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Chapter 29 – The Uncle in the Forest Translated by Monkillu


“What? He ran away?” When Wang Xiong heard the news, his face instantly turned dark with fury.

Zi Chen offended a lot of people, so he needed to die. He couldn’t answer to senior brother Luo Men if he didn’t kill Zi Chen.

“Yes, he left early this morning.” Someone reported

“God damn it! He actually left. We have to find him at all cost. Contact the outer disciples, let them search for him.” Wang Meng said furiously.



Tens of miles from the Ling Wu sect, there was a vast mountain range. Within the mountain range, the green and lush forest rose and fell, There were towering mountains, clear flowing streams, as well as different birdsongs and flowery fragrances.

The ancient forest was a large area, and the scenery was beautiful. There were harmless small beasts at the edge, you could come and go without danger. But in the depths of the forest, there were ferocious beasts. There were also demonic beasts at the Xian Tian realm!

Many disciples from the Ling Wu sect came here to test their luck, and gradually, this nameless ancient forest received a name, the Solitary Forest.

On this day, outside the Solitary Forest, a youth appeared, he wore azure clothes and carried a bag. He soon arrived on top of a hill.

The hill was only tens of meters high, beside it was a row of old trees, and few hundred meters away, was a lake. The lake water was clear enough that you could see the fishes swimming joyfully.

This youth was Zi Chen, and after this spring, he would be 18 years old. He walked through the forest, and the white clothes he wore were somewhat inappropriate, therefore switch to his outer disciple clothes.

“Not bad. This place will do.” With regards to the environment here, Zi Chen was very satisfied.

There was food, and a raised hill that could shelter him from wind and rain. He could cultivate here peacefully, therefore it was naturally very good.

He sat cross-legged, emptied his mind, and entered the lightning space once more.

The thunder boy appeared, showing the essence of the Thunderbolt Finger. Targetting with the First Finger of the Raging Thunder, and there seemed to be a streak of lightning which flew towards Zi Chen at lightning speed. The thunder and lightning was very fearsome, just like an angry dragon, it exploded on Zi Chen’s body, causing Zi Chen’s figure to dissipate.

His consciousness returned. Zi Chen opened his eyes and started to comprehend the Thunderbolt finger.

On his finger, a silver light ray surged once more, and this time, most of Zi Chen’s finger turned into a silver colour.

The silver light flashed, with his finger pointed towards the front, a hole formed instantly on the giant boulder.

“Ah!” Zi Chen shook his head disappointedly.

During the day, he practiced the Thunderbolt Finger, and at night he cultivated the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering Technique in the spacious area. There was a lot of energy from the plants and trees all around, which naturally increased Zi Chen’s cultivation speed.

Every night, Zi Chen would change into a whirlpool as he unceasingly absorbed all the energy from the plants and trees. After a night of cultivation, he beamed with life and vigor.

Zi Chen washed up by the lake, when hungry he ate the dry rations, and sometimes caught a couple fishes to improve his meals.

Zi Chen’s life was quite comfortable.

But he didn’t know that Wang Xiong had mobilized several hundred outer disciples to look for his trail in the area tens of miles around the Ling Wu sect.

Meanwhile, Luo Men also supported this operation, and whoever found Zi Chen, would be rewarded with one Zhen Qi Pill.


Therefore, even more outer disciples started searching.

Zi Chen’s strength and physique grew steadily. His comprehension of the Thunderbolt Finger also became deeper.

The giant boulder in front of Zi Chen spanned over several men’s arms length, and there were plenty of holes in it. This was the result of Zi Chen’s failed experiments.

Fifteen days later, his consciousness appeared from the lightning space. Zi Chen stood in front of the giant boulder once again, and thought about the previous scene in his mind.

A finger pointed towards him and a streak of lightning appeared, just like an angry dragon, it flew towards him.

As he was thinking, the lightning zhen qi in his body surged. At the same time, his finger turned completely silver in colour, but Zi Chen didn’t know about this incident, because he was still thinking about the scene that happened in the lightning space.

His finger was pointed ahead subconsciously, suddenly a tearing sound rang out, and a radiant silver light appeared from his fingertip. It shot towards the giant boulder, which stood in front of Zi Chen.
[Poor boulder, all that abuse. #SaveTheBoulders2016]

The silver light fell onto the giant boulder. An electric light ray flashed, followed by a loud explosive sound.

The giant boulder that spanned over several men’s arms length was blown into pieces in an instant, and a strong recoil force appeared from the impact, which blew Zi Chen directly away.

“This is…”

Zi Chen woke up in an instant, and looked at the fragmented boulder. An expression of disbelief formed on his face: “Did I succeed?”

The move before had consumed a third of his zhen qi in his dantian.

The zhen qi in his body surged, and Zi Chen sent out a second strike in a conscious state, but this time, no changes occurred.

“No, this is wrong.”

Zi Chen sat cross legged as he pondered about the scene before. His mind was in an ethereal state as he tried to comprehend it carefully.

Time passed, and Zi Chen’s comprehension took an entire day. When the setting sun was about to reach the mountaintops, Zi Chen opened his eyes, and a hint of joy could be seen within them.

“So it was like this.”

Zi Chen suddenly opened his eyes, there was a happy expression on his face. The Thunderbolt Finger, he transformed his finger into a thunderbolt as his surging zhen qi transformed into a streak of lightning. The key didn’t lie with changing a finger into a thunderbolt, but with the lightning zhen qi

As he spoke to himself, the zhen qi in Zi Chen’s dantian surged again. This time a fine thread appeared, just like a streak of thunder. After that, Zi Chen’s entire finger changed into a silver light, and if you looked carefully; you could see lightning flash within the silver light.

Zi Chen thought of testing this attack, but he suddenly saw an old man standing in front of him, he then restrained his qi and his finger returned to normal.

“Uncle, it is already very late, why are you here?” Seeing the old man in front, Zi Chen asked puzzledly.

The old man was dressed in coarse linen clothes, there wasn’t even a tiny bit of zhen qi fluctuation on his body, even his back was bent. His eyes were somewhat muddy, and the wrinkles on his face were discernible.

When Zi Chen saw the opposite party for the first time, this old man was fishing on the other side of the lake. Zi Chen thought that he was an expert, but in the end he turned out to be an ordinary old man. He came here to fish every day. First, was to stay healthy, and second, was to look for some food.

“I came in the morning and wanted to have a chat with you, but I didn’t expect you to sit there motionlessly for the entire day. Little brother, were you cultivating?” There was curiosity in the old man’s eyes.

“It isn’t considered cultivating, more like pondering about an issue.” Zi Chen scratched his head and stood up.

“Uncle, did you catch any fish today? If not, I will catch one” Zi Chen asked.

The old man shook his head and said with a smile: “I didn’t, I watched you the entire time and forgot about it.”

“Okay, uncle you wait here for a bit.” Then, Zi Chen took off his clothes, he became naked and jumped into the water. A moment later, within Zi Chen’s hands were two fish that weighed more than two jin each, and he slowly came ashore.

“Uncle, you take one fish home to eat, and I will roast the other one, so we can eat it now.” Zi Chen said with a smile.

“Good ah. It is rare for this little brother to be in the mood for such things. Therefore, this old man will accompany you.” The old man smiled and then he loosened the big gourd bottle on his back.

The gourd bottle was filled with wine because the old man, besides fishing, also liked to drink. Zi Chen had seen the opposite party drink as he fished many times before.

“Uncle, I have said many times that my name is Zi Chen, don’t call me little brother. At your age, you can be my grandfather.” Zi Chen said with a smile as he took out a short dagger from his bag, and skillfully cut the fish.

“You are a cultivator from the Ling Wu sect, and I’m only an old man. I’m older, but my status actually can’t be compared with yours, therefore it’s better to call you little brother.” The old man sat down on one side, drank a mouthful of wine, and spoke after smacking his lips.

“What cultivator? We are all ordinary people, there are even some that are inferior to ordinary people.” Zi Chen shook his head. After he cut the fish, he looked for some dry wood, ignited a fire, and started to grill the fish.

The bonfire rose, the fish was divided into two. It was pierced with a wooden stick. Drops of oil fell into the fire and made a sizzling sound

Zi Chen chatted with the old man.

The old man drank, and occasionally made Zi Chen drink a mouthful of wine. This made Zi Chen cough continuously, and this caused the old man to laugh heartily.

The old man told Zi Chen some amusing things about the secular world, and Zi Chen told the old man some of his troubles.

“My quota was seized and I offended many people, therefore I had to leave. Otherwise, I would’ve been killed in the sect.” Zi Chen shook his head, and sighed.

The old man didn’t speak but listened quietly, and soon night fell.

“Oh, sorry, uncle, it is already so late, and I wasted your time. I will send you down the mountain.” Zi Chen said embarrassedly when he looked at the sky.

Although there were no ferocious beasts around, but there were still other violent beasts. Zi Chen didn’t fear them, but this old man was only an ordinary person, how would he resist those beasts?

“Ahh, I’m old now, even my bones aren’t tough anymore, back then, I, this old man had the strength to seize a fierce tiger.” The old man shook his head, his muddy eyes had some bright color as he seemed to recall his younger self.

“Uncle, you didn’t even gasp for breath when you climbed the mountain. You aren’t that old yet.” Zi Chen said with a smile, and then he supported the arm of the old man and they descended the mountain.

The difference between their age was very big, but they were just like bosom buddies that had known each other for ages. Even when they descended the mountain, they didn’t forget to chat.

The night in Solitary forest was very dangerous, because the ferocious beasts and violent beasts appeared frequently. When they descended the mountain, Zi Chen saw a fierce tiger blocking their way.

A tiger’s roar shook the mountain, and a strong wind erupted. A three meter ferocious tiger blocked their way.
“Just in time! I’m gonna use you as an experiment for my Thunderbolt Finger.” Zi Chen motioned the old man to stand behind him, and a light flashed across his eyes.

The zhen qi in his body surged, his fingertip turned into a silver colour instantaneously, then he pointed his finger, and a streak of lightning shot towards the ferocious tiger.

“Roar.” It felt the oppressing pressure from Zi Chen’s body. The ferocious tiger sent out a panic-stricken roar, turned around to escape. But no matter how fast it was, it couldn’t be compared to the speed of lightning.


Amidst the thundering explosion, a living ferocious tiger turned into a block of black coal. A mournful roar, as well as the thundering explosion sound had resounded throughout the forest.

Behind Zi Chen, the muddy eyes of the old man, after witnessing the transformation of Zi Chen’s finger into a thunderbolt, suddenly flashed with a wise light. Then the light in his eyes dissipated, and what replaced it was a look of shock. He said as he looked at Zi Chen: “Little brother, you are actually so powerful, what was that, lightning?”

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