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Chapter 25 Friends

In the dungeon, the concept of time is vague.

for a long time, and even Isaac did not know how many days had passed. Austin, not to mention it, almost forgot his age.

This period of time, Zacchaeus practice "Nine days Thurus curse" also has a great progress, he has broken through the "bloodthirsty Thurus days" of the first day. The level of Lori in the body is equivalent to the degree of vengeance at the peak of the two warrior.

but the talent and cultivation of the Asura, and the vengeance of the Odin code, even the magical genius of Sting felt that the power of Satan was peculiar, and that it was not comparable to the kind of thing that was vindictive.

but Sting himself is very good, not by enslaving the soul on the practice of three levels of undead magic, perhaps when the human and dark Elves of the blood mixed together, will produce unparalleled talent.

, why do you, a warrior, not practice the technique of fighting, but sit like me? "On this day, the two men finished their practice, and Sting asked what had always made him strange.

"I won't." "Isaac froze for a moment, if not Christine asked, he really did not have the present-the Asura family inherited the cultivation method does not have the martial arts technology."

"There used to be a lot of fighters here, too, and they all have to use some tricks." "Austin added.

"Has anyone else been locked up here? "Asked Satan.

Austin nodded.

"What about them? "Isaac is very strange.

"dead." "The sound of Sting's drying up is even more gloomy at this time.


Austin looked at him without an expression, "I killed him." Enslavement of their souls. Undead Magic is needed. "

an instinctive tremor between his eyebrows, and the feeling of a beast made his heart gush with a hint of fear.

Austin's messy white cover the left eye, revealing the blue-black eyeliner around the right eye at this time is like a needle in the heart of Satan.

"Then you ... Why didn't you kill me? "Sprinkle and bite your teeth."

"You were already going to die by then. "Austin's language is slow," and ... You have the power inside you, the usurpation of your soul, the awakening of something like memory, and the disappearance of some memories. "He had a steep face," and I could not enslave your soul, for that force would kill me, when there was a strange feeling in my head, like a voice calling in the depths of my heart ... "

looked at him.

"So I used the ' soul call '. "The corners of Austin cracked."

knew that he was laughing.

"because, that call makes my feelings more and more clear." "Sting took a breath," you, like me, we are of the same kind. " "

was silent," he added.

"I almost died." "Austin went on," the power that dominates your soul is too strong, even if it is the soul call, can not redeem your lost memory, that force is very arrogant, very domineering, it simply can not look at your body, it will completely devour you, become it, I am about to support, fortunately, my heart deep call to help me, I can compete with it , that's why you survived. "

He almost died, in order to save me, just because of the feeling in his heart-we are the same kind ...

actually know how his body has changed, his physique has become very strong, that should be the physique of the Asura family, he thought this is the inheritance of memory awakening brought, did not expect to be Austin almost ask in exchange for.

at this time, Isaac really did not know what to say, even if he and sting communication has become very natural, he can only daze to look at the pale face of the dead man.

Austin looked at Sarai's eyes, too, as if she were waiting for something.

was still silent.

"Why ..." sting bowed slightly and was a little disappointed in the tone.

"Because I don't know it myself. "Zacchaeus finally spoke.

"You don't know how terrible that power is in your body? "Austin looked up with some astonishment, his right eye gazing at Sarai's face, and a few seconds later he believed that Isaac was telling the truth.

"knows that it is the power of a race called Asura, and I am now Asura." "Isaac said it was not clear, but for sting that was enough, and he just wanted to know the identity of Isaac, because he cared."

and Austin understood that, in the way of Isaac's thinking, that was all he could express.

"So your method of cultivation is also racially inherited?" "asked Sting again.

"That's right." I don't understand why you care about this. "Lazarus."

"Because you're my friend." "said Sting earnestly.

friends ... I see.

in the heart is another warm current surging. Many times, and this seems to make people tremble with the man, such a warm feeling will often have.

but ...

Austin, my friend ...

I'm sorry ...

I have one more thing I didn't say to you ...

that's a memory I don't want to bring up ...

Tarona ...

can't forget but buried deep in the heart of the pain ...

quiet, two people accustomed to silence again silent.

Austin had some ups and downs in her heart, and he regarded Satan as a friend, but he also hid one thing. Through sting just described, can now, his expression ability is actually stronger than Satan, because he used not to be a person in the dungeon for a long year, there is a person, will occasionally appear, that person he also care about, even more than Satan still care, Zacchaeus is a friend, and that person, in his mind, is a loved one ...

right, loved ones. But Austin's parents have long since left him, then this family, who is it ...

"You, do you want to go? "Sting's voice broke a somewhat sentimental atmosphere.

"You're not saying there's magic protection here, there's no holy level of strength ... Can't get out of it. "Isaac was thrilled and then plunged into silence.

said that Satan did not want to go out is false, he is not Austin, can take this place as his own home. And, he wanted to find someone, someone who was important to him-Na, his "sister."

no matter where Na is, and no matter if you can't find it, Zacchaeus wants to see Na again, even if the Offilar continent is terrible, even if the outside world still makes him some fear.

even if do not know the direction of Na, even if there is no clue, even if it is just a bump around the headless fly.

but as long as Zacchaeus's foot stepped on the road, he was in a reassuring way. Because this is the sunset by the Kata River, this is the snow above the giggle, this is the joy of chasing between the forest, this is concerned, Satan heart can not give up the concern.

just ... Sting, if I go, you're on your own again ... Sarai sighed softly.

"Don't worry, I'm used to it." "Hearing Sarai's sigh, Sting slowly took out an equally tattered piece of paper from the tattered sleeve.

"What is this? "Sarai's eyes fell on the broken kraft paper.

"Tunnel design map. "Sting said a few words, and then handed the piece of paper to Isaac.


This is really a narrow tunnel. Austin said it was dug by his father. That Dark Elf Assassin is good at doing these things.

Okay, the magic array just blocked the ground, no matter to the ground. When Austin's father now broke the loophole, he began to dig into the passage to the outside world. Unfortunately, the body that became weak in injury made him unfinished.

Austin grew up and dug for another two years before digging through.

Austin was really patient, and he, a weak sorcerer, completed the project with great physical pressure. It's not that he wants to go out, he's just trying to finish what his father didn't do. The exit of the

Tunnel is on a small hill, probably on the outskirts of Hottandin.

"Are you sure you don't want to come with me? "Isaac stood on the hill and turned back to the man who had bent his body in a large, broken black robe.

"No, for you, it's a dirty, disgusting dungeon, and for me, it's my home. "Sting's pale face seemed to be in great harmony with the colors of the outside world in the sun.

"Take care, my friend." "After Satan left this sentence, he did not look back.

looked at Satan's fading back, and Sting slid down a drop of liquid on her face.

He can't remember the feeling, how many years it hasn't been.

cold and dark, so that he could not understand what life was. And this gradually drifting away black man, but warm his cold heart ......

because they are of the same kind.

to, the same kind, sting is to have this inexplicable feeling, it is this feeling, let him sincerely treat this "friend", so that the lonely dungeon is no longer lonely.

for the first time, he felt that two people were more interesting than one.

But this interesting day is over, and now, he's going to be alone again ...

Actually, Austin really wanted to go with Isaac, but the "loved one" told him that his life was important and that he could not leave the dungeon casually.

"You take care, too." My friend. We'll see you again. Wait until...... I can go out when. "Austin looked silently at the direction where Satan had disappeared, and for a long time refused to leave.


Hottandin bustling still. Phyllis Street is still crowded.

stood at the door of the "Imam" shop, looking at the two thorns for the purpose of the seal, the heart seems to be crushed by a heavy stone.

in his ear seems to wraps around the old lady Elaine scolded him "stupid" voice.

was harsh, but he knew that Elaine was genuinely good to him.

's thinking is simple, who is good to him, who is good to him, who bullies him or bullies people who are good to him, he hates.

now, empty.

everything, just because Satan killed a scum.

that's the rule of the world. The strong are honorable, and rights and status are always above life!

do not understand, he only know that become strong can live, can protect those who are good to him, but this kind of beast concept and that seemingly complex truth is not much worse, so people are also beasts, but the Beast is more real.

Whoop, Whoop.

's breathing became more and more heavy, the tattered skirt quivered, a swoop, his back of the black fluttering up, chest rage can not be restrained!

is fierce! The manic uneasiness of

's chest that wanted to destroy everything in front of him was his natural ferocity!

is not his ferocious nature, is asura a family of natural ferocity!

Heritage Memory Awakening, his blood engraved Asura imprint, that kind of ferocious, also naturally appeared!

people also have ferocious nature, but people will restrain, Beast Warcraft also has the ferocity, but they will choose to hide because of danger.

can asura the ferocious nature, incredibly desperate, incredibly unable to restrain!

because of that unknown race, there is no obedience, no tolerance, they only, destroy, OR, be destroyed!

"Kaka! "Ten fingers clenched, and the ganglia was pinched like a thunder."

"Ah, stay! It's you! It's really you! Ha ha! "

a familiar voice broke into Isaac's eardrum. Sarai's fist loosened up a bit.

until his more familiar face appeared in front of him, and Sarai's fist loosened, and the uncontrollable mania of his chest slowly dissipated.

was the fat Cook Jenson, who was in the same guy's dorm room with Satan at the time.

"Jenson, where's the old lady? "Asked Satan. He had an expression on his face, and the day he spent time with Sting in the dungeon, he was also a bit used to communicating with others.

"The old lady left a year ago, and she seemed to have gone with the head of the mercenary corps named Reg, who had lived here that day. And then it was sealed, and I'm now the exclusive chef of Master Phyllis. "replied Jenson. Have you been

for a year? I spent a year in the dungeon. Zacchaeus thought. So I'm supposed to be 20 years old? Or is it almost 21?

forget it, tube him a few years old. It doesn't matter, and no one cares.

at this time, Jenson now, in front of the AH Daze seems to have changed, originally very good-looking and attractive face a little more mature, the eyes are a bit changed, but still a bit of a daze.

"Don't you have a place to go? Ah, stay. "asked Jenson.

froze for a moment, nodded.

"Come with me." I'd introduce you to master Phyllis's handyman. I'm in a good mix at the Phyllis House now, and the masters like to eat my cooking. "Jenson was a little smug.

saw Jenson's smug expression, Satan jiacai now the greasy sloppy fat man changed: the fat body wrapped in expensive material, the head combed neatly, although the face is still glossy, but has been a far cry from the former small Hotel cook.



There's no place to go anyway.

said yes. There is a place where you can practice quietly.

didn't know where, and even if she did, Isaac wasn't sure if she had the ability to see her. Seriously, Isaac looked at things by intuition, by his intuition, like a beast and even more sharp than a beast, and he had a faint feeling that Na's identity was not so simple.

he used to just feel that way, vaguely, and unsure. But when he was able to practice, he also understood how powerful those who Tarona were!

especially the man who made him hurt!

Fire Sword Saint!

, the Saints are strong!

do not want to concede defeat, in Tarona hard refining, in fact also exercise his will, when Asura's blood Awakening, Zacchaeus has been repressed willpower is also recovering.

want to let that person see, oneself can become the strong!

even the strong man who can defeat the fire Sword Saint!

But, just don't concede defeat ...

or, he wants that man to be proud of him, or, more, he still misses that happy time, wants to go back to that broad back and fly in the air ...

Perhaps Satan himself did not know what the answer was written in his own heart, for his mind was too simple to judge everything with feeling.


Bang. With a gentle sound.

's shoddy wooden glass fell and liquor a table.

"Oh." ' A thin man in black sat across the street and could clearly see him sitting down, but just didn't know how he sat down.

"What are you doing here?" "A red man with a dregs face and fortitude helped up his glass.

"It's not about coming to see someone anyway. "The man in Black smiled, picked up a glass," poured me a glass, and for a long time had not drunk the wine outside the Tarona. "

" is not much, asking for money. "The Red man Shing poured a glass for the man in black.

"I brought it." "The man in Black took out a few silver coins.

"Never seen the man of the same, but also known as the King of Assassins." "Red Man skimmed," a few silver coins is enough for a drink, I really do not know how you used to do ' black blood ' in the establishment. "

" At that time ah ... "The man in Black had two slender fingers in his feet, and his graceful movements were completely out of line with his humble dress, and his deep bronze head swung gently with the wind blowing across the street, as if in memory.

black man quiet for a while, a mouthful of drinking a cup of wine, laughing: "I remember, that time, I Aris do not want money for anything." "

Red man laughs, haughty thousands."

Arrimendi, King of Assassins, this is Offilar's bard once most relish the name, because that continent's three major killer organizations let people be scared when this person, is the three major killer organizations ranked first "black blood" of the establishment!

later, do not know why, black blood disappeared, Arrimendi also secluded in the ice and Snow Canyon, a few years ago, the second-ranked "bayonet" also dissolved, once roar the mainland's three major killer organizations, is now only left "thorns."

So, this is once, again brilliant past is only the past.

now Aris Mendi, dressed in old and new black clothes, a dusty face, sitting on the Street tavern, ordinary like a just come to Hottandin's foot dealer.

"Tired not tired? "Aris Mendi put down his glass and looked strong.

did not reply, turned his head, and looked at the direction of Satan's disappearance.

"I can appreciate how you feel now." "Aris Sigh," young man, always need to grow their own wings, or even if we fly with them again high, no wings will fall down, the higher the fall heavier. " "

" Oh? "Looking back at Arrimendi," Did you get Douglas out of the Ice Canyon? "

" Yes, you're not unaware of that kid's identity. "Aris Mendi's face flashed with a sharp touch," if not stronger, how can he cope there. " "Aris Monroe gave a thumbs up and pointed his finger at him ...

in that direction, as if leading to a place called Goya.

a flash of eyes, did not speak, a mouthful of drinking dry a cup of wine.

said, "The night boy seems to be different." "Aris Mendi looked in the direction of Isaac's departure," You know that thing in his body from the beginning, right? "

nodded and faced his best friend, and there was no need for him to hide it any more.

"Awakened ..." Aris Mendi took a deep breath and "didn't know if it was a good thing for us, maybe ..."

"Don't say it down. "Arrimendi interrupted," I'm not going to think of him as a tool. "

Arrimendi looked at him earnestly," what if that man told you to do that? "

" I'm sure he won't. "Strong and firm way."

"Hope." "Aris Mendi smiled and had a deep sense.

"What are you doing here? "Strong fingers knock on the table," If there is a task, there should not be looking for you, you for them, is just a sign, no use at all, can only see. "

" Who cares about those guys, I just found a place to shelter, the world who has nothing to do with me and who is wrong. "Aris Mendi pointed to his head," The killer's mind, you won't understand. "

" But I can understand my friend. You're afraid I'm sentimental, so come and supervise it. "Strong haughty smiled, to Arrimendi poured a cup," the last two cups, after drinking away. "

Arrimendi drank the wine and looked at it with a smile," where to go? Aren't you just here? The night boy had a lot more conscience than Douglas's bastard, and I could feel that he had been working hard for you, as I had taught him the hardest method of refining when he was in Tarona, but he did, and it was a child of perseverance, and I had not seen stronger than him anyway. "

" I think he'll hate me. "The fierce face was a little dim.

"He'll understand." "Aris Mendi stood up," go, don't hold on, you have begun to worry, recently Douglas left, also quite boring, let me this little assassin, accompany the fire Sword Saint play bar, from the ice and Snow canyon out, against the sacred agreement, it is not safe. " Really *** ah, strength is the agreement, if you are not jihad, it is estimated that those full of shenguang guys have been killed. "

" haha. "Laugh strongly."

But he was very moved, he knew why Arrimendi would come. Strong true identity, as well as what they call "there, those people", which is in fact a secret, strong belief that the holy City will not no one know, the Dragon Sword Santa Filano is his teacher, the identity is amazing, if met in the city of Goya those really strong people, in fact, is also very dangerous. After all, ice canyons and Goya after that jihad, there was a contract on the table, and if people did come to kill you, it was justified.

so he did not reject the companion of Aris Mendi, and knew the strength of the king of the Assassin, and also knew how strange the guy's mind was.

but a lot of times, strong also have to admit that Arrimendi said those words, it really makes a lot of sense

such as just "really fucking bullshit."

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