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Chapter 48 : Black Shadow Translated by Monkillu


The Spirit Medicine Garden had been open for two months now.

During this time, the amount of disciples who had died among the three sects had reached two figures, but most of them were at the seventh and eighth Zhen Qi Layer, none at the ninth Zhen Qi Layer had died yet.

As for the tenth Zhen Qi Layer, which had reached the peak of the Zhen Qi Realm, it was a deterrent force, they were invincible in this Spirit Medicine Garden.

Zheng Hua, Thin Monkey, and the other’s corpses were discovered in the jungle, and this caused a tremendous sensation immediately. The Zhan Wu sect had lost four tenth Zhen Qi Layer disciples all of a sudden, this was an extraordinary matter in Spirit Medicine Garden,.

The people had been speculating which experts killed them, some people that knew the inside story also felt it inconceivable.

Ling Fei naturally knew where those four people went to, but he never imagined that the four of them would die.

Ling Chen also knew about this, but he did not have the time to take revenge for them.

“Hmph, I will let you live for a while, when the time comes, all of you will die.” Ling Chen was standing outside of a giant mountain valley. After hearing the news about Zheng Hua’s death, his eyes sent out a strong killing intent.

“Senior brother, did we go too far? What if all of the other two sect’s disciples die?” Xie Qiu was standing next to Ling Chen, he was also at the tenth Zhen Qi Layer, his strength was placed at second place in the Zhan Wu Sect.

“The trip to Spirit Medicine Garden this time was not only related to a gambling stake, this was also the time for our Zhan Wu sect to show our prestige. Naturally it is good if we can kill off all the disciples of the other two sect’s here, but not everyone will take the bait. Moreover, our Zhan Wu Sect has planned this for dozens of years. Even if there are problems, it doesn’t matter.” Ling Chen said indifferently.

“What senior brother said was right.” Xie Qiu nodded, and then he also asked: “Senior brother, what about the matter of Zhang Haotin? And also that Zi Chen, Chen Feng also wanted to deal with him. Could it be that we will let them rampant about for several months more?”

“This matter……!” Ling Chen hesitated. Ling Fei’s leg hadn’t healed yet, and Zheng Hua was dead.

“Of course we will have our revenge.” After hesitating for a moment, Ling Chen said, “Send some people to find the trail of Zi Chen and Zhang Haotian. After they find it, find some way to inform Xu Yan. I think that he will be very glad to handle this matter.”

“Senior brother, what a good strategy. The matter of their own sect will be solved by them. I will go and arrange it right now!” Xie Qiu said with a smile.

“Let the disciples be more careful, the matter here cannot have any mishap.”

“Senior brother, rest assured.” Xie Qiu turned around and left.


In the jungle, Luo Mu was moving forward carefully, he has been here for two months, his luck was quite good, he got a many spirit medicines.

During this period, because he had met a rank eight ferocious beast, he joined up with several fellow disciples. After they killed the beast with their joint force and obtained the spirit medicine, they then decided to travel together, this way they could also take care of each other.

“Luo Mu, the matter you said about Zi Chen, is it true or false?” Said an inner sect disciple next to Luo Mu.

These days, The matter about Zi Chen had spread in the Spirit Medicine Garden. It was said that Zi Chen’s strength had become even stronger, moreover he also killed the tenth Zhen Qi Layer Zheng Hua by joining forces with Zhang Haotian.

After hearing these rumors, these people had a scare, because they had slandered Zi Chen before at the place to exchange contribution points, they had also tried to “borrow” contribution points from Zi Chen.

“How is that even possible.” Said Luo Mu disdainingly while curling his lip, “What thing is this Zi Chen, aren’t you guys very clear? Just with his few tricks, he can at most kill someone like Wang Xiong. But against a tenth Zhen Qi Layer? I think that he will die miserably even if he bumped into a ninth Zhen Qi Layer.”

“What about that rumor? Zheng Hua and the others have really died.” One disciple said.

Luo Mu smiled faintly and he said confidently, “Zheng Hua and the others have died, but they weren’t killed by Zi Chen. If I haven’t guessed wrong, this matter was done by Zhang Haotian, it must be known that the guy had injured a tenth Zhen Qi Layer expert before.”

“Oh, that does sound reasonable.” Other people nodded in succession.


While watching the jungle, these people began to chat. They were talking about some useless things. They first talked about geniuses, and then they finally talked about women.

“I don’t know what kind of dogshit luck this Zi Chen has. The toad even has bitten swan meat, it doesn’t need to be said that he is ugly, he is actually having an affair with Lin Xue and Su Mengyao, these grade of beautiful women.”

“Exactly, I really don’t understand what is good about him. Su Mengyao actually discarded senior brother Chen Feng because of him.”

Luo Mu sneered and said: “So what, a toad is after all a toad. He offended senior brother Chen Feng, Zi Chen is doomed. Didn’t the ten seeds say that so long as we discover a trace of Zi Chen, and the report is confirmed, we will be rewarded with a one hundred years spirit medicine?”

Although this reward is not big, but it is not small either. Especially those disciples that were displeased with Zi Chen, even if there is no reward, they would be glad to tell the trail of Zi Chen to the ten seeds.

While they were chatting merrily, a figure suddenly appeared from the other side.

Black top, black pants, black mask, his whole person was black, only his pair of eyes were shown, moreover the eyes were also black. The black shadow suddenly appeared and blocked the path of these people.

Luo Mu and the others were stunned when they saw the appearance of the person.

“Hand over the spirit medicine and the contribution points, otherwise die.” The black shadow said coldly.

“Who are you?” Luo Mu, who was standing at the front, asked coldly while looking at that black shadow.

“Less nonsense. Hand over the spirit medicines and the contribution points, or die.” Said the shadow coldly once again, his voice still as hoarse as before, obviously he did it deliberately.

“Boy, you are also from our Ling Wu Sect? You actually dare to lay an ambush here, don’t you want to live?” Said some people coldly from behind Luo Mu.

“I do not want to waste my breath talking nonsense. Life and death, two roads, I will let you choose.” The shadow was obviously losing his patience, the aura of his body started to surge, his strength of the eighth Zhen Qi Layer was exposed.

“Ha ha, I was wondering what you were capable of, it turns out that you’re just a trivial eighth Zhen Qi Layer. With that kind of strength, you actually dare to rob the five of us? From what I see, the one who is courting death is you.” After he felt the strength of the shadow, Luo Mu then laughed loudly, followed by the few people behind him also starting to laugh.

It seems like you choose death. Good, I will help you with that.” A cold light flashed in the shadow’s eyes, his figure changed into a streak of light and flashed towards Luo Mu and his friend.

Luo Mu was still laughing loudly, and when he saw the shadow’s figure move, he had already arrived in front of him in an alarming speed. It was simply unthinkable, he didn’t even have enough time to be startled when Luo Mu saw a huge fist arrive in his front.

This was an ordinary punch, without any martial technique, but it still produced a strong howling wind, then it hit Luo Mu’s face viciously.

A “Ka” sound was heard, Luo Mu’s nose broke with a single punch. Fresh blood spurted out crazily from his nose, followed after that, Luo Mu’s body shot backwards suddenly, until he hit a big tree.

In a single strike, Luo Mu fell on the ground and started to wail miserably.

“You actually sneak attacked! You are so shameless!” The clean and straight-forward attack from the shadow did not shock these people, instead they become angry. They thought that the shadow sneak attacked. Therefore, after a few loud shouts, the sound of the swords leaving their sheaths resounded. After that, sword and saber beams slashed at the shadow’s head.



Facing the saber and sword attacks, the shadow did not dodge or evade. Both of his fists were clenched tightly, and covered in a faint white light, his fists punched at the saber and sword. After that, the two people that were holding the saber and the sword flew backwards from a strong force.

Among the five people, three were blown away in an instant. There were two people left, but at this moment, their attacks fell on the shadow’s body.


They went all out and used their most powerful attacks. After they sent out their strongest attacks, they had a grinning expression on their faces. This was the chance created by their companions, these strikes, as long as they fell on the opponent’s body, let alone him, a human, even if it was an eighth rank ferocious beast, it would also be injured.



The sound of metal clashing rang. The two people felt that the weapon in their hand was blocked by a great force.

Their weapons, after hitting the shadow’s body, only cut through the black clothes. Moreover, they only left behind two faint white marks on his body.


The two people were looking at the result of their attacks with disbelief. Their full power attacks did not even break through the defense of the opposite party.

At this time, the shadow sent out two punches once more.



After the two punches, the two remaining people were blown away, and spit blood in the air. When they fell on the ground, they had already fainted, not knowing whether they had fainted from anger or from the punch.

“Go to hell.”

The two people that were blown away before, at this moment, picked up the saber and sword once more to attack. But this time, their attacks had not even landed yet, when the shadow’s figure flashed again and arrived in front of them as he sent out two punches.

This time the punch was faster and more ruthless, the fists’ wind crossed through the saber and sword beam net, and fell on the chest of the two people. After a loud explosion sound, the two people shot backwards while splurting blood, and they fainted after that.

In a short three breaths, four of the five people, that were at the seventh Zhen Qi Layer, had been knocked unconscious.

“You ……Who are you?” Luo Mu was the only one that had not fainted, however, at this moment, he looked more miserable. His nose was broken, blood gushed out from the nose as if it was a waterfall. His mouth and body were covered in fresh blood. When he saw that the eyes of the shadow swept over, his panic-stricken voice started to tremble.

“Hmph, you did not know what’s good for you. I will let you keep your dog-life because we’re from the same sect.” The shadow snorted coldly, his voice was still as hoarse as before.

Then, the shadow walked towards the four people that were unconscious. First he took away their bags one by one, and then he took away all of the pills on their bodies, finally he took the tokens and stroked gently on his own token and the numbers flashed on his own token.

These four people were unconscious, naturally they were unable to see all of this, only Luo Mu saw this scene as he felt distressed.

“I give, I give……” However, after he saw the shadow’s cold gaze on him, his heart suddenly shuddered. He did not care about the blood that was spurting from his nose anymore. He removed his bag and the token, as well as the Qi Restoration Pills, and threw them away. He seemed to be afraid of the shadow coming towards him.

“Hmph, you are quite smart.” The shadow took Luo Mu’s things and a rare cold snort was heard. Only, this time, the voice was no longer hoarse, moreover, it was also very young, Luo Mu felt it was somewhat familiar when he heard it.

After that, Luo Mu saw that shadow take out a token and connect it with his own token, after a stroke, his contribution points were gone.

This time, Luo Mu did not feel heart broken, instead, a light flashed through his eyes. Because, in that instant, he saw the name on the side of the token.

Zi Chen!

“It’s Zi Chen.” Luo Mu’s heart jumped crazily, he could not help but want to cry out in alarm, but still restrained himself in the end. He lowered his head and pretended to be afraid, he did not dare to look at the shadow again, but he was actually thinking in his mind how to spread this news.

“Scram.” At this time, Luo Mu heard the words of pardon.

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