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Chapter 70, Mind Relaxing Small Gamble

The three masters were meditating silently at the peak of mountain.

With their level of strength and power, it was a norm to meditate for up to several months or years. It was nothing for them to meditate for half a year.

The patience of Lin Yun, Chen Feng and Wu Hong were not enough. At the time of initial meeting, they complimented each other. After half a year gone, they had some additional thinking.

Based on the time, people who entered the garden of medication remedies should have already went out. Therefore, Chen Feng turned his eyes and asked, "Lin Yun, Wu Hong, the garden of medication remedies will be closed soon, which sect will most possibly win this round?"

After spending half a year together, the three persons had no longer use the word, senior, to call for each other. They will call the names directly.

Wu Hong smiled, thought for a while and said, "It's tough to say. Each sect has its own strength. This will depend on luck."

"Don't guess. For this round, we, Zhan Wu sect will get the number one." Without second thought, Lin Yun said confidently.

"That's not really. We, Lin Wu sect also has quite a number of strong fighters." Chen Feng felt dissatisfied upon watching the confidence shown by Lin Yun.

Those people allowed to enter the garden of medication remedies were our own people who had been selected. They were very strong. It was impossible of not getting number one.

"He-he, then we wait for that. Zhan Wu sect must be the number one. Another two positions will be opened for your sects to fight for." Lin Yun smiled. Zhan Wu sect had planned for this for up to few decades and had well prepared for this. Thus, he had full confidence on this.

Wu Hong smiled, but not said any words. However, Chen Feng felt dissatisfied and said, "Lin Yun, please don't be too over confident."

"If you are not believing on this, we can have a small gamble."

"How to have this gamble?"

"How about we gamble on a piece of low-grade spiritual stone?" Lin Yun smiled.

"Low-grade spiritual stone?" The facial expression of Chen Feng had changed gradually.

There were spiritual Qi in the universe. Disciples would absorb spiritual Qi from the universe and convert it to Zhen Qi. Once there was level breakthrough, the Zhen Qi would transform to inborn Zhen Qi. The transformation took place for several times and eventually the inborn Zhen Qi would be converted to spiritual energy. At this level, it would be known as level of true spirit.

Strong guy with the level of true spirit could absorb the spiritual energy directly. Some spiritual energy was too concentrated to the extent that it was converted to solid form, known as spiritual stone. Strong guy with the level of true spirit loved spiritual stone very much. It was also the currency used at Tian Wu Mainland.

However, this currency was not touchable at the level of true spirit. It was tough to have a complete piece of low-grade spiritual stone even though for the inborn level. Most people would only use spiritual stone fragments. Spiritual stone fragments were spiritual stones with fragmented energy and were not pure.

For people with inborn level, a low-grade spiritual stone was not considered as a small gamble. It should be a big gamble.

A piece of low-grade spiritual stone could be converted to minimum 100 pieces of spiritual stone fragments.

"A piece of low-grade spiritual stone?" The facial expression of Wu Hong had changed gradually too. He was used to be calm and steady. However, this gamble had been out of his expectation.

"That's right. Small gamble is able to relax our mind." Lin Yun nodded his head. He was very satisfied with the facial expression changes of the two guys.

"Is this considered as small gamble?" Chen Feng was speechless. However, he did not wish to be a loser in front of Lin Yun. He nodded his head and said, "Okay. It's just a small gamble. Just a piece of low-grade spiritual stone."

"Wu Hong. How about you?" Lin Yun looked at Wu Hong again.

"He-he, I am not involved." Wu Hong smiled and shook his head.

"Why? Is it because you are poor and unable to take out even a single piece of low-grade spiritual stone? Or is it because your Xuan Wu sect had down to this extent?" Chen Feng were trying to despise and sneer on Wu Hong. He wished to be a winner in front of both of them.

"Wu Hong. Let's gamble. Small gamble will relax mind whereas big gamble may hurt. We are just having a small gamble. Please don't trick it too seriously on just a piece of low-grade spiritual stone. Come on. We are just having fun on it." Lin Yun also said, but it was very obvious that he was full of contemptuousness.

"Okay. Just play will do." Wu Hong nodded his head finally.

"He-he. That's right." Lin Yun had a big smile. He had started thinking on the benefits he might obtained from this round.

The three masters sat at far side with legs tied. They were in great silence.

After a long time, they opened their eyes suddenly.

"It has been half a year gone. Disciples from the three sects should have come back."

Suddenly, explosion sound was coming from the peak of mountain. They could feel that the surrounding had started to be twisted. Gigantic energy had started to be blooming.

Lin Yun and others had to retreat back because the energy was too strong and terrifying.

"The garden of medication remedies is mysterious. To open it, a lot of spiritual strength is required. However, when it closes, an inexplicable energy appeared."

"That's right. The garden of medication remedies is too mysterious. We are unable to go in to explore unfortunately."

"Half year is too short. It's hard to guess how much have they achieved."

The surrounding had started to be twisted. There was as if a strong power trying to tear here apart. Followed by a she…eh sound, the surrounding at top of mountain had broken. A dark crack had appeared and the peak of mountain had been full of energy. Lin Yun and others had to retreat back further. The spiritual masks of the three masters had started to emit the she…she sound.

The dark crack started to spread out, as if a giant mouth and a baseless hole.

After the rumbling energy had disappeared, finally the surrounding stabilized. A giant crack appeared at the peak of mountain and followed by the appearance of body shadow.

Half year had gone. People, who had entered the garden of medication remedies had finally appeared.

There were a lot of disciples with high motivation while entering. However, the number of disciples, who managed to come out, had reduced tremendously. In addition, there were traps set by the Zhan Wu sect. Disciples managed to survive were only one tenth of the number entering previously.

This meant that out of hundred people entering, there was only ten people could be able survive and come out from there.

The first coming out was the disciples of Lin Wu sect. They were playing the hiding game at the garden of medication remedies. They were very nervous and felt worried to be killed by Zi Chen. Thus, they were the first rushing out when the giant crack had opened. Once in front of the masters, then only their emotion started to stabilize.

The masters felt something was not right. Their eyebrows had started to wrinkle.

There were only a few of Lin Wu sect disciples coming out. Almost every people were in nervousness and panic.

These people were Seven to Eight Layer Zhen Qi. Nine Layer Zhen Qi were considered almost none. Ten Layer Zhen Qi was not found either.

"Chen Feng, the emotion of your people seems like not in a good state. Disciples of Ten Layer Zhen Qi have not appeared." Lin Yun smiled coldly. However, he felt dissatisfied. Based on their previous calculation, there would not be more than twenty people of Lin Wu sect managed to survive and come out for this round.

"Humph! Don't worry. The strong guys will be normally coming out last. This will look stylish." Chen Feng said coldly, but he felt something is getting wrong.

All disciples had appeared and the total number of Lin Wu sect disciples were thirty-eight. They were followed by disciples of Zhan Wu sect. They were looked even terrible. When they walked out through the crack, they were in intense panic. Their clothes were not in good condition and with fresh blood stains. Some were found even with a lot of knife or sword wound, and were in critical state.

"What had happened?" The master of Zhan Wu sect felt uneasy right now. Previously, he was very calm and steady.  There was battle occurring at previous during the opening of garden of medication remedies. However, it would not be like today where injuries and knife wound were found on almost every people.

They were not even remained calm while meeting with him.

Battle was allowed in the garden of medication remedies, but to fight for precious medication remedies. From the suffered injuries which were observed on today, it seemed like a massacre, rather than a fighting for medication remedies.

"He-he! Lin Yun. Look like the disciples of your sect are not in good condition. They are all nearly died." Chen Feng claimed sarcastically.

"Humph!" Lin Yun's face was gloomy. He said nothing. He knew that something had happened and it was not the right time to continue asking for.

Disciples had come out incessantly and were divided to two groups. One of the groups was in very small number. They were looked nervous and panic. Some were still bleeding. The other group was not in big number too. They were glaring at the former group in hatred. This was sect conflict.

Lin Yun's emotion had sunk to the bottom. He had waited for so long. Those guys he waited for had still not appeared.

Li Chen, Lin Fei, Xie Qiu, Chen Chong and others had not appeared. Something had happened. Lin Yun had to hold the biggest responsibility if they failed at this time.

After Zhan Wu sect, it was immediately followed by people from Xuan Wu sect. They were in big number. They were in hatred. Some were still holding a long sword with fresh blood dripping. They glared at Zhan Wu sect's people with intense killer instinct.

"What's getting on?"

The three masters were full of questions. They did not know what had occurred actually.

It was very weird and ridiculous. Till now, not even a single person of Nine Layer Zhen Qi or above had appeared.

Lin Yun's face was getting gloomy. The other two also had not good feeling. Followed that, a shadow had appeared.

It was Liang Guang from Ten Layer Zhen Qi.

This was the first strong guy from Nine Layer Zhen Qi above. The appearance of Liang Guang represented the true emergence of strong guy.

This was followed by Mu Yi, Lu Peng and others. However, it was only five persons coming out, out of the ten persons of Ten Layer Zhen Qi from Xuan Wu sect who entered previously.

Those people coming out was straight away walking to Master Zhang and gathered all together. However, when they looked at the Zhan Wu sect, they behaved in a very bad and unfriendly way.

"How can it be like this?" Lin Yun shouted when watching Mu Yi and others appearing. The situation was abnormal and far deviated from the original plan.

"Hooh!" Wu Hong sighed a relief. He was not care on the gamble. He hoped that Mu Yi and others were safe and sound.

Lin Yun waited for Li Chen. He wanted to question the later on what had happened. The same went to Chen Feng who waited for Xu Yan too.

Once again, there was a shadow out from the giant crack. It was Zhang Haotian. He was a cold and ruthless youth.

After Zhang Haotian, it was followed by an extremely ordinary youth. After that, it was Li Xue and Su Mengyao these two beautiful figures walking out from the crack. Their body shapes were superb. They were looked like fairies. This had captured others' attention.

These two people were very relaxed. When coming out with a cold smile, they still looked at the crack behind them simultaneously. After that, a white shadow had emerged.  

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