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Chapter 351

This was an extremely terrifying scene . Three monstrous geniuses who were in the Imperial Sky Realm were fiercely fighting against a ninth heaven expert but they were actually suppressed by the other .

Everyone in the surroundings was shocked beyond belief . This matter was simply too bizarre .

Zi Chen was like a Golden Warlord, with a powerful fighting strength . Wherever his fist passed by, everything would be obliterated, everything that came into contact with it would be destroyed .

Three of the spirit armaments were broken, and the three monstrous geniuses’ hearts ached .

When Zi Chen’s slap landed, the monstrous genius of the Cang Family bellowed . His entire body spun up a wind blade as he retreated quickly .


Zi Chen’s body flickered, a golden light flashed beneath his feet and he followed along .

Whirlwind .

The monstrous genius of the Cang Family roared, the Qi around his body surging, and his entire being seemed to have transformed into a hurricane, attracting the surrounding True Yuan . Then, with him as the center, they started to converge .

It was an extremely powerful move . The hurricane twisted and the space began to distort violently, as if it was being cut by a sharp blade .



The hurricane was terrifying, causing the spectators to retreat in fright, but there were still two people who retreated too slowly, and their bodies were sliced open by the sharp blades . Blood spilled all over the ground, and they were not a complete corpse .

Both of them were in the Ninth Heaven, but they did not even manage to dodge for a single breath of time before they died a violent death .


The cold wind howled, and the hurricane rose . Like a gigantic tornado, it shot straight into the sky, following immediately, countless sharp blades appeared, densely packed, and tens of thousands of them cut towards Zi Chen .


Every single sharp blade was able to kill Ninth Heavens experts, and right now, there were tens of thousands of sharp blades appearing .


Around Zi Chen’s body, a golden light flashed, the blood and Qi in his body boiled, and his perfect body revealed, blocking the sharp blades that tried to cut him .



The Clang continued to ring as its sharp blade slashed at Zi Chen’s body, causing endless sparks to fly . The sharp blade that could kill Ninth Heaven experts, however, was unable to kill Zi Chen .

Many of the sharp blades were either shattered by the golden light or sent flying . Zi Chen stood amongst the thousands of sharp blades, unharmed .


In the end, the energy around his body surged and he released endless rays of light . The golden light was resplendent, and a wave of powerful aura erupted as numerous sharp blades shattered .

Extreme Yang!

With a loud shout, his hand formed a seal and a blazing golden light appeared . Bringing along a destructive aura that was unique to lightning as it charged past .

Under this golden light, the hurricane that was flying up to the sky instantly disintegrated, causing the monstrous genius of the Cang Family coughed out a huge mouthful of blood and retreated backwards .


This is . . . . Extreme energy .  His expression changed drastically, and his eyes were filled with shock .

Just at this moment, the flames of the Li Fire filled the sky . Li Wo activated it with all his might, making the Li Fire even more powerful, to the point where even the void could not withstand it .

Afterwards, the sky filled with fire condensed into a sword of fire that surged with endless light . The terrifyingly high temperature caused space to ripple, and immediately after, the fire sword slashed down, leaving behind a pitch-black scratch .

The fire sword slashed apart the void .

Extreme Yin!

Zi Chen bellowed again, and the seal in his hand rose up once more . A cold Qi appeared, the golden light shone, and he rushed towards the fire swords .


A huge tremor shook the heavens and earth . The fire swords instantly vanished as boundless flames permeated the air .

This was an extremely terrifying scene . Several great monstrous geniuses had unleashed their strongest attacks, yet they were actually unable to suppress a single ninth heaven cultivator .


Li Wo coughed out a large mouthful of blood and was also sent flying .

This is the extreme energy! He let out a cry of shock .


In the end, the Wu Zong Sects monstrous geniuses was also sent flying by Zi Chen’s powerful attacks as he coughed out mouthfuls of blood .

It was a shocking feat for a ninth heaven to fight three monstrous geniuses alone, as well as his unparalleled combat power .

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At this moment, everyone’s expressions changed . This was because many people recognized this extreme energy .


And in the Southern region, the only person who was still alive after wielding two types of extreme energies was Zi Chen .

Zi Chen, you are Zi Chen!

Cries of surprise sounded out, and like a raging wave, it spread throughout the entire arena .

Zi Chen!

This was a shocking name that brought about many miracles . A few years ago, he had a precious treasure in his possession, and he was chased by Imperial Sky Realm experts when he was in the Xiantian Stage . He had frequently provoked great forces during this time, but he was still alive .

Along the way, he created one miracle after another .


All the great powers that provoked him lost all their face, and their monstrous geniuses were killed by him several times .

This stretch of Deathly Land was also formed because of his appearance . Moreover here, he performed a reversal, causing a huge commotion .

Two years ago, he was here killing hundreds of people from the large powers . Among them, there were a dozen or so with the possibility of breaking through the sovereign realm from the peak Imperial Sky Realm .


Even the Formation Master was killed by him, causing the air to be filled with grievances, and the souls to be born . Every night, there would be sounds of dissatisfaction, these were the voices of disgruntled souls .

Zi Chen had never appeared in the two years that had passed . Many people thought that he had died in that battle, and that he had been exterminated by the divine lightning .

However, he had not died and he even became stronger .

Moreover, even though he is in the Ninth Heaven, he suppressed the three monstrous geniuses .

Didn’t you all want to challenge me? Come at me then .  Zi Chen had recovered his true face, which was cold and frosty .

It’s him, it really is him .

Heavens, he has not shown himself for the past two years . Now that he has appeared, he’s even more powerful now .

Every time he appears, a bloody wind and rain will follow . It will bring about a massacre . Could it be that a massacre will be carried out today?

Everyone’s heart trembled as they guessed that he might kill the four monstrous geniuses .


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Zi Chen was like a ray of light as he used the Nine Thunder Pass, instantly passing through the layers of attacks, arriving in front of Li Wo, and extended his hand out to attack .


Relying on the Nine Thunder Pass, and his unparalleled combat power, Zi Chen suppressed all of the monstrous genius .

When they were in the Zhen Yuan Realm, if one did not break through into the Imperial Sky Realm, no one would dare hoot in front of Zi Chen . However, even though they had broken through to the Imperial Sky Realm, Zi Chen was even stronger, and had suppressed the Imperial Sky Realm monstrous geniuses .


Li Wo shouted frantically . Flames spouted out of his body, smoke rose up from his seven orifices as he activated all his energy .


His entire body seemed to have gone berserk as the Li Fire flickered and boundless elemental energy surged within him .


However, he was still sent flying by Zi Chen’s slap, and coughed out a large mouthful of blood, completely disgraced .

Zi Chen repeatedly oppressing the three great monstrous geniuses was truly shocking .

Even if he did not break through to the Imperial Sky Realm, he still forcefully suppressed the Imperial Sky Realm’s monstrous geniuses . Wang Shi’s eyes flashed, Family elder said that there are a lot of these Sky Martial Cultivators in the outside world, but they are not the strongest . Many have killed Sky Martial Cultivator before, the world outside is truly something I can only look forward to .

No, although a Sky Martial Cultivator is strong, Zi Chen is very special . He has the inheritance of the Limitless Sect and possesses powerful martial techniques .  Wang Qiong shook his head and said, That year, the Limitless Sect was known as the strongest .

The combined might of all three great monstrous geniuses was completely annihilated .

Earlier, they were still clamoring before, but now that Zi Chen had displayed his might, they finally knew that there was a huge gap between them .

No one had actually seen Zi Chen’s attack before, so no one could imagine just how strong Zi Chen’s battle power was . It was simply not human battle power, on his entire body, there were no flaws .

Aren’t you all shameless? Then tell me, do you want to fight me to the death, or spar? Zi Chen’s voice was ice-cold and filled with power . He took a step forward and appeared right in front of the Wu Zong Sects monstrous genius .


The Wu Zong Sects monstrous genius used all means he had at his disposal to dodge this strike, but to no avail . In front of the Nine Thunder Pass, he was still sent flying and coughed out large mouthfuls of blood .

Then, it was the monstrous genius of the Cang Family again . He was once again sent flying by Zi Chen’s slap .

They previously said that they could slap Zi Chen to death, but now, even when they joined hands, they were all slapped back like cats and dogs .

Aren’t you all shameless? Then I’ll grant your wish!

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Zi Chen shouted coldly, as he displayed his peerless face slapping technique .

The beautiful melody began once again . It was very clear and it had a certain charm, it was intoxicating .

This was originally a face-smacking act . It was extremely violent . Blood spurted out madly, and teeth dropped . It was also very bloody . However, in Zi Chen’s hands, violence had actually turned into art, with a kind of beauty . Listening to the tune and seeing blood and teeth, not only did it not feel out of place, it even made one’s blood boil .

The three of them couldn’t even faint if they wanted to . Zi Chen had grasped his strength very well, not letting them die, and not letting them faint as well .

Everyone listened until their blood boiled, but their minds were trembling . All of them felt their cheeks burn, thinking to themselves, do not provoke this demon called Zi Chen because two years ago, even though he was surrounded, he was still able to survive and he killed many experts from the large powers .

Two years later, he is now beating down more monstrous geniuses of the large powers .

Zi Chen could not be provoked .

Zi Chen was simply too domineering, his methods were always unique . He was not only slapping the monstrous genius in the face, he was slapping the face of a big power .

At one point in time, they suspected that Zi Chen was the nemesis of the big powers, because why did the big powers get slapped every time they provoked him?


At first glance, the three monstrous geniuses were on the verge of collapse, but at this moment, the sky trembled and a terrifying aura appeared . It covered the sky and covered the earth, causing people’s hearts to palpitate, as if they were facing the might of a vast heavens .

This is the aura of a sovereign realm expert!

Everyone’s expression changed . They never would have thought that the sovereign realm experts would finally make their move .

At this moment, the sky was torn apart . A Heaven Shrouding Palm appeared, carrying boundless pressure as it swept down .

This was the sovereign realm expert taking action, striking out with his full strength, wanting to obliterate everything . Many people far away fell to the ground, unable to withstand this pressure .

The air shattered as a palm print emerged, covering more than a few hundred meters in size . Bringing along a destructive aura, it flew towards Zi Chen’s head .


Zi Chen raised his head, his entire body surging with golden light . He was like a god of war, blocking the sovereign realm experts’ pressure . This was something he had expected and he had been prepared for a long time .

From between his brows, a purple light flashed, followed closely by the purple golden gourd hidden inside his Sea of Consciousness opening throwing out a ray of lightning .


Lightning appeared between Zi Chen’s eyebrows and instantly became berserk, bringing with it a world destroying aura, like a terrifying roaming dragon .

A large area of space began to collapse as the roaming dragon, which was several hundred meters long and it swung its tail .

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