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Chapter 27 Pretty same as myself

Yes "After saying these words, bunker was calmer instead.

"But where am I going to find the undead mage? As far as I know, such magic has long since died out in the mainland! Even if it does, it's not something my Phyllis Chamber of Commerce can find! And it's taboo magic, isn't that a holy magic guide? The General Holy Magic Guide will be very difficult to please, not to mention the undead magic of the Holy Magic Guide! "Because Leafs looked thrilled.

"This is not necessarily ..." bunker, twinkling in his eyes, as if to say the following words were contradictory to him, "I used to have a good brother, called Alvi, a dark elf, known as the greatest assassin of the Sinoe Dark Elf tribe. And his father, the legendary Undead Magic Guide, was already very close to the Holy Devils, and I thought ... "

" Oh? "Because Leafs couldn't wait to interrupt bunker," where is he? The father of the Alvi, the legendary Undead, The Magic Guide! How can I be invited to him? For jester, no matter how much money you spend. "

Bunker's face became a little gloomy," and you think he's going to live? My President, brother, you saved me, so you should know how Goya dealt with heresy. Although I am not heresy, I have also been taught. "

, as soon as Lew listened, and immediately lost his spirit, decadently sat down.

"Maybe it's God's plan." "Bunker took a deep breath," more than 20 years ago, I helped Alvi, so that they can escape the wizard Guild pursuit. But then his father had been killed, and although Alvi did not practice the magic of the undead, and because of serious injury not a few years also died ... "

" bunker brother Ah, say these what other use, you in those sorcerer's library also see what method, then think carefully! "Because Leafs waved their hands."

Bunker smiled, and he knew about the fault of Leaf. The old president longed too much for his son to become a talent, and particularly hoped that jester would inherit the chamber of Commerce, but because Lew knew that Jester had not practiced well for a day, the boy would not learn to do business with peace of mind in a day, even if he was forced to do so.

"But my good brother also left behind a son, which was an extraordinarily talented half-breed. "Bunker went over and patted Lew on the shoulder, lowering his voice," that child is a rare magic genius in the world, cultivation, is the undead magic ... "

" haha! Bunker brother, can you finish the words at once, I am old, can not stand you such a toss! "It's fun because of Lew."

"Dungeon. "Bunker quietly uttered a word because of Lew's ear.

"is worthy of the mainland's first thief, indeed brilliant." "Nod as leaf appreciated the place."

bunker smile, for their own hand, obviously he is very proud, said: "President, that child called Sting, although a genius, but from an early age is very strange, especially like to stay in the dark place, and the undead magic has a natural understanding, originally I intend to pick up their mother and son, but his mother said nothing to do, Said is to let sting achieve the highest achievement of the undead magic, that realm is the real will, anyway, a lot of reasons, I can not understand, so only by them ... "Speaking of which, bunker sighed," even if I say hello to Hottandin's sheriff, there is also a dungeon set up in the Holy city, the environment is just too bad, Within a few years, Austin's mother had died, and as a last resort, in order to protect him, I had to keep him in the dungeon, but in order for him to practice the magic of the undead, every once in a while, I would ask the sheriff of Hottandin to put some of the strength of a felony worse than the strong of sting in the dungeon, Let him use the souls of those people for the practice of undead magic, so I think, after 20 years, he is strong enough ... "

patiently listened, he did not understand, but also did not interrupt bunker, because he felt that this may be his son Jester's best chance .......

at the same time, he also understood why Hottandin's sheriff often came to the Phyllis Manor and looked unusually close to bunker.

Bunker went on: "There is a tunnel in the dungeon that leads to the dungeon, I told Sting, do not casually come out, sting although because of the practice of undead magic has become very cold, but he listened to my words, has been in the dungeon, I do not want to let my best friend's children lost their lives again, Even the food and water sent to the dungeon were the worst, and everything was no different from what was eaten in other dungeons for the prisoners. "

" I see what you mean. "Because Leaf got up and looked serious," I know you care about your old friend's child, my brother, the reason you say so much to me is to let me be careful, you rest assured, Desai Saint so I will pay attention. "

" This is only on the one hand, Desai and Hill Sorcerer's Guild of course be careful, if you want to pick up the child out, the Phyllis family must be strictly confidential, I think this is better ... "bunker attached to Lew's ear and uttered an idea.

"Good! That's it! You're going to do this to bunker buddy! Be sure to keep Austin safe! "There was a light of excitement in Lew's eyes.


"A stay, this is where you live." "Boer came to a spacious house with Satan.

Room is very clean, decoration is also very elegant. Is worthy of the rich Phyllis family, even the living room, are so classy.

but Zacchaeus doesn't care about it, and for him, there's a place to be, and it's enough.

"Thank you. "When Isaac uttered a word, he went straight into the room, knees sat down on the bed, and closed his eyes.

, it's a dork to shake his head. If he hadn't had to squeeze Jenson's meal at night, he wouldn't have come to touch the piece of wood that couldn't put a fart for half a day. He had been with Satan for only half an hour, and was about to break down, and from beginning to end he heard Satan speak the two words, and, wondering why, the black man's eyes looked carefully would give a strange feeling, as if he had unwittingly fallen into it.

"You have a good rest." "By the way of the intersection, Boolean fled the room of Sarai with a flash of lightning.

soon entered the state of cultivation, he just broke through the first day, obviously feel the whirlpool in Taneda to absorb the heat, and, as long as there is no all in the heat generated by the whirlpool absorption, he will be uncomfortable, manic restless, and the spirit can not concentrate.

this feeling, in fact, is "bloodthirsty Thurus days" produced by the reaction. The so-called "bloodthirsty Thurus Day", is to devour, devour energy, this is a kind of repair Lori the most initial accumulation process, bloodthirsty as life, constantly absorb and then absorb, forced to order the cultivator to practice and practice again.

This method of cultivation is a bit cruel, but seriously, the degree is really fast! Isaac felt that every time he practiced, his body strength was a little stronger, and that Lori was restless in Taneda, like a dormant beast.

when Zacchaeus awoke from the state of cultivation, it was the evening of the next day. With his eyes open, Jenson and Bull were snoring in his room, disarray on the table.

He crept up, sat at the table, ate casually the rest of the food for the two men, and then went to the small courtyard outside the house, ready to move his muscles. After all, he is a warrior, not a sorcerer, although the "Nine Days Thurus Curse" cultivation method is very strange, but the body has been a long time, will rust.

He crouched down, suddenly picked up the yard of the big stone table, lifted up, and then crouched down, began to bear the weight frog jump. The

stone table had a good thousands of pounds, and Isaac held it like this, around the yard, jumping round and round.

do not know how many laps to jump, Nathaniel also feel a little tired, his physical talent is already perverted, coupled with the body of the repair Lori, such a amount of exercise, in Tarona has long been accustomed to Aris Mendi's refining method of the addition, can only be regarded as "active bones."

when Zacchaeus put down the stone table, he saw a man-the door of the small courtyard, a gorgeous dressed young man looking at him with his mouth up.

also did not have much reaction, a little dazed looking at the young man. This young man is not bad, but is a face of the ruffian, Dandyism very.

"Master Jester! Master Jester! My lord is looking for you. How did you get here? "A few of the men who were dressed up ran from afar.

Jester did not care about those people, just he passed outside the hospital, heard inside the movement, a little curious, came in, Isaac's behavior let him very shocked! Jester Heart has a feeling-in front of this casual head, clothes shabby young people, is by no means the average person!

is not the stone table raised by Satan, Offilar on the mainland, even in small countries like hill, there are many senior warriors, they can have such a physique, really let jester, this obsession with the practice of Phyllis Master surprised-the kind of balance of the body!

an absolutely coordinated sense of balance!

Jester carefully looked at Zacchaeus, the dark head is very special, a pair of deep eyes, that face is very good, but it seems a little silly ...

with a few sad screams, a wounded wolf was dragged over, with shackles around his neck, dragged all the way, leaving behind a blood marks.

"Master, what about this brute, it is your hind legs shot through, shed a lot of blood, but, still alive." "asked an entourage.

"Whatever! Don't bother me! "Jester waved his hand and still looked at Isaac, and the more he looked at it, the more he attracted him with his black eyes ...

did not look at jester, and his eyes fell on the wounded wolf, which was just a first-degree Warcraft hyena. Very ordinary, in the strong Warcraft many Offilar continent, such a level of Warcraft, only for people to hunt, entertainment just.

the hyena looked at Sarai, the look is helpless, very pitiful, also very afraid, that is do not know their next second can still live the despair ...

"Let's Go." "Jester shook his head and reacted, and his father was still waiting for him, and he had to go.

"Whoo-hoo! "The wounded hyena was forcibly dragged down, touched the wound, and mercy up again."

"Wait a minute." "Just as jester turned, he heard a voice that had no ups and downs, as if it were snow on a glacier.

"What? "Jester turned around.

"Can you, give it to me." "Satan pointed to the hyena, that kind of look, unexpectedly let his heart resonate."

don't know where tomorrow, life will be taken away at any time ...

as if, like himself.

"Yes, but I have one condition." "Jester laughed.

"you said. "Sarai's eyes returned to Jester's face. I do not know why, jester trembled all over, the black man's eyes in the sadness actually let him have a little heartache.

"Good! "Jester laughed suddenly," my condition is that you take me with you to the body! "

entourage are silly, this black boy a look is a handyman, than their status is still lower, jester this master how to see him?" Don't understand the logic of rich people's children.

added a nod, and pointed to the coyote, meaning: promise you, it can stay.

"Go." "Jester Let the entourage leave the hyenas behind and hustling with his entourage. The boy was really smart, not stupid at all, and his eyes were poisonous, and at a glance he saw that Nathaniel's refining methods were high-end ...

really can do business ah, but why he is obsessed with cultivation, perhaps this is not understand the logic bar.

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