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Chapter 47 – Killing tenth Zhen Qi Layer people Translated by Monkillu


The cursing person was Thin Monkey, he was very upset. They were beaten by Zi Chen, their group of four couldn’t kill a single guy, adding to that, they were scared away by a seventh Zhen Qi Layer kid.

Their reputation within the Zhan Wu Sect had now been destroyed in the spirit medicine garden.

“Fuck! If I meet him again, I will break his legs. He actually dared to kick me, this damn little motherfucker!” Thin Monkey was cursing the whole way, it seemed like a bunch of nonsense, but he was actually sending a signal to the other three people, showing that he didn’t discover the target.

Zi Chen was hiding in the forest. He was able to see Thin Monkey through the branches and leaves of the forest.

At this time, Thin Monkey was cursing angrily whilst he looked around. Obviously, he was looking for any trace of Zi Chen and the others.

Zi Chen, who was hiding in the tree, moved carefully and quietly, just like an agile leopard. And below him, Thin Monkey also moved forward. The distance between them was slowly decreasing.

50 meters…… 30 meters…… 20 meters…… Ten meters……

They were now ten meters away from each other, moreover, this distance was still decreasing. Zi Chen held his breath and gripped the black sword in his hand tightly. A swift and fierce cold light was being emitted, he was ready to kill.

Thin Monkey had arrived beneath the area Zi Chen stood at. It was a good opportunity to launch an attack.


The branches and leaves started to sway. Zi Chen’s body became a streak of light as his figure jumped down. The black sword in his hand was shining with a strong cold light, and it was pointed at Thin Monkey’s head.

“Not good!” As a powerful cultivator at the tenth Zhen Qi Layer, his reaction speed was truly very fast. Just as the leaves made sound, Thin Monkey’s body moved. His feet moved as his zhen qi surged, allowing him to move several meters away in an instant.


The black sword moved at a great speed, and it left a sword cut on Thin Monkey’s arm. His entire arm would have been cut if his reaction was any slower.

His attack missed. Zi Chen’s figure landed on the ground. As his feet moved, the Streaming Light was being used once more.

“It’s you! You motherfucker!” When he suddenly saw Zi Chen, Thin Monkey was startled, then he cursed angrily. He lifted his hand and made a palm.


After the strike, both sides retreated, there was a look of amazement in Thin Monkey’s eyes: “You actually recovered?”

Zi Chen didn’t speak, the battle sounds this time were very loud, Zheng Hua and the others would arrive quickly, he must make the best use of the time and kill Thin Monkey.

The killing intent in his eyes bursted forth, the Thunderbolt Finger was being displayed. As his finger moved, a streak of lightning was shot at Thin Monkey.

“Ah, you guys come quickly.” Thin Monkey retreated hurriedly, there was a look of fear in his eyes after he shouted, then he used his strongest technique.

“Exploding Fist.” On Thin Monkey’s fists, a tyrannical aura appeared. As his fists crossed in front of him, they hit the thunderbolt.


Under the thunderous explosion, the terrifying power of the thunderbolt started to wreak havoc on Thin Monkey’s fists. The zhen qi had been blown away, at the same time, both of his fists had become mangled, and they even revealed bones.

When they were four against one, they were able to repel the Thunderbolt Finger together. Thin Monkey also did not think much of it, but at this moment, when he faced the attack alone, in one strike, both of his hand had been practically trashed. Although his injuries had not recovered completely yet, but the formidable power of the Thunderbolt Finger was also without a doubt.

If they were at the same realm, Thin Monkey would die in seconds.


“Zi Chen, I want you dead!” Looking at his own mangled hands, Thin Monkey, who was in severe pain, sent out an angry roar. His tenth Zhen Qi Layer zhen qi surged once more. The zhen qi wrapped around the mangled hands, he consumed all of his zhen qi, Thin Monkey made a strong attack.

A strong wind howled in the forest, the fallen leaves danced. The howling sound of the wind resounded in Zi Chen’s ear. The strong howling wind was just like a wind blade as it hit on his face, and it was extremely painful.

Ethereal Step!

At this critical moment, Zi Chen’s feet moved, with the essence of Ethereal Step, his entire body turned ethereal. He flashed towards the side, and by the difference of a hair’s width, he evaded Thin Monkey’s all out attack.

The fist scratched the corner of his clothes and they were torn to pieces in an instant. Due to the inertial force of his all out attack, Thin Monkey brushed past Zi Chen. But at this time, the pupil of Thin Monkey suddenly shrunk, there was panic in his frenzied eyes, after that, he saw a black light flash.

Zi Chen raised his black sword, the Streaming Light Sword reappeared just like a streak of light. When they brushed past, it slashed past Thin Monkey’s neck.


A faint noise rang, the black light vanished, and their figures passed by each other.

Back to back, their distance was three meters apart. Zi Chen looked calm, red blood dripped on the ground from the sword tip. And three meters away, Thin Monkey was motionless, his eyes had lost their luster. There was still a look of panic on his face, and there was a thin red line around his neck.


Suddenly, Thin Monkey’s head slanted, a head tumbled to the side. After a few rolls, it rolled several meters away, and blood gushed out.

When Zheng Hua and the others arrived, they happened to see a headless corpse that was spurting crazily with fresh blood.

“Thin Monkey!” Two hoarse roars rang.

Zheng Hua’s eyes were spitting fire. His eyes fell on Zi Chen. Zi Chen looked very calm, he gripped the black sword tightly in his hand.

“I…Want…You…To…Die!” While he was glaring at Zi Chen, Zheng Hua roared, word by word. The death of Thin Monkey had ignited all of his negative emotion.

“I also want you dead.” Zi Chen’s look was calm, he clenched the black sword in his hand even more tightly.




Three roars of “Kill” with strong killing intent resounded. After that, Zheng Hua and the other two people became three streaks of light as they rushed at Zi Chen. Several waves of ultimate techniques were displayed, every attack they made, they used certain kill moves.


Zi Chen’s eyes were also filled with killing intent, he rushed at the three people with his black sword.

A chaotic battle started once more. The battle of life and death happened once again.




A fierce wind bellowed crazily in the forest, the fallen leaves danced, the surging energy surged fiercely, strong killing intent filled the air…… The battle that won’t stop until the other side wasn’t dead had begun.

The death of Thin Monkey agitated the three people deeply, they looked as if they had gone crazy. They launched strong and fierce attacks toward Zi Chen, they used all of their strength in each strike, every move was a certain killing move, every strike was fatal.

And Zi Chen also went all out, the Thunderbolt Finger, the Streaming Light Sword, the Ethereal Step, they were displayed again and again……


Zi Chen was pushed back several steps from a punch, but then a sword slash flashed, a deep cut appeared on Zheng Hua’s body.

A saber flashed, a cut appeared on Zi Chen’s back, blood flowed out instantly. But after that, Zi Chen stabbed his sword in return, and he pierced through the shoulder of the opposite party.

It was another round of fighting using their lives. Zi Chen’s body was riddled with scars, he seemed to be very miserable, but they were actually just some superficial wounds. Moreover, under the special beats of his heart, these injuries were recovering constantly. As for Zheng Hua and the others, there were only a few injuries on their body, but fresh blood kept flowing out of every single one of their wounds, gradually, they were unable to keep going.

If this went on, they would get exhausted, and then killed by Zi Chen.

“If we used all of our strength, I do not believe that we won’t be able to take his single life with our three lives.” Zheng Hua was frenzied, his eyes were red. Obviously, he had gone all out. “It must be known that our lives are very precious.”

While the other two were also ruthless people, at this moment, they also clenched their teeth and went all out.

“Even if it was a rank ten ferocious beast, we would be able kill it, I do not believe he is even fiercer than a rank ten ferocious beast”.

The fierce battle continued, Zi Chen maintained his silence as he sent out one fierce strike after another. Meanwhile, the silver energy in his heart was restoring his body’s injuries.

The three people, having gained the resolve to die, their attacks became even swifter and fiercer. The trio advanced and retreated together, their killing moves were being used at the same time. Zi Chen became all passive, he was attacking actively beforehand, but it now turned into passive defense.

“Kill! He is dying.” Zheng Hua shouted again, and he stabbed with his sword.


Because he had to avoid the attacks of the other two people, Zi Chen’s shoulder was pierced through by a sword. Under the severe pain, Zi Chen slashed back in return toward Zheng Hua’s head, the latter moved sideways and retreated rapidly.

After a round of crossing swords, due to the trio’s resolve to die, the battle had changed. At this moment, the three people who had the resolve to die, were trying to pull Zi Chen down to accompany them.

If Zi Chen fell down, he was likely to be killed by the other side.


Zheng Hua who had just retreated, actually rushed towards Zi Chen again, his speed was very fast.

Zi Chen covered his shoulder with one hand and another hand held the black sword. His gaze was cold, but as he saw that Zheng Hua rushed towards him once more, there was look of bewilderment in Zi Chen’s eyes. Who will open their arms wide and expose themselves when they attack someone? When he looked at the appearance of the other side, it felt like he was kicking at him.

Zheng Hua exposed himself, Zi Chen also didn’t care whether this was a scheme or not. Taking this opportunity, he thrusted using Streaming Light Sword, a sharp sword beam flashed across, the black sword thrust straight at Zheng Hua’s chest.


Zheng Hua raised his sword to block the attack in a hurry, however, after a light sound, Zheng Hua’s sword cracked apart in an instant. After that, the black sword stabbed through Zheng Hua’s chest.


The black sword did not pierce through entirely, but a cold feeling made the people’s hearts shiver.

“Zheng Hua!” two shouts rang from the side.

His strike succeeded, Zi Chen pulled out the black sword quickly, and his feet moved, his whole body retreated towards the rear, the fresh blood that was oozing from Zheng Hua’s chest fell on Zi Chen’s feet.

“Uh……” Zheng Hua’s eyes were filled with unwillingness, his body fell to the ground and he died. His death was dubious and unjust.

At this time, from the direction that Zheng Hua retreated before, a figure appeared and a familiar voice was heard, “Since you’re going all out, how can you exclude us.”

The one who spoke was naturally Miao Kong, only he could arrive behind them quietly. Together with Miao Kong, Zhang Haotian also came, his injuries had not healed yet, but to cope with a severely wounded tenth Zhen Qi Layer person, it was enough.

“Heavenly Tyrant fist.”

After a loud shout, a fierce aura emerged from Zhang Haotian’s body, a dazzling light appeared on both of his fists. He swung his fists and punched at one tenth layer expert.


Facing an attack from Zhan Wu Sect’s strongest rank one martial technique, this severely wounded expert was blown away in an instant. At the same time, Zhang Hoatian moved sideways, the Heavenly Tyrant Fist was executed repeatedly, loud explosions rang in the forest continuously.

When Zhang Haotian was enjoying himself, Miao Kong had not been idling, his feet moved, his figure had already vanished from his original place. When he appeared the next moment, he had arrived in front of another tenth layer expert, he kicked at the opposite party’s ass with his foot.

“I’m not an expert at killing people, so I leave this to you.” As his voice fell, this expert was already flying towards Zi Chen. After that, a black light flashed once more.


The black sword stabbed through the body of this expert.

Everything was very direct and efficient.

At this moment, four tenth Zhen Qi Layer disciples from Zhan Wu Sect had all died.

After he wiped out his enemy, Zi Chen finally gasped for breath. Such a fierce battle, his consumption was very big.

“Why did you come?” Zi Chen said while still gasping for breath.

“We feared that you were in danger, but fortunately, we arrived just in time.” Miao Kong said lightly.

Zhang Haotian did not speak, he walked towards the people that had died and took away their tokens, followed with a stroke, the contributions appeared on his own token. In an instant, Zi Chen saw two-figure contribution points.

“Let’s see if they have spirit medicines on them.” Zi Chen suggested as he was injured again, he really needed the spirit medicine.

“I’m not an expert at killing people, but this kind of thing, I’m an expert at.” Miao Kong chuckled, he was the first one to move and collect those bags.

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