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Chapter 16 Weird

After a period of time after the refining, the physique of the night although ordinary, but the body is still a lot stronger, that is, after all, is the fire war holy fine formulation of the refining method, very effective.

So, the night began to fight the cultivation.

in the open space in front of the brown-red chalet.

night wearing small leather armor, closed eyes sitting on the ground, short calf plate, medium long black hanging in the back of the brain, a red leaf woven rope will tie them up, that sister Na made up for him.

saw him frown and bite his lower lip, as if suffering a great deal of pain.

"Son ..." standing in the distance, the eyes slightly quivering, to tell the truth, see the night like this, he is very heartache, but this is the first step of the fight, how painful, but also to let the boy stick down.

do not know is, at this time that small body, bear is not the fight when the meridians are widened sting, but a strong innumerable blood like is ripped off the pain!

night cultivation, in fact, is a common method of fighting Qigong, strong as a war saint, of course, know that the cultivation must be gradual and orderly truth.

at this time, a touch of red let the moment moved to the side of the night, "What's wrong with you!" Night! "He shook the little body that had fallen to the ground.

"Well ..." the night brow wriggled a few times and a voice from the throat.

"Whoo-hoo! "A sigh of relief, but the body has reached the limit just now, he has just used a fight to explore the situation of the night, and see the night wake up, but also let go of the heart."

He looked at the snow-covered land in doubt, and the blood from the night was unusually striking, "how could this be? "He was puzzled.


a few days, the night recovered.

"Dad! I don't want to practice anymore! It hurts! It's true! Don't Lie to you! "As I hear the strong and let him practice, the little head of the night shakes like a rattle."

"Night! "The stern word," as the son of my fiery sword, how could it be a piece of crap that has no vengeance! "

" waste? "The night does not understand," waste does not have to practice? "

" is all waste, but also cultivate what! "The way of the strong Shing."

"Then I'm going to be a piece of crap! I'm going to be a loser! "The night jumps up," The waste can not hurt, waste can go out every day to play! "

's face has changed ...

these days he tried to make him wonder when he was practicing for the night, but when he heard the night say so, a blood suddenly rushed to the head--


night covered with small face, beautiful eyes filled with tears ...

was taken aback, he never thought he would make such a move, see the appearance of the night, his heart is very painful.

"Don't cry! Come with me to practice! "But he did not do anything, still stiff, and he thought it was the inertia of the night that he had been accustomed to.

"Ooh-" the night just want to cry, was frightened by the strong expression, honestly sit on the ground, cultivate a new work method ...

This is the strong self-law, called "Dragon Sword Qi", belongs to Offilar 6 of the top work law, its creator, is the Big 64 war Saint Philano.

"It may be that the boy's talent is too strong, the low-level work method to produce a fighting process is not suitable for it." "-that's the conclusion that a few days of intense thinking came out.

but that pain is coming again.

every nerve seemed to break, and the night endured. Do not know why, the night seldom cry, even if he is a child, but now, the pain coupled with the heart of the first appearance of the sour feeling, let him tears.

looked, and there was no reaction, and he thought it was the weakness of the night.

What he did not know, however, was what kind of pain he was suffering in that little body!

didn't take long, it was shorter than last time, and the night sprayed with blood.

shocked, hurriedly swept to the night side, this time, no matter how he shook, the night did not wake up.


10 days, night this coma for 10 days, but has not woken up.

"mother, how's he doing? "Ask the Cologne sitting by the bed."

"Nothing serious, but all the functions of the body are in a state of extreme exhaustion, it needs to be restored for a while." "Cologne the quilt to cover the night."

"What the hell is going on here? "asked strongly.

"It may be that the physique of the night is not suitable for you to fight the roads, I used mental strength to explore his body, and human structure is no different, just dormant an unclear breath." "Cologne said.

"Since it is the human body, it must be able to practice." Do not speak of human lineage, even a lot of gifted Warcraft can be cultivated. "When he had finished, he walked out of the cabin.

, "Where are you going? "asked Cologne.

"I'm going to get those guys ' merit, and I don't believe it's going to be right for my son! "The sound of the mighty and haughty gradually faded away.

This place is called "Snow Canyon"--

Four fierce land, by the Bard called the "Holy class of the strong prison"!

outside the world, the Holy class is rare, and those big 6 on the famous guy, a one of them nest in the ice and snow.


a wasteland made up of loess, ice as iron, a gray stone room, saw a thin and sharp man, deep bronze head let him appear to be the edge of the hidden.

"Brother, I'm here to ask for your help. "said the fierce.

The man did not speak, but threw a roll of broken sheepskin into the strong.

"What is this? "He was stunned."

"dark energy." "said the man, his voice as sharp as his man's.

"You know what I'm up to? "Very surprised."

"Yesterday Nachalson used a sculpture to come to me this time to change a bottle of wine, has said." "That man," he cried.

"This ..." laugh a few words, he yesterday almost in the way of the "angry Lei Holy" Nachalson secluded in the canyon to get the practice of the law.

"The drunkard said he just wanted to cheat a few bottles of good wine from Tarona and didn't care what the law was, and he understood what you expected of your baby son. "The man looked strong," You know, the original of the ' dark energy ' disappeared, and I had no memory magic stone to store the spiritual message, so I rewrote one overnight. "

" Thanks, bro! "The heart was very moved."

"No, you are my best friend of Aris." "That man," he cried.

at this time, a very ugly, broad-nosed mouth of the gray boy kicked the stone door open, covering his head rushed in, "old man, there is a snow ape bully me, you go to beat him to death!" "

Arrimendi A change of face, lost the usual calm," lead the way! "

" haha! "The Gray boy was happy, and as he was about to rush out, he was fierce," Red old man! What about the night! Haven't seen him in a long time! "

" Oh, Douglas Ah, night in practice, no time, wait a few days when you come to TA Rona can see. "Laughing." The ugly boy Douglas was adopted by the "Black Blood Bloody Saint" Aris Mendi, followed him into the ice and Snow Canyon, saw Arrimendi angrily followed Douglas out, a little understand why he would be so quick to "dark" work to himself.

"Below, it's Rommel. "Fly to the air, quickly disappeared in the sky." As long as you break through the "Polar circle", you can fly, which is the common sense of Offilar 6.

.. When

woke up at night, it was 20 days later.

, with his outstanding popularity and the identity of "Firano's only disciple," almost swept away the work of the strong in the whole canyon.

when he urged the night to practice again, the reaction of the night surprised him a little, and the boy sat down honestly, stopped struggling, and stopped talking nonsense.

"This is ' dark energy ', you Aris Mendi Uncle's practice method, first write it down, do not understand to ask me." "The old sheepskin was handed to the night."

"Oh." "The night opened the sheepskin roll and looked up.

two hours passed, after asking the strong words he did not understand, the night has been fully remembered, his memory is very amazing, but the two years old things do not remember ...

then he began to practice as he said, according to the law.

10 minutes later ...

He spit blood again and fell.

when the strong touch of his body, took a surprise, the body of the night, incredibly all is sticky sweat, like after the severe pain left ...

a fiery fight to destroy the sheepskin roll, hugged Pingtang, returned to the brown-red cabin.

It seems that the night is going to lie down for another one months.

because of the depth of the dark, no less than the Dragon Sword Gas.

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