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Chapter 20 Adai

Hottandin City. The capital of the Principality of Hill.

Although it is not as bustling as the Komoro of the Blue Empire, it is more refined. After all, the Principality of Hill, though small, is known for its commercial development, and Hottandin as its capital, its affluence is conceivable.

Phyllis Street, a more famous street in Hottandin, is famous not for how many gold caves or lavish shops it has, but because it is from the Phyllis family. The Phyllis Chamber of Commerce, the second-ranked chamber of Commerce on the mainland of Offilar, belongs to this wealthy family.

at the end of Phyllis Street, there is a small hotel called "Ise Home". Although the name is strange here, but the boss is a very beautiful woman, coupled with cheap food taste is also good, so many of the small mercenary Corps to escort goods, love to rest here.

Today "Ise" business is very good, there are two just escort goods to Hottandin of the mercenary corps at the same time live in.

"Hey, I said, Elaine, can the food hurry up, the brothers haven't eaten for a day. "A haughty man, sitting in a position near the door, cried loudly.

"Ouch, my Regga head, don't you see? The guys are out of breath. "A beautiful woman with a sexy figure trotted over, petite.

"Hey baby, we're such a big mercenary corps living here with you, all for you, you have to entertain us." "Call Reg's mustache to grab the woman's hand and touch it."

"Haha, reg Lord, you are laughing." Elaine remembers your kindness. "The very feminine old lady smoked her hand out naturally.

"Laozi when is who, turned out to be the ' tiger ' of the little flat three." The Big Mercenary Corps? Joke! "Another hoarse voice floated down the second floor of the hotel.

, "Damn it! "Reg rose from his seat, grabbed the giant sword placed next to him, pointed upstairs and roared:" Calais, you son of a Shang! Don't fart in high places! Kind of come down with you reg master Draw comparison! "

" is good! Tiger's waste, let you know how the ' venomous snake ' teeth have killed you! "Upstairs is also a clatter of metal collisions."

Elaine, also known as the sexy female boss, at this time the heart secretly bitter. Here we go again, these rude warriors always like to show the bloodied side of her place, nothing more than to win her favor and then sleep with her.

joke, I Elaine although is a widow, but still young and beautiful, how can not fancy you! She had a sneer in her heart, but a charming smile on her face, "Hey hey, what's all this?" You are all great bigwigs, pity Elaine, don't mess around here, or Elaine will have to live on the streets. "Say it, reach out on Reg Stout back gently touch," reg brother, give Elaine a face bar. " "

Reg was touched by a silky little hand, full of comfort, he haha smiled, slammed the giant sword to one side, sat down, loudly said:" Good! " I give Elaine sister a face, Viper, if there is a seed, choose a day, we find a spacious place! "

Elaine held back the feeling of nausea, and smiled:" What about the brother of Calais? If you are still angry, then Elaine will go up to accompany you for a drink. "

" haha, there are beautiful women accompany Laozi drink, Laozi is not for a bunch of bragging guys sweep fun! "Upstairs, too, Soso sat down.

heard this words, Reg again upset, he grabbed Elaine's hand, "sister, you can not be eccentric ah." "

Elaine in his ear, gently authentic:" people know. " "

This, all the way to the evening, in the middle of Gary and Reg right Fengyuan Elaine drank a little drunk, sexy face crawling full of blush, looks more seductive."

OK, those two heads drink down, or Elaine really do not know how to pass. She was a single woman helpless and a dead husband, and neither of these rude fellows could afford to offend anyone.

"Honey, why are you going to the battlefield ... Leave me alone .... So hard. "The mercenaries drank too much and went back to bed, and Elaine sat alone at the counter, looking at a disarray, and could not say how bitter it was.

"Ah, what are you looking at? Hurry up and clean up! "Elaine suddenly found an extra man in front of her.

"hehe." "The man who appeared, who was called, giggled, and went to clean up."

Elaine looked at a stay slender very beautiful back, in the role of alcohol, can not help but a little crazy ... But soon, she shook her head and woke up. "What's the use of looking good again? It's a pity to be a fool. How long can he live in this world of power first? "

She remembered one months ago ...

that was after two groups of people had just vindictive a big fight for her. A handyman in

Elena's shop was tragically killed in a fight. She was busy with the city guard for half a day, and it was hard to solve the problem. Those guards, powerful people dare not provoke, flat head people if they fall into their hands, drop a layer of skin is light.

as she returned to the shop, exhausted and tired, she saw a young man in rags standing in the shop, no matter how the guys pushed and pulled, it was motionless.

Elaine could not describe the feeling of seeing him at the time, and even though his face was dirty, he could not conceal his handsome face. Black long hair bundles in the back of the brain, appear a little messy. To Elaine's surprise, at least seven or eight guys tried their best, but they couldn't get him to move!

"You are ... Are you hungry? "Elaine went up to him and asked softly.

He doesn't talk, he just stares at the food on the table ...

"Hey! "Elaine sighed and interrupted the recollection. "I thought he was a strong practitioner, thinking I could have a dependency ... As a result, he was a brute force in addition to giggling, spoiling such a good shell in vain. "

" a stay. "

stopped his work in his hand, looked back at Elaine, and a few strands of hair stood in front of him at will.

looked at the appearance of Ah, Elaine's face can not help but a little red, "clean up, you go to sleep, remember, away from today those people."

Confused a moment and nodded.

See AH stay this silly, Elaine heart just spread a ripple disappeared again. She swung up and returned to her room.

"A stay of this boy ..." Elaine took off her long skirt, revealing a fair and plump body.

"The way he looks, it's just so fascinating." If he's not a fool, he's a normal person, maybe ... I've been fascinated by him ... "Elaine muttered, and soon, he fell asleep.

But, she did not know, at this time a look--

those deep eyes, suddenly, burst out bright light, like a star from ancient times, hanging in the distant sky, with the black night sky, dependent on thousands of years.

like a meteor fell, the star disappeared, left, just scattered.

Adai's eyes heavy again fell into confusion. There was a bowl on the old wooden table in

, and a cold, cold rye loaf was tilted in the bowl, and he finished his work, grabbed the black bread, and buried himself in the food.

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