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Chapter 32 Dream & Reality

The pink room is lovely.

a soft pink soft bed, Vivian holding the pillow, sleep very fragrant.

long eyelashes cover the eyes, brown rolls long, fluffy on delicate sheets, very cute.

"Well." "Vivian turned over, her bent, thin eyebrows wrinkled together.

She was dreaming.

She dreamed that many terrible monsters were chasing her, and she ran with her dead, accidentally, and fell to the ground.

just as she was helpless, a slender figure came from a distance ...

that black long fluttering, those deep eyes are also looking at themselves.

a good-looking man, Vivian can't help but look crazy.

a swoop, and the man settled the monsters that chased her a few times, and came towards her.

's heart beat so hard.

his face was really attractive, and the way he looked at himself was really good and gentle ... The

man went up to Vivian and held out his hand.

's face flushed and put her hand in the man's hand.

pulled it, and he took hold of his hand ...

's heart is about to be changed.

"Come with me, I'll protect you." "The sound is so magnetic that it's not frivolous at all."

let him pull himself and walk toward a place full of sunshine.


"Hmm." You protect me ... "Vivian self-conscious, red on her cheeks.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes, and now she was in sight of Liv's strange smile, while her hands were clenched tightly on the other side of Qi ya's hands.

"You have a lot of sweat in your hand, miss, I have a good pain." "She smiled, too, but she looked a little more pure than Liv.

"Qi Ya, is a dream, our Miss Vivian do not know who to dream, well, no matter who, are very sweet yo." "Liv had a little more cunning on her face.

, "You guys are so verbose!" "Vivian turned her mouth and flushed.

Suddenly, she looked as if she had thought of something, and hurried out of bed, and rushed outward.

"Miss, come back, unkempt how can you go to see him! "Cried liv, laughing loudly.

was stunned at the door, and did not go to argue with Liv, thought for a moment, and sat down in front of the dresser.

"Don't be in such a hurry." "Liv brought a silver carved basin, which was covered with warm water," wash first, and do not know which lucky fellow, can let us look higher than Goia Santa Miss Vivian Dream is Dreaming. " "

" Liv, don't talk nonsense. "Vivian picked up the fragrant warm water and drenched it in her delicate little face," I didn't, just, he saved me ... "

" know, all day yesterday, in that romantic jungle. "" I don't know. "Kiki came together, too.

Vivian did not speak, big eyes on the eyelashes flash flash.

"Romance? It's not romantic at all ... "Vivian had another scene in front of her that shook her up.

Dream Romantic scene and the reality of the bloody picture intertwined, let Vivian brain is very messy.

"He ... What kind of person is it? Is his injury okay? So heavy a wound ... He was dying to save me ... "The idea was endless, Vivian's hand hanging in the air, scattered with the aroma of water dropped in the basin, stirring up the messy tattoo.

"Maybe he just wanted to survive, not save me at all ..." Vivian thought again of that look before Satan fell.

"Forget it! "Vivian got up, threw her hands, went back to bed, pulled up the quilt, and covered her petite body as a whole.

"Miss? "Liv and Kiki are all corrugated."

"Get out of Here! Miss Ben is tired! and Rest! "


opened his eyes, he was lying in a very beautiful room.

a kindly old man with white beard was standing by the bed watching him.

"Reverend Lafar. "A man with a serious expression and looking about more than 50 years old came over, and Jester followed him, much more honestly.

"Because of President Lew. "The old man turned and saluted the Leafs.

"Oh, Reverend Lafar, you represent Odin love for us, please do not bend your selfless body." "Because Leafs hastened to return."

's head was heavy, and the look of several people was blurred in his eyes, with thick bandages wrapped around his two arms and blood leaching from the white.

eyelids are really heavy, more than 10 seconds later, sprinkle head a crooked, again unconscious.

Lafar looked back at Isaac, his eyes a little strange.

"What's the problem? Reverend Lafar. "asked Lew.

"very strange physique." "Lafar softly, he always thought the young man was a little familiar, but he just couldn't remember.

, the Lafar pastor, who worked in the Sorcerer's Guild in the Principality of Hill, was presided over at the age of two, but after almost 20 years, the old man could not remember, but there was a faint feeling of familiarity in his heart.

"What's wrong." "Because of leaf frown."

"I saw for the first time that the people of the great God of Odin did not accept the blessing of God. "Lafar hesitated and took a golden magic scroll out of his arms," you see, because of President Lew, you paid a high price for the incomparable piety of the great God of Odin, and from our Sorcerer's Guild came the healing Scroll of the magic of the light, but it didn't work at all. "

" is useless? "Because Leaf's eyes fell on the magic scroll out of the golden light in Lafar's hands.

"Yes, this child's physique may be special." "Lafar sighed, put away the healing scroll, and opened his mouth:" I have preached God's meaning in the north of the Offilar continent for so many years, from the Anglo Empire to the Principality of Hill, and I have never seen such a physique ... "The voice of Reverend Lafar suddenly turned lower.

because, suddenly a word appeared in his mind ...


, this young man who brings him a familiar feeling is heresy?

Lafar felt a little heavy in his heart.

because of the leaf eyebrows between a tremor, with his shrewdness, guessed Lafar under the words are not said what is.

"How can he cure him?" "Because Leafs don't change their sound."

"In a coma for three days, just woke up once, and fell into a coma ..." Lafar thought, "Such a special physique, perhaps only ordinary medicine can play a role, or ..." Lafar hesitated or said: "He can recover himself, I just from the extent of his resistance to the magic of the Light, There is a special force in his body that can repair the breakage of the muscle. The special power of "

", what is that? "asked Lew.

"Because of President Lew ..." Lafar looked at Lew, as if he had made a great determination, saying, "I have been in Hottandin for so many years, and I can only say that the strength in this child's body scares me, and that is neither magic nor vengeance, it should be ... Does not fall within the scope of the Austrian code. "

that's pretty obvious," he said.

because of the deep lock between the Leafs ' eyebrows, even jester did not look to Satan.

does not fall within the scope of the Austrian code ...

Lafar The implication, is to remind because of leaf: Satan, not surprisingly, is heresy!

sent away the Lafar priest, because Leaf alone back to the study, Jester also want to stay with Satan side, but was forced to send to study history class because of leaf.

"president. "As expected, bunker was already waiting for him in the study.

"What do you say? "Because Leafs looked at bunker.

"very simple, let him disappear." "Bunker cold Channel."

"disappear? "Because leaf eyes are flashing," you already know. "

" with my holy first-order strength, can not find out what the power in his body is, is not heresy? "Bunker's rhetorical question is straightforward.

was silent because of Lew.

"Heresy, in the Offilar continent is a creepy name, in fact, it can have a lot of concepts, you know, even if it is me, learning is the Odin code formal fight, but also almost treated as heresy, so ..." bunker, "you can choose to leave him, you can choose to get rid of him, There are also advantages to leaving him, and it's no good getting rid of him, but it's safe. "

" is like Terry? ' because Lew suddenly asked.

bunker eyes moved a bit, "yes." "

was his disciple, who died suddenly 20 years ago, and a few months after bunker got the news, the explanation given by the Duke of Gia Lord Castroda at that time was that the practice of the Pollock Estate," The Dragon's formula, "was investigated by the Sorcerer's Guild, and that Litt and the little wife of Count del, colluded, This heresy was practiced, so he was put to death.

later confirmed this by the President of the Sorcerer's Guild in the Principality of Hill, the holy German race of the Principality of the holy city of Goya.

bunker a sneer, took out an old letter, that is litt in the accident before the secret letter sent to him. "As I said, heresy is a very vague concept, and Terry is heresy, but it is true." "

a swoop, a fight from the hands of bunker ignited, the letter burned."

"What? "was startled by leaf. Bunker kept the letter, but at this point he destroyed it in front of him.

"In the temptation of the power of money, even Hill's holy German race can also reversal, this kind of evidence still has what use, I keep it, is to give my disciple an account, he was born in the prestigious warrior family, is a man of integrity and blood, such a disgrace, should not stay on him." "The Ashes fell from bunker," but I just suddenly realized that to make a name for him, these things could not be done, only power and strength, can do. "

," What do you mean? ' Because Lew seems to understand a little bit.

"left the young man named Isaac, to let the present secret man disappear." "Bunker in the eye," You know what kind of situation the Principality of Hill is facing right now, you've always wanted the Phyllis Chamber of Commerce to be Hill's national Chamber of Commerce, but the king of Carritt just disagrees, you know why? "

" I am also very puzzled. "Because Lew has some helpless way," becoming a national Chamber of Commerce is a great opportunity for a chamber of Commerce to increase its prestige and expand its trade scope, with the Phyllis Chamber of Commerce ranking second in the Offilar continent, I really can't figure out why Carritt would reject this win-win option. If it hadn't been for the foundation of the Phyllis Chamber of Commerce here, perhaps we would have been national chambers of commerce in other countries. "

" huge interests, like a chain, involve all the people. "Bunker," the Principality of Hill is a country known for its business, and its ability to survive in the crevices of the three empires, the Inger of the entire Offilar continent, the interests of the British Empire, the interests of the Farsi empire, the interests of the Blue Empire, These interests must remain in a balanced state, which is why Hill, a commercial country, does not have a national chamber of Commerce. "

nodded because of Leafs, and Bunker said he thought about it, but it wasn't so clear.

"If we, the Phyllis Chamber of Commerce, are to become the National Chamber of Commerce in the Principality of Hill, and most of them even monopolize this huge interest, there must be leverage that Carritt have to accept." "Bunker Road.

"what chips." "Because leaf has been heartwarming."

"The outing ceremony. "A flash in the eyes of bunker," a young man with only about two levels of fighting strength, killed with his bare hands the red venomous python that even a five-level fighter's senior warrior might not be able to beat, which is indeed contrary to the Odin code, is not reasonable, but it is our chance to find the key in the dark box around the power.

because Lew understood, considered it, and asked, "that Reverend Lafar? "

bunker smiled a bit.

no more questions because of Leafs.


night was deep, and the last lamp on Phyllis Street went out.

an old priest pushed open a dead wooden door and came out.

was Reverend Lafar, who looked right at the door and looked at it as if he were looking for someone.

"Lafar, my old friend." "A middle-aged man with an ordinary face came over, and the sharpness in his eyes was clear even in the dark of the night."

"Ah, bunker jihad." "Lafar Smiling," Why so late, to drink, and tomorrow, you know, after tomorrow, I retired from the Hill Wizards Guild, when I had plenty of time every day. "

" Can't Wait for tomorrow. "Bunker laughs," It's for that kid to send you a magic message in such a hurry. "

Lafar eyes flashed and he knew who bunker was talking about.

"come in." "Lafar put bunker into the two-storey wooden attic.

left and right to take a careful look after, Lafar closed the door.

just as he entered the door, a gas field quietly covered the attic.


Street is very quiet, Hottandin night is not windy.

creak, the attic of the wooden door opened, bunker came out, the shape flashed, disappeared in the corner of the dark.

in the attic.

an old priest lay on the table, as if he were drunk. The wine on the

table knocked over, flowed to the ground, and was mixed with a thorn of prickly purpose.

a magic scroll from the Lafar wide cuffs fell, the original golden light disappeared, appears so feeble.

whoop ... The air around the attic of

slowly flowed, and the gas field that covered it dissipated silently.

all the peace was restored, as if nothing had ever been born.

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