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Chapter 43 – Zhang Haotian Translated by Monkillu


Zi Chen discovered a secret cave halfway up the hill. After covering his trail carefully, Zi Chen hid in the cave.

After such a fierce battle, he was hungry and thirsty, and his zhen qi was depleted. Because his bag was ruined, his dry rations had long been lost. Currently, Zi Chen only had the seven leaves spirit grass.

“That’s it, this can take care of my hunger and also help me break through.” Zi Chen took out the spirit grass from his chest. He plucked off the leaves, piece by piece, and decisively placed them inside his mouth.

Worthy of being the seven leaves spirit grass. It melted the moment it entered his mouth, causing a surge of sweetness to rush into his abdomen, just like the liquid jade nectar nourishing the mind.

Zi Chen sat cross legged in order to refine it.

The energy of the seven leaves spirit grass travelled through his meridians. After circling inside for half a cycle, it was absorbed by the heart completely. After a few moments, the heart released the pure silver energy again….

Within this energy, lightning occasionally appeared. Using this energy, Zi Chen’s body transformed once more…

The time passed, meanwhile, Ling Fei gathered manpower to seek out Zi Chen’s trail. In the cave, Zi Chen’s strength was undergoing a transformation.

His physique at the peak of a rank eight beast was making great strides towards rank nine, but the energy needed to break through this time was really too much. Luckily, Zi Chen had a seven leaves spirit grass, otherwise, if he wanted to break through smoothly, perhaps it would still take a very long time and a lot of effort.

A few days passed in the Spirit Medicine Garden, everyone’s harvest was very good. The abundance of spirit medicine here far surpassed their imagination.

Because they had just entered, everybody’s focus was on picking the spirit medicine. Currently, the amount of people who died was not many.


Xu Yan had arrived at the peak of the Zhen Qi Realm and was only one step away from the Xiantian Realm, but this step would be difficult without a Xiantian Pill.

As the Ling Wu Sect’s number one of the Ten Seeds, Xu Yan seemed very impressive, but no one knew the huge price he needs to pay to obtain a Xiantian Pill.

The price of a Xiantian Pill was unimaginable. If one wasn’t a core disciple it was almost impossible to get it.

But the trip to this Spirit Medicine Garden this time was actually an opportunity.

There were countless spirit medicines here, but he had arrived for several days and had yet to pick a single spirit medicine. Before, he had seen a few one hundred or two hundred year spirit medicines, but he disregarded them.

At this time, he was walking through the forest with the other four people of the Ten Seeds.

“Big Brother, are we really not going to pick any spirit medicines? There are a lot of spirit medicines here. If we take them back to exchange for contribution points, then it should be enough for a Xiantian Pill.” This person was the third seed. He was strong but wasn’t too bright, he only had brute force. Along the way, he finally couldn’t bear it anymore so he finally asked.

“Our primary mission is to kill Zi Chen, then increase the relationship with Chen Feng. As for these trivial spirit medicines, don’t worry about them.” Xu Yan said lightly.

“Zi Chen hasn’t appeared for several days, and the region here is so big. What should we do if we can’t find him?” The third brother said again: “In my opinion it’s better to first pick the spirit medicine.”

Xu Yan smiled and did not speak, but the fifth brother said : “Third Brother, there’s something you don’t know. Big brother’s meaning is to become Chen Feng’s person in the future. Following the future sect leader, naturally, the benefits will be many. As for those spirit medicines, aren’t there a lot of people that are helping us to pick them right now?”

“Oh……so that’s is how it is.” The third brother responded. “Three big sects are here, so there is a large number of people here, and there are no scruples. Naturally, the strong ones have the final say……” The third brother was not too stupid.

“The matter of spirit medicine isn’t pressing, only the matter of Zi Chen is somewhat tricky.” Xu Yan fowned slightly.

“What tricky, just kill him directly.” The third brother said.

“You do not understand.” Xu Yan shook his head, “This Zi Chen offended Chen Feng, but he is actually in favor with Su Mengyao. I heard some inside stories in Ling Wu Sect, this Su Mengyao’s status is not ordinary, even all the elders are somewhat afraid of her, even the great elder is also the same.”


“Wasn’t Su Mengyao relying on Chen Feng? what background does she have? Isn’t she just looks?” A disciple asked.

Xu Yan shook his head and said: “This matter, I’m not too clear either, I only know the inside stories. Anyhow, I was unable to find out anything. But according to Chen Feng’s eagerness, once he wants to obtain anything, he will grab it quickly. But in this Su Mengyao matter, he seems to be maintaining his rationality and has been well behaved.”

“This can only mean that senior brother Chen Feng is an honorable gentleman.” The third brother said.

“Hehe.” Xu Yan smiled. He did not speak, but he was actually thinking secretly in his heart, “If Chen Feng is an honorable gentleman, then there are no hypocrites in this world.”

“This Zi Chen is also quite lucky, although his looks are nothing special, but he actually obtained Lin Xue and Su Mengyao’s grace, it really is a toad that has bitten the swan’s flesh accidentally.” The fifth brother said.

“This matter can be considered as a coincidence. That the toad can bite the swan, it seems that it was also somewhat related to senior brother Chen Feng…..” Xu Yan smiled mysteriously, and no longer spoke.
[Now, that’s a real case of a toad trying to eat swan meat.]

Related to Chen Feng, this Ling Wu Sect’s future sect leader. The others also knew that what could be asked and what couldn’t be asked.

“That’s right big brother, what about the matter to kill Zhang Haotian from Chen Feng?” Therefore everyone deliberately ignored the previous topic.

“That’s a matter of Zhan Wu Sect, we better not to meddle, let them solve it themselves. But if we see him, we might as well kill him too. After all, tenth brother was beaten by his hands, and his injuries haven’t even recovered yet.” Xu Yan said.

“Um.” The others nodded, and walked straight ahead.

The five people’s objective was Zi Chen, they were too lazy to even care about some spirit medicines, they also didn’t care about some ordinary hole.

But at this moment, Zi Chen, who was being sought by the five people, was in the middle of this hole. Their conversation before, he had listened to every single word of it, but he did not respond.

Because Zi Chen had arrived at the critical moment of a breakthrough, his body was absorbing and fusing the silver energy, and was undergoing a transformation. This was a critical transformation, therefore the time needed was long.

The time passed, during this period, there were several other people that passed by the hole, but nobody noticed that ordinary hole.

Until one day, dense and chaotic sounds of footsteps were heard once more from nearby.

There were dozens of Zhan Wu Sect disciples jumping out from the forest, their eyes were filled with bloodlust, their aura surged. They were chasing a cold looking youth in azure clothes.

“Zhang Haotian, today is your time of death.” A familiar voice rang. Ling Fei walked out from the forest, he was followed by Tai Kai and Chen Qi. Their injuries had healed.

The youth that was running in front was exactly Zhang Haotian. Before, with his strength of the eighth Zhen Qi Layer, he had injured the tenth seed from Ling Wu Sect, who was at the tenth Zhen Qi Layer. But today, he looked deathly pale, he seemed to be seriously injured.

“Puff.” He had not even run far, suddenly he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. His body swayed, and he nearly fell down.

“Zhang Haotian, even if you have wings, you still won’t be able to escape today.” Ling Fei sneered. Dozens people rushed quickly, they surrounded the severely wounded Zhang Haotian.
[No, if he had wings, I’m pretty sure he could’ve escaped without problem.]

“Really despicable. You Ling family people are all the same.” Zhang Haotian’s eyes were shooting out flames, he was glaring at Ling Fei. There were 30 people in front of him, but the strongest one were actually Chen Qi and Tai Kai. The remaining people were only side kicks, if these people wanted to injure Zhang Haotian, at least half of them would die.

Therefore, Zhang Haotian did not care about these trash, but he never expected that Ling Chen was actually hiding in the team. He was at the peak of tenth Zhen Qi Layer, and he actually launched a sneak attack.

One strike, and Zhang Haotian was seriously injured.

He seemed to have a very important matter, after his attack succeeded, Ling Chen did not do the killing strike, and he left in a hurry. This gave the severely injured Zhang Haotian the opportunity to escape. He had been fleeing for a day and a night and now, and his injuries finally burst, so he could not prevent getting surrounded.

“You are being ignorant. It’s fine as long you can kill people with it. Who made the rule that killing someone had to be just and honourable?” There was ridicule in Ling Fei’s eyes. As his hand waved, Chen Qi and Tai kai approached Zhang Haotian.

Ling Fei was very cautious, even if he was facing a severely injured Zhang Haotian.

“Before you die, what are your last words?” Ling Fei drew back several steps and he asked indifferently.

“That is, I want to kill you.” A dense killing intent flashed accross Zhang Haotian’s eyes. Suddenly, his pale face had a trace of redness, his body burst forth in an instant, a tyrannical aura appeared from his severely injured body.


Chen Qi and Tai Kai glanced at each other, a cold light flashed and disappeared from their eyes. The power of the ninth Zhen Qi Layer appeared. They darted at Zhang Haotian directly, at the same time, some surrounding cultivators that were at the eighth Zhen Qi layer, also dashed toward Zhang Haotian.

A fight broke out in an instant, but nobody paid any attention to an ordinary hole.


On Zhang Haotian’s fist, a dazzling light flashed. The Zhan Wu Sect’s strongest rank one martial technique, the Heavenly Tyrant Fist, was displayed. Chen Qi was blown away by one punch.



Meanwhile, Zhang Haotian sent out another punch. With an explosion sound, Tai Kai was also blown away.


The two attacks made Zhang Haotian injuries more severe, he spit out blood once more. The injuries that he had suppressed forcefully worsened once more. Zhang Haotian did not care about it, his red eyes glared at Ling Fei stubbornly. His Heavenly Tyrant Fist was displayed once again, and another expert was blown away under a fist.

The sound of bones being smashed resounded from the forest. Nobody at the scene could withstand the punch from the frenzied Zhang Haotian, ranging from being blown away, to their bones being smashed. But similarly, every time Zhong Haotian sent out a punch, there would be one or few attacks that fell on him.

“Attack. Kill him. He is already a spent force.” Seeing that Zhang Haotian coughed up blood again.” Ling Fei shouted loudly, his body retreated backwards once more.

The rest of the people surrounded him. Rounds after rounds of martial techniques appeared. Under the attacks from all side, Zhang Haotian was defeated. Ultimately, he did not reach Ling Fei.

Soon, Zhang Haotian’s clothes were dyed in fresh blood, his red eyes were filled with unwillingness.

“I am not willing ah. If there is a next life, I will destroy all of you.” He was severely injured, and close to his death. Zhang Haotian’s hair danced wildly, and he shouted angrily towards the sky, even the God’s favored child was unable to resist the siege of the crowd.

“There’s no next life. Zhang Haotian, so what if your talent is amazing? You were showing your sour face all day to look cool and offended many people, today is your time of death.” Now that Zhang Haotian was dying, did Ling Fei finally have courage, and said with a grin: “You did not know what’s good for you. We saw that your talent was good, and we intended to win you over. I never expected that you would actually kill my younger cousin.”

“He deserved to die. He committed all kinds of evil at such a young age, he actually raped, pillaged, and committed all kinds of other atrocities.”

“Then you also deserve to die. You killed my younger cousin, today is your time of death.” Ling Fei said loudly. “However you will not die alone. At most a few days later, there will be a genius called Zi Chen that will meet you at the road to the underworld, but you also need to wait for several days at the road to the underworld, as to avoid being lonely when the time comes.”

“Kill him!” Ling Fei issued the last order.


However, the next moment, a thundering explosion rang abruptly. After that, an azure figure appeared from the ground. Just like azure lightning, it was directed at Ling Fei.

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