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Chapter 282

The Cang Family’s legacy was about to appear, but immediately after, the Li Family’s legacy also appeared and a terrifying aura surged out .

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Those who disturb my Li Family, die!

The same tone and the same words rang out once again . It had an icy coldness that penetrated to the bone and it was full of boundless killing intent . It was as if it was the voice of a deity .


Immediately afterwards, a dazzling light appeared from the Li Family . It was a similar light barrier that protected the Cangli City .

With the appearance of the two family’s legacy, a single light barrier was unable to resist the aura of the two legacy .

Their legacies are about to be revealed .

Two barriers of light appeared, enveloping the entire Cangli City in a hazy shroud . After that, the two barriers went completely berserk .

Two legacies have appeared . Even if you reach the peak of your power, you will still die today without a doubt .  Wu Ruoshan lost both of his arms, his face was pale white, and his eyes were filled with hatred . After he finished speaking with a cold voice, he quickly retreated .

It couldn’t be helped, the killing intent accumulated from the legacies was too terrifying, even someone in the sovereign realm wouldn’t be able to withstand it .


One must know that back then, Piao Miao was so powerful, yet he did not even dare to attack the Wu Zong Sect directly .


Hmph, once they show their abilities, you will definitely die .

The expert of the Cang Family also retreated quickly . Once the legacies attacked, the battle would come to an end .


His battle prowess is unparalleled, yet he doesn’t know the meaning of death . He came to the Li Family to behave atrociously, he deserved death .  The expert of the Li Family also retreated quickly .


At this moment, there was only Su Long left in the sky . Despite facing the nearly materialized bone-piercing killing intent, his expression did not change, and his eyes revealed ridicule and curiosity .

Whatever . Today, I shall see exactly what the legacies of the so-called great powers are like .

Su Long continued to smile faintly, and was extremely confident .

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Senior, my wolf tooth staff is second only to a legacy . Would senior like to borrow it? Suddenly, a loud shout came out . It was Liu Mingyong from the Liu Family, raising the wolf tooth staff in his hands .

Atop the wolf tooth staff, black light coiled around as a terrifying aura spread out .

Mm . It’s a good weapon . No wonder other people would covet it . It’s just that I don’t need it . It’s just two insignificant weapons that can’t do anything to me .  Su Long smiled faintly, he was extremely confident .


However, the moment he said those words, the experts of the Cang and Li Clans felt that it was extremely ear-piercing .

They don’t can’t do anything to you? Aren’t you worried that they won’t just kill you in a single hit?

Hmph, reckless .  Wu Ruoshan laughed coldly .

In the direction of the Cang and Li Clans, the auras of the two legacies finally reached an extreme level of explosiveness . And soon after, two terrifying auras appeared .

In the direction of the Cang Family, there was a sword Qi . It was like a sword that supported the heavens, and the moment it appeared, it surged with a crazed killing intent . A huge hole appeared in the sky and a resplendent sword Qi, thousands of meters long, came slashing towards Su Long .


At the same time, a fiery red blade Qi appeared from the direction of the Li Family . Its aura was not the least bit weaker than the sword Qi’s, and it instantly slashed through the air, bringing with it a destructive aura as it flew towards Su Long .

When the sword Qi and the blade Qi appeared, a berserk killing intent surged . The three sovereign realm experts retreated again and again, afraid of being affected .


The air seemed to freeze, between the heaven and earth, there was only the elegance of the sword Qi and blade Qi, and even Su Long was suppressed .

The blade Qi and the sword Qi appeared together, releasing a berserk killing intent, which landed on Su Long’s head . The wind blew, causing his white clothes to flutter and he could not help but close his eyes .

Just then, a golden light flashed around Su Long’s body, and an item appeared in his hand .

He was only the size of a palm, but his golden eyes glittered brightly . The instant it appeared, he was so excited that people couldn’t even open their eyes .

What’s that?

It looks like a token?

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What’s the use of taking out a token at a time like this?

The power of a legacy is peerless . Does he think he can take out a small token and defend himself?


Su Long took out a golden order badge, causing waves of surprised exclamations, but he did not lose his composure .

That’s golden Essence .

Oh my god, a palm-sized golden Essence!

I’m not seeing things, right? That command medallion was crafted from golden Essence . It’s a complete pure golden essence!

Compared to the exclamations of shock from the crowd, the instant that Xiao Chen saw the command medallion, he was even more shocked .

Golden Essence could be considered an extreme material in the world, something rarely seen, and also a supreme Refining material .

The palm-sized diamond in Zi Chen’s hands contained golden essences . Under normal circumstances, it could be considered a precious treasure among precious treasure, but after losing the golden essence, its value dropped greatly . However, it could still be controlled using the spiritual consciousness, meaning that the golden essence had not completely disappeared .

It could be called a precious treasure .

But the command medallion in Su Long’s hands was entirely forged from golden Essence, its value was simply immeasurable, and it was even an artifact . Even if the entire Southern region and all the forces took out their treasures, they might not be able to gather such a large piece of golden Essence .

However, such a thing was actually made into a useless order badge, causing the group of people to feel ashamed . Even the three sovereign experts were feeling extreme grief . This was simply tantalizing .

And it was also at this moment that Su Long’s identity became clear . He is someone who was not of the Southern region . He was an outsider and not a native .

As for the uncle thing that was mentioned, no one believed him from the start . If the Su Family had this kind of person, wouldn’t they have become a great power long ago?


The order badge appeared in his hand, without needing to be activated, it immediately released a bright golden light . Then, Su Long smiled lightly and threw the order badge out .

Although the lack of resources here is so great, you can’t possibly not recognize it .  Su Long continued to smile faintly . If one looked carefully, they would see that there were some sweat marks on the center of his brows .

It was obvious that his heart was not as calm as it seemed .

In the blink of an eye, it had transformed into a two metre long shield, blocking right in front of Su Long .

Such a terrifying attack, a mere command medallion naturally could not withstand it . However, a very strange thing happened, when the sword Qi and the blade Qi arrived in front of the command medallion, it was as if they had used a Body Securing Technique . They all stood still, standing in the air above the command medallion .

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The Tianwu Union’s Heavenly Martial Medallion, you’re actually a Sky Martial Cultivator?

An ice-cold voice sounded from the Cang Family, carrying thick surprise and shock .

Tianwu Union, Sky Martial Cultivator!

At the same time, the Li Family’s ice-cold voice was no longer calm .

It seems that you guys really do recognize it .  The faint smile bloomed on the corner of Su Long’s mouth, and it was unknown when the sweat stains on his forehead had disappeared .

Tianwu Union, Sky Martial Cultivator?

When everyone heard the voice, they were all stunned . They clearly didn’t understand what had happened .

At the same time, some people also discovered that there were words written on the badge .

It was an ancient handwriting, and one could vaguely make out the words Tianwu Union . As for what the other side was, no one could see it .

Tianwu Union, Sky Martial Cultivator .

In the midst of the discussions, Wu Ruoshan’s expression became ghastly pale and completely drained of blood . His expression became extremely aghast as he widened his eyes and exclaimed, You are the Sky Martial Cultivator that was taken away a hundred years ago . You are that Su Long?

A hundred years ago, an extremely shocking event occurred in the Southern region, causing the three great sects of the Seven Cities to be shaken . A Sky Martial Cultivator, a genius that is above a monstrous genius had appeared in the Southern region and he was brought out of the Southern region .

At that time, the incident caused a huge sensation . Sky Martial Cultivator, Tianwu Union, Sky Martial Continent, these unrelated words connected together would make this a terrifying super power .

This power ran through the entire Sky Martial Continent .

Compared to the Tianwu Union, the mighty Cangli City and the Cang and Li Families could not even be considered as a hair on the top of the nine Qilins . The difference between the two was like a lofty Nine Layered Heavens versus the eighteenth level of hell .

It’s you! So it’s you!

You actually came back alive .

The experts of the Cang and Li family were also extremely shocked . Naturally, they knew about what had happened back then, because this matter was simply too sensational .

There was finally someone who was going to leave the Southern region and venture into the outside world . Moreover, there were also people from the Tianwu Union who were going to lead them, so their achievements in the future would be limitless .

Following Wu Ruoshan’s exclamation, the other two sovereign experts also thought of this matter .

There were many forces that wanted to curry favor with the Tianwu Union back then, but they did not even see the shadow of anyone . They only saw the young Su Long .

A hundred years ago to now, more than a hundred years had passed, and everyone had long since forgotten about that Sky Martial Cultivator .

This was because the people of Tianwu Union had said very clearly that there was a dangerous exam to take . If one did not pass, they would die, and the death rate was very high .

Su Long had never appeared, and slowly, everyone had forgotten about this matter . It had been a hundred years since then and the Ling Wu Sect had also been destroyed .

No one had expected that at this time, Su Long would appear .

Su Long, who was over a hundred years old, looked like a youth who wasn’t even thirty yet .

It’s him?

Wang Zhenwei’s expression changed . Clearly, he had also heard about the matter regarding Su Long .

Sky Martial Cultivator, Sky Martial Continent, what he means is, Zi Chen is also a Sky Martial Cultivator? Suddenly, Wang Zhenwei’s face changed as he looked at Zi Chen in disbelief .

And it was at this time that he saw that there were already more than a hundred pairs of eyes surrounding him, and thousands of gazes were all fixated on Zi Chen .

Su Long had spoken of a Sky Martial Cultivator twice, but no one understood what he meant . At this moment, a voice came out secretly, saying that Su Long was a Sky Martial Cultivator, causing everyone to feel relieved . [TN: Yea, I thought the author meant a monstrous genius again . I’ll fix it in the previous chapters]

Wu Ruoshan’s face was already drained of blood, upon using the Heaven Martial Medallion, whoever dared to move, they would be killed .

You . . . He actually didn’t die . He’s still alive .  He mumbled to himself, his face full of despair .

Of course I’m not dead, but you are .  Su Long said coldly .

This is Cangli City, you can’t kill him .  The cold voice rang out once more . This was the expert of the Cang Family that belonged to the darkness .

The expert of the Li Family did not speak, but the silence clearly meant the same .

He’s definitely dead . As for them, I can spare their lives .  Su Long gspeard at Wu Ruoshan, and then looked at the other two sovereign experts .

No, Wu Ruoshan cannot die! The voice in the darkness repeated itself .

He’s definitely going to die .

What? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll kill you on the spot and destroy your corpse? The voice threatened .

If I die, Cangli City will disappear within three days .  Su Long said indifferently .

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