if we do not own it, we will always live in a panic that will be annexed at any moment. Hill tens of millions of man, I do not believe, there is no hero, there is no one can let me Celia entrusted to the life of the man! "

Carritt shoulder with a slight tremor, he remembered 30 years ago, that commander-in-chief of the Army beat Luchian's war division Delent, at that time, Celia was not born."

later, Delent died, as the Principality of Luchian secretly joined forces with the British Empire, and with the support of British forces, hundreds of square kilometres of land on the border of the Principality of Hill fell again in the hands of Luzians.

's Hill territory today is only half what it was 30 years ago.

is also because of the continued lack of territory, Hill's military strength has not been displayed, Hill's force will not go back, Hill only rely on gold coins and beautiful women in the north of the strong around the gasping.


"Heroes ..." Carritt standing in the luxurious floor-to-ceiling window, looking at the garden in the night, the heart of the undulating, "30 years, the color of the dragon flower, still vivid, delent ah, if you are still alive, perhaps now is the Battle of the Holy Bar, do not know today's Hill, there is no such courage as you, there is no one, It is possible to awaken our lost dignity with that indomitable will ... "

" His Majesty. "A noble middle-aged woman went to Carritt's side."

"Zoldana, Cowell is all right in the card blue? "asked Carritt slowly.

"Thanks to His Majesty worry about." "Zoldana laughed," Kerviel he gave me a magic message the other day, and recently he was about to have a new trial, is actively preparing, in addition, his strength has advanced. "

" is good! "Carritt smiled," is worthy of my Carritt son, Hill future The strongest man will be born, Zoldana Ah, you have raised a good son for me, will also bring a hero for Hill! His Majesty "

" has won the prize. "Zoldana was overjoyed to hear Carritt praise his son so much.

"Pity ..." Carritt sighed again.

Zoldana knew what he was bothering, and carefully asked, "Xili she ... Still won't accept it? "

" She also talked to me about the terms! "Carritt some angry way."

"Your Majesty, I know you love her very much. "Zoldana Gentle Way:" Celia is actually very pitiful, from childhood mother is not there, although I also try to imagine my mother to give her warmth, but as a woman I know, not their own biological mother, everything is separated by a layer. " If you can marry the card blue, is good, if Xili not willing, then you are tolerant of a little, in fact, in my opinion, her method is also very good, perhaps when the ambitious Luzians this time was repelled, Hill's Dragon Flower, and can bloom that beautiful red! "

" hope. "Carritt softly.


"Miss." "

, Vivian Road, who had been sitting by the bed.

"What are you doing? "Vivian reacted.

"said the master," let you begin to prepare. " "Liv Road."

"What are you going to do? "Moonlight sprinkled in the window lattice, very beautiful."

"Go to the card blue Ah, Komoro Royal Magic Wushu College." "There was a touch of a smile on Liv's face." You don't always want to go there, there, there is a tall and magnificent figure that will be the hero of our Principality of Hill. "

" Who? "Vivian froze for a moment.

, "Your Highness Cowell?" "Liv pretended to be surprised," Did you forget him, didn't you worship Princess Celia's brother from a young age, or did another silly fellow take your heart? "Liv drew the length of her head with her hand.

"Then again, anyway, there is still early school, to wait for the winter." "Vivian actually came back from the Klamar jungle, the heart has been very annoyed and messy, she did not understand the meaning of Liv's words."

"Get out of here. I'm going to bed. "Vivian was planted on the bed, covered with a quilt embroidered with lovely patterns."

took out of Vivian's room and stood in the hallway.

"Alas ..." Liv looked at the luxurious living room under the mahogany railing, and sighed to herself, "I do not know what evil the young lady had, but would like such a fool, and thought that she would be a happy couple with her Highness Cowell, and now it seems that Miss has lost interest in the martial arts college, which she has always wanted to go to, poisoning is not shallow, I remember that before, the young lady was very happy to see her Highness Cowell every time. I think His Highness Cowell will also like the young lady, although he has a hill's most beautiful sister, but the young lady is not bad ah, do not know how many princes and nobles dream of marrying Miss ... "

what and what Ah, perhaps Kerviel also just think of Vivian as a sister like Celia, eight words has not been a apostrophe, I thought it was really the same, these waitresses ah, a day of boredom like to guess the mess. Liv muttered as she walked along, "but seriously, the silly boy is really like a wizard who can do evil, the head of the terrible night, those eyes seem to be able to pull away the soul, I am a little afraid of him, alas, the master spent so much money to clear the relationship, so that the young lady can go to the most prestigious college in Offilar, I am still thinking, When the winter is over, you can also go there to see, the master has been very supportive of Miss and His Highness Cowell together, Lienjestedt Master did not have a chance ... "when it comes to jester, there was a blush on Liv's face." For a long time did he see him, what the hell was he doing? "


the dawn.

the sun was full of Phyllis Manor.

Hottandin also has sunshine in the early winter, which is rare.

in fact, Phyllis Manor is not sunny. It also has a place to see no light.

in a secret room, in the dark corner, scattered with a smell of decay, like an innate fusion, a person sitting in the corner, there is no rejection of this disgusting feeling.

"Creak", the door of the Chamber of Secrets opened.

the man opened his eyes.

"Austin. "Cried the comer softly.

"Well, Uncle Bunker." "Sting got up and came out of the corner.

"It's been two months, how, or not used to life out there? "To come is the first master of the Phyllis Family-" sound war Saint "Bunker, the Holy First order strong.

"no sense of home." "Sting's pale face was still expressionless, and the dry voice was like a hoarse string. "Where's the man? "he asked again.

"Master jester has been enduring your undead magic every day for two months, and now the state of mind has reached a tipping point, that is to say, his mental strength has begun to ' cocoon '." "Bunker laughs.

"Then I can go home." "asked Sting again.

"Home ..." bunker felt a feeling of guilt and saw that the only son of his best friend had become so, and he could not help asking himself whether he had done the right thing that year.

If I didn't do that, sting, maybe I wouldn't have been born at all. Alvi, I'm sorry, let your son be like this, but if you don't, you will surely be killed by the Sorcerer's Guild, cut off, undead magic, will break the last trace of blood, your family, is not sworn to guard it ...

"Uncle Bunker? "Sting was surprised to see Bunker's absence.

"ER." "Bunker interrupted the memory and looked at Austin's eyes full of love.

A glimmer of concern appeared on Austin's Pale face.

"No, it's okay." "Bunker smiled, saw the expression of sting, the heart gushed a hint of warmth."

"' Bound the cocoon ', and what you want me to do is done." The degree to which the ' soul calls ' can be achieved is that, and by the time his mental power evolves to break the cocoon, his understanding will increase. So, I thought, can you send me back. "Austin Road."

"You, really want to go back to that place? "Bunker frowned.

"Well, that's my home. "Austin Road."

"That ... All right. "Bunker hesitated, alone, and he had long regarded the friend's orphan as his own child.

"Then let's go." "Sting's bent body began to move, and the pace was still faltering."

out of the Chamber of Secrets, and Sting was blinded by a burst of sunlight, and he stretched out his thin, pale palms and covered his eyes.

saw his action, bunker again a pain.

hard, Sting's pupils adapted to the light, but he still shrunk his neck into the black robe, messy white appears to be very Shing. Because of the lack of sunshine for years, he had a disease at a very young age, after good, the head and skin become the present, even the pupil, is also light gray, the eyes around the appearance of a circle of green eyeliner, looks very demon.

"Austin, we have to be careful, although there are no problems with the sheriff of Hottandin, but once those people are here, I am sorry for your father." You know, then I ... Hey, sting, what are you looking at? "Bondi is not listening to him at this time, but is staring at a place.

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