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Chapter 24 Undead

Isaac looked at the face, and the face looked at him, and the two looked at each other, one a little, one not angry, and the expression did not change anyway ...

a minute passed, two minutes passed, three minutes passed ...

do not know how long after, Zacchaeus finally can't help, opened the way: "You?" "

" My name is sting. "The voice was dry, just like his people." "What about you? "

" Isaac Bora. What's your last name? "asked Isaac again, wondering why, he was very fond of the white man like the corpse in front of him, and might have felt something like the instincts of his beast.

Yes, if this guy hadn't saved his words with the taboo magic "Soul Call" ...

"I don't have a last name. I've been here since I was born. "replied Sting, still expressionless.

"What? "Isaac was startled," from a birth? Over here? "He looked at the surroundings.

"Yes." After my father died here, my mother gave birth to me and died a few years later. Here, it's my home. "Austin's face is pale, the messy white cover one side of the eye, but, the other eye, but there is no mood swings."

calmed down, for he also thought of his vague life, but compared with this ghostly sting, his encounter seemed to be much happier.

Imagine being born in a dirty, smelly dungeon, and then growing up here, alone!

was silent.

Austin saw that Satan did not speak, and quietly returned to his dark corner and began to meditate.

in this way, the two people have not said any more words, are already used to silence, there are ordinary people can not understand the tragic encounter, two person seems to do not have to communicate, you can understand each other.

the next day, Sting took the initiative to speak to Isaac again: "Did you come from outside?" Why are you locked up here? "

saw the horror of sting, but there was a sense of warmth in her heart, so he told Christine his story ...

said that Austin's appearance is very uncomfortable, but Zacchaeus always instinctively feel that this person has no malice towards him, and very concerned about themselves.

Austin, after listening to Isaac, was silent and asked, "Are you beginning to know the power in your body?" "

" has a little feeling, very uncomfortable, that kind of pain is like a hand in the head is catching. "Sprinkle with some nod," You're here alone, and it's painful. "

" doesn't feel. I said, this is my home, get used to it. "Sting, like Isaac, basically had no expression when she spoke, and at this point, when the two guys spoke, it was like watching a puppet show," he added.

Austin thought for a moment and told him what he had called to help Isaac with her soul.

did not speak, his heart should warm a little more, after leaving Tarona, he rarely had such a feeling. But he appeared two times in a row when faced with the uncomfortable white man in the face of the bent, skinny, smelling man.

saw that Satan did not speak, and Austin did not speak, and it seemed that he spoke very little, that his voice was dry, and that his intonation was raw.

"Austin, you're so good. "Isaac smiled." It was the expression of how long he hadn't appeared, and when was the last time he laughed, maybe he couldn't remember it himself.

"Is this a smile? "asked Sting.

stunned, the original unnatural smile is even more stiff.

then the corners of Sting's mouth smoked a little, and it was hard to see.

's heart warmed for the third time, for he knew that it was a smile that sting was trying to squeeze out ...

himself smiled at him, and he smiled at himself, even if he could not laugh at all. Isaac looked deeply at Austin and asked slowly, "why." "

asked very simply, but Austin knew what Satan was asking, and from the first moment he saw the black man, as if he had a crush on him, it was a kind of thing that had dissipated from the depths of his soul, and could not say what it was, like a call, like a confide, like instinct ...

"It may feel like we're a kind of person. "Sting said it was vague, but that's the truth."

a little nod, knees sat, closed his eyes to cultivate up.

Austin did not return to the dark corner that belonged to him, and meditated beside Satan.


about why Austin would be so esoteric magic, and Isaac did not ask, he did not care about this, he knew on the basis of his knowledge of magic, asked also white asked.

But he has a fondness for magical people, because in his broken childhood memory, always flashed through that dark blue electric light, he did not know where the electric light came from, but instinctively have a feeling of a loved one.

that's his grandpa Lacey ...

did his best to protect his old sorcerer.

pity, with the experience of sadness but let Satan forever forget him.

only, those electric light is still there.

in the memory of such a sad flash.


"You're not afraid." "On this day, the two men were chatting again, and Sting suddenly said such a word for Satan."

"What." "Asked Satan. The expression of these two people is still very single, but the eyes are Woufei a lot.

"I am an undead sorcerer. "Austin Road."

Undead Sorcerer! According to the rules of the holy city of Goya, that is the most evil presence in the Mage!

and, the Sorcerer's Guild has clear rules, as long as it is the undead sorcerer, is heresy, must be--

to shoot!

, the son of the old sorcerer Lacey, who no longer appears in Satan's memory, is because he learned the magic of the undead and led to the devastated ...

knew what the undead sorcerer meant, as Cologne told him, when in Tarona, he and Na, every day, accepted the common sense of "grandma" Cologne taught the mainland.

"Whatever you are, I'll help you." "Lazarus."

Austin heard Satan's words, and the corners of her mouth cracked again, and Sarai knew that it was Sting's smile.

was quiet for a while, and Austin took a roll of shabby sheepskin from her arms and said to Isaac, "This is the file of the undead magic cultivation, the only thing my father left me." "

nodded, did not ask again, closed his eyes, and practiced.

Then, Austin also collected the sheepskin roll and began to meditate.

the communication between the two people is so simple, but they just know each other and don't know why.


to Sting is the undead mage this thing, Satan does not care, because in his heart, what secular rules and so on do not understand, he is like a beast, but also has the logic of the Beast's survival, live on the good, who do not let him live, he with his teeth with claws to rip the struggle, even if the bloodied can be, Whatever it is right or wrong, in his eyes, there are only two simple sides to anything--that, or should not.

time passes quickly, in a blink of an eye, three months have passed. Every day, Isaac has to talk to sting. Gradually, Sting began to behave, at least, when laughing can be accepted, not to crack the mouth is more ugly than crying. Even though, his appearance and expression are still uncomfortable, the breath is still uncomfortable, but it has been a lot of nature. There is a skylight on the stone wall above the

dungeon that can be pulled apart, and some people often drop some shoddy food from it, as well as a smelly broken cowhide water bag.

and Sting live by these foods that look like hogwash water in ordinary people.

Dark and disgusting dungeon, only he and he, only chat a way of communication, only those simple to the extreme words, only after each day, they will be more profound feelings.

through chatting, Isaac also learned that, in fact, Sting is not a human, he is Offilar another extremely rare race-the Dark Elf. It is an alternative branch of the Elf family, the Dark Elf is the name, many scholars who study the history of the mainland also call them "black elves" or "Night Elves." But the race has not been exposed on the mainland for thousands of years, and many believe they have genocide. It didn't occur to me that in a place like Hottandin, you could meet one.

is a bit strange, because even with his limited Offilar common sense knows, the elves are very handsome.

, Austin ...

only years of exposure to the sun's face pale and gloomy, unable to communicate with people behavior dull, dry body shape, bent back.

Of course there was his horrible face, and the black eyeliner was like a plaque on the face of a dead man, and even if Austin practiced undead magic, it had a great influence on its own temperament, but the appearance was the thing that was decided in a lifetime.

did not think why, in his simple mind, as long as who was bad for sting, he would fight alongside Sting.

also learned that Austin began to practice the magic of the undead at the age of two, 20 years now, the strength is already three level sorcerer standard, that is, the junior undead sorcerer.

Let Satan do not understand is, clearly he knew sting for magic understanding is very strong, often said he simply do not understand the magic theory, clearly is a master, but why 20 years to reach the junior Sorcerer's strength.

Austin told him that the undead magic to advance, must enslave the soul, and then by the enslavement of the soul after the spirit of the cohesion of change, and constantly accumulate, before you can make progress.

and in this dungeon, there is basically nothing to move but a snake rat cockroach. It is a miracle that sting can break through the "limit" in 20 years and reach level three by meditating and exercising her mental strength alone.

If there are other people on this continent who are risking heresy to learn the magic of the undead, they know that Austin is so practicing the magic of the undead that he will be surprised to close his mouth.

as to why Austin's parents were locked up in a dungeon, Austin said that when an aristocratic son of Hottandin in the city molested his mother, his father, rage, killed the guy and, as a result, was locked in.

is a very old-fashioned plot, because under the divine brilliance that originated from Goya, all heresy is such a plot, Sting is, so is Lacey.

unless you are strong enough, or dependent on strong enough strength, like the Thorn Killer "Ten" who died in Lacey's hands that year.


this day, after the practice of Satan, Austin did not meditate.

saw Sting looking at herself with a expressionless face, knowing that he wanted to chat again, and asked, "Is your father also an undead mage?" "

" is not. "Sting replied quickly. "He is an assassin, the greatest assassin of the Sandinista Dark Elf tribe. "

" Enoch? "

" Yes, the Dark Elves are a sparse race, but on the entire Offilar continent, there are also tens of thousands of people. They are divided into many clans, divided by surnames. Lano, is one of them. "

," so you should be surnamed Noor? "asked Isaac again.

"No, I don't have a last name, I don't belong to the Dark Elf, because my mother is a human." "Replied Sting.

noted that a hint of resentment flashed through Austin's eyes.

did not wait for Sarai to ask, and he continued: "Because of my mother, my father was expelled from the territory of the Lano clan." The Undead Magic file is from our family, my grandpa is the real undead mage, and is a legendary undead magic Guide. "When it comes to this, there is a look of pride on Sting's face that is not obvious. "As a child, my mother had told me that undead magic was not evil magic, as others say. Instead, it is a magic that can touch the origin of the soul, and when it is practiced to the highest level, it can even resurrect the soul and call back life. "

" mother ... "sprinkled in the heart of a tremor, he could not recall the appearance of his mother, his memories, only the woman with the neck bleeding, and the tears she fell on her cheek ...

This is the only memory that Satan has for her mother Shirley.

no warmth, only hate.

"What's wrong with you. "Sting sensed Isaac's hatred.

"Why! "The way of Satan hates," the world is always not able to live with people who are not like them. "

" They ... "Austin knows who Isaac says they are-the guys who can decide the fate of others.

"Just want to live, why so difficult, your family, and me." "Sprinkle the brow and wring it together." ' I can't even remember what my mother looked like, but I know she must have been miserable and upset when she died. "

" who did it. "Austin's expression became very cold.

"A place dedicated to killing money, called Thorns." "Sarai pinched his fist.

"Let's Go together." "Austin Cold Channel."

"No." "Sprinkle and shake his head."

"Why? "Sting kind of didn't get it.

"will die, we." "Isaac took a deep breath, and the throat murmured like a beast," I want to live, even if it is only in such a place, I want to live, I have no other ideas, just feel that, dead, there are a lot of things can not be done. " "

" well. "Sting understood, but he did the same, but the idea was not as clear as Isaac." "And what about your father? He didn't go and do something? "Asked Sting again, in his impression, that Isaac never seemed to have mentioned anything about his father.

"Father"? The word is like a strange encounter. Who's

? Who's that?

"I don't have a father! "Zacchaeus raised his head, the sound became trembling, as if his heart were in sharp ups and downs," Your father is a great assassin who can take your mother away, but I don't even know who he is, in the memory of the only time I have left, he should be a count, but I hate him, he is by no means my father! " "Sprinkle hurriedly breathing up," Man can not fall, even if down, but also to fall in front of their own sky! " "

" own day? "Sting doesn't understand."

did not answer this question, deep dark eyes actually scattered out of the look of injury, that expression, as if the injured beast in the low Roar, but powerless to struggle again.

"On my back, it's my God." "Isaac did not hear Christine's questioning, for his ears echoed with a strong voice ...

he fell on the fiery back, in the Snow Canyon Sky free soar, the eyes do not have the above blue sky and white clouds, there is no good look below the snow, only strong shoulders.

Yes, the man's shoulder to resist the sky, that man is so big, his figure is so tall, like a canyon stroke can not blow the giant rock, his chest is so wide, like the Laris Mountains as Majestic, the root of the upright red, like Tarona from the coniferous sunset of the afterglow ...

in fact, the strong is not Isaac's biological father, but in the heart of Zacchaeus, he is ...

was the most beloved man in Satan, but he hurt him to the deep.

facts always flow in the glare behind the helpless, zacchaeus real biological father, just a name does not have a cheap slave, just a plot doomed to disappear of the pawn, because the humble life no one cares, this is the living rule, sad, but must abide by, because you still have to live.

not know at all, because of this fact, not even memories.

"Better yet." "Sting patted Sarai on the back of the hand.

This temperature ... Austin's fingers chilly, touching on the back of the hand, like a thin ice cone in the tie, so Zacchaeus sober, he looked at Austin, suddenly to this human and dark elves born with a little interest in the strange life, and his heart was inherited from the memory led, also a little excited, do not know why.

"So what do you mean, the Dark Elves still exist on the Offilar continent now? "Sarai's breathing was steady."

"Of course, although the Elf family never admitted that the dark elves belonged to them. But the Dark elves do have extraordinary talent. Sadly, if they do not practice, their own life span is very short, only about 100 years, not like other elves can live for thousands of years. "Replied Sting.

"Oh." "Satan doesn't want to know that either, he just needs to change the subject," he added.

then the two men each cultivated themselves.

to live, that's what it has to be.

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