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Chapter 15 Bear Consequences

"Damn it! It's a nasty breath! "A slender figure appeared in the bustling streets, gorgeous clothes, handsome almost demon face, no doubt let this man become the focus of all opposite eyes."

but the look on his face was serious ...

This dignified face of the beautiful man is the original in the Ice canyon outside the cave appeared in the Lunan. And he is located in the place called Komoro City, is the largest imperial card blue in the north.

"What a bunch of nasty flies! "Lunan frowned. In fact, he is now very choking, if not the original miscalculation, forced to change the power of the loss of magic, he now do not have to hide.

"If not the strength of this adult is only 1% left, Laozi must let you little ones become Laozi's blood sacrifice!" "Lunan slender eyebrows up a jump, blood-red eyes flashed a cold light."

He clearly sensed that the street corner, not far behind him, had a few people in coarse robes, and scattered the breath that made him nasty.

"It's supposed to be a penance, isn't it? A specialty of the Temple of Light. This group of fanatical guys, it smells like they've never washed a bath. It's disgusting! "Lunan skimmed the corners of his mouth, his body slightly glowing red, and then the shape of the flash, a red shadow left in place, he himself, but disappeared out of the bustling streets."

in Lunan show Advanced Magic "Blood Shadow" at the same time, the street corner of the few well-dressed people also moved, they did not chase to the red shadow facing the direction, but the unified flight to the air ...

"It's all sacred?" No wonder you can't fool me! It seems that my presence makes you nervous ... "Lunan, with his hands on his back, gracefully parked in the air about 500 metres from Moro, with a purple shoulder length fluttering gently with the wind blowing over his cheeks.

around him, four of the penance became four-horned stations, all of which sealed his escape route.

"Interracial, don't be arrogant, your presence is against the will of God, so you must Die!" "said a tall penance with no expression on his face.

, "Terry, don't talk nonsense, execute God's judgment!" "The other thin old man, who had to be white, sank the channel.

"Yes, Lord Rebecca. "Terry respectfully," he replied. It seems that this thin old man named Ubeka is the leader of four people.

"God? Jokes, you ants, humble races, you also say God? "Lunan's contemptuous voice did not in any way affect the mood of the Bekaa. He carried his hands, a golden cover to the head of the Lunan, "Danzig, Franco-European, Terry, the punishment of the light!" "

Lunan's face changed, he did not think, these four appearance of the slightest beggar like the same guy, unexpectedly can use the" light penalty "--

do they have the same strength as themselves?

Four Sacred Golden Glow flew out of the hands of four of the penance, forming a hood over the top of the Lunan, locking up the actions of the Lunan.

"Damn it! Scare me! It's also called the ' Holy Light penalty '? "Lunan a false alarm, the light penalty of these four holy-grade penance turned out to be just a name. If the true punishment of the light is, it is estimated that he has now been squeezed into powder by the power of the vast light.

"Clowns! On the basis of this fireworks that can only be used for entertainment, do you dare to say that on behalf of God to punish Laozi? Don't say it's you, it's the real God, and Lao Tzu is not afraid! "Lunan was covered in blood, and the bloody blood, like Magma, instantly turned his gorgeous costumes into dust.

"Humble and cunning human! This quality also dares to say is the senior weapon? "Lunan seems to care about his body, a very strange style of black robe flying out of his space ring, blinking between, wearing on his body."

"Lao Tzu is not like you unruly rubbish, always so dirty!" No matter when, Lunan should be the embodiment of beauty and nobility! "Lunan This rather nonsensical words let Ubeka four people a leng, hands hesitated half a point-this quirky alien in the end what is it?" Are you going to die and leisure care about your appearance?

But, next, the Bekaa four understood.

a powerful magic from the Lunan body, there is no extra action, that handsome purple man just with a finger, punctured the hood on his head ....

and then.

"Poof! "" Poof! "" Poof! "" Poof! "

four people in the left chest at the same time ejected a blood column, and then, four warm heart at the same time out of four bodies, toward the direction of Lunan slowly fly away."

four still beating heart, hanging blood and sticky body fluids, suspended above the palm of the hand, Lunan face a hint of cruel smile, the mouth popped out of two cold words: "Blood sacrifice!" "

with the sound of four of objects bursting, four stiff corpses fell down ...

"Whoo-hoo! "Lunan a sigh of relief, his breathing was heavy, his face was blue, and the whole portrait was too indulgent." Just now the situation is very dangerous, if he had not pretended to have absolute strength indifferent appearance, first from the psychological overwhelm Ubeka four people, while their spirit is not concentrated a blow will kill, he, now dead.

in fact, after using the blood magic of the high-level forbidden spell "blood sacrifice" to solve the Ubeka four people, lunan themselves, but also unbearable load. If the escape from the holy city in the past few years is only to delay his recovery, then, this time, he a trick to kill four saints, but really to the fray of the situation.

even if it is far less powerful, it is a weakening version of the "Punishment of the light." Do not say this kind of situation, is the heyday of the blood Wang Runan, also dare not say can resist the real "holy Light punishment"!

So, he now, can only slowly drop to Komoro city, an unmanned alley, slumped in the dark corner, trying to maintain the life cycle that is about to collapse.

He is now could not bear image, in his present situation, casually come to a bright temple of ordinary missionaries, you can kill him!

"Didn't think ..." Lunan looked Wilton, and it seemed that he was left with only the force to exhale.

"I am the King of blood ... The king of the noble blood demons ... It's ... I'm going to die like this ... Such a ... Place...... Seven...... Seven nights ... Don't...... Don't...... You guys...... Is...... With...... Curse...... Put the soul ... Dark...... Out...... I...... Will not ... "

Lunan has been inarticulate, originally powerful and incomparable, the body began to spasm, the last trace of vitality, is about to leave his, will take his soul away."

him, down the corner, and fell down.

"What? "He suddenly opened his eyes, the blood of the eyes actually have a light!"

is flashback?

No, it's not. He just touched something, a thing enough to excite him!

Lunan really didn't think that he still had a chance to live ... Perhaps his life should not be absolute, perhaps he did not have the intention to "help" the Asura and the family in return ...

his side, the corner of the dark, uninhabited alley, lay a little beggar in a coma because of hunger, and in the moment he fell down, he touched the dirty, disgusting little body with the temperature of his life.

Lunan's face with an unexplained expression, the sacrifice of his last trace of vitality, opened the power of his soul ... His slowly devoured and melted by the blood-colored mist ...

the most secretive magic of the Blood devils-soul parasitic!

saw that beautiful body turned to ashes, blood mist slowly dispersed, a fist the size of red blood beads, from the top of the little Beggar's head into his body ... How wonderful the roulette of

's fate-what Lunan did three years ago is now born on himself, and, most hated ugly, dirty, the most beautiful and clean, but he entered a body full of dirt and stench ...

no one at the end of the deep alley, as if to tell the cool of the sorrow. Under the corner of the

, a skinny body lay quietly on the cold ground.

Suddenly, his finger moved a bit.


far away. Goya, the end of the divine faith.

A pair of beautiful, can hook the eyes of any man in the world soul, gently, charming, blink a bit.

"disappeared? "She smiled, and could not believe that such a smile would appear in the fireworks world."

It's poison, it's the murder weapon, it's a spell that can easily seal a man's life.

in a beautiful golden hall, she stood in front of the window, looking out of the window. There seemed to be a glimmer of light in the northern sky, as if it were a tribute to the face that gazed at it.

behind her, 12 of the original extremely powerful breath, but in the effort to converge, for fear of disturbing her thinking ...

"Rafael. "She spoke, the voice is very charming, not like the sound of heaven, but more nostalgic than the voice of heaven."

"in. "Even if she hadn't turned around, Rafael was still bow salute.

"You did a good job. A layer of light in the Holy Tower will be open for you and your followers for a year. In addition, I give you the magic hand roll of the holy Light, and give you the Temple of Light. However, keep in mind that hand rolls are only one copy and cannot be copied if violated, you know the consequences. "Her tone shifted from mild to cold, very natural.

but the Offilar of the great 6 legendary strong, the Lord of the Temple of Light in the 12 temple, has experienced two days of ice and fire.

"Bana. "She turned around and faced 12 people. In a flash, 12 usually high head almost at the same time a low, dare not look directly.

"in. "The Baskerville atmosphere is also afraid to out.

"Do you know the consequences of breaking into the holy tower casually? "she asked softly.

"know." "The back of the Barnabas Robe has been soaked with cold sweat.

"That's good." "I saw her sticking out her left hand, slender and Jade's index finger toward the badar gently a little ...

"Bang! "Badar's chest burst and his body flew out, directly crashing the walls of the hall into a big hole. Long time, he trembled shaky from the rubble pile up, his right hand propped up the body, "wow" to spew a mouthful of blood.

"But ..." she spoke again, in a nonchalant tone as if something had nothing to do with her. "You reported the situation in time to avoid some unnecessary trouble, so ..." she smiled and looked at the just-white PA, "the dark layer of the tower will also open for your Dark temple for a year." "

" Thanks ... Monseigneur Xie. "Badar's breathing was not smooth, and he thanked him, knowing that the value of entering the dark layer of the tower was much higher than the magic of his at this point at least hundreds of years of loss.

"Hmm." There is no need to thank you, you are all faithful believers of God, God, will not forget you. As for, Shelly, Bira, your water temple and the Temple of the war are not much involved in this matter, so do not do more. All right, you guys go down there. "She nodded slightly to 12 people and stopped talking more. Empowered, really strong.

just as 12 people were ready to leave after the salute, Rafael thought of something, a step forward, Bow said: "Monseigneur, I am sorry to disturb you again, there is one more thing, I must report to you ..."


Bright Sanctuary-This is arguably the brightest, warmest and most comforting place in the entire holy city. White jade built architectural style chic, cool fountain just right inlaid in the brightly coloured garden, cute small animals are running around merrily, many in the Magic robe looks very sunny and holy people shuttle among them, leisurely do their own things.

The Temple of Light is located in the most conspicuous part of the area, a classical and elegant palace, like a compassionate goddess, kind and sacred.

"Bang", the seat of the Temple Hall was kicked over by Rafael, who stood on the high platform inside the hall, his chest fluctuating.

"What's the thing! That woman doesn't know what to think in her heart! No one is allowed to touch that hybrid creature! Doesn't she know that the witchcraft guy was there, too? Woman! Hum! What else can they do besides wriggle in bed? "

" is good! Strength is not as good as you, I admit it. You think I don't know that secret? How long do you think you're going to be proud? Wait till he comes, and wait until the true son of light comes, then ... "

" I must let you in the painful struggle under my body! "

Rafael was suddenly glowing in his eyes.

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