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Chapter 33 – Thunderbolt’s massacre Translated by Monkillu


“What the fuck is going on here?” Seeing Po Luo’s corpse lying on the ground, Wang Xiong couldn’t help but curse angrily.

It was only a few breaths of time between Po Luo’s shouts and now. In just this little time what could’ve happened?

Po Luo, who was at the peak of seventh Zhen Qi layer, died in this short few breaths’ time.

“His token isn’t here. This was definitely done by Zi Chen. That damn fucker. He uses sneak attacks if he isn’t strong enough.” Lin Chuan cursed bitterly.

“Zi Chen, I, Wang Xiong will certainly kill you!” Wang Xiong’s roar was like a rolling thunder that spread out. It caused beasts to roar in the Solitary Forest.

“Search! We must find this damn fucker. We must tear him into a thousand pieces.” Flames could be seen within Wang Xiong’s eyes.

How long has it been? This little guy that he could’ve killed in the past with just a pinch of his fingers, had actually grown to this degree. Even he, Wang Xiong, was being played, running around in circles.

The Three people separated again, searching for Zi Chen’s trail.

But at this moment, Zi Chen had fled for more than ten miles. He arrived at the waterfall once again, but this time, he went under the waterfall and sat cross legged on a big boulder.

“This is a Zhen Qi Pill. I struck gold this time.” Zi Chen said cheerfully as he stared at the Zhen Qi Pill in the flask.

A single Zhen Qi Pill can allow Zi Chen to smoothly breakthrough to the seventh Zhen Qi layer. When the time comes, Zi Chen will be able to deal with Wang Xiong with confidence. At this moment, Zi Chen was joyful, he had taken a fancy to Wang Xiong’s contribution points.

After killing four people, Zi Chen gained 13 contribution points. This harvest was very big.

The excitement slowly calmed down, then Zi Chen swallowed the Zhen Qi Pill. Once more, under the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering technique, the energy in the Zhen Qi Pill moved towards his meridians. After half a cycle, the energy had yet to enter all his limbs and bones. It was suddenly absorbed by the heart, after that, a pure energy rushed towards various areas of Zi Chen’s body.

Before, Zi Chen was at the peak of the sixth Zhen Qi layer, and his body was at the peak of a rank seven ferocious beast. When this Zhen Qi Pill was refined, everything would fall in place.

The pure energy entered his body. Zi Chen’s powerful body was transforming once again. The bones, blood, flesh, and marrow were changing. At this moment, his body that was at the peak of a rank seven ferocious beast, climbed to the eighth rank.

At the same time, in Zi Chen’s dantian, the zhen qi that had reached it’s limit started trembling. After that, the sixth Zhen Qi layer moved towards the seventh Zhen Qi layer.

The spirit qi of heaven and earth was centered on Zi Chen, it gathered from all directions, and was then refined and absorbed by Zi Chen unceasingly.

The transformation continued, Zi Chen was going to break through soon.

But in the distance, Wang Xiong and company were closing in on Zi Chen’s location. Their hearts were drowned in rage. Five people worked together to kill Zi Chen. They had yet to land a blow on him, but the other two were killed by Zi Chen.

Three people followed all the clues, arriving above the waterfall once again.

“Did you find him?” Seeing that the other two also arrived here, Wang Xiong inquired.

They both shook their head, indicating they hadn’t.

“That motherfucker, where is he?” Suddenly, Lin Chuan pointed at the bottom of waterfall. “There is a figure sitting cross legged on that big boulder.”

“That damn motherfucker, we were searching everywhere, but he was actually cultivating here.” Wang Xiong cursed angrily. He hinted at the other two, and they quickly made their way down the mountain.

They didn’t have the courage to jump down.

The breakthrough of his strength and body took almost half an hour. When Zi Chen opened his eyes, everything changed greatly.


Whether it was the zhen qi or his body, both underwent huge changes. If Zi Chen were to face a seventh Zhen Qi layer again, he would only need his fist. He could finish them off without the use of zhen qi.

His eyes opened, Zi Chen took a deep breath, and felt that life was so much better.

“One is bound to have good fortune after surviving a great disaster!” Zi Chen sighed lightly.

He thought about the day he almost died and the time after he was revived. Although trouble came unceasingly, but the speed at which his strength increased also improved. It was frightening. In just a few months, he went from an average person to a person of seventh Zhen Qi layer.

This talent exceeded all the other geniuses of the Ling Wu sect.

The slight sound of footsteps resounded at this time. His strength had broken through, his perception and hearing also increased greatly. Even though the distance was very far, Zi Chen had already heard the sound, and he smiled lightly. He knew that Wang Xiong and the others had arrived.

“All the grudges will now be settled.” Zi Chen sighed lightly. He stood up, turned around and looked into the distance.

A moment later, three white clothed figures appeared. After seeing Zi Chen, their feet moved, and they rushed forward quickly, surrounding Zi Chen in a fan shaped formation.

“Why didn’t you run?” Wang Xiong asked coldly after they had surrounded Zi Chen and were sure that he had no way to escape.

“I won’t run anymore, the past grudges will now be solved.” Zi Chen’s eyes were calm as he looked at Wang Xiong.

“Boy, you will die today. You still want to resolve all the past grudges? Who do you think you are?” Lin Chuan said with ridicule and eyes filled with killing intent.

“Several months ago, I had discovered a 500 years old snow ginseng. I called out to Zhao Can, wanting to share that with him. But I didn’t expect that he would look for you. You then sent Lin Ying and Lin Hao to search for the snow ginseng.” Zi Chen didn’t pay any attention to Lin Chuan, but he was looking at Wang Xiong and said calmly.

“We are two people that had never crossed paths before that incident. In order to please you, Zhao Can almost killed me. But I survived by luck, and finally killed Zhao Can. Lin Ying and Lin Hao also died in my hands. Later when I returned to the sect, your younger brother Wang Meng found some people to splash shit outside my room, and even try to kill me, but unfortunately for them, they died.”

“All this while, you were the one that kept looking for trouble. And now you’re here, wanting to kill me personally, therefore I won’t hide anymore. Today I’m going to solve all the the grudges, either you die or I perish.”

Zi Chen’s vision fell on the other two and said: “Both of you and I don’t have any enmity, but you guys want to kill me for Wang Xiong. Now I will give both of you a chance. If the both of you leave now, then I will let bygones be bygones.”

“Hmph! Zi Chen, stop boasting. You motherfucker. Let bygones be bygones? You have killed two of our brothers. Do you think we will let you go?!” Lin Chuan cursed angrily, the inner disciple beside him was also watching Zi Chen coldly.

“They had it coming. If you want to kill someone, then you must be prepared to be killed yourself.” Zi Chen said calmly.

“These words I will also give to you, little guy. You killed my brother, so be prepared to get killed” As his voice fell, Lin Chuan’s feet moved, and his figure burst out. The eighth Zhen Qi layer in his body surged, and he sent a malicious strike towards Zi Chen.

“Scram, you just broke through to the eighth Zhen Qi layer, but dares to be arrogant before me.” Zi Chen shouted angrily. His fists clenched tightly, and he sent a punch to the front.

This blow only contained raw strength, and no zhen qi.


A dull explosion sound spread in the air. Zi Chen stood on the big boulder motionless as Lin Chuan flew backwards. After he fell on the ground, he retreated several steps.

“You ……” Lin Chuan’s complexion became pale. He was looking at Zi Chen in disbelief. Zi Chen’s strike didn’t contain any zhen qi, but he actually fought to a draw with him.

“I will give you another chance to leave now. The matter beforehand, I will let it go.” Zi Chen said coldly. Killing intent could be seen in his eyes.

“Zi Chen, stop dreaming, when we several brothers work together. Will we be afraid of you? You have killed so many of our brothers. How could we not bury you along with the dead?” Wang Xiong sneered, his eyes had dense killing intent.

“Attack.” At the same time, Wang Xiong shouted towards the other two people.


Three people shouted angrily as they rushed towards Zi Chen. The zhen qi in their body surged, and their fierce rank two martial techniques appeared in a flash.

“Hmph!” Zi Chen snorted. The corners of his mouth had a hint of disdain.

These trivial rank two martial techniques couldn’t be compared to a rank one martial technique, They were worse than trash.

Zi Chen was standing on the big boulder, very relaxed. When he saw the three people coming, he only lifted his right hand, and pointed his three fingers towards the front lightning fast.

Rank one martial technique, “The Thunderbolt Finger.”

In that instant, the three people saw three thunderbolts, along with an aura of destruction. With the speed of the lightning, it instantly appeared in front of the three people.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The three thunderbolt strikes exploded on the three people. The three people that were rushing forward actually flew backwards suddenly.

“This is ……The Thunderbolt Finger, you actually mastered it?” Wang Xiong swung his sleeves and retreated hurriedly. His complexion changed greatly in an instant, although he had blocked the thunderbolt strike, but his white clothes had been burnt, he looked very distressed.



While he was shocked at Zi Chen’s martial technique, the nearby Lin Chuan and the other companion were spitting blood. They had just broken through to the eighth Zhen Qi layer. Facing the rank one martial technique ‘The Thunderbolt Fingers’, they became severely injured when they faced it.

They should be count their luck that they attacked Zi Chen simultaneously. If it was one-on-one, both of them would not just have suffered severe injuries, but would have died.

“Thunder……Thunderbolt Finger, this is impossible, the severely wounded two people were obviously in shock.”

“What is impossible?” Zi Chen overlooked the trio, but there was doubt in his heart, Lin Mi should have already told them about it.

“Is this the publicly acknowledged waste martial technique?” Lin Chuan could not help but roar. Because he was too agitated, he began to cough up some blood once more.

“This is the publicly acknowledged strongest waste martial technique. It was called as useless because you are stupid, unable to practice it.” Zi Chen said mockingly, he walked down the big boulder slowly, walking towards the trio.

At this moment, among them, only Wang Xiong was not injured.

“Hmph, so what if you have mastered the Thunderbolt Finger. I will see how many times you can use it. When your Zhen Qi is exhausted, that will be the time of your death.” Wang Xiong’s shock was soon replaced by calm. The zhen qi at the peak of eighth Zhen Qi layer was surging, he was ready to strike.

“I don’t know how many times I can use it, but it is enough to kill both of them.” Zi Chen raised his hand and pointed towards the two people.

“You dare!” Wang Xiong was furious.

However, on Zi Chen’s finger appeared a streak of lightning once more.

“Hmph.” At the critical moment, Lin Chuan suddenly jumped, all of the zhen qi in his body surged, it was used to defend to block Zi Chen’s attack.


But against such a fierce strike, everything was in vain. After the lightning fell, the body of Lin Chuan was blown back, and his life dissipated.

“There’s another strike.” Zi Chen grinned fiendishly, and pointed his finger once again.

“Noooo!” With the sad and shrill screams, another inner disciple died in the hands of Zi Chen.

At this time, Zi Chen’s dantian had become completely empty, there was not even a little bit of Zhen Qi left.

But Wang Xiong was still in peak condition.

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