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Chapter 69, Massacre at The Crack of Dawn

"Why you all not going for death? You all are rubbish in Ling Wu sect."

The strong guy looked at the few people contemptuously. He then turned and shouted at his Xuan Wu sect fellow, "Dear all disciples of Xuan Wu sect, our senior is still fighting. Are we going to behave like the disciples of Ling Wu sect, who complain our senior at behind and push him to death?"


Once the strong guy stopped his words, there were few disciples shouting loudly. Seemingly, they had the intention to fight, but still were in dilemma. Now, since the strong guy had come out and be the leader, their motivation had been improved tremendously.

"That's good! Please follow me to fight if you all are not rubbish in Ling Wu sect." The strong guy shouted loudly once more.

However, there was a guy pulling him backward, "What are you doing? You want to die? Why not we going out only when the people of Zhan Wu sect are weak?"

The strong guy twisted his head and shouted at him while pointing at his nose, "It's all bullshits. Previously, it's you all stopping me from fighting with Xu Yan. Now, again you all were talking nonsense. I have to report this to master. Let master to kill all the bastards and rubbish, who are not care for others."

"For those who are not afraid of death and are not bastards, please follow me to fight, to help all other seniors, and to kill all the fellow of Zhan Wu sect."

The strong guy had pulled out his weapon, rushing out from the crowd and charging towards the battle at the outside of valley.

"Kill! I am not bastard."

The disciples of Xuan Wu sect had charged out one followed by another.

"Come on! Please don't make people of Xuan Wu sect ashamed." The third disciples had charged forward too.

"Li Chen is not bothering us. He wants to kill us. Please follow me to fight." The remaining surviving disciples from Zhan Wu sect also charged forward.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Suddenly, more and more people screamed loudly and rushed towards the battlefield. Finally, their killer instinct had been stimulated.  

"Senior Zi Chen, I am coming."

Finally, there were disciples from Ling Wu sect charging forward, but the number was little. However, those were good people. By helping Zi Chen, they chose to be along with Zi Chen, but to be in rivalry with Chen Feng.

All the disciples had been motived. They shouted loudly and joined the battle.

This battle had nearly finished. The line of defense formed by Zhan Wu sect had been penetrated. A big loop hole had appeared.

"Senior Zi Chen, let's us go."

"Senior Mu Yi, we go out quickly."

There were disciples shouting loudly when the line of defense had been penetrated.

"No. You all go first. I want to wipe out all these bastards, not leaving any behind." Zi Chen said coldly.

"You all go first." Mu Yi, Lu Peng and others said too.

"We won't leave our senior behind." Since the killer instinct had been elevated, it wouldn't deplete so fast. Therefore, the crowd preferred to stay fighting.

"It's stupid not to leave right now."

"Since the line of defense has been penetrated, we need to leave here as soon as possible."

"All disciples, please keep fighting!"

Since the line of defense had been penetrated, the disciples, who had been waiting at side, took this opportunity to escape from there. They were highly motivated, with increasing morale.

"It's really embarrassed!"

"These bastards take the opportunity to escape through the line of defense that torn apart by us."

All the disciples felt helpless. However, since Zi Chen and others did not leave, they decided not to leave as well. They had converted their helplessness into the fighting spirit. Disciples of Zhan Wu sect had seen fallen, one followed by another.

The fighting spirit of disciples, who were leaded by Ling Wu sect, had improved tremendously. They attempted to get away from the line of defense. However, they encountered strong defense by the disciples of Zhan Wu sect, who are leaded by Li Chen and assisted by Xie Qiu.    

Some disciples, who had charged forward before this, had returned back. Out of the ten people, half of them had been killed, leaving another half managed to return back.

"Damn it! Li Chen is so despicable. He has since defensed from this point."

"Zi Chen should have expected this at earlier. This explains why he is not charging forward."

"It's really despicable. The motive is malicious. The intention is clearly to harm others."

"Zi Chen! I will remember this. Please be careful."

All peoples had to turn back to valley. They were in anger.


The participation of Li Chen added some variables to this battle. However, the great direction had not changed. Zi Chen held his knife and charged in and out of the crowd, together with SuMengyao and Li Xue.

"Zi Chen, it's your time to suffer." Xie Qiu jumped with full strength, and hit at him vigorously.

The body of Zi Chen sparkled in silver and was surrounded by electrical light. Zi Chen had displayed his special Kung Fu techniques, Flying Steps and Radiant Sword.

Zi Chen had successfully combined these two techniques to a merging Kung Fu technique.

This hit was as if lightning and was come with silver aurora. It came at a blink of an eye.


Zi Chen had appeared at the back of Xie Qiu. He had put his long sword together with silver aurora at the latter's neck. Soon, the grooming energy had disappeared silently.

Xie Qiu's head had felled down, with fresh blood bursting. The number two people in Zhan Wu sect had died.

The death of disciples could mean nothing to the Zhan Wu sect people. However, the death of Xie Qiu had brought extreme shock to others. At this moment, the disciples of Zhan Wu sect had been distracted by the death of number two people.


At the same time, Zhang Haotian and others also had killed few which were considered quite important at enemy side. The incessant moanful scream scared others.

"Kill! Kill all people! Don't ever retreat!" Li Chen screamed loudly. Their core strength was still there.

"Li Chen!"

Zi Chen screamed loudly and charged towards Li Chen, killing all the disciples along the way. They were fighting vigorously. Energy was grooming. Deafening explosion sound had been emitted incessantly. It formed an energy storm at their surrounding and prevented others to charge neared.

Thunderbolt Finger!

A strike of thunderbolt appeared, as if a fierce thunder dragon which were rumbling.

Sky Conquering Punch!

Li Chen also knew this Kung Fu technique. He was very strong.


Explosion sound had been emitted incessantly. Energy storm surrounding the two guys had depleted gradually. A sword with silver aurora were travelling at the spend of meteor towards the direction of Li Chen.

Sword and body had been merged together. This merging Kung Fu technique had been displayed at once more.

The silver aurora had diminished. All had to be come to an end.

Zi Chen had been at the back of Li Chen. The latter had not managed to do anything yet. However, there was an obvious reddish scar mark at his neck.

The battle had stopped. All people looked at Zi Chen and Li Chen, observing every single movement of them.

"Peng!" Li Chen fell backward. He had not managed to protect himself from the final ferocious strike from Zi Chen.

"Senior Zi Chen!"

"How can it be?!!"

Zi Chen had died. It was now the moment to eliminate all the remaining.

"Li Fei! You had trapped me before this. Today you need to pay for that." Zhang Haotian broke Li Fei's legs once more though only recovered at not so long ago.

"Kacha, Kacha!"

The breaking sound of bone marrow was emitted incessantly. Zhang Haotian was releasing all his dissatisfaction. Finally, he killed him after asking for forgiveness for many times.

After that, Chen Qi, Tai Kai and others had not managed to escape, and killed by Zhang Haotian eventually.

Zhan Wu sect had lost. Disciples had been trying to escape. They had been chased after by all others, because they should serve for all the wrong doings that had been done. The most important and precious are those loads behind them.

These loads were all the precious medication remedies or panacea which had been robbed by disciples from the fierce beasts.

Zi Chen took away the loads from Li Chen and Xie Qiu. Although there were no medication remedies of thousand years, remedies with hundred years and above were in huge number.

Many disciples from the three sects had died for this round. However, they were getting a lot in return too. Zi Chen had obtained more than a thousand of contribution points.

Contribution points more than a thousand could be used changed to more than five hundred pieces of Zhen Qi Essence. This was a terrifying number.

Others got a lot too.

During the mess, disciples from Ling Wu sect had tried to escape. They were not foolish. They knew that Zi Chen had killed Li Chen. With this strength, Zi Chen could kill them after this. It was because of they had spoken impolitely before this and the most important was they were under Chen Feng.   

Many disciples of Ling Wu sect had not come for the opening of the garden of medication remedies. This had to be closely related to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng had sent out eleven Ten Layer Zhen Qi disciples. The main purpose was to kill Zi Chen. However, out of his expectation, all these disciples had been killed by Zi Chen.

Although Zi Chen was with the power of Nine Layer Zhen Qi, his fighting spirit and capability had won him the good name of World Number One.

Time flied. It was not too far with the closure time of the garden.

Zi Chen gained a lot. He tried to increase his fighting capability by consuming the medication remedies. He understood that he had a huge gap with Chen Feng after watching the fighting capability of Xu Yan. He had no choice, but to train more.

Medication remedies had been disappeared gradually in front of Zi Chen. They had been consumed and refined by Zi Chen to increase his strength.

Once reaching the level of Nine Layer Zhen Qi, Zi Chen found out that his body was as if an ocean. He needed to fill up the ocean completely, then only could move to another advanced level. The required energy was too huge to be described.

Medication remedies of hundred years had not yielded anymore effect. The reaction by medication remedies of five hundred years and above were very less too. Soon, the training speed of Zi Chen was getting slower and slower.

One more dawn, upon reaching the half year timeline, explosion sound was suddenly but continuously emitted at the garden of medication remedies. The ground and sky were shaking. Dark cracks appeared at the garden.

"This was the entry."

"This garden was getting to close soon. We need to rush out from here quickly."

Garden of medication remedies had to be closed soon. All people had to get out quickly.   

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