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Chapter 284

The streets, alleyways, restaurants, Inn, wherever there were cultivators, they would all be talking about Zi Chen’s deeds .

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It was as if the information had grown wings and spread through all the cities . Furthermore, everyone’s depiction of the battle was almost the same as it was in reality .

Almost all the facts had been restored . Every day, a vivid and colorful narration could be heard .

Cang Family, Li Family, Wu Zong Sect, and Chu Family have gone back on their words repeatedly . They are shameless to the extreme and let the severely injured Zi Chen fight with a monstrous genius, they even said that it was a fair fight .

They used their family’s face to swear, but after Zi Chen killed the Chu Family’s monstrous genius, they still went back on their words . They really don’t want face anymore, it’s so shameful .

There were also rumors of the great powers’ shamelessness . For a moment, the reputation of the great powers plummeted drastically .

Someone kept their promise and spread the news .

You don’t know how scared the experts of the few major powers were when Su Long appeared . They were simply like grandchildren and almost wet their pants . So shameless that one of them died under Su Long’s poke .

Let me tell you, in this world, there is a super great power, other than the Southern region, called the Tianwu Union . There is a group of Sky Martial Cultivators with unparalleled combat power .


The reason why Zi Chen is strong, has the unparalleled combat power, and can continuously kill Five Great monstrous geniuses is because Zi Chen is a Sky Martial Cultivator .


Almost everything that had happened that day had been spread out . Not a single word was lost, and there were many plots that had been specially altered . The despicable ones were even more despicable, the righteous ones were even more righteous, the strong ones were even more stronger, and the domineering ones were even more domineering .


Because of Zi Chen’s matter, the few great powers had lost all their face, and their credibility was greatly reduced as well .


With that, a large number of cultivators entered other large cities .

If you go to the Cangli City, be careful not to offend the Cang and Li Families . You don’t have such a strong shield as Zi Chen’s, so even if you die, no one will know how you died .

Chu Family’s dignity cannot be violated, you must be careful . If some of the dandy characters offend you, you must retreat far away . Although they are afraid of experts, they will bully the weak .


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The events of that day had finally come back to fruition . The shamelessness of the several great powers had been vividly described . This caused many rogue cultivators to feel a sense of foreboding as they left the two great cities .

None of the experts that went out returned, even their monstrous geniuses had been killed . The forces such as Wu Zong Sect and the others were enraged .


However, after hearing about Su Long’s background and learning about the Sky Martial Cultivators, they kept their mouth shut . Instead, they were very nervous, afraid that Su Long would attack them .

The Wu Zong Sect was on their guard, their legacy ready to appear at any time . They did not want to destroy the enemy, they only wanted to intimidate them .

But Su Long did not appear .

Zi Chen also seemed to have disappeared into thin air, and did not appear in front of everyone’s eyes . Some guessed that Zi Chen had followed Su Long out of the Southern region, and joined them .

There were also some people who guessed that Zi Chen had gone to the Floating Mist Sect, and would only leave after he became stronger .


Just as the news of Zi Chen’s incident was going viral, and as everyone was guessing where Zi Chen was going, a hundred kilometers away from the Cangli City, in a mountain range, a clap of thunder suddenly sounded out . The rolling thunder in the sky was extremely loud and shook the ears of everyone present .

It was extremely strange, and each bolt of heavenly lightning was stronger than the previous one . The endless forest was exploding, the mountain range was being turned into a canyon, and the mountain rock was collapsing . Faintly, one could see a figure being bathed in lightning, resisting the lightning .


In the end, the lightning was like a heaven and earth chain that penetrated through the heaven and earth . It was a dazzling radiance that could be seen even from ten li away .

Many people moved upon hearing the sound and rushed over . They saw a scene of destruction . A towering mountain was completely destroyed by the lightning . The mountain range had once been a canyon, but in a radius of thousands of meters, it had become a vacuum, and some ancient trees in the distance were still smoking .

Other than the mountain range that had been struck by the heavenly thunder, there was nothing else here .

More than ten days had passed since the Genius Party and the public opinion in the outside world had not diminished . However, since many rogue cultivators left, it caused the business of many shops to be bleak .

The Chen Family of the Cangli City also looked very bleak .

The profits of the shops have obviously decreased in the past few days . Moreover, there are some people who know that we have offended Zi Chen and are even more unwilling to come to our shop .  An accountant was reporting on the day’s work .

And in the great hall, sat the Chen Family Head as well as two Zhen Yuan Realm ancestors .

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Alright, you may leave .  The Chen Family Head waved his hand and the accountant left .

What about it? The moment the accountant left, the second elder from back then asked .

Another elder also looked at Chen Family Head with a hint of worry in his eyes .

Second Uncle, don’t worry . No one knows that it was our Chen Family who did it .  The Chen Family Head gave a bitter smile and said, It’s just that the business of the shop has been really poor recently .

I blame the damned Zi Chen and that detestable Su Long . They can even suppress a few major powers .  The Chen Family Head said hatefully .

Every night, the accountant would come to the Chen Family to settle his debts, and it was the same for the rest of the day . However, the moment he stepped out of the door, he felt an endless chill in his heart .

Looking up at the sky, it was pitch black . There weren’t even any stars .

It’s winter already? At this time, he saw a black robbed man appear from afar, and walk towards Chen Family one step at a time .

Because of this, the accountant was not surprised . Which Family forces would not have a bit of secret?

However, what surprised him was that the black robed man actually walked to the main entrance and knocked on the door with his hands .

F*ck, who is it?

Then came the sound of cursing, You’re courting death . Do you know where you are? It’s already so late and you still dare to knock on the door .

Following the furious curse, the door opened with a creak, and immediately after, the accountant stared wide-eyed in shock . He saw a touch of cold light appear, and the guard who opened the door didn’t even have time to let out a miserable scream before he fell into a pool of blood .

The accountant’s body was drenched in cold sweat, and he was powerless . He leaned against the wall, and then he saw the door creak open as a cold light flashed through the room .

In the pitch black night, the cold lights were so bright and resplendent, yet every time they appeared, a person would fall to the ground along with the person who died .

It was a total massacre .

They’re exterminating the entire family! The accountant was shocked beyond words as he scrambled to run away . He knew that if there were no accidents, he wouldn’t be coming here tomorrow night .

Moreover, a shocking piece of news would spread across the entire Cangli City in the early morning .

Chen Family was exterminated .

On this night, the Chen Family encountered a great calamity and they were met with great danger .

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A figure was walking in the darkness, appearing and disappearing like a ghost, silently taking away all the lives of people one by one .

Blood dyed the limestone road red as a guard fell one by one .

It was a pitch black night, with no stars or moon, it could even be described as a dark night where people killed . Muffled sounds continuously resounded, and one guard after another fell to the ground .

Who is it?

After the deaths of dozens of people, someone finally realized that something was amiss . With an explosive shout, they immediately walked over .


Light flashed and bright light appeared, illuminating the surroundings . A guard saw a masked black robbed man who had a pair of ice-cold emotionless eyes .

When a blade Qi landed, the guard fell into a pool of blood .


At the same time, another person noticed the abnormality and exclaimed . Following that, footsteps sounded and three guards ran over .

When the shining blade Qi appeared, the black robed man was like a god of death, harvesting one life after another .



Blood sprayed as the three guards fell to the ground . This was simply a massacre, no one could make the black robed man use a second move .

Following the sound, more and more guards fell into a pool of blood .

No . . . Don’t kill me .  A woman was hiding in a corner with a four or five-year-old child in her arms . Seeing the arrival of the black robbed, she begged repeatedly with eyes filled with fear .

Seeing the two, there was a trace of emotion in the black robbed man’s cold eyes . He turned and walked to the other side .

Murder, murder, someone is murdering everyone . . . Someone come quickly!

When the black robed man left, the woman screamed in fear . Her voice was sharp, scaring the child in her arms into crying .

The black robed man was startled, but he did not turn back . Carrying the bloody long blade, he walked forward .

The Chen Family was in a mess as footsteps continuously sounded . Loud shouts, angry shouts, and roars also appeared one after another .

The shouts of the women and the cries of the child also made the chaotic Chen Family even more chaotic .

The black robed man strode forward, and anyone who blocked his way would fall under the long blade . The blade flashed as people fell one by one, with no one able to force out the second strike .

This was a road dyed in blood, and it was also a tragic massacre .

This is bad . . . Family Head, something bad happened .

In the great hall, a guard suddenly rushed in and cried out in alarm and panic .

Why are you in such a hurry? Do you know where we are? The Chen Family Head asked loudly .

Someone’s coming! The guard immediately said in fear . His body still had fresh blood, which belonged to his dead colleague .

He desperately ran out to report .

What? Which power has the guts to come find trouble with my Chen Family? How many people are there? The Chen Family Head flew into a rage and took the lead .

Killing intent filled the eyes of the other two experts as well .

One . . . A black robed man . Although the other party is only a single person, he is like a butcher . He is killing people is like killing chickens and dogs .

What, he dares to come to my Chen Family to behave so atrociously? He’s simply courting death! The Chen Family Head was furious, Come, let’s go take a look .

The moment his voice fell, miserable cries sounded out, they were very mournful, followed by a wave of chaotic sounds . The entire Chen Family was in complete chaos .

He’s only one person, but he’s actually made such a mess .  The Chen Family Head was very dissatisfied and walked out angrily . At the same time, the two family elders followed closely behind, their killing intent surging from their bodies .

As for the guard, after a slight hesitation, he also followed along .

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