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Chapter 26 Taboo

Isaac followed Jenson to the Phyllis House, the owner of Phyllis Street, Hill Gong, the second largest chamber of commerce in Offilar.

stood at the Golden Gate, looking at the beautiful wide garden and luxurious mansion, the shock of the heart is huge. Although he had lived in a similar house at an early age in his memory that could not be remembered at all, how could Earl Pollack's house be compared to the rich man of Offilar. The gap is too wide!

"What a silly boy." I've never seen the same. "Jenson looked at the look of Isaac's Leng, and it was funny. But he seemed to forget what he looked like when he was standing here a year ago.

"A stay, follow me, don't mess around, it's easy to get lost." "Jenson patted Sarai on the shoulder and led the way in front.

walked for about 10 minutes, and the two men came to an open-door bungalow. The decoration inside is very simple, but the door put a very long table.

"Jenson, you slippery fat Man." Ha ha. "A big bald head popped up under the table.

"haha, bull you this guy, no wonder you don't have to light the lights here, you look at your head, it's really bald thoroughly." "Jenson was happy to see the people coming out behind the table.

"Oh, that's right." "Jenson brought Lazarus over," Bull, "he called Ah, a distant cousin of mine, a little silly, but he came all the way from the country to take refuge in me, and I couldn't have left him alone. So, trouble you ... "

" All right! "Bull touched his bald head and interrupted Jenson," your cousin Jenson, that's what you're talking about? But ... "Bull deliberately lengthened his voice.

"All right, I got it." You old greedy worm. I will be satisfied with you this evening when the Masters have finished their meal. Jenson said with a grin that the fat on his face was huddled together and that the five senses were gone.

"Ah, this is Big Brother Boer." You can listen to his words when you are a special manager of the Phyllis family. "Jenson patted Isaac on the back.

came in from the first is buried head, at this time only looked up at the Boolean glance, and then lowered his head. For strangers, he was still a little afraid, and he chose to be silent if he could not speak.

"Haha, Jenson, are you really sure he's your cousin? I don't think it's possible. You look so ... "Bull deliberately looked at Jenson," but your cousin, but so beautiful, and you are loving. " To tell you the truth, Jenson, did you pick it back? "

," Damn it, bull, you old bastard! I tell you, your master Jenson was very handsome before he was blessed. "Jenson punched a bull in the face. It looks like the two guys have a good relationship and often mix it up.

"Bull! "The door suddenly rushed in two girls, about 20 years old, dressed very beautifully."

Bull saw the comer, immediately put up the giggle expression. Jenson, too, was honest, pulling Isaac and retreating to one side in a hurry.

"Miss Kiki, Miss Liv, what's the matter with your two visitors? "asked Boyle respectfully.

"After a while, the lady is going to study at the Royal Magic Martial arts college in Morro, which requires two entourage, and you arrange it right away. Remember, said the lady, to be decent, and not to lose the face of our Phyllis family. "said Kiki, a little taller. Words, she also glanced at Jenson. It seems to be: Don't look for Jenson like this ...

"All right." Good. Please be assured, Miss, I'll arrange it at once. "Bull nodded hurriedly.

at this time, Liv pulled Lachia's corner, in Qi ya ear quietly said a word. Kiki turned her head and glanced at Isaac's side again, but this time, it seemed to be a special look at Isaac.

"Bull, who is that man? That's the one next to the chef Jenson. "asked Kiki.

"The new handyman, called Ah to stay." "Replied Boolean.

"Ah, stay? That's a weird name, kind of like a pet. "Qi ya Can't Help guan ' er, next to the Liv is even more laughing out of the sound." "Count him in." "

" him? No, no, no, Miss Kiki, he's not very bright in his head. He's a little stupid. "Boolean Rush Road."

"Stay? "Kiki looked at Boer with contempt," you are clever, but can you see someone? "

Boer old face a red, dare not speak again."

"A stay count one, and then find a strong look at the pleasing." "When Kiki had finished this sentence, he did not speak to bull again, and pulled Liv and turned away.

until the two women's back completely disappeared, bull only grew a sigh of relief, "Ouch Ah, Miss Vivian side of the people, sure enough, all are not fuel-efficient lights ... However, it really smells good. "He sucked a few pieces of air hard, a lewd face.

"Hey, it's good for people to look good, Jenson you ugly fellow, a cousin may be blessed, beautiful lady, Oh, that fragrance, just want to make people happy ah ..." boolean old guy actually closed his eyes a face intoxicated, looked more lewd.


Klamar. Located 50 km south of the outskirts of Hottandin. Beautiful scenery, pleasant environment. There is no power terror of the high-level warcraft, only live some low-level warcraft, they have a large number. First, the reproductive ability of inferior Warcraft is already strong, and the second is artificial stocking.

because Klamar in Hottandin's powerful mouth there is another name-Klamar hunting ground.

at this time, Klamar Mountain, there is a group of people are enjoying the "fun" of hunting.

"Swoop! "One of the young men in the Golden Soft armor pulled open the long bow with a jewel, and an arrow, with a strong wind, shot through the hind legs of a gray hyena.

"Big Brother is great! "The White horse behind the young man immediately, a appearance beautiful young woman clapped her hands.

the young man frowned and seemed not very satisfied with the arrow he had just had.

"Master Jester, at your age, such archery has been remarkable." "cried a golden fat teenager behind the young man.

this words, followed by this pair of young men and women's entourage all warmly applauded, the butt of the rattled.

However, the young man's brow seemed to wrinkle deeper ...

, "Vivian, should we go back?" "He said, turning back to the young woman at the dialogue. "Do you find it interesting to hunt like this? It's not a challenge at all! "

young man turned his head and looked around at the middle-aged man, who was also riding a horse and had a steady face," Did you say yes? Uncle Bunker. "

, a middle-aged man named" Bunker, "smiled," Yes, jester, it's time for you to go back, because Leaf president will have to examine your history class at night. " "

" Hum! "The young man's nose was cold and humming, turning his horse's head, and regardless of the others, riding the dust away."

"Follow the young master! "Bunker waved, and the people around him busy up.

, "Vivian, I'll take you back." It looks like your wayward brother is going to be back for a while. "Bunker stopped in front of the young woman's horse, and there was still a gentle smile on her face.

"Hmm! "The young woman nodded, her eyelashes long big eyes looked in the direction of the young man disappearing, and sighed softly ...

, the young man, is the next heir to the Phyllis family, the Shaodong family of the Phyllis Chamber of Commerce, and the main son of Phyllis, Loffilis, Jesterfillis.

The woman was Jester's half-sister, Vivian Amphilis.

Leafs had two wives, and each wife gave birth to only one child. It is very special for a family as prominent as Phyllis on the mainland, with only two wives and two children.

as a common sense, because of the status of Leafs, enough concubines in droves. But because Leafs do not think so, the forest is big what birds have, the family is the backing of the cause, and the backing of the structure of the simpler, then the stronger. If it had not been for the tragic illness of his wife, he would not have married another wife at all.

because of this, Leaf's home is very peaceful. Of course, he also has lost, such as the Wind AH beauty ah and so on, there is a loss, this is the law, the key depends on what you want.

, the middle-aged man named Bunker, known as the "Voice War Holy", is the most prestigious strong in the Principality of Hill, is also the first master of the Phyllis Chamber of Commerce, the strength of the holy level.

See bunker ordinary appearance, will not think that he unexpectedly is a holy strong, but also is the Principality of Hill's Bard in the tavern Tea Liao favorite praise of that voice war Saint!

looks really like the housekeeper of the Phyllis family, and I don't know what bunker is willing to do such a thing.


two hours later, in the study of Leafs, Bunker reported jester to the Phyllis family owner.

"This kid is so disobedient! Always think that their strength is very strong, in fact, his talent is very ordinary at all! "Because Lew slammed a book onto the desk.

Bunker said: "In fact, Jester is still very hard." "

" effort? What's the use of hard work? Without talent, he tries again and is unlikely to reach the holy level! "He stood up as a result of Lew's shake of his hands. "Bunker, you tell me the truth, is it possible for jester to reach the holy level? "Although he is much younger than bang, he is not a cultivator and looks much older than bunker, so he calls bunker" buddy. "

"President ..." Bunker stop talking.

"You don't have to say, I get it. Alas ... "because Leaf sighed heavily, his hands turned and his face was dim.

saw because of Leaf's appearance, bunker a little unbearable. Because Lew is the president of the Phyllis Chamber of Commerce, the relationship between them is brotherly. That year, because Leafs spent a lot of money and expensive treasure stone from the holy city of the Sorcerer's guild hand to buy back his life, bunker vowed to always be loyal to the Uffilis family, although because Lew countless times called bunker do not call themselves "President", but bunker still call it, because that is the first time he met because of leaf, the day, Because Leafs got used to it, too.

bunker bit his teeth and seemed to be making a big decision. He knew better than anyone how much Leafs loved the son, but Jester's talent was limited, but the boy had no interest in learning to do business at all, but was unusually feverish about cultivation. No way, because Leaf for their own son, do not know how much money spent, think how many ways ...

"President, let master jester reach the holy level, it is not impossible ..." bunker gently said a word.

"What! "Hear this, because leaf immediately came to the spirit," bunker Brother, please tell me. For jester, I can pay any price! "

" about this, I absolutely believe. "Bunker calmed his emotions as if he had made a decision," President, you know, I was a thief before I stepped into the Holy class, and, once in the holy city ... "

nodded, and he was well aware of Bunker's past, bunker unafraid fearless before, Also trying to steal the practice in the secret Library of the Wizard General Guild of the holy city! What kind of place is that? One of your thieves, who is not even a holy man, dares to be so arrogant that there is only one, and that is, no matter how good your bang's rogue skills are, they are tied to the shelf in the sorcerer's General Guild Square, which is designed to tear the heresy body. , who was doing business with the Sorcerer's General Guild, saw a few Inlef of the powerful, terrifying Warcraft to pull him into pieces.

that sale, because leaf a penny did not get, countless precious magic crystal, magic utensils, magic resources were moved into the Sorcerer's General Guild warehouse ...

actually doesn't care because of Leafs, because he often loses money by doing business with these sorcerer Masters in the Holy City.

He also did not know why to save bunker, may be because of the fate, may also be because Lew just inherited the Phyllis Chamber of Commerce, in a critical period, the need for some strong ... Anyway, anyway, since then, Bunker has stayed by the side of the leaf, bunker is a man of grace, even if he later coincidentally broke through the polar world, stepped into the status of the noble ranks of the strong, but also stayed in the Phyllis home. Bunker was in a high position at the Phyllis family, and sometimes it worked better than Lew, because the king of the Principality of Hill, the Carritt obsessed with cultivation, was also a good friend of bunker, and a friend of the war Saints, Carritt was particularly willing to do such a thing.

"I have seen it in an old book in that secret Library of the Sorcerer's General Guild ... There is a way to help practitioners improve their talents. "Bunker continued.

"What Method! Say it! ' As soon as there's about jester, it's easy to get excited because of Leafs.

"Taboo in the magic of the undead-' Soul call '!" "Bunker lowered his voice for fear that it would be heard.

"dead, undead? Forbidden, forbidden, taboo? "He stammered because of leaf."

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