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Chapter 71, Overbearing

Zi Chen was clad in a white shirt and with a handsome appearance. He walked out slowly from the crack.

"Zi Chen!"

Upon seeing Zi Chen, Chen Feng's facial expression had changed suddenly. He felt angry, "Damn it, Xu Yan! The task assigned had not be done. He is still survived."

Chen Feng had the same feeling like Lin Yun while seeing Zhan Haotian. They were in anger.

When the grand master watched Zi Chen coming out, he felt surprised. However, it remained as usual afterwards.

The three masters looked calmly at the crack. Two out of the three future leaders of sect, were in anger. They were watching at the crack too, waiting for the appearance of their people.

However, an incident that was out of the expectation of everyone had occurred at the next moment. After the appearance of Zi Cheng, the giant crack had started to tremble. The surrounding was twisted once more. After that, the dark crack had disappeared.

This scenario could only be described through an explanation. It was no longer having human inside.


At this moment, the facial expression of the grand master and the three future leaders of sect had changed.

There were few hundreds of people going in. However, there were not enough hundred people coming out right now. Furthermore, it was not seen any strong guy from Zhan Wu sect and Lin Wu sect coming out.

"What had happened?"

There were almost ten strong guys never coming out. The three master could no longer remained calm. They started to question.

"It's the people of Zhan Wu sect who had killed all others."

"It's Zi Chen who had killed the ten sect guys."

"Master, to report that Li Chen had brought people from Zhan Wu sect to trap us and kill all people."

"Zi Chen and Zhan Haotian had killed Zhen Hua and others."

"Master, to report that Zi Chen has betrayed us. He cooperates with people from outside of sect and kill our own people."

All people were one word with one mouth. They complaint vigorously. The situation was extremely messy. The three masters had understood that what had happened.

"Zi Chen cooperates with Zhan Haotian. They trap the ten sect guys and kill a lot of innocent seniors. We hope that grand master can hold the justice."

There was a disciple of Eight Layer Zhen Wi walked out and pointed at Zi Chen, claiming that the latter was the one inciting others in the garden of medication remedies. However, when coming one from there, he was the one first complaining as well.

"That's right. Zi Chen is cruel. He kills all others just for the precious thousand years medication remedies." Here came another disciple of Lin Wu sect who forged ahead to pinpoint Zi Chen.

"We plead the grand master to hold the justice. Zi Chen is cruel." In front of the grand master and Chen Feng, disciples of Lin Wu sect started to complain and pinpoint Zi Chen at their wishes.

The two parties had not personal issues. However, Zi Chen had captured a lot of attention at the garden of medication remedies. He was affectionate. In contrast, they were ruthless and therefore being criticized by others. They felt jealous to Zi Chen and thus had the intention to harm Zi Chen.

All those pinpoints from others had brought Zu Chen to the attention of all people. Lin Xue had to hold his temper. He was close to kill all those people who spoke nonsense. However, Su Mengyao was very calm. He was even more calm than Zi Chen.

The facial expression of grand master and Master Kerk were not too good. They looked coldly to Zi Chen. Lin Yun and Chen Feng were looked unfriendly too. It was obvious that they had planned to kill Zi Chen.

"Master, it is not the whole story. Li Chen uses a thousand-year medication remedies to lure us into valley and brings few hundred of fierce beasts to kill us. Zi Chen has killed those beasts and saved us. If not, there would not have peoples from Lin Wu sect and Xuan Wu sect managed to survive and escape from there."

Mu Yi forged ahead suddenly and defensed on behalf of Zi Chen.

Zi Chen appreciated this.

"Li Chen is cruel. He tries to trap all others and even to kill people of his own sect." Liang Guang forged ahead.

"My respected three masters, please don't believe on their nonsense. We should die earlier if without Zi Chen. Now we should look into Lin Chen." Lu Peng also spoke on behalf of Zi Chen.

The three people were important. Their words were far more effective and representing compared to others. After that, there were few disciples, who had cooperated with Zi Chen before, forged ahead to speak on behalf of Zi Chen.

Suddenly, Zi Chen had become the spotlight. All incidents in the garden of medication remedies had been related to him.

There were a lot of important people who spoke on behalf of Zi Chen. Suddenly, the spearhead of criticism had been diverted to Zhan Wu sect.

"Where is Li Chen?" Master Kerk finally understood the reason why the disciples had been divided into two groups, after listening to all others.

"Li Chen has died. His brain has been chopped down by Zi Chen." There was disciple shouting loudly, as if feeling very proud of it.

"It's Zi Chen again?" The three masters had looked at Zi Chen once more. Their eyes were shimmering. However, they could not find anything special on Zi Chen. This was because right now Zi Chen was in a state of breathless and with isolated dantian.

Zi Chen became the spotlight once more. He had received a lot of compliment but at the same time had become the target of everybody. However, no people bothered on Zhan Haotian though he had killed not less than Zi Chen.

Zi Chen had not defensed himself. He felt this was unnecessary. He knew that people of Lin Wu sect belonged to Chen Feng and he had not expected them to speak good words on him. Those stayed silent and did not smear on Zi Chen had helped him a lot.

"Lin Yun, what had happened actually?" Master Kerk looked at Lin Yun. Lin Yun was looked not too good. Seemingly, he did not know the story of this incident.

"Reporting master, I am not too clear on this. This incident is very doubtful and need thorough investigation… …" Lin Yun said helplessly.

"Humph!" Master Kerk said, "I will deal with you afterwards."

Master Zhang from Xuan Wu sect said, "We better investigate this properly. We need to conclude that who is doing wrong and take stern action on the culprit. Right now, let's us see what had they managed to obtain."

Master Zhang's sound was very calm. However, he was determined that all his disciples should not be sacrificed worthlessly.

Disciples of the three sects separated and brought out medication remedies. These were used to replace with contribution points. Sect, which had contributed the most, would become the grand winner.

Out of the three sects, the number of Zhan Wu sect disciples was the least. Medication remedies of most of the disciples had been robbed away by others. Although there were few of outstanding disciples who managed to bring out quite a number of medication remedies, it was still far left behind in term of the quality and quantity compared to other two sects.

The quantity of medication remedies had been more than hundred pieces.

There were twenty pieces with more than five hundred years. These captured people's attention.

It was Lin Wu sect's turn immediately after that. Zi Chen had managed to gather most of the medication remedies. Miao Kong, Lin Xue, Su Mengyao and Zi Chen had brought out five pieces of medication remedies with more than five hundred years. The concentrated spiritual strength and shining radiant of the medication remedies had captured the eyesight of everyone. There were more than twenty pieces of medication remedies being displayed.

Other disciples had brought out their medication remedies. Some were with five hundred years. The total quantity had surpassed two hundred pieces. Medication remedies of five hundred years was more than fifty pieces.

The grand master was very satisfied. Chen Feng nodded his head. His gloomy facial expression soothed.

"You all are getting to lose." Chen Feng was extremely confident. Lin Yun was looked not too good. His Zhan Wu sect had lost in this round. However, Wu Hong was very calm and with a smile on his face. This was because he was told that his side could win in a stylish way.

After that was followed by disciples of Xuan Wu sect. Mu Yi had brought out ten pieces medication remedies of more than five hundred years. It was followed by Liang Guang, Lu Peng and other disciples of Ten Layer Zhen Qi, who managed to bring out many medication remedies.

Those who had cooperated with Zi Chen were very fruitful. The five hundred years medication remedies that were brought out, had far beyond those owned by Lin Wu sect.

Chen Feng looked gloomy again. The same went to the grand master. The calculation on the quantity of medication remedies by Lin Wu sect had completed.

The medication remedies owned by Xuan Wu sect were more than two hundred pieces. Those five hundred years were nearly ten pieces more than Lin Wu sect.

Xuan Wu sect had won for this garden of medication remedies trip.

The three masters were ready to accept any failure. When they were getting to announce the winner, suddenly there was a disciple said coldly, "Please hold a while, masters."

"Masters twist their heads and look at the disciple. This is the only Nine Layer Zhen Qi disciple of Lin Wu sect. He is clad in white shirts with some blood stain. He salutes against the masters and twisted his head to Zi Chen and asked him coldly, "Zi Chen, where's the thousand years medication remedies? Why not brought out to contribute?"

"Thousand years medication remedies?"

All people were in shock. They had just remembered that Zi Chen had conquered the giant python and obtained the thousand years medication remedies. However, he had not brought that out on today.

Chen Feng and others had to emphasize on this ignored question on just now. Zi Chen had killed the giant beasts.

The three masters looked at Zi Chen simultaneously. The same went to the three future sect leaders. Once again, Zi Chen had become the spotlight.

"Zi Chen, what's your intention? Why not you bring out the thousand years medication remedies?"

"Zi Chen, you are really selfish. Lin Wu sect has won, but you try to hide the thousand years medication remedies."

"That's right. You are not worth to be my Lin Wu sect's disciple."

"Bring out the thousand years medication remedies and let us to be the winner. We shall get double more contribution points."

"Don't be too selfish. You will end up in bad luck."

All disciples forged ahead and questioned on Zi Chen. They were extremely weak, with only Seven to Eight Layer Zhen Qi. If without the masters, they would not dare to do so. However, right now, they were so outbearing and with a strong sense of righteousness.

Medication remedies were not good for them to absorb, although its spiritual strength was strong. For them, Zhenqi dan, which had contribution points, were far more worthy compared to medication remedies. However, there were not all people take out their medication remedies. There were some hiding.

This was because there was not just Lin Wu sect in this world. The world was very broad. Contribution points of Lin Wu sect were not fully accepted in the entire China Mainland.

There were a lot of disciples hiding medication remedies. However, at this moment, they were so outbearing and with a strong sense of righteousness. They questioned on Zi Chen.

"When do Lin Wu sect require disciples to bring out all the medication remedies?" At this moment, Su Mengyao said coldly.

"It's really embarrassing. Have you all brought out all the medication remedies?" Lin Xue spoke in an angry note.

Zi Chen was silent. He did not defense himself since Lin Wu sect had no such rules of bringing out all the medication remedies.

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